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  1. Though she was right in the middle of the crowd, Tiramisu felt like she had run off miles away, far into the forest, staring down the deepest pond in the world... And in a way, she felt like she was drowning. Her eyes narrowed at the ground. None of this would've happened if she hadn't been right. The Legendaries should never have existed; she should never have wished on that star like a fool, thrown that coin into the pool, ever dared to play Arceus (who didn't exist, right?) with simple nature.


    It was her fault, as always, wasn't it? It always seemed that way. Nothing ever came out right, and the things that did shouldn't have.


    This is stupid. I don't have any sort of power to make Legendaries, what am I even going on about?


    She growled in frustration. Or, she would have, had she not realized she indeed was still in the square and people would just stare at her - judge her - if she did little more than grumble. And grumble she did. Next to her, a perplexed-looking Dusknoir tilted its head, searching for a sound as if something were being broadcast to him. He suddenly turned and stooped down to the Meowth, alarm visible in his eyes.


    "You need to get up, right now."


    Tiramisu shuffled slightly, confused and frightened by the odd Pokemon's words.




    The Dusknoir pleaded,


    "Please, you have to. You're - Just please, please don't make me tell you; it's going to happen, or..."


    The Meowth narrowed her eyes again, rolling over and hissing,


    "Arceus, I don't need any more problems, okay?"


    There were tears in her eyes, but they went unnoticed by both her and the Dusknoir (who seemed on the verge of them himself). The ghostly figure's voice trembled.


    "Or you'll make it happen! You could stop it! You don't have to - you... Y-you looked just like that, only angrier and..."


    The frantic ghost's entire body seemed to slump.


    "You're not going to listen to me."


    Though worry crept into the angered feline's mind, saying 'Calm down, you will - you will! - please!', she pushed it roughly aside.


    "I don't even know what you're saying, okay? Just, please, leave me alone. I just want to forget that that selfish twig ever said anything - that he and all his friends even exist - and... And leave."


    The Dusknoir turned to leave, but felt the sudden need to say something. His quiet voice seemed to carry much better than it should have in a crowd of that size.


    "You said that it burned."


    The two were silent, and the sound of the kidnapped Pichu finally reached Tiramisu's ears. She shot to her feet, and hastily worked her way through the crowd (away from the Dusknoir). Off in the distance were two silhouettes, it looked like - one yellow, and one purple. Her claws itched for a fight after that confrontation - Which is odd, because I never have actually followed through on that. - and the scene in front of her was begging her to join. Before she knew it, a Shadow Ball had formed in her mouth, singeing her teeth with dark energy. By the time she knew it, she had firmly decided to fling it; after she had known it, she knew that she could only follow it up with a few more. In a furious fervor, a flurry of Shadow Balls rushed towards the Mismagius from the Meowth, and... The figure of a Smeargle appeared from the side of her vision.




    "Are you stupid!?"


    Reed yelled at the Meowth, pushing her over to her side. (While he felt a twinge of regret towards his abuse, he managed to overcome it given the absolutely idiotic thing Tiramisu had just done. He was right, and even Sheriff would have to agree with him this time.) Holding the Meowth down, he took a deep breath and continued with slightly more control.


    "You're going to hurt the Pichu, idiot. That craft little bi- Bidoof - has been throwing hoops around that Steelix there for a long time now, and you think raging in like some Rampardos is going to do it? Calm your tail, kitty."


    Tiramisu seemed to be staring into space, somewhat surprised. She meowed breathily,


    "Wow. I... I-I actually did it."


    The Smeargle stared incredulously at her. She looked at him curiously,


    "I've never gotten in a fight before."


    A grin spread across Reed's face. He laughed, and released her, something still prodding at him nonetheless. It was nothing to do with the pond, he knew; she'd be acting weirder if it had anything to do with that. He'd deal with it later. He clapped Tiramisu on the back and tugged her to her feet,


    "Congrats then, kitty, your first playground fight's a hostage situation! Pretty awesome first fight, I'd say."


    With a devilish expression, Reed added,


    "Give you three seconds until Sheriff yells at you too. Seeya."


    The Smeargle waltzed over to the small group of Pokemon congregating to stop the Mismagius, and loudly asked,


    "Where should I fire the Draco Meteor, Sheriff?"


    (( Hey Sailing, this is a sincere apology from me to Leo: I'm sorry my characters screw with you so much. ^w^; ))


    (( Aaaah, I've got a new minor character to introduce as well, but that will wait for next post. ))

  2. Alright, here's my idea for the money issue: because it simplifies things, money exists. There won't be a tally of it, though, so your character has as much money as you play them to have. So have fun with that! >:3 I'll just have to make sure everyone needs to use their items more often, no?


    With battling... Would you guys prefer a complicated battle system (with a damage calculator, IVs, etc.) or just a simple battle system (essentially what's going on with Agatha right now)? If we used the complicated one, I feel there would be more surprises in the outcomes of battles; it would also only be used in major battles (where I would give the opponents' profiles or otherwise signify it). There's also the issue of accuracy...



    Urgh, just barely alive after that Las Vegas heat... 120 degrees at night! We had the top down on the Jeep and everyone huddled around the air conditioner...


    xd.png I always thought that Smeargle had it out for me... There was only one flag out of all of them that I like and he always gave me the other ones!


    Thankies for the link!


    *does the happy dance with Puredark*


    EDIT: Also, I've decided to allow Luminous Orbs as an explosive light source. ^w^

  3. O_o Good lord, it's a full-on police chase isn't it? Guess I had lucky timing with Reed ollie-ing out of there. Tiramisu has been quietly brooding... I imagine I might make her do something rash out of annoyance... ^w^; To be honest, I haven't quite nailed down her character yet.


    Alright... Business time!


    1. Specialty moves are now officially included in the RP!

    - Only one specialty move at a time. A Pokemon may replace their specialty move if they practice another move enough. (This requires a PM to me, just like reliable moves.)

