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  1. Shadow? What!?!? You're still around? No duh you are accepted. Welcome aboard Honestly I'm willing just to start with just the two of us. It's been about three weeks and you're the only one to show any interest.
  2. Whenever a cop calls into HQ using words like "strange" or "weird" , a specific branch of the police force is deployed to deal with it. Whenever something unexplained happens and an officer is involved, they are pulled aside and asked to sign a form declaring whatever event witnessed was directly related to the committing of a crime, that way all pertaining information is protected from being revealed by the freedom of information act. In short, you have to keep your mouth shut about what you saw. This unofficial team is nicknamed "Section 31" after the form they are required to sign. These officers are not too different from any other, just that once you are "Sectioned" you begin getting called on more and more unusual cases. Unexplained and brutal deaths are common for Section 31. Especially for those who talk about what they have seen. Rundown you are playing as one of the Section 31 officers. Due to S31 being a unit without formal training, official acknowledgement, leadership, backup, or funding, most normal cops will wait for a S31 team to show up to avoid being sectioned themselves. Since most are sectioned due to random circumstances, you can be sanctioned at any point in your career. All members get basic unofficial training in cognitohazard resistance, information on local legends, and paranormal threat detection. All other skills come from your character's background Most Section 31 teams consist of two officers from any background. For the most part the rp will be focused mostly during night patrols. I'm going to treat this more like a tabletop campaign. I do have a story to steer towards. This is a horror/mystery rp (Hopefully). This takes in current day...in a reality where the pandemic didn't happen. We will start with each team starting their patrol for the night. Rules -we're adults. -Characters are human -PM me questions you have. Character sheet Note: I have been gone for a while so I'm a bit rusty. Not even sure how many people are still hanging around or if this will drum up any interest. This is based on a bunch of things I've been reading/watching and really wanted to get this out of my head. I'll be adding small things in the rundown section as they come up. Characters Padfoot Name: James Myers Gender: male Age: 63 Appearance: James Personality: James is a man hardened by his time on the force. He is a calm, calculated man when it comes to his work. Not much is know about James' personal life since he doesn't share. Years on the Force: 30 Years Sectioned:3 Original Department: Detective Other Skills: Effective at intimidation, defensive driving, crime scene investigation. Strengths: strong constitution and will Fears: Blood, the unknown Other: Insists on always driving. What city should this take place in?:Albuquerque, New Mexico
  3. I just got MHW on ps4 and my gamer tag is x_PRiMaL_RAGE_x
  4. Sideway smiled sweetly When the group of men agreed to walk with him. Before he could get them away from the crowd like Hancock asked, a second round of commotion rang out. People started shouting "Fire" and pointing across the street at the library. As they exited the alley, Sideway could see the extent of the fire. The structure looked fine but there was smoke pouring from ever crevice in the structure. Sideway was going to take them into the diner to stall them but that didn't seem to be an option now. Instead, the incubus steered them down the street towards his office. The front lobby was cozy enough to chat with them. He assumed Hancock would be working on a way to incapacitate these humans so they could deal with the real problem. Sideway noticed two of the men stopped to take pictures of the fire. A whistle cut through the air, grabbing the men's attention, "Come on, Eyes on me" Sideway said, walking backwards so he could talk to the group. He puled out his little leather book and his pen, "So.....What did you see in the parking lot?" he started, raising his camera to his eye and snapped a few pictures of the burning building. He was having the work overtime to catch all the news unfolding before him. Where was his team anyway? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Poppy puffed her cigarette calmly as she watched her fires grow in intensity around the town. As She expected, the library was the first to be noticed. She could hear people shouting and running towards the smoking building, no doubt to try to contain the flames to stop it from burning the town down. She would have to work fast, no doubt it their deputy has already called in a request to a real fire department. Poppy was sitting in the bell tower of the church to catch her breath with a smoke break. Now that her cigarette was burned down to the filter, she flicked it to the ground below and rose to her feet. The town was in chaos exactly like she wanted but it the success in her mission did not bring her joy. Goodneighbor was a sweet little town, It sucks that she is responsible for destroying it. A thick wisp of black smoke exited the bell tower and sped for the nearest forest fire. Once she arrived, she dove into the pillar of smoke. For a moment nothing happened, then the entire mass of smoke began to writhe and twist as Poppy