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  1. Ugh, school decided to hit me in the face with a Hyper-animation-homework-and-tests Beam... I've got a good bit of homework to do today, but with luck I'll have a post up by tonight.


    EDIT: Gotta postpone that until tomorrow... >_< This week's a veritable monster of a week homework-wise...


    EDIT (Monday): ;;;;;;A;;;;;; I'm sooooorrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    great leaping kyogre i spent around 11 hours doing homework and didn't even have time for chores i just



    This week's looking like a busy one, too, guys... ^^; So take this as advance warning...

  2. *A half-zombified arm reaches out from the ground.* graaaaaaaaaaaaa *gasps* I'M ALIVE I SWEAR.


    So much Reed. Currently a bit toned down on swag.


    Tiramisu's just chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool and completely hiding her face from the town because she still doesn't particularly want to face anyone who might recognize her~ (Again, I'll post as her when we get to the going.)


    >///< Aaah Pi you flatter meee











    (ah i'm sorry i'm running on a very weird five hours of sleep)

  3. Halitosis smiled slyly at the Scolipedes.


    "Any Pokemon that actually wants to find Mesprit - if it exists - would probably head in the direction of the Eaves of Hiraeth. The carvings of Mesprit here are under eaves, not to mention that the river that ran through there would have had a particular effect on the natural clay there - as seen in the tablet's composition."


    The Porygon-Z smirked bitterly at Bec, then waved lazily at the Scolipedes,


    "Good luck on your quest and all that. I'll buy you a pint or something if you find that cute little imp."


    Bec growled as the town drunk/ town genius sauntered saucily away. Her eyes still narrowed, she suggested gruffly,


    "...Our team is going to search the Eastern Cliffs. There are huge cavern complexes behind the Wingull dens that could easily hide a herd of Donphan for years, and Mesprit has always been associated with water."


    The Ursaring glared at the air where the Porygon had been,


    "Not to mention there's an entire plethora of natural formations that are similar to the eaves of ancient houses."


    She sighed, running a paw over her face.


    "I'm sorry. The lot of you can join us if you'd like."




    Ah, well, here it was again. Goodbye. The Shuckle shifted uncomfortably in her shell, but still wore a smile. It had been nice.


    Anareise waved, her eyes betraying an odd sadness like a mother sending her child to school for the first time.


    Be happy, Requiem. Be safe.


    If a Shuckle can outrun the world, your wings will take you beyond the stars, where they'll never reach you.




    There will always be tea in the kitchen, and ancient ruins in the ground, and friends off in distant places.


    And you deserve every bit of it.


    "Goodbye Requiem! Safe travels!"






    As the sun set upon an emptied Town Square, tired from the day's hustle and bustle, the moon and his cohort Reed shone on the cracking bricks. Fresh purple paint covered the Smeargle's back; a Rorschach paw slightly less messy now adorned his fluffy-but-scraggly fur. The moonlight hurt his eyes a bit after the darkness of the... forest. Reed rubbed his eyes, though this didn't particularly stop the moonlight from reflecting a full, eerie blue in them that felt like the sun. It reminded him of the long nights back in Relicanth Town, where he would bury himself deep in the studio Anise had rented out to him and fall headfirst into drab books on Tutoring theories. He would read until he knew better, then test the theories in the mirror. Paw positioning, pre-emptive post-reflection, prior pencillation or something like that (a rarely-acknowledged theory on how writing helps Pokemon learn new moves)... The Move Deleter not only perfected his method of getting Smeargles to forget Swagger, he also perfected the fastest method of acquiring Reed's money. In any case, crawling up the studio stairs after hours of darkness would always stab Reed with such an intensity that he could swear that Groudon himself had awoken to pierce Reed's eyeballs with the lance of the sun. Quite frankly, Reed wouldn't put it past him; but that was his religion speaking.


    The squinting Smeargle glanced around the Square. Not a Pokemon in sight; which might just mean that Agatha was there already. He grinned, and sat down on the edge of the Square.


    Agatha... He had to admit, he wished this weren't just business. She had an intensity he could appreciate, a sort of mystery about her... Despite that, Reed knew that the meeting could never have been anything but business; she had whatever dark business she was doing, and he had his Move Tutoring in Relicanth Town. Once his job was done and his painting splashed upon the world, he would go back to his studio and show the little city-slickers a few new tricks. Maybe Spacial Rend would be one of those new tricks. That would be sweet. Of course, he was practically already their hero (even if it was a replacement hero, filling in the hole Anise left when she moved with her fiance)... Anything he brought them would be amazing.


    The Amazing Fantastic and Very Best, Reed, who was also the town Move Tutor and just in general pretty amazing. That was what they would call him.


    Where on Kyogre's blue earth was Agatha?


    (( If you guys can't decide, then the time skip will be to leaving Laos - so just at the beginning of the journey. ^w^ That means the surprise will be within the next few posts.


    @BlueLink9001: Sorry, the RP's closed. ^^; Thanks Pi! ))

  4. Argh, I'm sorry guys. I'm starting to think at least two to three days between post will become regular; I really want to work on my writing and drawing, and since I just moved to a new school I'd like to try and keep in touch with my friends as well... It really splits my time since I'm not really used to balancing things like this. ^^; Please be patient with me.