    - Specialty moves are stronger than other moves in an attribute that you may decide (ex: spread, power, versatility, accuracy, etc.), AND may be unique-looking.


    2. I would really appreciate it if you guys had any ideas on how I could shorten the rules post. ^w^ It's horrendous to try to look through, and intimidating even for me. Unfortunately I lack any sort of lasting organizational skills and any sort of conciseness...


    3. Would anyone mind if I brought back Gummis as just a simple food item? They'd have no special effects other than making a Pokemon less hungry, and would only be sold in towns and by merchants.


    4. I'd now like to ask everyone to describe how unreliable moves are unreliable. (Whenever you want to is fine, just PM me it, preferably in another copy of your character bio if you still have it! ^w^)


    5. Check out the Locations post for the info on Laos!


    6. I think we established that there's no 'money', but trading items? If so, how should shops and Move Tutors work?


    7. Could you guys show me that size comparison thing? ^w^ Got me interested over here.


    8. I still need some help working out battles.


    9. I'm really behind on the happenings of the RP itself, so if I've missed anything in the bios, please PM me!


    10. Good luck on tests everyone!


  4. ^^; I'll be going for a little vacation, so with questionable WiFi and an overall vacation feeling, I'll probably be gone for a week or so.


    Something to ponder in that time:

    It seems like the unreliability of moves is for different reasons for every Pokemon, so I think rather than having the accuracy drop across the board, everyone should choose 1 or more debuffs for each unreliable move. If you guys agree, go ahead and PM me the debuffs so I can add them to the character profiles!

    Additionally, I think it would be a pretty cool optional thing to have each Pokemon have a specialty move they could add one reasonable buff to. However, they could only have one specialty move. I'm debating whether or not it should be one ever or one at a time (you would have to completely remove the previous specialty move). Example buffs would be increased accuracy, greater power, functional individual flairs (such as manipulating a Shadow Ball into different shapes, allowing the user a greater range of attacks using only one). What do you guys think?


    To the two whose bios I haven't accepted yet, you may go ahead and post. If there are any further problems with your bios at this point, I'm sure they're extremely minor just by glancing over them. ^w^


    EDIT: I'll give you guys the details on Laos as soon as I can, but I will let you know that the town contains a Shop, a Move Tutor, and a small storage box. I'll fill you in on the items on sale and the moves that can be taught as soon as possible.

  5. You guys only need to tell me if it's over a week or so, but thank you. ^w^


    I was thinking about the battle system we'll have whenever we get to a battle (which may or may not be soon depending on how quickly we decide this)... We could use some sort of chance thing for the accuracy of moves, or just use discretion, or something else that you guys would like to come up with. Accuracy would be affected by the reliability/unreliability of moves (maybe + or - 5% either way?), and dodging (which would be considered one move) could reduce the chances of the move hitting by somewhere around 15-20%. But then who would determine if it hits, the one being attacked or the one attacking? And how many moves should be allowed per Pokemon per post? Combo moves (like an Aura Sphere x Shadow Ball explosion and all that)?

  6. Latios shook his head,


    "The Legendaries abandoned their guardians centuries ago. At least in that, this 'Tyndall' Pokemon was lying. Nonetheless, it doesn't seem that Ditto fits what we've seen in attacks by Darkrai, so I'll have to assume that he did do what he said he did..."


    Latios looked at the ground. His eyes seemed like they were analyzing a puzzle, or a card trick; they darted back and forth, as if seeing a pattern. He mumbled to himself,


    "We've assumed it was Darkrai's doing because of the nightmares, but maybe... No, but that would be exactly what he'd do to confuse us... Ack..."


    His head darted up, and he announced,


    "Excuse me! Every Pokemon should be aware of the rest of the situation currently at hand!"


    Again, most of the crowd died down respectfully. While he spoke, Latios scanned the crowd, as if looking for someone.


    "What we know is that there have been Pokemon attacking the Legendaries, and that these Pokemon appeared as if they were asleep with their eyes open. We have assumed this far that the Pokemon behind this is Darkrai; however, we may be wrong. There are many other Pokemon who may cause nightmares, and many that may be able to possess other Pokemon. The incidents may easily have been caused by a group of Pokemon, provided that they have continued throughout the centuries somehow; with this, too, I'd ask you not to point fingers at any particular Pokemon or type."


    The combined effort of Pokemon will definitely solve this mystery.


    Latios leaned back slightly, as if he'd washed his hands of the matter.


    "Whether you help us or not is up to you. If you attempt to and you chase Darkrai, you might be wrong or you might get hurt. We have one dubious witness and the whispers of the Legendaries to support his guilt - that's all. My suggestion would be to enlist the help of the Lake Spirits, and to afterwards seek Kyurem's guidance. Seek Kyurem's guidance... very, VERY carefully."


    The lone Eon bowed his head,


    "I'm sorry if this has troubled any of you, and I'd like to thank you for your hospitality."


    He smiled ruefully,


    "Good morning everyone."


    With that, he disappeared, and the crowd's whispers turned to worried ruckus.


    "...A group of Pokemon?"


    "That sounds a lot like Ghost types, with the nightmares and the possession and-"


    "Seriously, Pine? He just said not to do that!"


    "Just saying, jeez!"


    "It sure sounds like Darkrai, though - that Meowth guy said it was Darkrai!"


    "Teacher's gonna slap you, Rufus!"


    Mister and Missus Sarto had quietly found their way back to the crowd, frowning at the conversation. However, both being teachers, they had at this point recognized that for every convert there were fifty people forgetting their schooling.

  7. "Now excuse me, sir."