began to absorb the mass into her smoke form. The entire mass began to move to the next fire to do the same thing. Soon. Poppy was no longer the size of a campfire smoke trail. She now consisted of the equivalent mass output of a warehouse fire and she was taking it to the center of town. She drifted up until she was level with the peak of the mountains and began to spread. She had to focus in order to keep the smoke into a consistent shape as it trickled down the sides of the town. At this point, birds and other moving things could pass through the smoke without any harm but once the it touched the ground, the entire dome began to spin counter clockwise. The smoke picked up speed until it was traveling fast enough to repel anything that tried to make it though. Trees in the area surrounding the barrier were toppled or ripped free from the ground and thrown along the surface of the dome. Lets see moneybag's precious backup help him now. With the town sealed off from the outside world, a drip of smoke formed in the center of the dome. When it reached a certain size, it fell to the town like a raindrop. Once it hit the ground, it exploded and reformed into Poppy. She was behind the library and she could see orange flames glowing in the basement. Poppy sighed and turned back into smoke. She absorbed the smoke pouring from the building and forced it back into the building. Without any oxygen the fire in the basement smothered. Poppy hadn't really planned this far so when she reformed on the roof of the neighboring roof she didn't cry out to begin a villainous speech. No, all she did was light a cigarette and take a seat of the edge of the roof.
  5. From Sideway's living room window he could see a crowd forming around a very expensive car. No, it's not the car everyone is looking at. That's when he saw her. A wood nymph lie motionless on the blacktop while a few concerned citizens crouched around her. Sideway shot a worried glance at Gabriel who was already springing into action. Sideway yelped as he was drug from his house and out into the parking lot. He only had a moment to grab what he needed and lock his door. It appeared to have stopped raining, that was good news for any scent trackers that may be in the crowd. "Halt! There is someone heading out on the other side of town, who has been here and will spread word about you all. If you chase him now, you may be able to stop him. If you succeed to take him out, I will let this nymph live. And no funny tricks, or she's done with no matter what happens with the aforementioned person. I hope you make a wise decision." a voice said over the speakers of the car. Sideway swore he knew that voice but it was distorted heavily by the heavy bass of the system in the car. It was strange, the voice sounded feminine but something was off about it. Sideway pushed ahead in the crowd with the angel in tow behind him. Now that they were closer, the incubus noticed that strange parcel strapped around the woman's body. Sideway's blood ran cold, "bomb" he muttered to Gabriel so not to alarm the others in the group. The car peeled away and Sideway instinctively brought his camera up to his eye. The shutter clicked wildly as the car as it sped away. He snapped pictures until the car was out of site. He would go over those later to see if there were any clues. He looked back to Gabriel, who was looking of in the direction the man had said, "Do you think that dude was telling the truth?" he asked, his gaze drifting to the direction the terrorist said the rat was traveling, "Seems fishy to me". At that moment, their protector finally showed up. Sideway would be lying if he said he wasn't happy to see Hancock, he might be able to shed some light on their town crisis. He immediately lept into action, causing Gabriel to vanish to find the mole. Sideway bit his lip, was he still drunk? Sideway unlooped the camera from around his neck and pulled up the pictures he took to show Hancock. "well this woman planted that bomb on the nymph, Which needs to be handled first in my opinion. Then she announced that there was a mole and she would kill the nymph if we let them escape." Sideway bit his lip, "I don't know Hancock, that's a nice car, way nicer than anything else I have seen in town. Don't you think it's weird that a stranger is threatening to kill one of our citizens if word of the town gets out?" "Sideway, I need you to get those guys to leave. What is that on their vests, Bigfoot Hunters? Oh Jesus. That's the last thing we need right now. Have you-" "-Seen Raven" The man asked, his voice trailing off. Sideway rolled his eyes. Why was she so important to everyone anyway? The whole town could be in danger. "No. I haven't seen her since this morning" she said, taking his camera back and glancing at the "Bigfoot Hunters" Hancock pointed out. They looked exactly like one would expect someone that calls themselves "Bigfoot Hunters". Sideway gave Hancock a pleading look, "Fine. I'll work my magic" he said with a huff. Before he broke away to do what he asked, he looked back at Hancock, "I had another blackout after breakfast. We can worry about it later but I wanted to let you know" with that, Sideway pushed through the crowd towards the men. As Sideway drew closer, the men huddled into a group. The incubus tapped the closest man on the shoulder, making sure to hit him with a quick burst of his power, "Hello Gentlemen. I am chief editor of the Weekly Goodneighbor and I was wondering if you would walk with me to answer a few questions about what just happened here" he said, making sure to make causal physical contact as much as he could. