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  1. Excuse me, I never said Zagan would have to be dropped. It might be hard to RP him with no one up top (although I was planning to have something happen up there to move things along once I knew for sure who was in and who was out), but by no means do you have to drop him. Other matters of business - Emeraldmay and SoiledLove told me they'll have to drop the RP, and I had no way of contacting Pudding to check him. I'm not sure what's up with FlamWyvern. The things I brought up before: - How should Hidden Power work? - Should Legendaries have names? If so, what names would peopl
  2. "...left alone, terrified of being found." Few words were capable of getting through Landorus' rage - to get a word through would be the equivalent of screaming through the rock to talk to an underground Diglett. And yet, of all of the words in the world, these were the few that made it through to the raging legend. Terrified of being found. It didn't require any thought for Landorus to piece together those words, and perhaps that is why they stood out to Landorus in the first place. His tail swished back and forth. The movement was not menacing, as it had been minutes ago, but
  3. They mocked him - HIM, Landorus! - they... They mocked him. Surely they mocked him? The mediator turned aggressor now, by nothing at all? Of course they mocked him, did they think he was blind and deaf? The three-headed dragon backed away with two of the weaker looking members of the "ragtag group"; the two in front traded ideas about his "paranoia" and how said "ragtag group" had "frightened" him. Did they know nothing at all? And such insolence shown so openly in front of him! A growl rose from his throat as he exclaimed, "ME AFRAID OF YOU!? HAVE YOU-" Realizing rather late that he
  4. Just did that. ^w^; Only I can't PM Pudding... Inbox's full. I'm kind of holding off on doing anything in the upper level because it seems like pretty much everyone up there hasn't responded yet. I don't need a full-fledged post from anyone whose characters are in the upper level, just something to know they're there...
  5. Just posting a friendly reminder that if you don't post in the next day or so (if you haven't done so already) you're out of the roleplay... ^^; I think we might be losing a lot of people...
  6. "Maybe you should…do something! Get out of this, this world’s center or whatever it is, and do something about your problems!” Landorus growled at the insolent little green blob creature as it made its way away from the group. His tail lashed back and forth as he noticed that the more reverent Meowth had put himself to sleep nearby. The Meowth slept calmly - however, this did not calm the utterly pissed Legendary. In fact, it rather annoyed him. Take care of his problems? Take care of his problems? He internally remarked that if he would take care of his problems, several of the Pokemon w
  7. True. *pokes* And I see what you did there~ Unless you'd like to go ahead and add said Fire/Ghost type in yourself (which you may feel free to do if you'd like), I was hoping to save him for a little bit later!
  8. (( Just a note, Reed is still fainted. Punching yourself down a cliff is fairly tiring. ))
  9. (( Apologies for the double post, I'm sure it's been long enough~ )) Yup, so I've waited for everyone else for long enough. I'm sure I've made everyone very impatient? ^^; To prevent this from happening again, I'm going to make a deadline for the next posts: If you do not post in the next week, you are out of the roleplay. *If you honestly had some outside circumstances preventing you from posting or seeing this, PM me. Otherwise, you're out. Other business I thought over during the break: - Anyone think I should allow Gummis just as food items? - Hidden Power: After looki
  10. (( Argh, yup, not waiting any longer. >_< )) Once upon a time, a wish was made. ------------------ Landorus felt pride swell up in his throat as a few of the Pokemon bowed respectfully in front of him. After all of these years, he was still the god of the land - and the Pokemon in front of him treated him like it! Having seen so few Pokemon in his time below the earth, the gesture comforted him in no small manner. Nonetheless, his thoughts soon returned to their new normal state: suspicion. They bow, so surely they cannot be traitors? They are followers, perhaps, havi
  11. I still posted another post, if anyone's wondering - most of the people who are missing have told me that they're busy at the moment, so. ^^; It *is* finals season, guys, so please be patient. After the next week we'll probably have pretty much everyone back.
  12. The scratch cat stumbled a bit as she turned a corner. They were so stupid, she thought, and... Tiramisu briefly noted that she had no idea where she was going, and paused for a second. Once she heard a voice calling after her, and the other distant voice conversing in that same tone - that we all need to get out here or we're going to die tone, she thought - she began her trek through the blazing unknown again, tail lashing behind her. Gah! The Meowth glared at the ground beneath her feet, feeling as if she could turn it to ash. (She briefly pondered if her Hidden Power was Fire-typ
  13. Apologies, I didn't see the new posts... ^^; Haven't been feeling so well lately... Anyway, I just noticed the post I made about waiting for the other didn't make it through the lag - again, sorry. I figure we should wait up a few days for the others, and I have finals next week... So in any case I'd like to wait a day or so more. ^w^; EDIT: I suppose we're going ahead anyway then? I'll PM pudding and FlamWyvern.