    An aged Ariados struggled painfully onto his hind legs so he'd be seen and heard more clearly. A Venomoth - his wife - quietly helped him along with her Psychic. The Ariados' voice was shaky, yet strong, and could be heard throughout the whole square. The group of bear Pokemon cheered,


    "Mister Sarto, yeah! Get him off that lamppost, Mister Sarto!"


    (Mister Sarto had taught in their forest for several generations, and the young Teddiursa had grown up on tales of Mister Sarto's combined weaving and self-defense classes. He was well-known for once tying a student up in their own weaving.)


    The old Ariados grinned slightly,


    "Settle down, students, settle down."


    Reed's voice came from somewhere in the crowd,


    "They've got a point; he shouldn't be looking down on all of us."


    Mister Sarto's pincers shot menacingly towards the direction the voice came from, as his students gave a cheer. He turned back towards Leo with a warm smile.


    "Young Meowth, whatever your extremely impulsive friend has done, he does bring up a good issue: there is no point to go rushing into something you don't fully understand. The boy knows some form of history; the Legendaries at times were oppressive, and in this day and age they would be, for the most part, nothing but a very nice convenience."


    The Ariados paused to bow his head to Latios, adding, "No offense meant to you or your sister, sir."


    Latios shook his head,


    "None taken at all, sir; please continue."


    Mister Sarto continued, nodding his head slowly,


    "We don't know Darkrai's motivations behind the capture of the Legendaries. I heard a young man over there mention blaming the Dark type, and that may well be what we're all doing. I'm not defending what Darkrai is allegedly doing, but it may not be the nefarious scheme we are making it out to be. Perhaps in 'bringing him to justice' we would be taking the thread from our own blanket, as it were."


    The old teacher slowly fell to all four of his legs again, and added,


    "Now if you'd please come down to the level of all of the rest of us Pokemon, I'm sure we'd all like to hear more about this cave of yours, or whatever else you'd like to say so long as it isn't any more mudslinging about any Pokemon. I'll be talking to your Smeargle pal about stereotyping and the like."


    A roar came from the crowd of Teddiursa and Ursaring,




    Latios quickly flew to the Ariados' side, bowing his head in gratitude,


    "Even if it is what I'd like to hear, I'd like to thank you for your words."


    "It's no problem at all, sir; talking and philosophizing are all I ever do."


    The old Ariados walked slowly away with his wife, and although neither of them turned to ensure that it happened, Reed followed swiftly after them.


    Latios returned to the center of the square and ran the story that Leo had given him through his head again. Something seemed very obviously wrong, and that was... His head shot up.


    "Who was the Ditto? What went on between the Ditto and Landorus? Did they go through the portal with you - did you leave them alone?"

  8. (( If Ruphus has a bag to carry items in, it needs to be his held item. ))


    The plaza bustled with excitement; there were more Pokemon gathered in a circle on the busted grey bricks than you would have guessed there were in the entire town. A Misdreavus or two, the kids from earlier (alongside some snickering Teddiursa and a very odd-looking bear Pokemon), what looked like a well-seasoned rescue team (a rather fit Snorlax, two Hitmonchan, and a Furret) - all kinds of Pokemon had gathered. The town was very obviously a crossroads for trade; the Kecleon and a band of Persian were already taking advantage of the crowd to sell Oran Crisps and Leppa Smoothies.


    If you sat at just the right angle in the crowd (like one Rattata was currently doing), you could just barely glimpse dark blue, luminescent feathers glimpsing in the sun. Bright magenta eyes stared worriedly into the sun; jet-like wings shifted uncomfortably. The roar of the crowd died down as the long-forgotten Latios spoke up,


    "...Hello? Hello?"


    The blue and white dragon scanned the crowd, then continued.


    "My name is Latios. I've... come a very long way. From the Misty Islands, to the east; I lived there with my sister, Latias..."


    His eyes misted, but he continued.


    "I know all of you have a lot of questions - "


    The young Kangaskhan from before yelled out,


    "Are the Legendaries really gonna come back?!"


    A few of the Teddiursa mumbled to the Kangaskhan, and he seemed to shrink back, embarrassed. Latios winced, and began again quietly,


    "I know that some of you have lost friends, and even family, because of the Legendaries' return..."


    Latios' voice rose as he continued,


    "We're in danger. Darkrai has turned against us, and Cresselia is - gone. I have no idea why Darkrai would want to capture the rest of us, but the fact of the matter is that he wants to and he has. He's taken my sister, he's taken Groudon, Keldeo, Terrakion - the Three Musketeers, the three Birds and the three Beasts, the Regis, and now Landorus..."


    He shook his head as gasps filled the square,


    "Essentially, these are those of us that we know are left: Mew, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Lugia, Celebi, the three Lake Spirits, Dialga, Zekrom, and I. Deoxys has fled the planet, and Genesect and Kyurem are of questionable allegiance on the matter. Meloetta, Jirachi, and Victini haven't been seen by any of us for years." Latios let out an exasperated sigh, "And Arceus is Arceus-knows-where, as usual. That's how matters stand at the moment."


    The square exploded with nervous chatter. Tiramisu squirmed as hundreds of Pokemon slid past her to talk to their friends about impending doom, or how amazing it was that Legendaries actually were real. Her ear twitched, and she hunched over angrily. She'd quite honestly heard enough of that, and in her opinion, that Latios had only come forward because he wanted to help himself. That was how Legendaries worked, based on what she'd seen. It made her sick; then again, she'd been feeling sick ever since she'd been around... Landorus. Landorus had been among the list of those capture by Darkrai... Actually, he deserved it. She licked a paw and imagined a nice nightmare for the abhorring ape.


    A voice called out from the edge of the square,


    "Hey, who even needs the Legendaries, though?"


    The world's best ego - er, Smeargle - had effectively gained the crowd's attention. The small group of children snickered. Reed stepped forward in full rabble-rousing mode, a rebellious look in his eyes. He stared directly at Latios over the crowd, though the crowd wouldn't make way for him.