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With the pieces of her plan in place, Poppy snaked through the woods back towards the town as a dozen tendrils of smoke. She took weeks scouting out the perfect places in the forest. Searching specifically for large trees that had been struck by lighting. While dissolved into a cloud of smoke, Poppy was able to cover vast distances quickly by stretching herself out and pulling herself to her destination. In strategic places in the forest surrounding Goodneighbor, trees were beginning to burn. Pillars of thick smoke and ash rising into the sky. Poppy slithered into the basement of the store she stopped at first. At this point, she didn't really care if some people in the town saw her all smokey coming back in town. Even if someone saw her, She would be gone before anyone could make it to the basement. Poppy flicker a zippo that dimly illuminated the gloom of the basement. She couldn't remember exactly what this store sold but that didn't matter. It was all flammable. The woman brought the zippo up to the last bundle of nitrofern wedged between two dusty books on a wooden bookshelf. She paused. These people allowed her to live in their town without question. They accepted her, even if she was distant. If the circumstances were different, she would love to have been able to make a life here. She touched the flame to the herb, a bright green flame erupted from between the books, quickly consuming them and moving to the next. Poppy backed up as the small space began to fill with smoke. She did not look pleased with what she had done but it was too late now. She dissipated into a cloud and slipped out the window. Her next stop was the church. No, she wasn't going to burn it down. Even Poppy wasn't that heartless. Instead, she snaked her way up the steeple to find a perch to watch and wait. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On the only heavily wooded road that lead into Goodneighbor, just outside of the glamour barrier something was lying in wait. The space spanning across the road was dotted with little blue lights. The light drifted lazily through the trees on either side. Their soft blue light invoked feelings of calm and tranquility. These little blue dots were actually fireflies, their fat little bodies hung in the air with their abdomens flashing every so often. It truly was a beautiful scene in the forest.
  6. Poppy frowned when she heard the price. twenty-five bucks was steep for a bundle of ugly flowers but I guess she was lucky to even find nitrofern at all. Just, compared to the rest of the prices in the shop it seemed a little artificial. Poppy sucked her teeth and pulled out her pocket book, "These better grant wishes" She muttered. Poppy pulled out the correct amount and handed the cash over. She looked at the man, thinking about thanking him and deciding there was no point. Her cover would be blown soon and everyone in town is going to hate her. Why be polite. Poppy left the store without another word. As she was making her way towards the center of main street when an explosion sounded from behind the diner. Poppy jumped, her hair converting to a writhing mass of smoke out of fear. Was that a bomb? she wondered, scanning the area, No, no smoke and I didn't feel a shock wave. Poppy noticed other people around in the area wandering towards the sound. Poppy shrugged, She needed a distraction and luckily one presented itself. Poppy slipped into the side alley of the shop across from the diner. With everyone trying to figure out where the sound had come from, no one noticed the woman dissolving into a mass of smoke and slipping through a basement window that was missing a corner. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sideway shrugged when Gabe commented about his memory having holes in it. She wasn't wrong. He just wasn't concerned with falling asleep one place and waking up another wearing a different outfit. Mostly because he was aware with what was going on. BOOM!!!!! Gabe lept into action the instant the explosion rocked Sideway's apartment. The second loud sound that rang out was the sound of Sideway's mug shattering on the floor. the incubus blinked, dumbfounded he looked around his apartment and down at himself. His eyes settled on Gabe who seemed to be protecting him, "Gabe what the hell is going on? What the hell was that?" I know you think nothing is wrong, but you seem to be missing a big chunk of your memory. However, it seems as though now we have some bigger issues on out hands." The angel said "Uh, actually I think lots of things are wrong. What the hell is going on Gabriel" He asked. (((feel free to move them along Raven)))