    Next post is Hal and Bec's advice, Reed, the time skip, and Tiramisu deciding where she wants to go on the fly. Depending on if you guys want a time skip to the journey or a time skip to just setting off, it may also include a special little surprise. :3


    gomen for being an unreliable OP ;A;

  5. It was hardly four minutes after the Scolipede had returned from the post office that the Ursaring librarian and a rather wobbly-looking Porygon-Z re-entered the Square, crumbling stone tablets, withered parchment, and two odd-looking flowers in tow. The Ursaring paused for a moment to take from the Porygon-Z a tablet that was about to fall off his stack, then rushed over to the group. The Porygon-Z blinked sleepily, and slurred after her,


    "Heyyyy, I wash watchin-holding that, Bec..."


    "Hali, I know that beneath your current drunken stupor you understand that you're currently holding several hundred years worth of ancient history!"


    The librarian - apparently called "Bec" - apologetically bowed before the two Scolipedes.


    "I'm sorry I'm so late! I couldn't find that gigantic drunkard for the longest time, and after that we had some problems with the copying machine he made, and even after all of that trouble I'm afraid there are a few minor details we couldn't quite copy over for you..."


    The Ursaring carefully lowered her load of tablets to the ground, then took out a sheet of old parchment. As she unrolled it, a brilliantly-colored picture became visible. Just as the poem had sung, the plains sparkled, the grass was green and the sky shone its own brilliant pink. A beautiful Pokemon, with long, magenta tendrils like hair and soft-looking white fur laid sleeping peacefully in the field. The poem the Ursaring had recited earlier had been painstakingly written in a flowing calligraphic form. The librarian admired the painting for a moment, and awestruck (despite the number of times she'd gazed at this artifact) murmured,


    "The pigments used to make this would at the time only be at opposite ends of the world... Trade hadn't yet made it to Laos, and so the Pokemon who drew this would have had to have gone to the edge of the world - four times. Mesprit has to be the being of emotion, for someone to have gone through all of that just for one painting of it."


    She shook her head, then smiled at the two in front of her,


    "Ah, um. This is that poem I was reciting earlier. It's a bit old, so we couldn't -"


    "It'sh not the fact that it'sh old - the chemic-chemical composish - hold on."


    The Porygon-Z had sidled over, and now flashed a bright myriad of colors before heaving a sigh. He tried again, his voice now clear and full,


    "It's not the fact that it's old. Ah, much better! Hi, I'm the resident genius of Laos; they call me Halitosis."


    He grinned, then continued,


    "Like Bec was telling you, the pigments of that age were from all different parts of the world; that and their age has made this piece too chemically complex for me to copy on such short notice."


    The Porygon-Z carefully placed his own load of tablets on the ground.


    "The same goes for these tablets; they're too chemically complex. They're absolutely fascinating, though. Each of these tablets has no more than 15% of its make-up from any one area in the world. Like this one - "


    Halitosis pointed to the top tablet - a grey stone tablet with three circles (pink, yellow, and blue). His eyes literally flickering and figuratively shining, he began to speak remarkably quickly,


    "- is approximately 12% red clay from beneath Foggy Forest approximately 1-5-2-8 years before the year we cite as 'The Disappearance', with 3% of that being the biological remains left over from what's suspected to be an earlier war between two pre-tribal societies that lived there, 4% being eroded rock from the formation of this planet, and 5% being meteoric rock from three separate collision, having been fired with something similar in intensity to a Will-o-Wisp at one point and then 3% is earth from the depths of the deepest lake in the northeast - "


    "Hal, we'll never get to the story at this rate. I doubt that these two are interested in the percent make-up of the tablets."


    Hali frowned at the Ursaring librarian, eyes fierce.


    "You doubted that Anareise was interested in the theory of alternative bio-anatomical chemistry and its applications when she came for her home renovation book. All it took was thirty-two calculations and she recognized the pattern between cognition, Illumise lighting, and enhanced energy channeling. These two will be able to solve the issue of the three Legendaries with my data if said three Legendaries do in fact exist."


    Bec ignored him, and apologized to the two,


    "I'm sorry, he's still rather drunk. Refresh can only do so much against Coba-dka..."


    A low, pixellated growl came from the Porygon-Z, and he floated away from the librarian with his arms folded. She still ignored him.


    "So these other tablets. The ones in this pile are ancient history; I thought they might help you in understanding the ones Hali brought, which are the actual myths that we couldn't copy for you. My favorite is - "


    The Porygon-Z cut in, still bitter,


    "They can read. They probably have to leave soon, so at least let me explain how the information databases work."


    Bec seemed rather surprised at the toxicity of her charge's voice, but backed away anyway. Halitosis placed two flowers in front of the two Scolipedes, and sighed. Gulping to clear his voice of all poisonous substances, he explained,


    "This is where we've copied the artifacts we could to. All you have to do is fold the petals inward - "


    He demonstrated as he spoke. A bright, eerie light appeared at the top of the flower, and spread out into a display of several holographic piles of tablets.


    "- and you'll be able to access the tablets. Anything you want to add, Ms. Librarian?"


    The Ursaring growled,


    "You live in my library. I'd advise you to quit tempting me to throw you into a real job."


