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  1. Excuse me, I never said Zagan would have to be dropped. It might be hard to RP him with no one up top (although I was planning to have something happen up there to move things along once I knew for sure who was in and who was out), but by no means do you have to drop him. Other matters of business - Emeraldmay and SoiledLove told me they'll have to drop the RP, and I had no way of contacting Pudding to check him. I'm not sure what's up with FlamWyvern. The things I brought up before: - How should Hidden Power work? - Should Legendaries have names? If so, what names would people care to nominate?
  2. "...left alone, terrified of being found." Few words were capable of getting through Landorus' rage - to get a word through would be the equivalent of screaming through the rock to talk to an underground Diglett. And yet, of all of the words in the world, these were the few that made it through to the raging legend. Terrified of being found. It didn't require any thought for Landorus to piece together those words, and perhaps that is why they stood out to Landorus in the first place. His tail swished back and forth. The movement was not menacing, as it had been minutes ago, but dull and contemplative. He turned, and quietly, quietly murmured, "Follow me," as he began floating down the hallway from which he'd come. The hallway, he knew, led to the absolute World's Center. It was unbearably hot; however, past that was the only place he knew of that anyone could hope to get into or out of the World's Center. Yes, it led to Groudon's chamber, he remembered, and this he remembered with a flinch: that was the precise reason why he would never dare leave through that path. Was Groudon still there, even? Landorus dismissed this question for his own sanity, and turned his face as he remarked, "I'm... I'm okay. I will not try to kill you."
  3. They mocked him - HIM, Landorus! - they... They mocked him. Surely they mocked him? The mediator turned aggressor now, by nothing at all? Of course they mocked him, did they think he was blind and deaf? The three-headed dragon backed away with two of the weaker looking members of the "ragtag group"; the two in front traded ideas about his "paranoia" and how said "ragtag group" had "frightened" him. Did they know nothing at all? And such insolence shown so openly in front of him! A growl rose from his throat as he exclaimed, "ME AFRAID OF YOU!? HAVE YOU-" Realizing rather late that he wasn't making a terribly good point this way, he attempted to calm down yet again (with little success, as his speech was punctuated by little hiccups of higher volumes), "Have you lost your mind?-! I ha-ave MUCH GREATER... much greater problems than the lot of you. Dark-DarkRAI-!" After taking a ragged breath, he continued, "Darkrai has turned against the other legendaries - AGH, THE SLUDGE-EATING LITTLE-!" He took another breath. "H-he has been attacking them - or was attacking them - I've been hiding here for so LONG - He's been - He could be in your friend's dream this very moment, feeling where I am!" Fear shot through Landorus yet again at the prospect. He backed a few steps away from the group, trembling slightly, "I ALONE have made it out alive - or uncaptured - all that matters -ALL THAT MATTERS - is that I-I am FREE!" At by the end of his raving sentence, Landorus had gained what seemed like composure. The key word her being "seemed like" - in reality, no such thing had any place in the raging Legendary. In a smooth tone, he repeated, "All that matters is that I am free. All that matters...." (( In case you guys can't tell, he's not particularly open to reason at this point. He thinks the presence of Pokemon will alert Darkrai to him. Somehow. And it doesn't HAVE TO end in a fight, by the way. He really is trying. )) ----- Tiramisu, meanwhile, trotted into a rather nice surprise. The Meowth raised her paw in greeting to the Reniculus, then bounded over somewhat happily - after all, being with one person at a time was her forte. Whereas, she quickly and quietly reminded herself, being in a large, chaotic group like the one she'd woken up in was not. "Hi!" She cocked her head to the side, "I thought everyone was going to stay together? Or did something happen?" Now, she thought to herself, of course something happened. One, if she'd gotten pissed off that badly in a few moments, surely someone else had the same kind of triggers - and in any case, someone running off would heighten tensions. She wasn't so deaf that she couldn't hear the yelling echoing down the twisting halls of the underground cavern. Not to mention the odd, tired smile the Reniculus wore. Perhaps that Reed person had finally gotten up again? It seemed viable - the other Meowth would probably have some chastising to do. Or maybe someone upset the Hydreigon? Tiramisu shuffled her paws minutely; she desperately hoped it wasn't that. The poor thing was bothered enough, and besides, he'd saved her. Kind of, anyway. She hadn't really been hanging over the Fissure, more like several meters away from it. Nonetheless, he seemed like a nice enough Pokemon. Shhhh. She'll tell you in a second, calm down. Seriously. The Meowth silenced herself, trying her very best to not needlessly overanalyze the situation.