  7. Sideway vanished into the back of the apartment as Gabe spoke, "Is he... Sideway, you are telling me you do not remember Hancock? John Hancock? The man you have known for years?" she asked, her voice raised slightly so he could hear her from his room. "Uhhhhhhhh....Nope. Should I?" he asked as he stripped off his wet cloths. He was trying his best to remember this John Hancock guy Gabe was talking about but was still drawing a blank. "How is it you can remember me, and not him?" she asked, bewildered. "Istanbul? 1202? Your hair was shorter then but you were still stunning." Sideway said, reminiscing about the good ol' days as he pulled a dry pair of black pants on, "The Fourth Crusade was a crazy time, Right Gabe?" Sideway came out of his bedroom, pulling on a white V neck as he went into the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee for himself. He turned and silently asked if she wanted a mug. "Come on now, you must be joking." Gabe said, almost pleadingly. Sideway was confused why she was so focused on this. He figured she would be happy to see him after so long. "No, Sorry I don't know your friend but I can't help you there" Sideway replied, leaning his elbows on the counter across from Gabe. Something was bothering her greatly, he could tell. He wish he could help her but he honestly had no clue what she as talking about. "Do you remember anything from this morning?" The angel asked with a pleading look. Sideway's expression softened and shook his head, "Not this Hancock guy. I remember I was here. Then I left and went to The Pit for a drink. I met a woman there. Then a man. Then a different man. Then I left without telling anyone and went to a house party at the edge of town. Then I met a guy. Then I hung out with a group of people at the party. Then I went home with a water nymph. Almost drown when her magic bubble thing failed. Swam to shore and took a nap. And now I'm here" He took a sip of his coffee after his recount of what he could remember, "Some of those might be out of order. I left out all the times I got a drink for times sake" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Poppy's eyes lit up when she found a dusty bundle of dry, wilted flowers tucked behind a bunch of yellow tulips. Nitrofern. Not fragrant or pretty to look at, but it is crazy little herb was chocked full of a flammable oil that she needed. She snagged the bundled and walked to the counter. She didn't notice the flowers she touched beginning to discolor. "How much?" she asked quickly. She would be lying that the interaction with Teri didn't put her on edge. She didn't expect any other companies to send agents to the gold mine this town was. Who's idea was it to put all the special creatures of the world into one town anyway? Someone could just drop a nuke on the place and be done with it.
  8. "More jobs, yes. But in those six months they wouldn't have gotten half my weekly earnings. Pheh. And I'm not a man of the streets anymore. I'm rich and I'm not afraid to show it." Poppy raised an eyebrow and scoffed. Teri never was a personable guy or the best at picking up on tone, "Yeah....It was a joke, Teri" she said shortly, "But I guess you always loved to swing your dick around." Even back when they worked together, he always loved to let people know how important he is. "I was sent to find out the root of the mentions of weird activity around this broad area. The 'bigfoot sighting' really put me on the right track, and when some amateurs had a bit of luck in finding the origin of that story and went out on their own investigation, we've been able to track their movement and determine their destination. The base notified me of it and told me to go here. So, thinking about it, you still only have your one target here. The rest...", Teri said, turning away from her and walking to town, "are for me now. And just so you know, those amateurs will probably be here by now." Poppy threw up her hands and made a strangling motion towards the man as he walked away. "Rrrgh, God you're still annoying" She said, annoyed at first but that quickly faded, "What happened to you..." she said softly. The woman flicked her cigarette away and walked off towards main street. If Teri was trying to muscle his way into her contract, she was going to have to accelerate her plan... Poppy pushed the door to the flower shop open just as the clerk was explaining their Easter special to another customer. Poppy began to meander around the store, browsing for a specific type of flower. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sideway glanced around, trying to get a bearing on what he was doing in the parking lot behind his apartment. While he glanced around, Rain checked him over for injuries, a gesture that's sweetness was not lost on him. "Good idea. You live around here, do you not?" The angel asked, finally dissolving her armor and weapon and making Sideway much more comfortable. "Oh yeah, I live in the apartment above the diner. Do you want to come up for a drink or coffee while I dry off?" He asked casually, taking her hand and letting her held him up. The moment their skin contacted, Sideway's power arced into Gabriel's arm. To her it would feel like a warm pulse of pleasure that gently spread through her body. Humans were especially susceptible. Sideway has experienced both men and women practically melting under his fingertips. Sideway dropped her hand and motioned to the diner. "Was that before or after Hancock's?" The woman asked as the door to the alley slammed behind them and they made their way up the narrow staircase that lead to the second floor. Sideway furrowed his brow and thought for a moment "Hancock?" He asked, wracking his brain to try to remember if that was a person he has seen naked, "Doesn't ring a bell. Is he cute?" Keys jingling into the incubus's front door and he swung it open. Eh. His place looked a little worse than he expected but it wasn't important. Sideway dropped his keys on the counter and switched on the coffee pot. "So Gabe. How's it been?" he asked as the coffee maker hissed behind him.