    "We've survived without you for those centuries you've been gone." Reed indicated the town with his right paw, "I'd say we're doing better than before you posers left, now that we don't have to cut down our Sitrus trees for tribute and build perches to keep the thunder chicken out of our towns." His eyes narrowed, "Why should we even want that back?"


    The crowd murmured. Latios nodded slowly,


    "What you've said is true. I'm asking for help for my own sake and for my sister's sake; it's selfish for me to imply that it would have any true rewards for anyone who would help us."


    The dragon tilted his head, squinting at Reed for a moment. He seemed to be deep in thought, then seemed to change his mind. He shook his head. Reed continued staring at him head-on,


    "At least you understand that; Landorus sure didn't."


    The Smeargle disappeared into the crowd, leaving Latios with his thoughts and the other Pokemon to whisper and roar worriedly.

  9. Reed - despite so obviously being in control of everything - never noticed the Dodrio tailing him, or at least never paid it any attention.


    There were three things he knew: one, he needed to be alone; two, this wasn't going to be pleasant; three, this was the reason he rarely slept willingly. Claws reaching out from the darkness - the quiet cracks of thick blades of grass in the distance.... They couldn't scare him. But a hand outstretched, and that sort of stuck look he'd seen... That could terrify him.


    Nonetheless, he reassured himself, no Pokemon in the world could defeat him; that had to apply in decision-making as well.


    The lake came clear in sight after a fifteen minute walk. It hardly seemed qualified to be a lake - it looked the size of a pond - but Reed recalled that near the Magmaworld laid the entrance to the Great Sea. The Great Sea had spanned the entirety of the world, until Groudon drenched it in his searing magma, and sent it cowering underground. Kyogre, enraged, summoned a flood to the Magmaworld. The magma in its underground caverns froze to rock; Groudon was encased in stone for hundreds of years. Though the Magmaworld eventually regained its former heat, it was said that a small portion of the floodwater still remained in a dark, dank cavern among the Magmaworld's caves.


    That was how the Pokemon in his old hometown told it, anyway. The Pokemon elsewhere called it, "Small, Unassuming Pond" and sneered at the few remaining Kyogrites. Reed didn't particularly care at the moment; these things he noted with dull interest as he took one step towards the "lake" and fell unconscious for the umpteenth and last time that day. The shadows that played on the lake grew stronger, and the grass around him glowed a very dim, icy blue. He wouldn't wake up until early the next morning.




    As the sun broke the horizon, the news broke all over town.


    "The Legendaries are back! We saw 'em!"


    A young Kangaskhan boy tore down the streets of the tiny town of Laos in tandem with a quiet but excited Happiny girl. The Happiny chirped,


    "Yes, Latios sir is in the town plaza - "


    "Hey Kiria, speak up! No one's gonna hear you!"


    "Latios is-!"




    The Kangaskhan's voice exploded through the town, echoing even into the comfortable rooms of the Inn.




    Tiramisu hissed lowly as she stumbled out of her terrible night's sleep. Her ears had shot straight up the moment that kid had gone stomping by, and by this point the thrill of Legendaries had worn off.


    They're probably all as conceited as Landorus.


    She swiped a paw over her face and tried to block out the now all-too-obvious daylight coming through the window. It was no use.


    I hope they all get caught by Darkrai and stay out of our fur -


    The Meowth just barely caught herself, considering the implications of this path of choices. Nonetheless, she didn't feel particularly remorseful. She stalked out of the Inn, pausing only to leave a gold coin on the counter out of well-memorized courtesy.


    Despite the unholy time of morning it was, the sun shone bright in the sky. Tiramisu squinted through the thick orange haze it threw on her vision, and padded tiredly to the town plaza.

  10. Hi,

    I'm interested in RPing as a Pokémon here, but where do I submit my character apps? I probably overlooked it, but...yeah.

    Just send them to me and after looking them over I'll add them to the list of characters (on the actual RP thread).


    @Puredark: Okay~ I'll do another timeskip to the morning then; it may take a little longer to write the post, again, so it might not be tonight.

  11. (( The only part I particularly want to RP is what I'm about to write in this post, so. Whichever you'd like! ))


    Reed set a paw out of the cave. Then the other. Slowly, as if lead were weighing him down, he began to walk into the forest. The Smeargle seemed to be staring at the ground, and as the ground stared incredulously back at him he began to realize he was staring at the ground. He couldn't give this entirely-too-fashionable Mienshao what he'd denied Sheriff (a pitiful look), he realized. He had a reputation to maintain.


    Reed's back straightened, and his voice regained its usual rage-inducing quality (if it had ever left). With a dismissive wave of his paintbrush tail, he trilled,


    "Well Mr. SO-" His paw helped him emphasize the word - "not prissy, you should go straight ahead through the forest. There's a cute little path that cuts straight to a perfectly boring town just past the next clearing."


    He, meanwhile, began walking very obviously off the path.


    "There's only one inn there, and if I headed in there and didn't sleep, Sheriff'd probably dream very odd dreams about me."


    Reed grinned,


    "It's natural, but he'd probably pin me to a Magnezone and find some way to get me into jail for it. I'll be back in the morning, probably. You losers need me."


    With that flippant remark, he trotted confidently but quickly into the forest.

  12. As the last Pokemon slipped into the shimmering pool below him, Tyndall allowed himself to heave a sigh of relief. Honestly, it had taken them long enough. He was lucky they hadn't been cautious enough to test his statements of being a Ditto (as if most of them could have without falling into the pit once he'd moved away). Their apparent leader - that one cautious Meowth - would have been dangerous to keep around... But it was all no problem at all now.


    "Guardian! Will you keep me waiting even though the imbeciles have left?"


    The Lampent shook his head,


    "No, we can be on our way now!"