  4. Just did that. ^w^; Only I can't PM Pudding... Inbox's full. I'm kind of holding off on doing anything in the upper level because it seems like pretty much everyone up there hasn't responded yet. I don't need a full-fledged post from anyone whose characters are in the upper level, just something to know they're there...
  5. Just posting a friendly reminder that if you don't post in the next day or so (if you haven't done so already) you're out of the roleplay... ^^; I think we might be losing a lot of people...
  6. "Maybe you should…do something! Get out of this, this world’s center or whatever it is, and do something about your problems!” Landorus growled at the insolent little green blob creature as it made its way away from the group. His tail lashed back and forth as he noticed that the more reverent Meowth had put himself to sleep nearby. The Meowth slept calmly - however, this did not calm the utterly pissed Legendary. In fact, it rather annoyed him. Take care of his problems? Take care of his problems? He internally remarked that if he would take care of his problems, several of the Pokemon within the World's Center would be missing at the moment. Landorus looked back up at the conglomeration of Pokemon before him. In a voice he forced to be as calm as possible, he rasped, "I do not care how-" Here his voice went up sharply, and he made a physically apparent attempt to control himself, "I do not care how you get out of here. All that I care about is that you remove yourselves from the World's Center at once." Landorus hastily waved his hand about, "If your Smeargle has any of Palkia's powers then kindly-" His voice cracked yet again, "Kindly wake him and your Meowth leader and - and -" The paranoia that had been plaguing the lost Legendary could be held back no longer. It wasn't only the idea of being captured, of being torn from his mighty position and put into whatever sort of captivity Thundurus and Tornadus were surely now in. No, Landorus had been alone for too long; that was the simple truth. With no Pokemon but himself and the shadows he thought he saw around corners to speak to for what felt like eons, addressing a group of Pokemon (of whom perhaps half knew who he was) simply terrified him. Landorus snapped. "GET OUT OF HERE, YOU FOOLS! GET OUT - GET OUT!" He roared, swinging his tail wildly in front of him.
  7. True. *pokes* And I see what you did there~ Unless you'd like to go ahead and add said Fire/Ghost type in yourself (which you may feel free to do if you'd like), I was hoping to save him for a little bit later!
  8. (( Just a note, Reed is still fainted. Punching yourself down a cliff is fairly tiring. ))
  9. (( Apologies for the double post, I'm sure it's been long enough~ )) Yup, so I've waited for everyone else for long enough. I'm sure I've made everyone very impatient? ^^; To prevent this from happening again, I'm going to make a deadline for the next posts: If you do not post in the next week, you are out of the roleplay. *If you honestly had some outside circumstances preventing you from posting or seeing this, PM me. Otherwise, you're out. Other business I thought over during the break: - Anyone think I should allow Gummis just as food items? - Hidden Power: After looking at the Bulbapedia page, I realized the way I said it would work is contrary to the games. It doesn't matter much, but how should it work? Should it be one type and power depending on the individual Pokemon, or should it differ with the area (vs. floors)? - Should Landorus (and Legendaries in general) have a name - if so, what should it be? (I'll make a poll for name ideas if you want names.) Now hopefully I can get this moving again - apologies for the wait, again, guys.
