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  1. Though the Lampent did not turn around, an unplaceable look crossed his face. A mix of... fear, anger, both relief and worry, and a thousand different emotions might have been picked out of that expression, but in the moment that it passed none could be taken apart from the others. Still, a calm and collected voice answered the Meowth. "...Leo. Stay out of this. Landorus needs help, and you need to get your charges out of this cave." "I need NO HELP from the LIKES OF-" "In order to get Landorus into more of a calm position, I need to play along with his insanity. He thinks I'm o
  2. I don't think I ever mentioned outright it was stone, haha... I meant to imply that it was sort of a natural thing, but I didn't really do that well with that. ^^
  3. Ah crap, I felt like something was off - I'll fix it immediately. ^^; EDIT: Fixed!
  4. For banking, do deposit boxes sound good for everyone? That seems to be the best option so far (same thing as Kanghaskan Rocks anyway). @sailing: To work that in it could be kind of like how gold would be worth a whole ton in trading - Pay Day provides a lot of gold coins, pretty much all you would need to live for at least a week, I would imagine. It seems like everyone just about agrees on the Legendaries - can die, major Legendaries get reborn. For the Carnivore Confusion, I propose these compromises: - Pokemon do eat other Pokemon; however, they obviously don't eat an
  5. The brief light from the Will-o-wisp was just that - brief. The deep shadows seemed to close in on the light, as if to claw at it. While the wisp itself was not extinguished, its light gave no comfort beyond the reach of the small group. Landorus' raging figure was but an eerily lit figure in the distance (which seemed remarkably long). Electricity flashed in one part of the darkness, from a terrified Hydreigon, but below a different kind of light was slightly visible. A warm, purple-ish light glowed dimly, rising up from the abyss. "DARKRAI! YOU ACCURSED FOOL, YOU COWARDLY FATHER OF HEAT
  6. Ehehe, I got Gates to Infinity too. >:3 I went to Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai! It was smoggy, but amazing!~ (Also, if any of you ever go there, bring tissue. Squatter toilets, squatter toilets as far as the eye can see - and not a roll in sight, if you get what I mean.) So, RP matters! While it would be incredibly difficult, there's still a chance to avoid a full-on fight with Landorus. He is just a bit insane at this point, so your options would likely be along the lines of stunning, OHKO-ing, or otherwise incapacitating the paranoid egomaniac (not the sleeping one, haha).
  7. Out of the corner of her eye, Tiramisu glimpsed a three-headed (or one-headed, two-armed) figure barreling towards the other side of the chasm. A crash resounded throughout the cave, ringing in her ears (if only because it terrified her) and shaking the thin bridge she was clinging to. That's the... Hydreigon? What was his name again? Rhapsody's brother... Her legs shaking so much that it almost seemed as if they weren't, the Meowth pushed herself up from the ground and bolted to the other side of the bridge in somewhere around ten seconds. "H-hey!" Breathing heavily, she
  8. Hi! I'm alive! ^^; I'm really really really REALLY sorry - I went to China for spring break, and I was told we were going to have WiFi in the hotel, but then we found out it was only in the lobby. Add in we had to use the buddy system, so I couldn't get down there terribly often (plus typing on phones = yuck), and that contacting my parents was kind of top priority... I'll post sometime in the next day or so. 13 hour plane jet lag is absolutely fantastic.
  9. As far as I know, Techno has either been extremely busy or hasn't had internet for a while (her Sig said something). I haven't posted for a while because I'm trying to get an art project done at the last minute, haha. If you guys could just continue, that would be great - I don't have many other ways to draw out the current situation considering Landorus is going to continue sitting there like an evil mastermind unless someone won't go in, Reed's asleep, and Tiramisu will continue in her merry way of inching forward while clinging to the bridge...
  10. "Great tidal-waving Kyogre... I-" Reed waved his tail in front of himself - "Need you-" He stuck his tail through the hole, leaving a splotchy purple mark on the rocks - "To help clear these rocks. There's no way you can fit through that hole if you're going to be a prissy wuss, yeah, but I need you to clear the rocks from your side. I need to go over there and take a nap or I'll have some scratch marks burning like the Magmaworld we're currently standing over." The Smeargle huffed, "If you enjoy being in that nice little cavern, you can keep talking and complaining and doing everyth
  11. Hey, what outburst is everyone talking about? Tiramisu was the one yelling shut up, not Landorus - sorry I didn't make that clear.
  12. Reed tapped his foot, sighing dramatically. "I have no idea who this Q dude is, but if you don't mind-" Here the Smeargle swept his tail pointed through the small hole in the pile of rock through which he assumed the Mienshao could see him, "- Actually doing what I said and helping out a little, then that really would be absolutely wonderful. You really have no clue how much I need a nap right now - whatever you're doing can wait for later." ------------------ One over the pit! Oh, how convenient - but now another floated easily over to the one on the narrow bridge! Darkrai's mi
  13. It didn't actually come from inside the cave, it just essentially cut through all of space. ^^
  14. (( Yup, same room. )) Tiramisu curled up tighter in her ball, "Nnnnnng...." In her mind, she tried brushing away images of her falling down that pit she'd seen, or slipping on the bridge, clinging to it in fear - of someone scolding her for what a coward she was for not going, or just staring at her as if to say they were disappointed. After what felt like a few minutes, she finally shakily stood up. "O-okay, yeah we should try it." The anxious Meowth pawed at her face. "S-sorry - I'm fine, seriously." She simply stared at the pit through the hole in the wall
  15. Landorus had a nightmare. It was the usual: seeing the other members of his trio being taken away and the like. However, something was ever so slightly off about it this time. The king of fields and mediator of the sky sensed a terrible, dark presence, just at the edge of his mind as he dreamed, as if something horrifying were just within his peripheral vision, but no matter how he turned he would never see it. Shadows were deeper, the dream more defined as if it were a message and not a repetition of past events. Suddenly the figures he'd always thought were whispering about the walls of
  16. ^w^ No problem! And wow. O_o (Thank you very much for the height comparison by the way!) 1. Meowths are absolutely tiny. Tiramisu should be extremely concerned standing next to a huge Reuniclus. 2. Zoroark is as big as Hydreigon... That is somehow disturbing.