  9. Sideway came too just as a beautiful woman blocked out the sky. The man blinked in confusion for a few seconds, waiting for what he was seeing to make sense. When it never really came into focus he decided it would be best not to question it. His life turned out better that way in the long run. Sideway sat up on his elbows, the world was a little spinny still but it wasn't something he couldn't handle. What he couldn't handle was the crazy magic armor and the sword swinging around his head or the rapid questioning: "What happened? Did They take her? Where are They?" The woman asked, not really waiting for an answer between each question. After an awkward pause, Sideway spoke up, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just banged up my knees", He said with a bite, "And, in order; I passed out. Did who take who? Whoever they 'They' are seasonable people and are probably not laying in a parking lot in the goddamn rain, Gaberial!" Sideway fell silent once the angel used her wings to shield them both, "Oh....Thanks..." he said sheepishly. After a quick look around Sideway stood up and brushed himself off. He was in some nearly empty parking lot behind some shithole diner. The same could not be said for the woman that stood before him, "So, whats the story? Can we go someplace dry?" he asked, gesturing to his soaked cloths, "Last thing I remember is going home with a local water nymph". How did he end up here? This was clear across town from the bar he last remember being at. What time was it anyway?
  10. Poppy took a drag of her cigarette, lost in her thoughts, when a bullet tore a hole through her forehead. The lead projectile pulled a trail of black smoke behind her head before embedding itself into a nearby tree. She did not fall, but she was surprised. Tendrils of smoke swirled around her "wound" and the top of her head reformed after a few seconds. The woman's hair converted into a writhing mass of dark smoke as she whipped around to find the dead man who shot at her. "Well, well." A voice said from behind a tree to her left. A man in a gaudy white suit stepped out and started walking towards her. Poppy raised her fist and converted her forearm into smoke to launch at "If that isn't Poppy. Recognize me? Great. Teri. She wanted to go on record that Poppy and Teri were not always this distant from each other. There was a time where they got along, even going so far as to sharing resources and talents on jobs. She wouldn't say he was her friend, more like a companion when she was all still so new at this. He was a hunter of dangerous humans just like she is, it was only natural they gravitated towards each other. Poppy would never admit it to herself but it devastated her when Teri left her when they were younger. "Of course I recognize you, you dolt" She shot back, solidifying her arm and leaning against the tree with the smoking bullet hole. Perfect metaphor. "Funny how we ended up in the same spot. Guess I'm on the right track, then. Heh. Bet that your target must be around too, then? Still the same job? How cute." "Yeah. Hilarious." She said dryly, "Targets. It was one target until that target led me here. Just waiting on...the right time to launch my plan. You know how it goes." Per usual, Teri wasn't finished trying to belittle her, "I've completed ten jobs in the past six months. And that without any special powers." he sneered. Poppy smirked, "Sorry to hear that. I would figure a male prostitute with your looks would do way better than than in just six months." She giggled and gestured to his blazing white suit, "And is that what men of the street are wearing these days?" She winked and took another drag, "how have you been Teri?" she asked after a pause, "What brings you here anyway?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A plate with a ham and cheese omelet was placed on the bar in front of Sideway with a ceramic tick. Sideway set his coffee mug down and picked up his fork. As he ate, Sideway opened his messaging app. He had a reply to one of the messages from last night: >Unknown Number< 11:31 AM Heey! Didn't expect to hear back from you today. >Me< 11:32 AM Yeaeh...I ended up having a weird night. That's why I'm texting you actually. I lost my ID and I'm wondering if you remember me with it while I was with you. >Unknown Number< 11:46 AM Uhhhhhhh Ok? I know you had it at The Pitt but I don't know after that. You vanished, remember? >Me< 11:55 AM sorry about that. I thought I could hold my