    [ Atto and Zagan have gained a special item (not counted in items slot):

    LORE: (Three Uses) Your characters have access to information on locations and the Legendaries that no one else has. ]


    (( Meaning that you guys can ask me three times for information on specific places we visit and the Legendaries. ^w^ This is to make up for the fact that Bec stopped Hal from telling you guys the exact locations of each of the Legendaries' secret hidey-holes (although he doesn't know it).


    We can time-skip to when everyone is ready to go/ actually on the road if you guys want! ))

  6. Oh my gosh Leo really is a shinigami run run run


    And I trust you, Sailing. xd.png Leo's the sheriff; if he's got Magnezone around his paw, then surely he's shown some pretty amazing skills.


    Aaaah, school.


    @LegendofKorraFan: I'm sorry to hear that... ;A; We'll miss you! And you can come back anytime if you like, too!


    @Reddan: Hmm... I think she can get an official Rescue Federation bag, if Sailing wouldn't mind. Maybe they have a few at the Post Office for newly registered team members? (Also, you can't have two held items, so when I update the bios I'll just add whichever item you choose to your normal items slot, kay? ^^)

  7. The Shuckle waved away Requiem's worry.


    "Nothing at all, Requiem, nothing at all. Tutoring's free among friends."


    Anareise smiled; she could see how he'd brightened up at her praise, and then how nervous he'd been about the money. If it had been obvious to her how kind-hearted the Hydreigon was, it was now painfully so.


    "Before you argue, I won't take any money you try to give me. You've given me some good company, and I haven't had that for a long time, Requiem. All I could ask from you is that you keep yourself safe and maybe drop in whenever you escape those things or Pokemon chasing you."


    She was earnest. No, she could never take his money. There was enough to go around what with the neighborhood kids and the rare traveler - and occasionally the hungover bunch who'd learned Explosion in the night. And in any case she felt the urge to treat him like she would her own son, if she'd had one.


    (( Aaah, I'm sorry for the shortness... ^w^ I'll write the Ursaring's part when Atto comes back. ))

  8. *gasps for air* ALIVE. SOMEHOW.


    @Puredark: With the IVs and all that... If you want to fix it, you can, but I'll by no means require you to, haha. Since we don't have a set HP sort of thing, Sitrus Berries would probably work best as just HP-restorers, but if you guys want they could help with building HP; I'd just have to make them extremely rare.


    @Reddan: Welcome back! :3


    ...first day of school today! Aaah, I'm excited but terrified at the same time....

  9. Not so fast m'dear, I've got a few things in mind for the journey~ (Although yeah, once everyone is ready / going into town to buy supplies (which if you don't want to RP it, just do the little update thing) a small time skip will be in order~)


    Also, everyone: Would you like all of us to go as a group searching for one Legendary, or would you want to be able to split up? The way we're set up now, I can go either way with it~

  10. Noticing Leo's at least slight frustration, Cas said very quietly,


    "My apologies, I should have walked behind you. If it would help any, I could, ah... Perhaps I could hold you up? Ah, no, that would be awkward."


    The Dusknoir shuffled backwards uncomfortably, then decided to huddle in by Team... What was it?




    The Kangaskhan very quickly (and loudly) gave Cas his answer. He shuffled to stand next to the team's Conkeldurr. He couldn't help but notice that the Pokemon was scribbling furiously at the notebook, eyes narrowed as if he were surgically removing a coin from a Wailord's tooth. The page had some crossed out words - "You're a moron, Demp," followed by "Shut your face, Gert," - as well a rather striking picture of -


    'What the h*** are you staring at, ghostie?'


    Cas was woken out of his brief staring reverie by those words scrawled across the bottom, and the Conkeldurr himself glowering at his prying eye. The Dusknoir quickly apologized, turning away a little out of embarrassment.


    "Ah, I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare - That picture you've drawn, it caught my eye and - "


    The Conkeldurr's expression softened, and he put out a hand to stop the Dusknoir's groveling. He erased what he'd written, wrote 'Fine.' in its place, then more carefully scribbled the words 'Illusory Tower' directly under his drawing.


    The drawing remained little more than a sketch, but it was clear what it meant to portray. It was a great, shining tower; the sun would reflect off of it and nearly burn one's eyes. It had only one window, at the very top, and it overlooked a dark and misty forest. Unlike most towers, though, it seemed to fade away into the forest, like a fog. The Conkeldurr had erased bits of the tower to look like eyes, and the clouds seemed to be in a particular formation, like a helmet, around it. The artist stared at Cas expectantly.


    The picture reminded him of something or someone, but he couldn't put his finger on it. The Conkeldurr seemed rather disappointed. He flipped to a new page, and wrote 'Cale' and an arrow to himself at the top. Then he added,


    'Knowledge of the Truth

    Truth through Lies'


    Cas read these lines over a few times, mumbling,


    "Nice to meet you, Cale..."


    The tower had been sinking into the forest - that wasn't possible, was it? It had to be a lie. The truth was to be found through lies, according to the two lines the Conkeldurr (who was now rather agitated) had written. So the truth - or knowledge of the truth - would be found in... the tower?


    "I'm afraid you're being a bit cryptic."


    Cas frowned at the paper as Cale sighed and punched the pencil against the paper so hard that the Dusknoir feared it would tear through the notebook.


    'You won't find it then.'


