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  1. I'm afraid that I must be the culprit. I live in Illinois, but I'm practically nocturnal during the summer~
  2. If one were to describe Anareise's apartment in one word, it would be cozy. The walls were a light, Pecha-y color; the apartment itself had a similar smell. A small silk couch (small compared to the Hydreigon, but it would fit more than four Pokemon of Anareise's size) laid in the corner nearest to the window. The soft blue sky filled the room with a pleasant light. It was the essence of calm, even if half of the living room was the kitchen. The living room and kitchen were mainly separated by a dark, thin wooden table. Two steaming porcelain cups were set down without a clank on this ta
  3. Hey, Pi, you're not at all a terrible writer! >:|I look up to you and PureDark especially as writers, so you are not allowed to say that here. (...I just kind of have an unhealthy obsession with coming up with everything about even minor characters. X'D Although that's led to me wanting to be a video game character designer and maybe starting my own comic sometime.) Fun Facts about Anareise: - Anareise had severe alcohol problems/ the Pokemon equivalent when she was younger (she's the equivalent of about 37 right now, so around 18-21). She still can't completely quit it, and sh
  4. Fenris' messy fur ate the blue electricity, fizzling slightly. If its owner noticed, he didn't show it; his face was still twisted with the taste of the word "Nightyena." A small crowd was gathering, heightening his prickling annoyance. The performance had failed! Why come to stare at the actors after they'd tripped on stage and broken Juliet? The Meowth in front of him seemed rather confused, if his questions showed anything. He also seemed very nosy. Fenris decided that if the Meowth were to join the effort to find the Legendaries (which he doubtlessly would, the hopeless do-gooder), he
  5. Fenris snickered quietly. This guy was like some poor kindergartener; hardly past the wetting himself at night, he could bet. Oh, I know just what to do for you! Brilliant, square-shaped reflections materialized around the Electrike as long fangs dripping with blood flickered in and out of his mouth, like static. His pupils dilated; it was time for the real hunt to begin. "Bet'cha thought that the shadows outside your bed couldn't follow in the daytime, hmmm?" The area around the two seemed to grow darker; the buildings, dirtier. Yet all around was a sort of fuzz, as if the
  6. Fun fact: Pellinore is one of my favorite characters from The Once and Future King. Fun fact #2: Fenris is another name for Fenrir. Fun fact #3: I actually named Reed after James Reed: a member of the Donner Party who stabbed someone and was exiled from the Party. Fun fact #4: Tiramisu's just named after food. Fun fact #5: I need to chat with you guys here in the OOC more because I kind of feel like a creepy stalker OP sitting her and watching you guys have fun conversations aaaa Fun fact #6: I need to stop punctuating my sentences with "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."
  7. If he was going to be stuck in this raunchy little town, he figured he might as well have a bit of fun. The sky was clear and beautiful above Laos, and had it not been for the current situation in the town square then the only tensions sparking would be located in Fenris' itching fur. His bright eyes flashed with mischief; the said situation had taken away his two only reprieves from boredom (harassing his partner and harassing innocent townspeople). There had to be someone here to impress (harass). There absolutely had to be. And, unfortunately for the Hydreigon that the malicious E
  8. (oh arceus I love the potatoes thread in general discussion oh man) Updated your bio, Silver! Argh, I'm kind of confused on what to do now with Tiramisu since I don't know if Buggles is still in a tree (because Reed ran away rather than Tiramisu), so here maybe I'll throw in some dudes to talk to Requiem because Requiem is cool and also peeps need to get out of the town because man this town is crazy and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why do I keep coming up with characters that are usually Corsola twigs in the fluffy Mareep fur aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  9. Hey, Silverphoenixx, I just realized that your character had no items to start with? Did you maybe forget to add them? (Also, what is your character's name? I just realized that the "name" part of the app was left blank...) Sailing, I have to say I really love the dynamics between Leo and Agatha. ^w^ Also, please look at the following news. A little while back I mentioned something that would make my life a lot easier with updating bios and the like, but I never officially implemented it as a rule. I will be doing this now. (If this seems familiar, it's because I copied and pas
  10. Hey Chaos, it was Reed that ran off, not Tiramisu. ^^
  11. I actually haven't been sure about whose Shadow Balls hit the wall, haha. ^^; Tiramisu would have thought it was hers no matter whose it actually was.
  12. (( ^w^ I literally just accepted him. (Also, dang, both of you are fast!)))