liquor. I have to get back to work. Can I text you later? After Sideway received a reply he put his phone away and dropped some cash on the counter. He still needed to go to the store to get some food for his house. The man left the store and started heading towards the market using a shortcut down the side alley and cutting across the parking lot. About halfway across the blacktop, Sideway began to feel lightheaded. It was as if the omelet he just ate was made of bourbon. His legs gave out from under him and he dropped hard to his knees. He was panting hard but he couldn't hear it. All he could hear was the blood rushing in his ears. The last thing he remembered was pitching forward onto the pavement before the world faded to black
  11. Sideway took his phone back and pocketed it. The man though for a moment about Hancock's question, "Of course my location is off" He said, remembering the icon on his phone always being off, "I also though we didn't have to worry about that since Skinner upgraded the barrier last summer" Sideway suddenly couldn't remember if that was suppose to be hidden from Hancock's knowledge. Skinner thought it was necessary once that new mundane mountain road that passed dangerously close to their secret home opened up, bringing campers and degenerates into the surrounding woods. "Not to belittle your issues at all, but I have a feeling something big is coming. I got the feeling this morning too." Hancock said, suddenly adopting a serious tone, ". "Maybe what happened is connected to that. If it is, we have quite a hell storm coming our way, Sideway." Sideway scoffed, "I think it's weird that I take up sleepwalking the same night your spidy sense starts tingling., don't you?" he said. The rain outside had thankfully calmed to a light drizzle. He still had a few things to do today. All seem so mundane after today's turn of events but they still needed to be done. Sideway rose to his feet and sighed. Other than the buzz, his visit to Hancock's house only made him feel worse, "Well, thanks for meeting with me and listen to my bedside woes but I gotta grab a bite to eat and run to the store. I hope you're wrong about your feeling". With that last statement, Sideway left the man's house and started down his driveway back to town. The incubus pushed the door to the diner open with a tingle of the small bell over the door. He glanced around at the simi-familiar faces that were scattered around the diner as he made his way to the counter. He took a seat on a bar stool and pulled out his phone to check if he missed anything. He has breakfast here everyday and always ordered the same thing, a omelet with a black coffee. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A woman with inky black hair that wiped around her face stood on the western peak of the sheer mountains that surround Goodneighbor. She looked down at the sleepy little town nestled in the valley below. She was talking on the phone with someone. How she could hear anything was a mystery, the wind was howling around her and threatened to throw the small girl clear of the rock. After a few more moments, the woman hung up her phone and sighed. She had been living in Goodneighbor for almost six months and she had hardly heard a thing from her employers. She wasn't worried, that wasn't her style, but she was getting low on living funds. The woman sighed and lept off the cliff. Shortly after her feet left the ground, the woman's body burst into a cloud of thick, black smoke. The smoke snaked it's way down into the forest below. The tendril of smoke zipped through the trees with ease. It wouldn't take her long to reach town in this state. Even so, the cloud of smoke stopped dead and swirled on the spot. The dark haired woman reformed from the mass of writhing smoke and continued to the town on foot. The woman lighting a cigarette as she walked through the trees is Poppy Dromer, modified human extraordinaire. She would never say it out loud in this town though. As far as her neighbors know she is a wisp wanted for a few petty crimes in one of the bordering states, Poppy couldn't really remember what exact state she settled on. She had moved to Goodneighbor about six months ago and so far all she had been doing is trying everything on the only diner's menu and sitting on her ass. She guessed that's where she is heading now, grab something to eat then run to grab supplies. Phone call or not, the deadline was approaching. Poppy wasn't one to miss a deadline.