    "Find what?"


    'You were looking for.'


    Cas stared at the words again, and it clicked. Uxie. Knowledge of the Truth, Truth through lies...


    "You think it's there?"


    'I'd bet. Truth in lies - an old rhyme from mom. Don't tell.'


    Cas nodded slowly, gratitude obvious on his face. But how did this Pokemon even have any idea where a Legendary would hide - or even have known of some mirage tower?


    'Got lost in forest with friend - dunno what happened - but then woke up and there was a tower in the sky. Also, was falling. Can't talk anymore.'




    The Sunflora called out,


    "Teams gathered, we now have another team joining the cooperative effort! Welcome Team Shadow Tag! They will be searching for Uxie, I assume near Foggy Forest! There are also three separate Pokemon who appear to want to search for Mesprit; I advise them to join forces with the townspeople in order to appropriate a good lot of resources. We appreciate your contribution, Team Shadow Tag!~"


    The Ursaring librarian nodded cheerily at the Scolipede; any interest in history was good interest in history, after all. She motioned him and his friends over,


    "I'd be honored to show you them! In fact, I could lend you a copy of them if the captain's in - he's our resident genius. I'll run down there right now!"


    The librarian hastily rushed down the street, leaving no room to turn down the offer. (It would be a cold day in the Magmaworld that she let someone get away from library material.)


    Her Poliwhirl friend seemed a bit surprised by her enthusiasm, and waved to the small group,


    "She hasn't been that excited in months! Whatever you did, you're welcome to join us here."




    Anareise surveyed Requiem's progress with the eye of a moderately seasoned Move Tutor. The technique had been fantastic, if not a bit borrowed (but that would be changed in time to suit him, she figured), and his first eruption was about as powerful as she'd gauged it would be. His aim was terrible, but that was standard procedure; few Pokemon realize that you have to aim an explosion just as much as you have to aim a Razor Leaf. She smiled widely, even as a few rocks nearly hit the Hydreigon in the face.


    "Fantastic job, Requiem! You got it on the first try!"


    She hurried over to her student, filled with pride, though she had to feel a bit sad that she still couldn't do more for him. If he would just stay a while - a month or so - she could help him perfect it, and even watch him create his own method of using the attack after that if he truly liked it. If he would just stay... But he couldn't, and she couldn't ask him to.


    "All you have to do is learn how to aim the eruption when you call it, and then you can work on the finer details. And that, I'm afraid, is all I can do for you..."


    The Shuckle's smile faded slightly, if only for a moment, before she added brightly,


    "You can stay and practice here for as long as you'd like, though. The doors are always open."

  11. Before I forget:

    - Character bio updates are done; I changed Red's ability to Pickup like you said, Reddan, and I added Earth Power to Requiem's moves!

    - Would you guys mind if we could post literary things onto the Deviantart too? (I haven't written anything yet, but I have an idea for a little side story~)

    - OP will soon deliver! :3 (As in, posting right now~)

    - OP also needs to get her danged summer homework done. >_<

    - xd.png I don't mind if you think I'm a boy, Silver, haha, I act more like a guy than a girl in comfortable company~

  12. Anareise nodded, filled with a focus that was slightly broken when she heard Requiem's initial hesitation. She grinned sheepishly,


    "Please don't be afraid, Requiem. I promise I've never had an injury in this dojo except for my own."


    The Shuckle wiggled her hurt leg, then looked back towards the door where they'd come in. The steeled determination and excitement of training had come back to her.


    "I'm going to perform Earth Power six times. You'll see part of my body light up red, and part of yours light up blue - those places are where you'll be able to feel the attack whenever you use it. I want you to pay attention to me the first time in each set of two, then to yourself on the second time. Got it? Let's go."


    Anareise took a deep breath, (carefully) raised herself up on her hind legs as she began to glow golden, then dropped violently to her forelimbs. The ground in front of the door erupted into a fantastic rain of both molten and unmolten rock, although curiously the concrete remained whole. The afterimages of red outlines on Anareise remained for a few seconds, on the upper half of her hindlegs, the tips of her front legs, the front of her shell. The Shuckle breathed out.


    "That's the first one. Now pay attention to where you're going to feel the attack when you use it."


    The Move Tutor repeated the actions again, leaving the door a bit more charred. Next, she turned to the wall away from Requiem and repeated, then to the back wall. After she'd finished this, she wiped her face with her hand-tacle and smiled.


    "Now you try it!"




    Cas blinked, then nodded. He was rather surprised at the overall lack of an interview, or questioning of motives, or anything of that like - the Meowth had seemed much more formal before.


    "Th-thank you very much, Leo, sir."


    The Dusknoir floated between Bree and Leo as they headed to the Square. He mentioned quietly,


    "If it will aid you in any way, I know a small bit about Uxie. It is rumored to have the ability to erase memories, and has knowledge that even surpasses the greatest Alakazam... I'm afraid that's all I know."


    The Square was bustling and loud, even with only three groups there. He wondered at just how loud Pokemon could be, and then remembered how much louder they could be some other times -




    A Magmortar roared in his face, thankfully bringing him out of his brief little dark reflections. The Pokemon seemed surprised to find a Dusknoir in the way of his sound waves and grinned ruefully.