  13. Reed stared at the place where Agatha had been only moments before. Even if this was only business, he had to admit to himself that he had just met the most high-class actress that he would ever be graced to see in his life. Groudon's left foot, she had to be the second or third most impressive woman ever to step in his life. Of course, this meant she could only be less than half as amazing as himself, and if this longshot were to work in certain ways he might consider her less so. Nonetheless, that Mismagius was one class act. The terrified sobs from what Reed perceived as Kitty's genera
  14. Tiramisu shrank beside Agatha. Of course she would regret the Shadow Balls. Every time she did something impulsive she regretted it. Of course. The Scizor seemed absolutely miffed to say the least, and that rather frightened her. Those huge claws crashing down - or Guillotine - or... She stopped herself right there. The Scizor had been nothing but law-abiding, and the worst that could happen would be being arrested (maybe by a Magnemite or was that Dusknoir maybe forseeing some sort of tragedy - maybe he know he would have to arrest her and burn her at the stake oh Arceus no stop it) and
  15. ^^; I read your PM a few days ago I think, then forgot I read it... Sent you a PM, your app is accepted~ EDIT: Also, I'm not accepting anymore character apps now. ^^; It's becoming exceedingly clear how many people I can handle at once.
  16. Reed shrugged. If Sheriff's worst move was Fury Swipes - no matter how much that made his back itch - then he would never pose much of a threat in the long run. Not when it mattered, at least; the last battle had been personal. What surprised the Smeargle, though, was how Agatha was acting towards the Meowth. Were they actually friends in some way? Now that would end up badly when things came to an end if he couldn't... He pushed thoughts of the lake and what would happen later out of his mind. Whatever he would face, he could handle it. He had said so. Obviously bored with Sheriff's hero
  17. ^^; Guys, I'm going to say right now that as you've already seen, sometimes I'm going to disappear for maybe three days (the amount of time it's been since you PM'd me, Legend) at a time. This isn't a job, and if it begins to feel like one I take a step back so I don't just buckle and quit. If you guys are specifically waiting on me, then PM me politely please; I usually can't tell if you're waiting on me in particular. I'm afraid I can't change the fact that that's going to happen, because I can't change the fact that if this feels like nothing but work I'm going to just pass it off to one of
  18. Nope, they don't count as carried items! Tiramisu has a ton of knick-knacks in her bag, haha~
  19. Just a warning about that, the Legendaries won't be in the same places as in the games. ^w^
  20. "Sheriff, has anyone ever told you that you're no fun? The Pichu'll get home quickly enough; I'm not some Gogoat service." Reed sniffed, and turned curiously to the Mismagius beside Leo. She hardly looked finished, to his eyes; dejected yes, defeated no. Whether she would fight or not was of course her own choice, and he really expected that she'd run. How else would she have escaped the Sheriff's watchful, annoying claws so far? He could appreciate her risky tactics (for obvious reasons), and felt almost certain that she had at least one more up her sleeve. He made quite sure to say so.
  21. I'MALIVEI'MALIVEI'MALIVEI'MALIVE What, people were waiting on me? ^^; Sorry... Not going to lie, I just honestly could not write a single word this past week. No reason whatsoever, I just couldn't touch it. I believe once everyone's done with Laos we can head off to find the Lake Trio or Kyurem then? With the alternate universes/dimensions/etc., I approved the idea because the humans don't exist within any sort of viable distance that they could play a part in the plot. ^^; As for the stumbling in, if it's okay with colourcodedchaos then it could be as a result of Palkia's inca
  22. (( Pardon the double post! ;A; )) I sent out some PMs to people I don't recall having seen post in a while! ;A; I'm sorry for going dead, I'm still stuck on this one idea...
  23. Nonetheless, those people most likely never caught the post I made about my being absent for a week or so... ^^; Although that is a good point. I could send some PMs when I get a chance. I think I'm missing a few people on my list... ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY KILL ONE OF MY RPS
  24. I'm considering doing another of those "post within one/two/three weeks or you're out" things as soon as we leave the first town. Quite honestly, I need people to be checking the OOC thread, so this time I'm just going to put the warning both here and in the RP itself with a bolded reminder to check the OOC thread from time to time; no PMs. ( ^^; As much as I'd try to avoid being lazy, if people don't have a strong enough interest in the RP to check anything to do with it for three weeks, I can't do anything about it. (Of course I'll make the usual exceptions for vacations, depression, i
  25. (( Cat magic, what can you do? X'D That's absolutely terrible.)) Tiramisu tilted her head, confused. "Capture you? What? I just..." The threat of Perish Song was a particularly strong theme in her nightmares (aside from the Beldum line and a few Hydreigon in particular from some stories she'd read). The idea of a song that could drain the power and - if the legends were correct - the life from you... She shivered at the thought. She pulled herself together, "I was just angry - just don't sing, please? I'll... I'll, um..." Her eyes locked with Leo's. All he reminded her