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  1. Though she was right in the middle of the crowd, Tiramisu felt like she had run off miles away, far into the forest, staring down the deepest pond in the world... And in a way, she felt like she was drowning. Her eyes narrowed at the ground. None of this would've happened if she hadn't been right. The Legendaries should never have existed; she should never have wished on that star like a fool, thrown that coin into the pool, ever dared to play Arceus (who didn't exist, right?) with simple nature. It was her fault, as always, wasn't it? It always seemed that way. Nothing ever came out rig
  2. Alright, here's my idea for the money issue: because it simplifies things, money exists. There won't be a tally of it, though, so your character has as much money as you play them to have. So have fun with that! >:3 I'll just have to make sure everyone needs to use their items more often, no? With battling... Would you guys prefer a complicated battle system (with a damage calculator, IVs, etc.) or just a simple battle system (essentially what's going on with Agatha right now)? If we used the complicated one, I feel there would be more surprises in the outcomes of battles; it would als
  3. O_o Good lord, it's a full-on police chase isn't it? Guess I had lucky timing with Reed ollie-ing out of there. Tiramisu has been quietly brooding... I imagine I might make her do something rash out of annoyance... ^w^; To be honest, I haven't quite nailed down her character yet. Alright... Business time! 1. Specialty moves are now officially included in the RP! - Only one specialty move at a time. A Pokemon may replace their specialty move if they practice another move enough. (This requires a PM to me, just like reliable moves.) - Specialty moves are stronger than other moves
  4. ^^; I'll be going for a little vacation, so with questionable WiFi and an overall vacation feeling, I'll probably be gone for a week or so. Something to ponder in that time: It seems like the unreliability of moves is for different reasons for every Pokemon, so I think rather than having the accuracy drop across the board, everyone should choose 1 or more debuffs for each unreliable move. If you guys agree, go ahead and PM me the debuffs so I can add them to the character profiles! Additionally, I think it would be a pretty cool optional thing to have each Pokemon have a specialty m
  5. You guys only need to tell me if it's over a week or so, but thank you. ^w^ I was thinking about the battle system we'll have whenever we get to a battle (which may or may not be soon depending on how quickly we decide this)... We could use some sort of chance thing for the accuracy of moves, or just use discretion, or something else that you guys would like to come up with. Accuracy would be affected by the reliability/unreliability of moves (maybe + or - 5% either way?), and dodging (which would be considered one move) could reduce the chances of the move hitting by somewhere around 15
  6. Latios shook his head, "The Legendaries abandoned their guardians centuries ago. At least in that, this 'Tyndall' Pokemon was lying. Nonetheless, it doesn't seem that Ditto fits what we've seen in attacks by Darkrai, so I'll have to assume that he did do what he said he did..." Latios looked at the ground. His eyes seemed like they were analyzing a puzzle, or a card trick; they darted back and forth, as if seeing a pattern. He mumbled to himself, "We've assumed it was Darkrai's doing because of the nightmares, but maybe... No, but that would be exactly what he'd do to confuse us
  7. "Now excuse me, sir." An aged Ariados struggled painfully onto his hind legs so he'd be seen and heard more clearly. A Venomoth - his wife - quietly helped him along with her Psychic. The Ariados' voice was shaky, yet strong, and could be heard throughout the whole square. The group of bear Pokemon cheered, "Mister Sarto, yeah! Get him off that lamppost, Mister Sarto!" (Mister Sarto had taught in their forest for several generations, and the young Teddiursa had grown up on tales of Mister Sarto's combined weaving and self-defense classes. He was well-known for once tying a stud
  8. (( If Ruphus has a bag to carry items in, it needs to be his held item. )) The plaza bustled with excitement; there were more Pokemon gathered in a circle on the busted grey bricks than you would have guessed there were in the entire town. A Misdreavus or two, the kids from earlier (alongside some snickering Teddiursa and a very odd-looking bear Pokemon), what looked like a well-seasoned rescue team (a rather fit Snorlax, two Hitmonchan, and a Furret) - all kinds of Pokemon had gathered. The town was very obviously a crossroads for trade; the Kecleon and a band of Persian were already tak
  9. Reed - despite so obviously being in control of everything - never noticed the Dodrio tailing him, or at least never paid it any attention. There were three things he knew: one, he needed to be alone; two, this wasn't going to be pleasant; three, this was the reason he rarely slept willingly. Claws reaching out from the darkness - the quiet cracks of thick blades of grass in the distance.... They couldn't scare him. But a hand outstretched, and that sort of stuck look he'd seen... That could terrify him. Nonetheless, he reassured himself, no Pokemon in the world could defeat him; th
  10. Just send them to me and after looking them over I'll add them to the list of characters (on the actual RP thread). @Puredark: Okay~ I'll do another timeskip to the morning then; it may take a little longer to write the post, again, so it might not be tonight.