    It was just another mark on the wall. And Landorus would be another figure leaned against the wall, trapped in paralyzing night terrors. Tyndall had honestly seen enough of it - he'd had his hand in enough of it. Nonetheless, those overpowering words had been spoken, and he was bound to his Master's orders. There was nothing he could do.


    Still, with every "forced" action he carried out, he felt some doubt at the back of his mind, carefully tearing at him like a ghost's curse.


    Some other voice called to him, but he ignored it. Something about a Leo, or the usual "You'll never get away with this," or some inane babble that he couldn't care to hear, even if inaudibly.


    In a just a few moments, Landorus rocketed towards the bottom of the cavern. Perhaps it was the thrill of the moment - perhaps it was the dread of the moment - but Tyndall felt that he saw everything about Landorus. The ape-like Pokemon's sure footsteps made it painfully obvious that he had been down here quite often, and... Tyndall nearly winced. Some hardly-noticeable scars along the Pokemon's back made it painfully obvious that he'd been down here the short way a few times. Landorus scowled faintly.


    "You said we may get going, so do not keep me waiting!"


    His tail whipped, seemingly in anticipation. His eyes held a determined, murderous flare. Tyndall nodded, his wisp-like figure betraying no hints of treachery.


    "Mister Boston, if you'd do us the honor?"


    "Bowt time, Boss!"


    The monocled Wobuffet appeared impart some sort of energy to the portal; it flashed a bright purple, then settled into a dark grey. Meanwhile, Tyndall appeared to grow drowsy, if for just a moment. The portal was calibrated.


    The Lampent motioned with a long, dark arm,


    "We can go now."


    Mr. Boston hastily wobbled off of his ledge and into the pool. Landorus peered cautiously into the portal, then floated down into it in tangent with Tyndall.


    In an instant, the room flashed pitch black. Then they disappeared, and the dark fog disappeared with them.




    Reed woke up. He didn't rub his eyes, or stretch, or in fact anything else someone who was suddenly awoken would be expected to do; he simply jolted awake, is if he'd suddenly decided to summon the energy to wake up. The Smeargle quickly untangled himself from the wall, and called out loudly,


    "Hey, prissy-boy! I know the way out of here!"


    He didn't bother to see if the Mienshao would follow him or not; he padded his way towards what he knew to be the exit of the cave. His steps were quieter than usual (his mouth was quieter than usual), and there was an odd air about him, as if he'd seen something not particularly terrible, but something that surprised and unsettled him. To him, however, what he'd seen wasn't the problem. What would the greatest Pokemon in the world do about it? That was the problem.


    What was the truth, and what was a dream?


    The forest sprawled out before him as he stood at the mouth of the Magmaworld. Light scattered cool and dim through the forest as the sun fell.




    A small group of Pokemon woke up in the forest, only a few clearings away. It was the second time that day that they'd been transported through space, and had they not run into a wandering Whimsicott and Archeops, they undoubtedly would not have seen the town just beyond the edge of the forest. Despite some internal quarreling, the group as a whole was generally too discombobulated to be averse to staying the night together at an inn in that town (which they found was named Laos). They could wait until the morning to kill, maim, eat, or otherwise leave each other.


    [ Your character may pick up an Apple, an Oran Berry, or a Pecha Berry from their time in the forest. ]


    (( If you guys are unsatisfied with the time skip, I'll be glad to rewrite it! ^w^


    @PureDark: Reed and Zagan will arrive at the town slightly later than everyone else. ))

  13. Oi, Sailing, it's not like I didn't warn you guys in advance about my finals week.


    Which, as evidenced by this post, is over! Today I had to clean out my room (a practically annual thing, thank Arceus, because it's a whole day thing), so I had no chance to post.


    Edit: Posted!


    Also, I'm accepting more people now that we're at the first town!

  14. I want to know what is going to happen to reed and Zagan before I post.

    Are they going to be stuck in the cave still? or will the be teleported out somehow?

    It's up to you whether you want us to RP out Zagan and Reed leaving the cave - the exit there is actually just a straight exit to the same forest.


    Reed won't wake up until everyone besides Zagan leaves.


    I don't mean to direct this at you, I just find this the right time to say this... I'd really appreciate it if people would read the entirety of news posts like that. It's a pet peeve of mine... ^^; I understand in your case, since the part this was in was directed to Puredark, but I'd still appreciate it if everyone would actually read through everything in the news posts I put up from time to time.

  15. *pokes* Heellllooo? Guys? I promise there's a more direct plot once we actually get to town! *dangles plot in front of you*


    It'd be kind of great if you guys could tell me when your testing dates are in advance so I can know when there will be lulls. (For reference, my final exams are the week of the twenty seventh this month.)


    Soooo... It's taken around six months to start the RP and almost get out of the very first area, if I'm not mistaken. I'm going to be completely honest and say I'm very impatient, so this has been bugging me a lot. Because of that, I'd like to know something:


    1. On average, do my posts give you enough to move forward?

    2. How long would you like this RP to be? (I was initially going by towns, and in towns it would have been around fourteen towns... Which at this rate would take us around seven years to finish, assuming there's only one "dungeon" between every town (which there isn't).)

    3. Would any of you be averse to me putting in a posting once or twice a week rule (which you'd be able to skip, of course, if you gave me a legitimate reason such as testing or illness (preferably before your absence))?

    4. Can we do a time skip from when everyone leaves the cave to when they get to the town (which is just outside the forest limits)? (@Puredark: It's up to you whether you want us to RP out Zagan and Reed leaving the cave - the exit there is actually just a straight exit to the same forest. X'D I hope no one feels cheated about how everyone could have just cleared the rocks and moved on - but you guys got more plot out of me this way, so.)