  10. (( Argh, yup, not waiting any longer. >_< )) Once upon a time, a wish was made. ------------------ Landorus felt pride swell up in his throat as a few of the Pokemon bowed respectfully in front of him. After all of these years, he was still the god of the land - and the Pokemon in front of him treated him like it! Having seen so few Pokemon in his time below the earth, the gesture comforted him in no small manner. Nonetheless, his thoughts soon returned to their new normal state: suspicion. They bow, so surely they cannot be traitors? They are followers, perhaps, having awaited my return with the other Legendaries- Here a scene flashed into his mind. Two others like him, back to back: one a bright blue like that of a clear sky, with a flail-like black tail waving back and forth menacingly; the other green with purple accents about him, holding a majesty like a soaring eagle. Tornadus and Thundurus. Growling Pokemon surrounded them and... And that wretched, wretched Darkrai! He stood at the back, casting his foul spell upon them! None could be trusted. Landorus' glare struck with the ferocity of any storm; his voice boomed like thunder. "All of you! You have endangered my existence by your being here!" His tail whipped back and forth angrily as he paced, not seeming completely sane. "The other Legendaries have been captured or perhaps killed - I, Landorus, alone - I alone have found a safe haven where there's no chance of capture..." The great Legendary's eyes flashed, "And your being here has put my existence at stake! You must leave - leave at once - or I will be forced to resort to desperate measures!"
  11. I still posted another post, if anyone's wondering - most of the people who are missing have told me that they're busy at the moment, so. ^^; It *is* finals season, guys, so please be patient. After the next week we'll probably have pretty much everyone back.
  12. The scratch cat stumbled a bit as she turned a corner. They were so stupid, she thought, and... Tiramisu briefly noted that she had no idea where she was going, and paused for a second. Once she heard a voice calling after her, and the other distant voice conversing in that same tone - that we all need to get out here or we're going to die tone, she thought - she began her trek through the blazing unknown again, tail lashing behind her. Gah! The Meowth glared at the ground beneath her feet, feeling as if she could turn it to ash. (She briefly pondered if her Hidden Power was Fire-type and perhaps could, but she quickly and angrily pushed this thought out of her mind.) They're so... That's not how rescue teams are supposed to act! I mean, this is a new place - we could have just found a place that was never before discovered, or... or this could be where the Legendaries have been hiding - if they really exist I mean - and all they want to do is escape!? At this corner, the pale little cat turned left; it would be embarrassing for her to simply walk right back into whatever room the others were in. I mean, yeah, we woke up in a random cave - no idea how but... Well, that's not it, is it...? A dead end. Tiramisu stared at it for a moment: a rock wall, no lava on it. Maybe the wall was whole? Of course, it wasn't likely, given that the whole surrounding area was lava. Still... it was ridiculously hot, and she wasn't the type of Pokemon to enjoy any sort of heat. She stalked up to the wall, and tentatively flicked her paw at it. Slightly warm - there was probably lava behind it, so she didn't want to risk trying to find a passage with Secret Power. The Meowth sat with her back to the wall, her tail wrapped around her paws. This was the place for mental gymnastics, not in front of the others. Arceus, I'm stupid for the whole 'Spacial Rend' thing... Someone could have gotten killed, and then it would have been my fault, and then that Smeargle would have gotten in trouble too because I knew he couldn't do it and I still... Well, come on though, I didn't mean any harm. They have no right to be angry with me! I - wait. They never blamed and I'm getting all guilty for this? She smiled slightly, blushing at the ground, Yeah, I'm stupid. Stupid and naive. It was a few minutes of sniffling and laughing before she stood up again, and looked around. Yup, I'm an idiot. I should probably find my way back before they start to worry more than they already are? Tiramisu swished her tail, and set back off into the cave, not particularly caring which way she went. -------------------------- He had been down here for years. Twenty? Fifty? One hundred - even a thousand? Safe, down here - the crops could fend for themselves for this time, he thought, or else they would someday have no one left to fend for them. And now intruders had dared to put the god of fields in danger? He'd listened in to their conversations. They were not spies, sent to capture him, that was for sure - or was it? He couldn't be sure, not after all these years, with not a single Pokemon sent down since he'd procured his way to safety. Still, he thought - not a single Pokemon in years. He had to test them somehow - he had to talk to them. It had been so long... The ruffled, orange, monkey-like Pokemon slowly crawled around the corner, tail high in the air. His yellow eyes scanned the crowd ruthlessly, looking for any signs of ill-will. At the edge of the room, he stood. In a crackling, yet somehow regal voice, the long-gone Landorus toned, "Why have you come here? Why have you cut into the earth so far that you have reached the World's Center?"