    "Din't mean ta raar in yer face, mate, 'pologies for that. Just so werked up ov'r huntin' some Kyurem, ya know?"


    Cas waved him away,


    "Ah, it's no problem, I understand."


    A Conkeldurr nearby shook his head quietly, then shoved his hand into one of the supply cases to roughly pull out a notebook and pencil. He began scribbling away. Cas paid him no attention, and looked around the Square.


    "Attention all teams! Another group has entered the Square, and we must repeat the current state of affairs for the most effective cooperation!"


    The Sunflora's chiming voice cut through the Square.


    "Newcomers, we currently have three teams from Laos prepared to search for the Legendaries! Team Frikaloo - made up of Misters Demp and Cale, as well as Miss Gertrude - has elected to search for Kyurem in the northern alpine mountains based on a report Mister Cale read of deep subzero temperatures deep within the caves beneath these mountains! Team Blasstafras - made up of yours truly, Mister and Missus Farley, and the young Mister Histak - has decided to also search for Kyurem, but beneath the anomaly of the equatorial ice floes. The final team so far is a team of six Laos workmen whose names I have not yet received because they are currently discussing lore separately from the rest of the cooperative group."


    After the Sunflora had (bitterly) ended its report, a Poliwrath from the latter group stood up.


    "Excuse me? Hello everyone. Or... HELLO EVERYONE!"


    The Poliwrath coughed, then continued more strongly.


    "My colleagues and I have compared lores and have some things to... share with you. Aaaah..." The Poliwrath froze up, and turned shyly to one of the Sunkerns, "Felly, would you tell them, please?"


    This "Felly" Pokemon grumbled quietly, "Honestly, Berry? The only Pokemon in Laos who wants to be a scientist, and you can't give one report?"


    Apparently Laos has a knack for raising an extremely loud breed of Sunkern and Sunflora, because this "Felly" Pokemon had absolutely no problems addressing all of the Square.


    "I'll start with what we've gathered on Kyurem, because it seems the lot of you suicidal fools are most concerned with finding that murderous dragon. Kyurem has been used throughout the years to explain moral ambiguity; naturally, he'll feel no moral sense of right or wrong about freezing you lot into fantastic little popsicles - "


    "Actually, Felly, I think I'll take over."


    The Raticate of the group cautiously and carefully pushed the Sunkern down from the view of the crowd. He smiled apologetically,


    "While I'm skeptical, too, I think you all deserve a less... skewed view of what we've found. Kyurem reserves powers over ice of all types, and - as my friend and I believe Latios said - is morally grey. Few tales remain about it, so that is all we know about it. It could be huge, tiny, invisible; I'd advise caution in searching for it.


    With the Lake Trio, we have a bit more information. Laos itself was said to have been watched over by a being of emotion named Mesprit. If some of the carvings we've seen around town are in fact based on it as they're said to be, Mesprit is a very small Pokemon, about the size of a Porygon-Z. It also has long tentacles on its head. There are two other Pokemon in the trio: one of knowledge, and one of willpower. We know little about the being of knowledge, only that it sleeps withing a lake like its counterparts. The being of willpower was said to be able to turn a Pokemon to stone in one of the ancient poems our resident librarian has kept safe -"


    He paused to nod at the Ursaring, who smiled warmly.


    "However we do not know if this was a metaphor or the straight truth. It may be that the being of willpower is huge and terrifying, and therefore will 'turn you to stone' with fear, or that it has the ability to paralyze you... We can't find any hints as to what this Legendary Pokemon is, however there are reports of a mountain to the northeast where travelers have found themselves suddenly weakened, or locked up unable to move for a time. That is all -"


    The Ursaring interrupted suddenly (after quickly apologizing to her friend),


    "Ah, no, there's one more point about Mesprit! In the story of the creation of Laos... Oh, I might as well tell you it.


    As the bright rays of creation washed over the land

    The plains sparkled and sung for spring had come

    And Mesprit, saint and spirit, emotion itself

    Rested, for the grass was green and the sky shone its own brilliant pink

    Upon the ground the spirit rested and around it many Pokemon gathered

    They looked upon it as their goddess and grace

    And around it their town sprung

    And Mesprit, saint and spirit, watched over them then, and played in their glee

    Until the winter chill came, and pushed it to the edge of the stone

    Where it fled, and hid under the eaves


    You see, we've always take 'the eaves' to be our houses, but maybe Mesprit actually fled to somewhere that resembles the eaves of houses instead? Thank you, everyone."


    The Sunflora from earlier resumed its announcements as the librarian finished.


    "We thank you all for finally aiding in our cooperative effort! If the new team would please identify themselves and their goals so we may group them with the resources that would be most effective in allowing them to reach said goal?"

  13. *turns into a fish and rolls into the sea*


    They're gijinkas of Bree and Atto. Yeah it's a dumb style choice you're like the third person who's said that. I can't make eyes look good unless they're simplified as frick. And I have a general policy to never color anything because I inevitably ruin it so yeeeeep


    Excuse me while I lie under this desk for five hours this is why I don't show my art to anyone

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah oh my arceus they're adorable what are you talking about aaaa



    I wish this place were a lunch table so I could just push my sketchbook into your hands and count the blank eyes hahahahah. Fun fact: I once cried for like half an hour when I couldn't get a Vulpix's eyes right.