  17. Reed put a paw on his hip and considered what the Meowth had said about Darkrai. He was quiet for a noticeable while, then replied, "Well, like I said, I don't sleep much." The Smeargle grinned, "I don't need any guarding! Honestly, Sheriff, you're making me think you don't hate me as much as you let on in front of the others back there." His back paw stepped towards the doorway. The cream-colored, dog-like thing turned towards the lit hallway, and almost walked through it without so much as a "Bye, Sheriff" when suddenly a screeching roar pierced through the caverns. The
  18. "It's pretty obvious the place isn't what it used to be." Reed laughed, "That doesn't exactly look like the 'main flow of lava' - it's been that way for a little while." He didn't stop climbing the stairs - he talked over his shoulder. With a shrug, he replied, "I'll fight him. I wish I had the chance to relearn Sketch beforehand, but I'll still fight him, if he's somehow there." The Smeargle paused, looking around, "Like I said, this place isn't what it used to be. I don't think any Legendary Pokemon like Groudon would be hanging around this dump anymore. Legenda
  19. Reed growled, his momentary peace disturbed. This growl, however, was quickly cut off. The Smeargle shifted on his feet, then dismissively waved his tail towards the top of the stairs. "I found a way out." You ought to be glad I didn't run up and destroy the stairs. He slipped around the Meowth, doing his absolute best to avoid pushing him aside (and into the falls on the sides of the stairs) as he did so. After walking a few steps higher, he added, "I know this place. I couldn't recognize it from the cave we woke up in, but I've been here before." He knew that was, in
  20. Reed hopped backwards to avoid the kick. However, this sent him straight into the Slash; it felt like needles running down his back. Of all of the places for the stupid Meowth to rake, that was the one he couldn't stand. Without a second thought, the Smeargle viciously retaliated with his fiercest Wood Hammer. In that moment, he really couldn't have cared less where the attack would send the Meowth, or the fair amount of effort the attack took; he could rest later, when he was out of sight. Of every single place he could have been attacked, the one place that would enrage him was his bac
  21. The Meowth smiled awkwardly, pawing at her face, "Haha, yeah... Sorry. I'm Tiramisu." She bounded ahead a little bit. The wall was just ahead - around that corner... right? Tiramisu's ear flicked in frustration as she noticed what she was doing. She didn't want to see the others again, really. Another side of her whispered that they hadn't done anything to her on purpose, which only annoyed her further. In all honesty, she wished the Reuniculus hadn't brought the idea of returning to the others up. With a sigh, she grudgingly added, "Yeah... Yeah, we'll go find the others. Assum
  22. The Aura Sphere was... a bit winding, he had to admit. Reed made a mental note of that as he was grabbed roughly by the scruff to face that utterly annoying Meowth from earlier. The Smeargle coolly took the verbal punishment being shoved at him, not saying a word until the Meowth at least seemed quite done. Then, with a smile that would remind someone of mercury - cold-looking and poisonous - he returned with his own punishment for the good ol' sheriff in front of him. "That's actually really funny, because I never ordered any of you to do anything. In fact, I just finished telling neurot
  23. I'm so sorry for how slowly I've been making this go... ^^; Landorus is an NPC (I just realized I never answered that), so feel free to bunny him along guys. I just happen to enjoy writing about his little neurotic episodes. So then, no names for major Legendaries, and I'll have a poll/ select random names for minor Legendaries? And Hidden Power works like it does in the main series.
  24. "Don't worry, I already got lost in here so I know my way around now!" Tiramisu flashed a mischievous grin at the obviously nervous Reuniclus, flicked her tail up in the air. Maybe it was a bit tiring to go back to the same place, but anything would serve well to keep her away from the group for a bit. As she began to pad back toward where she'd come, she could have sworn she heard the flapping of wings from one end of the hallway. Had she turned to investigate, she might have seen the Hydreigon from earlier. As things were, though, she brushed the sound off as her imagination. The Meowth
  25. Tiramisu shuffled her paws. She'd been ready to go back to the group, but now... She had company, and considering what the Reniculus said about the happenings she'd missed, she felt more comfortable just sticking with one Pokemon at a time. Then it hit her. "L-Landorus?" The Meowth's eyes lit up like they'd found a jewel. "A Legendary, really?" Noticing what a fool she was making of herself, she gave her paw a few licks and swished her tail. Sheepishly, she added, "B-but you said he was kind of a jerk, right? So maybe... Maybe we should stay away." She motioned wi