  12. JEEZ FINE https://discord.gg/euT8vp
  13. threw together a chatzy this morning http://www.chatzy.com/96822390254004 do with it what you will
  14. [B]Username:[/B] padfoot [B]Name:[/B] Poppy [B]Gender:[/B] female [B]Age:[/B] 27 [B]Appearance:[/B]Poppy [B]Species/Powers/Ect.:[/B] Modified Human. Smoke Physiology; Poppy can evaporate her body into particles of black smoke. Can accumulate external smoke for stronger attacks. [B]Personality:[/B] Poppy is a freelancer so naturally she only likes having a boss when she says so. Preferably one that pays well for her...specific job. She isn't loyal to anyone and takes pride in that fact. She takes pride in her work and has yet to meet a job she couldn't complete. [B]History:[/B] to be revealed later [B]Other:[/B]
  15. alright Hancock's house Iso Left Hancock's house Iso right Hancock's house Bird's eye
  16. sure. Never drawn a mansion before. If you want a drawing send me a groundplan
  17. I didn't notice the drive way trees but I only put trees where you drew trees lol. I even used one of the little tree drawings to make the real ones lol. Yeah I haven't placed the fire pit either. It's coming. I used the measurements you gave in the drawing and agree that the garage is too wide. Luckily, it's really easy to resize components What do you want the exterior to look like. If you find a picture of a cabin I can go off the textures there.
  18. Still adding textures Just wondering what you think so far Hancock house iso Hancock house right iso Hancock house interior
  19. Sideway raised one eyebrow at Hancock at his comment about batting boxes that belonged to Raven. He chuckled and shook his head, "Nope. Been there, tried that", he said, downing the last of the liquid in his glass, "Most people in town know I'm an incubus which either makes them turn tail and run or it's some fetishized thing." He rolled his eyes , "which, you know, isn't always terrible but the latter never really know what they are getting into," Sideway said with a faraway look. While Hancock was beginning to lose his composure to the effects of his drinks, Sideway seemed fine. He ran pretty hot and was grateful that Hancock was drinking liquor so he could actually feel something. "You've heard of Rohypnol, right? A roofie? I'm sure you have at some point or another. What it sounds like to me bud is that someone spiked your drink last night. But you only had a drink before bed last night, right?" Handcock shifted in his seat and rubbed his chin. "Can incubi even get roofied?" The man asked his drink "If you had, it would explain why you don't remember a thing. Most people never do and the only reason why they know something was array is the fact they wake up somewhere and can't remember how they got there, sound familiar?" Sideway frowned as he listened the the man's theory. Of course he had heard of roofies, they were a dangerous part of the dating world and he couldn't stand that people would sink to that level. Sideway nodded, "Yeah, I know about 'em and yeah, the only drink I had last night was as I was going over the notes I had on the story I was working on." he explained, "I'm not sure what the effects are on me since I have ever knowingly taken Rohypnol but that is weirdly familiar." Sideway fell into thoughtful silence that resonated between the two men until Gabriel appeared and snatched the bottle from Hancock's hand. She scolded him and said something about something happening tomorrow. "Any belligerent ex-lovers that would be out to get you?" With a wink Hancock began to rinse the cup and filled it with water at the sink. "I mean overall you seem to be alright. You're not dead in a ditch, you don't have any obscenities drawn on your face, it just doesn't all add up. Those numbers... have you texted back at all? Or heard anything else?" Sideway shook his head, "I usually visit the clubs and bars in the neighboring towns when I get hungry so most people I sleep with don't even know where I live. It's not like we are easy to find here in Goodneighbor. Sideway took out his phone and opened his messaging app, "No. I only called Claudia but she hasn't gotten back with me yet" He said, worry creeping into his voice, "Plus I'm afraid to text the last one back" he said, turning the phone so Hancock can see.