  13. Apologies, I didn't see the new posts... ^^; Haven't been feeling so well lately... Anyway, I just noticed the post I made about waiting for the other didn't make it through the lag - again, sorry. I figure we should wait up a few days for the others, and I have finals next week... So in any case I'd like to wait a day or so more. ^w^; EDIT: I suppose we're going ahead anyway then? I'll PM pudding and FlamWyvern.
  14. Just going to jump in here really quick. I'd like to mention that no, the rich aren't responsible for all of the other people in the country. Not them in particular. I'd personally like to think that every American is responsible for the rest of the country through whatever mean they can offer - but some would argue with me on that, so this is only my personal opinion. I'd also like to mention that many of those who can work are forced to "sit on their rears" and "expect handouts" because even some of the lowest-paying jobs in this country require degrees - and many of those that don't require degrees would seem to prefer to hire younger applicants. The older people who didn't finish college before this all happened had no idea what the job requirements would be in the future. Add the cost of education and you've got a full-blown mess. Aaaaand just going to jump on out.
  15. (( Shiny new OOC! http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=145339 Eh, I figure we can still go ahead because Cobalt and Renaissance weren't doing anything that would largely affect the other characters. ))
  16. OOC Thread for http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=143648
  17. (( Eep, I'm not really sure how to start an OOC. ^^; Sorry guys, like I said, this is my first time starting an RP on here... But yeah, Techno_Elf. Here Cobalt is on the top of the Fissure, reaching down, as you said here: Then in your next post you make no mention of Cobalt moving... And then suddenly, after the Fissure closed, we have this: Where Cobalt's suddenly on the bottom with Renaissance. In case you didn't see Pi's post, and that's why you're confused: That's why Renaissance is on the bottom. So that's what everyone's confused about - how did Cobalt get there? ))
  18. (( I made a point of saying "World Center" right next to "Current Room" so no one would get confused. With Cobalt, as far as I can follow she was at the top of the Fissure and then suddenly rushed through the closed Fissure to get to Renaissance? So, yeah, please fix that!~ And just clearing this up, the air is actually fine to breathe. The World Center is a well-kept temple sort of dungeon, and naturally the rest of the RP won't be everyone stuck in there so there are other openings that aren't "entrances" per say. Also Happy New Year everyone!~ ))
  19. (( Okay, clarification please: who's above the Fissure, who's below the Fissure? I don't think anyone was left in the Fissure, right? )) [Current Conditions: - The Fissure has closed completely. - New Area! World Center Weather - Sunny Description - The World Center... is actually a rather peaceful place. Lava flows lazily along the walls - if one could look beneath the lava, they'd find flakes of diamond and rich veins of all kinds of metals. The very center of this dungeon is a blazing ball of molten metal, within which very few Pokemon can enter. The place is fashioned like a natural temple, should one look carefully at the edges of the walls. The room in which you've entered is medium-sized, and actually not a room at all, but a pathway. There is a path to the north, and a path to the east. Common Items - Silver Spike, Rare Fossil, Iron Thorn, Gold Spike, Gold Thorn, Golden Apple, Sitrus Berry, Silence Orb, Gold Ribbon )) ------ Tiramisu squeaked as she hit the ground with a thump. She'd managed to zone out rather quickly, only noticing the lava when they'd gotten below the Fissure. Now that she'd been rather harshly knocked out of her amazement with flying, she could hear pretty much everyone freaking out that they were all going to die. The cat-like creature quietly padded around the lava-filled chamber, weighing the likeliness of this. It was somewhat hard to breathe, but not overpoweringly so - she could easily attribute that to her aversion to smoke. Poisonous fumes, though? And suffocation? She lashed her tail, and yelled over the crowd, "GUYS! We're not going to die!" The Meowth's ear twitched in annoyance as she stood slightly apart from the crowd, "We'd have died in the chamber above if the fumes were that poisonous. In fact, I'd be dead right now, he'd-" She paused to flick her tail at Reed, "be dead right now, and you-" She more pawed the air towards the Hydreigon, "would probably be dead or dying right now." Tiramisu paced a little, nearly hissing. She wasn't entirely sure why she was this angry about the perfectly logical worries the others had, but nonetheless - "Look, I went in the wall upstairs - I mean, up over there - and if there weren't something providing this place with oxygen we'd have all been dead while we were asleep. And..." The Meowth nearly growled, trembling something violent, "Aren't you guys rescue teams? Freaking out like this! If we were dying you'd be doing nothing but wasting oxygen!" She looked away, actually rather close to crying and hating every moment of it, "I-I'm going off to find a way out of here - or deeper in, even - I - screw it, just don't follow me!" Tiramisu turned tail, running off down the blazing corridor to the right. ---- [items in current room (World Center): Gold Ribbon Iron Thorn x2 ]