    5. Do you have any suggestions for how the RP is handled in respect to these things or other things?


    @Kirsten: Just reiterating, I'll let everyone else choose whether or not that idea for Pokerus is canon for the RP. ^w^

  16. Just a small question cause I LOVEEEE your Rp thread and hope to join soon...


    Is Poke'rus allowed?

    like having the pokemon "sick" but with the better affects of being "stronger"

    It's technically weighted out if people understand that it is an ailment and can harm the pokemon even if it makes them stronger...


    I asked because one of my main characters I like to Rp as has this condition and it's assumed that she is constantly tired out and coughing but she can at least fight and have surprisingly higher attack than normal. *though I promise not godly just a better attack stat*


    I can indefinitely keep up with it and even have made a reason of how it came about and how it spreads.


    so how about it?

    I personally have no problems with it, or the way you said you'd RP it; but seeing as I've tried to leave as much as possible up to the other members of the RP, I think I'll continue with that. I'd love to hear your idea about how it would spread - would your character still have the infectious form or the noninfectious form, by the way?


    And even if people don't particularly want Pokerus per se in the RP, your character can always just be a more sickly Pokemon with a higher attack stat. ^w^

  17. ((I'm not really sure how a Ninetales is gonna "fall" down. Should I make her rotate her tails like a helicopter?))

    Renaissance checked to be sure that Cobalt was safely on her way, then inched the edge and half-fell, half-slid down the wall.

    (( If it matters to you, no matter how anyone falls into the portal - like, even if they fell from the top of the chamber - they won't get hurt. ))


    (( Hey Pi, did Bree go into the portal? If she did, the the same thing that happened to Tiramisu (transported to forest, knocked unconscious momentarily (or for longer, like Tiramisu will be)) should happen to her. ^w^ ))

  18. They left me here...


    Tiramisu growled quietly, attempting to twitch her tail. That was the part of her body she usually regained feeling in first; however, she still couldn't feel it. Which wasn't good, because everyone seemed in quite a hurry to leave, and if everyone was in quite a hurry to leave and the portal could only be held open by this "Mister Boston" person then everyone was in quite a hurry to leave her. Not purposefully, of course... but consequentially.

    It was rather annoying to the Meowth how the Hydreigon - Requiem, she reminded herself - had given his name. He seemed to her to have nearly growled it - a sort of low voice. After trying her very best to be nice to him when they'd first woken up in the cave, that seemed uncalled for.

    Maybe he was panicking, she reasoned. Maybe. But so was she, and she'd only attacked because he'd tried blasting her ear off.


    I... I don't think I like this group. I'm getting out away from them as soon as possible.


    Across the room, Landorus toyed dully with his tail. He glanced up at the mock Lampent - who was still floating just out of reach of the platform.


    "Will we or will we not genuinely be going? If you have some ruse designed to fool me, you Ditto guardian, I suggest you release it now."


    However, the primate legend did not seem particularly menacing in his threat; it fell flat, sounding like a bored pup's inquiry. Tydall nodded,


    "Yes, we'll indeed be on our way soon- as I've said multiple times - just as soon as all of this group makes their way into the portal."


    He floated hastily towards Tiramisu,


    "Excuse me, I think I'm right if I say you need my help getting down?"


    The Meowth's eyes narrowed for a moment, but after that moment had passed she managed to mumble a "Yes." (At the very least, one of the strangers hadn't left without her, and she hadn't even spoken to him.)


    "Yes, yes, just shove her in, would you? Darkrai will most certainly not be in the same place you last located him at should we wait much longer."


    Landorus grumbled, kicking a rock off of the edge of the cliff. Tiramisu growled, but was cut off by Tyndall.


    "If you'll grab this lamppost-like arm I've got here, I'll be able to escort you down to the portal. To be clear, I'd rather not, given that it could break the transformation and all - but as Landorus has made painfully clear, we should really get going if there's going to be any chance of catching that terrible Darkrai."


    "...Still can't... move well."


    "Then I'll have to lift you."


    The mock Lampent draped the Meowth over one metallic arm, and began to float downwards. The reality of the Ditto's facade was somewhat astounding to Tiramisu, and she quietly said so to Tyndall. A smile - ever so slight - passed over his face as he replied, equally quietly,


    "Well I suppose I'm gifted to be able to work so closely with the Legendaries."


    The Meowth's tail twitched as she answered,




    "Landorus there is an exception."


    Her tail twitched in an emotion entirely different from its previous emotion of annoyance as she replied,




    The odd, shimmering pool came into sight. The others seemed farther away than they actually were in the gloom. Tyndall squinted,


    "I get the feeling I'll see you again."


    Tiramisu nodded, and then she felt like she fell asleep. What had really happened was that she had been lifted down into the portal - but what it felt like was falling asleep, much like the sudden transportation to the cave had felt like being knocked out very harshly. When she awoke, she would find herself in a very pleasant forest (which was where the portal was set for at the moment, and would remain until Mr. Boston changed it).


    Tyndall motioned,


    "If all of you would please get a move on!"




    Mr. Boston smiled at Bree, waving his hand a little bit.


    "'Bout time one of you buffets got here, I been balancing my wobbu off!"


    The odd Wobbuffet winked as he drawled,


    "No, ma'am, it's actually no probuffet. And that wobbe my speech impediffet, if you don't mind et. 'Scuse me a womoment."


    The monocled and stylish Mr. Boston turned his face towards Tyndall and called,


    "Boss, wot's the plan? Youwo had some sort of loop up there but I've been left outeffet!"


    Tyndall responded,


    "We'll be allowing this group through first - they were caught in the spacial distortion that bothered us as well - then we'll set our quarters for Darkrai's lair and escort Landorus -" Here the mock Lampent looked upwards, " - there."


    Mr. Boston smiled,


    "Sounds owright, Boss!"

  19. Tyndall closed his eyes, seeming to sigh inwardly or express some deep feeling of annoyance. He threw his words over his shoulder as he floated slightly closer to the Hydreigon and - somewhat carefully - emitted a flash of light that illuminated the area around the two of them.