  11. (( The only part I particularly want to RP is what I'm about to write in this post, so. Whichever you'd like! )) Reed set a paw out of the cave. Then the other. Slowly, as if lead were weighing him down, he began to walk into the forest. The Smeargle seemed to be staring at the ground, and as the ground stared incredulously back at him he began to realize he was staring at the ground. He couldn't give this entirely-too-fashionable Mienshao what he'd denied Sheriff (a pitiful look), he realized. He had a reputation to maintain. Reed's back straightened, and his voice regained its usua
  12. As the last Pokemon slipped into the shimmering pool below him, Tyndall allowed himself to heave a sigh of relief. Honestly, it had taken them long enough. He was lucky they hadn't been cautious enough to test his statements of being a Ditto (as if most of them could have without falling into the pit once he'd moved away). Their apparent leader - that one cautious Meowth - would have been dangerous to keep around... But it was all no problem at all now. "Guardian! Will you keep me waiting even though the imbeciles have left?" The Lampent shook his head, "No, we can be on our wa
  13. Oi, Sailing, it's not like I didn't warn you guys in advance about my finals week. Which, as evidenced by this post, is over! Today I had to clean out my room (a practically annual thing, thank Arceus, because it's a whole day thing), so I had no chance to post. Edit: Posted! Also, I'm accepting more people now that we're at the first town!
  14. Reed won't wake up until everyone besides Zagan leaves. I don't mean to direct this at you, I just find this the right time to say this... I'd really appreciate it if people would read the entirety of news posts like that. It's a pet peeve of mine... ^^; I understand in your case, since the part this was in was directed to Puredark, but I'd still appreciate it if everyone would actually read through everything in the news posts I put up from time to time.
  15. *pokes* Heellllooo? Guys? I promise there's a more direct plot once we actually get to town! *dangles plot in front of you* It'd be kind of great if you guys could tell me when your testing dates are in advance so I can know when there will be lulls. (For reference, my final exams are the week of the twenty seventh this month.) Soooo... It's taken around six months to start the RP and almost get out of the very first area, if I'm not mistaken. I'm going to be completely honest and say I'm very impatient, so this has been bugging me a lot. Because of that, I'd like to know something:
  16. I personally have no problems with it, or the way you said you'd RP it; but seeing as I've tried to leave as much as possible up to the other members of the RP, I think I'll continue with that. I'd love to hear your idea about how it would spread - would your character still have the infectious form or the noninfectious form, by the way? And even if people don't particularly want Pokerus per se in the RP, your character can always just be a more sickly Pokemon with a higher attack stat. ^w^
  17. (( If it matters to you, no matter how anyone falls into the portal - like, even if they fell from the top of the chamber - they won't get hurt. )) (( Hey Pi, did Bree go into the portal? If she did, the the same thing that happened to Tiramisu (transported to forest, knocked unconscious momentarily (or for longer, like Tiramisu will be)) should happen to her. ^w^ ))
  18. They left me here... Tiramisu growled quietly, attempting to twitch her tail. That was the part of her body she usually regained feeling in first; however, she still couldn't feel it. Which wasn't good, because everyone seemed in quite a hurry to leave, and if everyone was in quite a hurry to leave and the portal could only be held open by this "Mister Boston" person then everyone was in quite a hurry to leave her. Not purposefully, of course... but consequentially. It was rather annoying to the Meowth how the Hydreigon - Requiem, she reminded herself - had given his name. He seemed to
  19. (( We're not accepting right now, but once we reach the first town (right after everyone goes through the portal) I'll be opening it up again. ))
  20. Tyndall closed his eyes, seeming to sigh inwardly or express some deep feeling of annoyance. He threw his words over his shoulder as he floated slightly closer to the Hydreigon and - somewhat carefully - emitted a flash of light that illuminated the area around the two of them. "Honestly though, Landorus is correct - we really should be going now, and I mean now." Curiously, the light still did little to penetrate much of the darkness around the rest of the cavern. It hung there like a thick mist. Tyndall looked around the cavern, as if dully noting this, then continued with an anxio
  21. The events went by in a flash for Tiramisu - roar - blast - tail - ledge - another blast. Time moved in slow motion. "On her ear!" She heard. Darkness was all around them - a Dark Pulse was headed her way. There was nothing on her ear - shadows were on her ear. A Dark Pulse was headed her way - "On her ear!" - shadows were on her ear! A bright flash cut through the darkness around her with a crash like glass breaking in slow motion. It was over in one second, but the effects lasted. A smell like sulfur filled the air, though the air was too busy with the sparks that danced in it to notice
  22. The Lampent hesitated before answering with a shaky voice, "Ah... Lately I've been, ah, kind of..." 'Allen' shook his head, and floated quietly until he had situated himself out of reach of the bridge. A guilty look crossed over his face as he stared down at the pit below him. Finally, after some silence, the Lampent admitted, "Fine... I'm not whoever this 'Allen' is." The Pokemon quickly added, "Everything else I told you is the absolute truth! You - Landorus - I can still assist in finding Darkrai!" The Pokemon flying before the crowd shifted around nervously in midair as
  23. That... would be my mistake. X'D Again. I have to say, I've always kind of avoided the Litwick family altogether (they freak me out)... But nonetheless, I'll leave it in there because of certain circumstances Allen is under which would make it plausible for him to say that. Nonetheless, I'll make sure to check Bulbapedia a little more. ^^; Also, to clear some things up, I am an incredibly unreliable narrator and I plan to remain that way until a certain point in the story. So-! Don't take everything the characters under my control say to be true!~
  24. As Landorus began to drag himself to his feet again, the Lampent began to tremble slightly. That look - fear, anger - came back again. Allen's voice shook audibly. "L-Leo! I need you to believe me!" The Lampent floated slowly backwards towards his Meowth partner, standing with his back directly in front of him and his eyes closed. The blue glow was hidden behind what looked like a face contorted in pain. "...I woke up in a set of limestone caves with quite a few other Pokemon, and we also happened to have a - a Legendary - in our presence. Only... It was Palkia." His voice
  25. ^^; I'm sorry - I'll try to make the descriptions more clear next time!