    Pi, Pi, how do you even human anatomy? ;A; Because honestly I just... Kind of... Pears? I end up drawing everything with pear bodies.


    wait no friend don't crawl under the desk and with your other post what do you mean you're a great writer Piiiiiiiii don't turn into a fish cats will eat you and there are two Meowths in the RP Piiiiii


    (( And also this is why I shouldn't write anything past 1:30 in the morning; it just kind of degenerates to a low whine that matches the sound of my computer's fan, hahaha... I shall return to my full duties tomorrow, I think. ))

  14. Oh guys, why on earth would I ever think of traps when you're giving me such great ideas and we're going to be looking for Legendaries that have stayed hidden for over a thousand years?


    And why on Arceus' water-and-lava flowing earth would monster houses be confined to a dungeon in a role play?






    Aaaaaa Pi I'd love to see the gijinkas aaa I like the gijinkas yes I do~ (Also, you guys made me draw a picture of Reed being a contortionist but he looks really depressed in it ;A;)


    In other news, enjoy my short fanfiction of a post. xd.png (It's longer than a fanfiction I'm attempting to write is currently.) And while I was stuck under the writer's block, this reminded me of you guys. http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/159334-waiting-for-op


    Back to the original news, I'll be sure to warm you guys up before anything super trippy-trappy starts happening. ;D I promise Reed won't open up anymore cracks that lead to essentially-the-physical-Pokemon-version-of-Hell.

  15. Anareise shifted herself off of the couch hastily, grinning as she did so (half because she'd lifted herself onto her bad leg). The Shuckle hobbled carefully down the short set of stairs, then around the corner of the staircase. In front of her was a thick wooden door with an engraving of a Magcargo; the carving seemed to be of the eastern style, with the Magcargo calmly meditating in front of a more subtly engraved volcano. The dark wood didn't really fit the volcanic scene, although Anareise reasoned that neither the volcanic scene nor the meditative pose truly captured her stepfather's manner. She smiled and stuck her long tentacle/hand through a small, hidden hole in the door, twisted a lever at the back, and leaned against the heavy door to push it open. The Move Tutor commented over her shoulder,


    "None of the Teddiursa kids can reach their paws in that far, so I never have to deal with anyone messing around in here."


    She motioned Requiem in, a grin across her face,


    "Please, come into my not-so-secret volcanic lair!"


    After the mention of teaching Earth Power (and, secretly, the idea of having company for a bit longer), a change had come over Anareise. If there were two things she had within her element, they were making Pokemon comfortable and summoning up the destructive powers of Groudon itself. While her two talents would seem to oppose each other, they had one core idea in common: grounding and fire. The comfort and definitive strength of the earth, and the warmth and power of fire - to Anareise, the two things were just as connected as water and ice. It just so happened that the latter talent was a gift from her stepfather, and so it let her channel a bit of his boundless enthusiasm. Yes, "boundless enthusiasm" sounded a bit better than "utterly pyromaniacal tendencies."


    There were reasons besides the crazy cubs that the windows were fire and earthquake-proof, the door had been coated with a special sealant, the house had the strongest foundation she could have Dugtrios build, and the walls were three feet thick in some places. (One of them included the fact that she'd had a bedroom before, and now she just had a futon that folded into the couch she had upstairs.)


    The Shuckle rushed to the center of the training dojo, placing herself on top of a red circle (painted no more than a day ago) on the blackened (reinforced) concrete floor. A blue circle was painted to the far right of her, circled by a few other charred purple circles. She called to the Hydreigon,


    "Requiem! Stand on top of the blue circle and tell me when you're ready - the purple circles are for class sessions."


    The dojo itself would have been beautiful had it not been cracked and charred; in some ways, it still was despite that. It had the look of a coliseum, with inset squares of concrete along the top of the room (for structural support, but Anareise didn't want to frighten anyone by saying that), and crumbling dark marble pillars. There also appeared to be a few more carvings on the walls opposing the windows, but they may as well have been Pompeii at this point.


    The bright colors of the circles felt very out of place among the ashen look of the place, but Anareise had found that these colors worked the best for the Move Tutor's trade secret. Showing off a move was one thing; you could do that and easily teach a whole town of Pokemon how to flail around uselessly shouting, "Earth Power!" The key was to teach each Pokemon what powers they had to call upon within themselves to use the technique, and Anareise had discovered that this was much easier (especially with a Pokemon of her build teaching) if the Pokemon could see where they should feel these energies. Take one normal painted circle, add some Move Tutor and a bit of tinkering with help from her friend, and there you have a "power locator" of sorts. When she would teach a move, the appropriate "power centers" on her body would light up red, and the corresponding "power centers" on the bodies of the Pokemon standing in the other circles would light up blue or purple accordingly. (In other words, a Shuckle, a Lucario, and one very bright Porygon-Z walked into a bar one night, and drunk science ended up working out rather well.)




    Cas sighed deeply. It was now or never, and the Reuniclus seemed to have gathered her courage up. Who was he to waste that confidence, and who was he to potentially waste a life because of his own fear? It took a moment, but he stood up (a seemingly awkward movement considering his lack of legs) and began floating towards the Meowth. Though he positively dwarfed the Pokemon, he managed to seem relatively small with the way he carried himself. The Dusknoir bowed his head and asked,


    "Excuse me? You're the leader of team Shadow Tag, correct? Ms. Bree and I overheard that your team is going to be joining the search for the Lake Trio, and were wondering if -"


    Do you seriously believe you can reverse the tides a tsunami of our will and the will of the universe itself?