    "Honestly though, Landorus is correct - we really should be going now, and I mean now."


    Curiously, the light still did little to penetrate much of the darkness around the rest of the cavern. It hung there like a thick mist. Tyndall looked around the cavern, as if dully noting this, then continued with an anxious edge to his voice,


    "I say this not because I'm impatient, but because the portal might not hold for long if Darkrai is onto what we're doing. If you'd trust me enough to jump, I can assure your safety; the portal is more than wide enough."


    The mock Lampent paused briefly. He seemed to be deep in thought, then found himself nearly laughing,


    "Actually, Mr. Boston has had to stand on a somewhat thin ledge above the cavern's bottom this whole time, considering that the portal covers the entire pit below us! Poor thing."




    With a flop, Tiramisu fell on her side. No, she still couldn't feel her legs or arms; no, she couldn't even feel her tail. Nonetheless, a relief had washed over her once the Hydreigon was surrounded by at least a bit of light. She'd been able to crush one - only one - Dark Pulse with her Thunder (And look how terrible you've managed that one!) - but she knew she couldn't handle another.


    The Hydreigon... Well, he was crazy, she'd surmised. However, he had also seemed nice enough earlier, even if he was scared. And right now, he seemed scared. The only conclusions she could bring herself to in her numbed state were: 1) the Hydreigon had a worse time dealing with stress than she did; 2) "They" were shadows; and 3) she needed to learn his name.




    The Meowth mumbled,


    "What's your name?"


    For some reason, it felt like the most urgent of all of the issues at hand (aside from maybe feeling her tail).


    "You told me about Rhapsody, but you didn't tell me your name..."


    (( She didn't really evade it, she more slashed through it with Thunder. Like she thought above, though, she can't do it again; it was a very lucky shot, and therefore hit her even worse than it usually would. ))

  20. The events went by in a flash for Tiramisu - roar - blast - tail - ledge - another blast. Time moved in slow motion. "On her ear!" She heard. Darkness was all around them - a Dark Pulse was headed her way. There was nothing on her ear - shadows were on her ear. A Dark Pulse was headed her way - "On her ear!" - shadows were on her ear!


    A bright flash cut through the darkness around her with a crash like glass breaking in slow motion. It was over in one second, but the effects lasted. A smell like sulfur filled the air, though the air was too busy with the sparks that danced in it to notice it much. A tense silence filled the room after the echoes began to settle.


    Tiramisu couldn't really feel her legs. In addition, she couldn't particularly feel her arms, either. As usual, Thunder had missed (as she'd hoped); also as usual, Thunder had left her temporarily paralyzed. If the Hydreigon decided to attack her again... Well, she figured she should try to prevent that. The Meowth struggled to say to the Hydreigon,


    "I - can clear the shadows. They can't - hurt me, and I won't - let them hurt you either - so just - calm down...."


    "The shadows can't hurt" you, you can "clear the shadows".... Pfft. What a joke, you can't even get to sleep without imagining someone get bludgeoned.

    Shut up, shut up, shut up! I'm not - I'm not...

    You are the shadows.

    I'm not evil. I'm not dark like that, I'm just... morbid -

    And you think you can protect him from whatever his problem is?

    ...Yes! Somehow! Just... be quiet.


    She found herself still glued to the spot, and hoping to get through. Then the one she wanted to rip the tail off of spoke.




    "I am growing impatient! Guardian, will you take me to where that wretch stands or will you keep me waiting here?"


    Landorus' normal speaking voice echoed faintly as his tail slapped the ground. Tyndall turned anxiously towards the group of Pokemon, then towards Landorus again.


    "I'm afraid I can't ask Mr. Boston to calibrate the portal without having these Pokemon find their way - or decide to stay, if you will excuse the rhyming - first... I am terribly sorry."


    The orange monkey king made an odd face at this, then announced, calmly but loudly,


    "If you group continue your pitiful stalling and cause my revenge on Darkrai to be delayed any significant amount of time longer, I shall crush you as I would have had not this Guardian come to retrieve you."


    At this he nodded, and seemed satisfied.


    (( I'm sorry! I was busy with sketchbook assignments for Art this week! ))

  21. The Lampent hesitated before answering with a shaky voice,


    "Ah... Lately I've been, ah, kind of..."


    'Allen' shook his head, and floated quietly until he had situated himself out of reach of the bridge. A guilty look crossed over his face as he stared down at the pit below him. Finally, after some silence, the Lampent admitted,


    "Fine... I'm not whoever this 'Allen' is." The Pokemon quickly added, "Everything else I told you is the absolute truth! You - Landorus - I can still assist in finding Darkrai!"


    The Pokemon flying before the crowd shifted around nervously in midair as he continued,


    "I am the guardian of Limestone Cave, which happens to house one of the entrances to Palkia's domain. My name is Tyndall, and I am a Ditto - not a Lampent." He took a deep breath, then continued with a slightly puzzled look on his face. "What happened with the roar... I can only guess. And what I would guess is that perhaps when Darkrai began its attack on Palkia, through some entrance other than my own (I felt somewhat threatened and was next to my portal myself), Palkia must have issued some sort of attack to retaliate. This attack must have gone further than expected and caused the odd teleportation of Pokemon I'd assume all of us here have seen. Knowing the great Palkia myself, it was likely that it was a Spacial Rend with the intent to kill." With a nervous hick of a giggle, he added, "Which would mean that Palkia was attempting to send a large portion of Darkrai into several different dimensions."


    With a cough, the mock Lampent turned to Leo,


    "I'm terribly sorry for imitating your friend. I can see I've caused you some chaos... The Lampent I'm imitating was teleported to Limestone Cave with some others. He was not killed, as far as I could see, but he disappeared after Palkia was overcome."


    "...taking you...o long...WAA-BUFFET!"