  14. Just going to jump in here really quick. I'd like to mention that no, the rich aren't responsible for all of the other people in the country. Not them in particular. I'd personally like to think that every American is responsible for the rest of the country through whatever mean they can offer - but some would argue with me on that, so this is only my personal opinion. I'd also like to mention that many of those who can work are forced to "sit on their rears" and "expect handouts" because even some of the lowest-paying jobs in this country require degrees - and many of those that don
  15. (( Shiny new OOC! http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=145339 Eh, I figure we can still go ahead because Cobalt and Renaissance weren't doing anything that would largely affect the other characters. ))
  16. OOC Thread for http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=143648
  17. (( Eep, I'm not really sure how to start an OOC. ^^; Sorry guys, like I said, this is my first time starting an RP on here... But yeah, Techno_Elf. Here Cobalt is on the top of the Fissure, reaching down, as you said here: Then in your next post you make no mention of Cobalt moving... And then suddenly, after the Fissure closed, we have this: Where Cobalt's suddenly on the bottom with Renaissance. In case you didn't see Pi's post, and that's why you're confused: That's why Renaissance is on the bottom. So that's what everyone's confused about - ho
  18. (( I made a point of saying "World Center" right next to "Current Room" so no one would get confused. With Cobalt, as far as I can follow she was at the top of the Fissure and then suddenly rushed through the closed Fissure to get to Renaissance? So, yeah, please fix that!~ And just clearing this up, the air is actually fine to breathe. The World Center is a well-kept temple sort of dungeon, and naturally the rest of the RP won't be everyone stuck in there so there are other openings that aren't "entrances" per say. Also Happy New Year everyone!~ ))
  19. (( Okay, clarification please: who's above the Fissure, who's below the Fissure? I don't think anyone was left in the Fissure, right? )) [Current Conditions: - The Fissure has closed completely. - New Area! World Center Weather - Sunny Description - The World Center... is actually a rather peaceful place. Lava flows lazily along the walls - if one could look beneath the lava, they'd find flakes of diamond and rich veins of all kinds of metals. The very center of this dungeon is a blazing ball of molten metal, within which very few Pokemon can enter. The place is fashioned like a
  20. Reed went limp in the cell-like Pokemon's Telekinesis. He weakly mumbled, "Thanks... Seriously, I owe you one." At that moment, the Fissure began to tremble. The Smeargle shifted slightly, groaning, "Fissure's closing, ugh..." At this point, he was too weak to really care. He slumped in mid air, and summoned up just enough strength to yell out, "Fissure's closing!" And then he fainted. (( Everyone in the Fissure can escape if it's possible and if it's within their ability. Everyone stuck in the Fissure will be pushed to the top and will be KO'd, like the move
  21. (( I'm going to mention right here that - considering Reed has been dropping a few meters at a time for a bit now, and he still hasn't reached the bottom - the Fissure is rather deep. Where Reed is right now, he wouldn't be able to even reach for the hand. Other than that, whatever you guys want. )) Reed stumbled a bit again, his vision growing somewhat blurry. Wood Hammer, again and again. One objective was in his mind - save that Meowth - and as such he never even turned away from the wall. Doing so could mean seeing failure, or even failure to get himself down safely at this point.
  22. Lava slowly began to seep out of the right wall - it hadn't quite begun to seep into the fissure on the side nearest the group of Pokemon. Reed flinched in surprise as he was forced from the edge of the huge crack in the ground. For a moment, he stared unblinking at the hole - then, he flung himself onto one of its sides, hurriedly attempting the clamber down its nearly vertical, cliff-like face. He yelled into the pit, "You in' idiot, I can climb!" His foot slipped a small bit - paint smeared across the wall as he caught himself painfully with his tail. "I didn't need sa
  23. The impact of the other Meowth grabbing Tiramisu shocked her out of her concentration - her Hidden Power failed, and the pink energy field fizzled out of existence. Writhing indignantly in the paler Meowth's arms, Tiramisu hissed, "Crap! CRAP! Let me down, let me down, let me down, let me down...!" Just TRY to help someone out, then someone else has to interfere... Also in the Meowth's arms was Reed, who she could see was still excitedly monitoring the damage his "Spacial Rend" was doing. I mean he is too cocky for his own good - I can see why maybe this dude wouldn't want
  24. (( I figured people would be busy with Christmas stuff!~ Thanks though, Pi! ^w^ I guess I'll go ahead? )) Reed shifted around on his feet, glancing at the Meowth beside him. "So..." Tiramisu nodded, and padded close to him. The Smeargle flinched at the close contact, especially when she wrapped her tail around him. Though she'd just begun to whisper something, the Meowth paused as she saw his expression and batted at his face, grumbling, "So you can hear me better. Stupid." Reed attempted to protest (something along the lines of how he was most certainly not stupid), b
  25. Tiramisu pawed at the ground awkwardly, "Oh. I'm sorry..." She quickly looked back at the Hydreigon, an apologetic look on her face, "It seems like everyone thinks it's a bad message, though. It's threatening, sure, but..." Of course I'm just doing this so I don't freak everyone out, but still... The nearby Smeargle's boasting and the situation about escaping soon reached the Meowth's ears. At the words "Spacial Rend", her ears perked up - the curious Meowth soon hopped to her feet, eyes glowing. Cocking her head, she grinned at Requiem, "I think I see a way out of here, th