  20. Just a hunter I've used in the past >.>
  21. Sideway raised his hands in surrender when the front door was thrown open and a sword was thrust towards his chest. He was frightened for all of a second until he realized who it was. It was Gabe, Great He thought. He didn't expect the angel to be waiting at Hancock's place and that was the last thing he needed with all that has been going on. "Oh, it is you." The angle said, making her sword vanish into a flash of light. "It's 2018. You can't still be shoving medieval weaponry in people's faces" Sideway said with a frown. Usually he would be this easily annoyed but today has put him in no mood. "I will warn you that he has found his way to some liquor. How much help he might be to you now is... negateble." Gabe warned as she stepped aside to let him pass. As the man entered the house, he felt the strange nag in his gut that was all to familiar. No way? How the hell am I hungry? I must have fed last night he thought, putting on a disguising smile, "He's already drinking? I was hoping so after the day I've been having." he said with a stiff chuckle. Gabe left the room without saying much more, Sideway guessed to sleep or pray or whatever angels do. "Ah! Sideway. I forgot you were stopping by. I, uh, treated myself to a few drinks. Would you like one?" The man said with the carefulness of a drunk. The man poured a second drink and invited Sideway to sit at the kitchen table with him. "Yeah, I just had something to work on in the office but I couldn't focus" He said, taking a sip of the...whatever, Hancock poured him, "But I'm not here to bore you with work. I want to tell you about last night" And he did. Sideway recounted exactly what he could remember as well as the strange texts and voicemail he had recieved. When he was done talking, his glass only had a thin layer of melted ice at the bottom. The incubus let out a long puff of air, "I'm not even sure where to start. Nothing like this has ever happened to me and I feel fine...well, a little hungry but that's no big deal" Sideway said, snagging the bottle off Hancock's side and refilling his glass.
  22. Something like that... Raven! Send me those drawings once you get the chance. I'm not in a hurry, I just like drawing these kinds of things.
  23. Sideway rubbed his eyes to take a break from what he was writing on his computer. The storm outside sounded like it was picking up, the onslaught of rain echoing in the high ceiling of his office. He looked back at the flicker of his computer screen with distant disdain. He had been in his office for an hour and a half working on his next piece in this week's paper and none of his coworkers arrived. He didn't blame them with that storm outside. Speaking of the storm, Hancock was waiting on him at his cabin. Better to get it over with. After searching his office, Sideway located an emergency poncho in his desk drawer and pulled it on. Sideway saved what he was doing and shut down his computer. He stepped out of his office and into the dark warehouse where the printer sat. He knew they could get a plotter to save on space and power but are expensive and hard to get to a magical hidden town in the mountains. This relic would have to do. Sideway used his keys to unlock Jose's office door and slipped inside. She always left things she needed in her office and you would be surprised with how many times snooping around saved him during late nights to meet deadlines. A short time later, Sideway was locking the front door and standing in the stead rainfall. The small canopy over the doorway was doing little to keep the rain off his borrowed umbrella. On top of a large, black golf umbrella, the incubus found a pair of yellow rainboots that he thought went well with his outfit. Sideway tugged on the door to check if it really locked . Once staisified, Sideway may his way to Hancock's house. There were not any doctors in Goodneighbor as far as Sideway could tell. There was, however, always a crazy man or woman in town that posed as one. While most residents of the town were immortal in one way or another so actual medical care wasn't rarely needed. Hancock had not always been his "doctor". Whe Sideway first arrived he was helped by a man named Luke Skinner. Don't let him catch you calling him Luke though...Or using the word magic. He hated that. It's Skinner's timetable that he has been basing his feeding schedule on for years. One day he was gone. Possessions, car, house, everything that showed he lived in town had vanished. But that's Goodneighbor. Sideway stomped up the steps to Hancock's cabin and knocked on the front door.
  24. basic is good. I can play with it then. Just give me the approximate measurements of the exterior walls and that should be all I need. OOOO! If you give me the town layout I can just start drawing buildings in relation to each other as I finish them. (If you have the program, you can walk through the model) For the church, Is it a colonial style or more gothic? Both are fun to draw but Colonial is kinda the way I'm leaning