    A voice echoed from the bottom of the pit. (Naturally it had to be an exceedingly loud voice to even carry from that far down; this voice sounded even somewhat loud from that distance.) Tyndall grinned sheepishly,


    "That would be Mr. Boston getting impatient... If the lot of you would give me your trust despite my deception, it would be good to get going."




    Reed flopped over, putting himself into in a much more comfortable position (albeit by normal standards still a very uncomfortable position) splayed across the floor. The Smeargle grumbled a bit, but otherwise seemed stuck in a very deep sleep. After all, why not get a good rest? Had he been awake, he would have thought to himself, 'Heck, I'm sure the world can keep up a decent rotation while I'm asleep. I'll wake up before the place flies into Arceus' palace...' and gone back to sleep.


    However, as things stood, the fuzzy ego was deeply, deeply asleep. Nonetheless, the world felt no need to hurtle into heaven.




    That's enough.


    Tiramisu broke her silence and her grip on the wall. With an impatient swish of her tail, she padded to the edge of the remains of the platform near where that Hydreigon seemed to be completely flipping out. The rocks, for the most part, had stopped falling. Nonetheless, the whole ordeal felt just... terrible. Her ear twitched in annoyance - not at the Hydreigon, but at all of the circumstances of their being there. The Meowth raised a paw hastily, and barked,


    "Allen - Tyndall - whoever the crap you are! I'm going to trust you for the moment, but only until I see what's at the bottom!"


    Her tail flicked, and she shouted at Requiem,


    "...You! Um..." Her voice wavered for a second as she tried finding his name (and decided he'd never given it), "Hydreigon! Could you give me a lift down?"


    In the moment, it hardly occurred to her that Requiem had begun having some sort of mental breakdown. In the moment, it didn't really matter to her; she just wanted to find out if the Lampent lookalike was telling the truth, and get on with her life. Nothing else was important.


    Maybe Landorus will land on the floor.


    Tiramisu shook her head quietly. No. Nothing else was more important than just getting back to normal life... Normalcy. It's just the cave, she though. You're just thinking weird thoughts because of the cave.

  22. ((Why would Allen be resisting evolution? Lampents evolve with Dusk Stones *is confused*))


    That... would be my mistake. X'D Again. I have to say, I've always kind of avoided the Litwick family altogether (they freak me out)... But nonetheless, I'll leave it in there because of certain circumstances Allen is under which would make it plausible for him to say that. Nonetheless, I'll make sure to check Bulbapedia a little more. ^^;


    Also, to clear some things up, I am an incredibly unreliable narrator and I plan to remain that way until a certain point in the story. So-! Don't take everything the characters under my control say to be true!~

  23. As Landorus began to drag himself to his feet again, the Lampent began to tremble slightly. That look - fear, anger - came back again. Allen's voice shook audibly.


    "L-Leo! I need you to believe me!"


    The Lampent floated slowly backwards towards his Meowth partner, standing with his back directly in front of him and his eyes closed. The blue glow was hidden behind what looked like a face contorted in pain.


    "...I woke up in a set of limestone caves with quite a few other Pokemon, and we also happened to have a - a Legendary - in our presence. Only... It was Palkia."


    His voice fell flat as he continued as quickly as possible,


    "I would guess you probably heard the roar as well? We had the unpromising luck of materializing just as Darkrai began his attack on Palkia. A few Pokemon tried defending the giant, however that... Didn't last long. Darkrai won out and caused Palkia to create a portal - I suppose to here, considering I'm here - "


    "Do you really intend for me to take from this that you are not one of Darkrai's fools?"


    Landorus' voice sounded surprisingly level and - more importantly - surprisingly close. The earth god seemed... calm? However, he had the old prankster glint in his eyes, and had noted the glint in the Lampent's own eyes. Shuffling his feet into a more comfortable position, he asked Allen,


    "I will believe you - and set your friend and his company free - if you will turn to face him and open your eyes. Mind you, without any tricks of the fog."


    The Lampent sighed, and turned around, his eyes open. They still glowed faintly with blue light - however, this was only slightly noticeable due to Allen's naturally blue eyes. He twiddled one of his hands apologetically, as he said,


    "I... It's been getting a bit harder to avoid evolving."


    Without any further explanation, he turned back to Landorus. The orange monkey king's eyes had opened wide in furious disbelief, but Allen gave him no time to get a word in.


    "I need your help. I was hoping that you could - perhaps - help me take back Palkia. I've been hopping this portal for a bit searching for another Legendary; all of the paths seemed to lead to similar places, where traces of the Legends had been..."


    Landorus, still shocked, answered hesitantly,


    "...The portals - the portal, I mean, that you say is at the bottom of this pit as a result of Palkia's... capture. It leads to the other Legendaries' dungeons?"




    "And how do you intend to break through the nightmare Darkrai has surely put Palkia into?"


    "I did not consider that, though from what you are saying I would gather that we must close the portal that Palkia's imprisonment has caused at once."


    Landorus chuckled darkly,


    "Yes, yes we must close the portal. All but the one to Darkrai's wretched lair..."


    Allen suddenly started, flipping around to face his partner,


    "I... I need to do this alone, is that fine? I promised another Pokemon I would do this. As I was saying, the portal at the bottom of this pit was made by a nightmare-corrupted Palkia. There's no telling where it leads to... unless you have a certain Pokemon with you. That Pokemon - Wobuffet, it calls itself - I left down at the bottom of the pit. He can keep the portal open without entering it, but if we want to go to a specific place he must accompany us in. So..."


    The Lampent stared down the void regretfully,


    "Wobuffet will keep the portal open, and your group must go through the portal first. Then Landorus and I will make our way to the cave where I woke up, free Palkia, and then I will attempt to find you. Or, if you still can't find it in yourself to trust me... Landorus and I will unblock this chamber and leave, so that you all will be free to find the exit yourselves."