  20. Reed went limp in the cell-like Pokemon's Telekinesis. He weakly mumbled, "Thanks... Seriously, I owe you one." At that moment, the Fissure began to tremble. The Smeargle shifted slightly, groaning, "Fissure's closing, ugh..." At this point, he was too weak to really care. He slumped in mid air, and summoned up just enough strength to yell out, "Fissure's closing!" And then he fainted. (( Everyone in the Fissure can escape if it's possible and if it's within their ability. Everyone stuck in the Fissure will be pushed to the top and will be KO'd, like the move would usually do~ ))
  21. (( I'm going to mention right here that - considering Reed has been dropping a few meters at a time for a bit now, and he still hasn't reached the bottom - the Fissure is rather deep. Where Reed is right now, he wouldn't be able to even reach for the hand. Other than that, whatever you guys want. )) Reed stumbled a bit again, his vision growing somewhat blurry. Wood Hammer, again and again. One objective was in his mind - save that Meowth - and as such he never even turned away from the wall. Doing so could mean seeing failure, or even failure to get himself down safely at this point. But when a large dragon zooms past you, seemingly as quickly as its wings would take it, it's somewhat hard not to flinch and turn around. The ground swung around below him, blazing bright from the lava surrounding it - but, he noted to himself, at least there was ground and not only lava. The ground still seemed to move around - back and forth, towards him and away from him - it made him infinitely more dizzy, so he clung to the rock to catch his breath. That Hydreigon will be able to save him... I'm glad. Phew, sweet Kyogre, THANK you. With that, he let go of the rock yet again, swinging forward after a few meters. Halfway down. Halfway. His tail drooped; not out of discouragement, but out of exhaustion. With a huff, he realized he'd hit his limit. One more Wood Hammer would do it, he knew. Reed, for the first time in the cave, waited. ---- Tiramisu, meanwhile, was having her throat's worth of yelling. She wasn't entirely sure if she liked flying this quickly, but she knew she didn't entirely dislike flying this quickly. What this Meowth in particular did not like was being suddenly picked up like a damsel in distress - nonetheless she couldn't find herself able to protest amid the yelling she was doing. ----- [Current Conditions: - Lava flow has slowly begun to enter main exit - right side only. (It will not enter the left side at any point.) - Five posts until Fissure closes. ]
  22. Lava slowly began to seep out of the right wall - it hadn't quite begun to seep into the fissure on the side nearest the group of Pokemon. Reed flinched in surprise as he was forced from the edge of the huge crack in the ground. For a moment, he stared unblinking at the hole - then, he flung himself onto one of its sides, hurriedly attempting the clamber down its nearly vertical, cliff-like face. He yelled into the pit, "You in' idiot, I can climb!" His foot slipped a small bit - paint smeared across the wall as he caught himself painfully with his tail. "I didn't need saving!" He rather wished he could Fly, or do anything particularly useful at the moment. Nonetheless, he resolved to try his absolute hardest to get down to the bottom as quickly as possible. "And now you're going to nearly kill yourself, when I pissed you off only minutes ago!?" The Smeargle released his grip on the rock, fell a few meters, then swiftly knocked himself back onto the cliff face with a Wood Hammer. He winced, caught his breath, and continued on in this noisy way. ---- Tiramisu rolled across the floor as she was pushed - she hadn't exactly expected the other Meowth to push her away so suddenly. Where was he....? She noticed the yawning gap in the floor, and the Smeargle flinging himself into it. She ran. Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap - Stupid, stupid, ugh, STUPID...! "H-Hydreigon! Mr. Hydreigon guy! They-! I need - they need-!" The Meowth stood panting at the Hydreigon's feet, "The other Meowth- h-he pushed Reed - and me - I - out of the way - I - can you...? You n-need to...!" Is the Fissure even deep enough that he's still falling? Or the lava...! I can't use Rain Dance or if he gets a pawhold he'll slip... "Please!" ------------- The tunnels below the earth blazed. They always blazed - lava had always flowed there, since Groudon first walked. Only two entrances had ever led to the earth's core, both now sealed off. One had been in Groudon's chamber itself, and had been sealed when Groudon's silence began; the other laid in Palkia's hands, as all entrances do, and it too had disappeared. A crack burst open in its ceiling, and the earth's core became open once again. Pausing to stare, a terrified look on its face, a large monkey colored like the lava floes beside him and the ground beneath his feet watched. He floated up from the ground quietly, to see what had come to greet him.