    Cas' gaze hardened slightly, and despite the interruption of his concentration he felt a well of determination pick up the slack. His words continued unhindered despite the nag at the back of his mind.


    "We could join your team -"


    You are a fool of great determination and we can APPreciate that -


    "As temporary members -"


    If you succeed, we will bother you no longer - we will cry for you and with you when you fail.


    "For this exploration?"


    We lived once, and we wish you good luck.


    Cas was left with his own feelings of incredulity at both his own perseverance and the sudden humanity in the tones of the broadcasts, as well as a sudden charge of strength. At any other time he would have shivered to consider the consequences of gaining the support of the dead (and he still wondered at it), but at this moment he needed to give a strong case for his new friend and himself. After a quick breath, he continued,


    "I myself would only accompany you to Uxie; there is a problem that I believe can only be solved with its knowledge and skills. It's of the utmost importance that I get to Uxie as soon as possible."


    After a moment's thought the Dusknoir realized he'd never given his name.


    "Ah, also, my name is Cas. It's... It's a privilege to meet you."




    Fenris rested his nose on his paws as he stretched out next to Pellinore. Man, could that guy go on. The Electrike loved him like a little brother - treated him like an older brother - but still, the Kirlia could chat just like a little sister. (He would know, he'd had them all and scared them all and gotten thrown out of the house by his mother. He missed his little sister a little bit, and he supposed that might have been why he put up with the babble.) Improper this, philosophy that, I-want-to-be-a-Gallade-in-shining-armor-and-would-you-not-be-such-a-bad-influence-I'm-trying-to-be-gentlemanly there; Pell'd been that way since he'd evolved. Quite frankly, Fenris kind of missed the little kid with a bad mouth and wet eyes and an honest smile and terrible lies. Even if Pell was just a bit older than him, he was getting way too old.


    "- and, man, I don't really know what to do if a lady comes up to ask for a dance... Do you think I'm cut out to be the gentlemanly type, even?"


    The Electrike peered into the distance. Was that another straggler in the distance? Hey, a way out was a way out.


    "Pell, you know I ain't listenin' and you know what I'd say if I was: be whatever you want 's long as it ain't a prude or a poacher. 'S that a Meowth over there hissing her tail off?"


    The Kirlia fumed,


    "Man, censorkip.gif you, Fenris. I'm serious."


    Or, a way out was a surefire way to get a pin stuck in his heart. After all, he loved Pell like a brother. He sighed,


    "Wolfy knows you're serious, and I know this means a lot to you but Wolfy also knows you worry too much about it. 'ou can be a Gallade if't's what you want and ain't no one - "


    "Shove it Wolfy, go chase your cat."


    Aaaand there was the patented "little sister is pissed at you go away" glare. Fenris hesitantly stood up, and quietly walked away. Pell'd need some time now, and he could tell him he really was sorry later.


    That indeed was a Meowth, and a very pissed and... crying? Meowth at that. The urge to practice his act was gone, though, and Fenris at this point only wanted to chat up the air while his buddy found some room to forgive him in. He padded quietly over to the conflicted little mess.


    "'Ey, kitty, what's messed you up?"


    "Go away."


    Tiramisu still had a bit of silk on her far right claw. She bit it off roughly, and began passing it numbly between her paws.


    "Ain't no way to treat someone trying to help you. What messed you up, girl?"


    "I said GET. AWAY. FROM ME."


    The Meowth hissed, and laid her ears low.




    Tiramisu growled, and glared at Fenris. Hey, wow, two glares in a row! Let's keep going.


    "Chill, you're goin' to give Wolfy a heart attack if you keep making those fart noises."


    Suddenly the Meowth's face blanked, and she blinked. A very slight, agitated smile came across her face.




    Fenris grinned,


    "Your growls sound like Manectric farts, little miss kitty. Now that I got you to chill a bit, what's got you all messed up?"


    Tiramisu stared at the ground instantly, frowning. Her answer came slowly, and shakily.


    "I... did a bad thing. A bunch of bad things. And I liked them, but they're bad - "


    Her voice got a bit faster and shakier as she continued,


    "But I don't want to always be worrying about if it's bad or good or anything because the Legendaries and rescue teams and everything was supposed to be good and they just - stupid - betrayed me and left me here and weren't... weren't what I knew they were - "


    A few more angry tears rolled down the Meowth's cheeks as her claws gripped the grass. She would've continued if Fenris' voice didn't cut in.


    "Ain't a problem at all miss, why're you crying? Zebstrika's black if you look at 'im one way, white if you look at him another, and zapping your a** off if you keep staring at him that long. Get off of it."


    "...I tried to help that kidnapper escape because I didn't like that other Meowth."


    "Get off of it."


    "...Doesn't that make me a bad Pokemon?"


    Fenris rolled his eyes and got up closer to the Meowth, so close that she could feel his breath.


    "'ou and Pell are both deaf. Get. Off. Of. It. Who gives a flying Fearow about that? Plannin' to wear a badge that says 'I'm a bad Pokemon'?"