  23. The impact of the other Meowth grabbing Tiramisu shocked her out of her concentration - her Hidden Power failed, and the pink energy field fizzled out of existence. Writhing indignantly in the paler Meowth's arms, Tiramisu hissed, "Crap! CRAP! Let me down, let me down, let me down, let me down...!" Just TRY to help someone out, then someone else has to interfere... Also in the Meowth's arms was Reed, who she could see was still excitedly monitoring the damage his "Spacial Rend" was doing. I mean he is too cocky for his own good - I can see why maybe this dude wouldn't want me to do anything but... I was going to bring him down a notch by telling him all he did was Fissure. Pfft, imagine his face!~ Soon Tiramisu had nudged around her blue bandanna to be able to see for herself the extent the "Spacial Rend" had done. Ideally it would open up a hole large enough to get most of the rocks out of the way - so she thought. She'd figured the very boastful Smeagle had at least one overpowered move, and could easily move the rocks. However, what she hadn't figured was that Reed could hardly control said overpowered moves. As such, the situation was less than ideal. The crack, she saw, was swerving towards the right wall. The right wall, she remembered rather... fondly, let's say, was right on the edge of a bit of lava. Here she started squirming all the more vehemently, yelling, "Let me down, let me down, LET ME DOWN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE FOR ARCEUS'S SAKE - there's a flow of lava in that wall, let me DOWN!" Every time you do something stupid like this! Every time! It's not like I wanted this to happen, how was I supposed to know? Gah, but then the sulfur - I should have guessed, and I even saw the lava myself... It doesn't matter now, I have to see if I can use Rain Dance in here to block the lava... All the while, Reed was feeling rather proud of himself (though even he could tell it was nothing but a Fissure).
  24. (( I figured people would be busy with Christmas stuff!~ Thanks though, Pi! ^w^ I guess I'll go ahead? )) Reed shifted around on his feet, glancing at the Meowth beside him. "So..." Tiramisu nodded, and padded close to him. The Smeargle flinched at the close contact, especially when she wrapped her tail around him. Though she'd just begun to whisper something, the Meowth paused as she saw his expression and batted at his face, grumbling, "So you can hear me better. Stupid." Reed attempted to protest (something along the lines of how he was most certainly not stupid), but the Meowth silenced him with her paw. Tiramisu, making a mental note to avoid anything else that would appear intimate to anyone else while around the rather silly Smeargle, continued with what she'd meant to whisper. "So Spacial Rend looks like cutting, one of the others said, right?" Reed found it actually had been necessary for the Meowth to pull him this close - her voice was like a Joltik's. (Tiramisu at the moment was silently congratulating herself on having a good day for whispering, and being very relieved at not sounding like an Aggron sharpening its armor.) Tiramisu again went on, "Using it should be similar to using Fissure then. So if you still can't remember how to use it, try using a move similar to Fissure - then you'll be able to do it for sure." She paused, "Probably." Tiramisu quickly tore away from the awkward position, but then - remembering something - returned to the Smeargle's side. She purred, "I want to see someone use Spacial Rend up close." Anxiously turning around, she repeated to anyone who would listen, "I just want to see him use Spacial Rend up close!" At that, Reed nodded, the grin spreading on his face for the umpteenth time since he'd woken up only minutes ago. He held an arm out in front of him, then threw his weight and punched in front of him, calling out, "OK! Spacial Rend!" Tiramisu's tail twitched. Nothing happened. She urged, "Try again." "Yeah - it's a pretty strong move to use, so of course I won't be able to get it on the first try." The Smeargle rolled his shoulders, then got into position again. Another hard-thrown punch. Tiramisu's tail twitched. Again, nothing happened. Seeming rather irritated, the Meowth growled, "Come on! Again." "I can do it." Reed grumbled, "I told you, it takes a sec." A third time, he punched. This time, Tiramisu tensed up, her tail straight. A pink sphere of energy began to surround the two, and it seemed a crap was forming in the ground. (( Leaving it here so people can intercept the attack if they want - this part will determine the general route we take through the cave (minus flying Pokemon and Pokemon who can climb/jump well, if they'd like to split up). Merry Christmas everyone! ))
  25. Tiramisu pawed at the ground awkwardly, "Oh. I'm sorry..." She quickly looked back at the Hydreigon, an apologetic look on her face, "It seems like everyone thinks it's a bad message, though. It's threatening, sure, but..." Of course I'm just doing this so I don't freak everyone out, but still... The nearby Smeargle's boasting and the situation about escaping soon reached the Meowth's ears. At the words "Spacial Rend", her ears perked up - the curious Meowth soon hopped to her feet, eyes glowing. Cocking her head, she grinned at Requiem, "I think I see a way out of here, then!~" ------ Reed refused to even blink out of time in response to the comments - except for the Meowth's of course, that had been a personal threat. It was quickly and loudly met with an, "I'd like to see you try!" However, the departure of the first Meowth was soon followed up by the arrival of a second. This one, on four feet, hastily called to him, "Hey, what's your name?" Her eyes seemed to be glowing, as if she'd found a gem. Reed found himself rather surprised at the lack of "who do you think you are?" or such comments following the "hey"; however, it was as easy as always to reply with an offhand, "My name's Reed, why?" "What moves do you know?" There was nothing mocking about her tone, which was rather refreshing. But of course - surely some Pokemon could see his greatness as well as he could? Shifting his pose slightly, he rattled his moves off (as smoothly as he could, to spite that Gardevoir), "Yawn, Rest, Dream Eater, Wood Hammer, Fissure, Draco Meteor, Hyper Beam, and Earthquake. And it also seems I've learned Spacial Rend in my sleep?" A smile lit up the Meowth's face - she rushed forward, wrapping her tail around the Smeargle lightly, "Come with me, I can get us out of here with you." Reed indignantly protested, "If the others would just stay in one place and let me, I could get us out of here on my own..." The Meowth blinked, some look on her face - at this point he could tell it was something other than awe, but he wasn't quite sure just what it was. It didn't particularly matter to him, as this Meowth seemed to be the only one not questioning his abilities. The Meowth replied, "I know that. But the fact of the matter is that they won't because they don't believe you - so come with me and show me your power!" Now that was something he wanted to hear. It took no time for him to follow the Meowth to the front of the cave - he pushed his way to the front (naturally it wasn't worth it to wait for people to move out of the way) as she slipped past all of the Pokemon with quiet, "Excuse me"s and "sorry"s. Staring at the wall of rocks before them (the Meowth still had a silly grin on her face), he shuffled impatiently. Glancing at the quiet Meowth, he questioned, "D'you want me to teleport us to the other side of the wall?" "Mm-mm. I want you just to teleport the rocks out of the way," the Meowth tensed up as she saw his get into a ready position, "Not yet! I'm going in a little bit so we know what's on the other side!" As Reed put his paws down, the Meowth beamed with pride, "You see, I learned a move in a dream too - Secret Power!" She crouched down by the edge of the rocks, and with a tentative swipe found a small tunnel. Hesitating for a moment, she called out, "I'm Tiramisu by the way. Be right back!" The Meowth - Tiramisu, she said? - disappeared into the tunnel for a few minutes. Reed shuffled his feet, anxious to get on with it. Soon (though not soon enough for him) the Meowth reappeared from the tunnel, looking a bit winded. "The boulders go on for a bit - they thin out later, so the way the others were trying would have taken forever." Her ears flattened, "And sweet Arceus, whatever you do, do not misfire towards the walls." She licked her fur hurriedly, a grimace crossing over her face, "Or we'll all be nicely fried Magikarp in a stone skillet."