    Tiramisu was quiet for a while, pondering this. Her voice - much calmer now, though sounding much younger - asked,


    "That means... I can do whatever I want, right?"


    "MOLTRES, ZAPDOS, AND ARTICUNO!" (A particularly old Beartic answered, "Lugia, corum omnipotens!")


    Fenris fell onto his back dramatically, paws in the air as if inviting the glory of the Legends upon his own body.


    "Felt like I was talking out my tail, but Arceus above at least you hear me."


    To a Pokemon ever bound by rules and regulations, that phrase ("You can do whatever you want.") can be dangerous without the realization of its implications. It has a sort of freeing magic that can work much like gunpowder exploding a rocket. Tiramisu did not know this. She sat up straighter and whispered, "...Th-thanks." while thinking triumphantly,


    I... I can do whatever I want. It's my life.


    Fenris rolled over again, and mumbled,


    "Eh, whatever. Call me if 'ou want the homily."


    Something else gathering near the middle of the Square had caught the Electrike's eye, and he walked off to investigate it.




    "Attention, all teams of Laos joining the chase for the Legendaries, attention!"


    A Sunflora coolly called out across the Square,


    "All teams assemble here for the greatest efficiency!~"


    So far, three teams had gathered. One was made up of two Beartics, a Sunkern, and the aforementioned Sunflora. Their name was Team Blasstafras, and their banter went something like this:


    "Yeah you tell them all about 'efficiency', nerd girl."


    "Gus, give her a break. She doesn't have the loud, obnoxious lungs you do. Not to mention - "


    "Why do you guys always talk about Ms. Nami when she's far away? You know she can't hear you, right?"


    "Yeah, kid, that's kind of the - "


    "Principle of sound traveling over a distance, a very fantastic observation, Histak."


    "Thanks, Ms. Farley!"


    They'd decided earlier that they wanted to go after Kyurem, since they deemed themselves the most suited for the task.


    The second team liked to be called Team Frikaloo, and was made up by a trio of ridiculously buff, ridiculously huge Pokemon: a Magmortar, a Kangaskan, and a Conkeldurr (who was holding two large trunks of supplies rather than the usual concrete pillars, and coincidentally had been one of the Pokemon to assist in building Anareise's bomb shelter of a dojo). Aside from the Conkeldurr, who was silent, they mostly just yelled, "FRIK. A. LOOOOO! LET'S DO THIS!" They'd also decided earlier that they wanted to go after Kyurem, since they deemed themselves the most suited for the task.


    The third team wasn't an actual rescue team, but a gathering of a few of the locals who decided they needed a bit of excitement in their life. This time was so far the largest, with six members: a Rattata, a Raticate, two Sunkerns, an Ursaring, and a Poliwrath. They conversed quietly among themselves and seemed to be thinking of other townspeople who might like to go along with them to meet Mesprit, the town's patron from olden days. The Raticate and the two Sunkerns mentioned the possibility that they'd been fooled, and that the Legends really were just fairy tales, but they did so quietly because of the excitement of the chase.


    Fenris laid down closer to the action; close enough that he could hear and hardly be noticed despite his obvious appearance. The bricks where he laid were beginning to be overgrown by the grass.


    Ah, this'll be a cakewalk.


    (( Guy, guys, guys, guys, my writing muse walked into a bar and ended up coming home with quite a few parentheticals! It got words all over my computer (I think it drank too much), but I'm really glad it's home~ ))


  16. Anareise seemed to perk up again as she - for once - stumbled over her words.


    "Oh! Yes, yes - the little bear cubs - the buggers - ah!"


    She laughed, then coughed a bit, then finally said what she'd meant to say.


    "Haha, yes... Yes, I know Earth Power. My stepfather taught me it, actually. If you want me to teach you it, we'll have to go downstairs though; the training room is down there."


    The Shuckle added,


    "That move is why I got those impenetrable windows you fell into!~"

  17. Anareise smiled and sighed, then took a quick glance out of the window. Just on the edge of the Square she saw the Electrike sitting rather calmly next to a Kirlia, a Dusknoir, and a Reuniclus. She nodded, but added,


    "He's still out there, but I doubt you'll have any problems with him. If you go around the right side of the house heading out, you probably won't even see him."




    Cas shuffled around some more, and stared off in the Meowth's direction.


    "I... I don't think it's a good idea for me to join an exploration team."


    It was only half a lie. He would have loved to join a rescue team of some sort, though there was always the issue of getting close to the Pokemon around you with his... condition. It hadn't stopped his befriending of the Kirlia next to him (albeit the voices hadn't called for his life), and it truly never stopped him unless what he'd seen was of the Pokemon themselves... However, he knew that being on a team would mean steeling himself before such circumstances and who was he kidding it was because he didn't want to be reminded of that Meowth.


    But still, should he ask? If he was successful in finding a team to help him with finding Uxie, perhaps he'd be able to stop what he'd seen...


    "Nonetheless, I think I will come with you to ask if I could accompany them."


    (( Argh, the block drops mercilessly... ))

  18. Anareise drained the remains of the tea in one great gulp, and set the cup gently down on the table. She was quiet for a while, then she smiled at Requiem again and reassured him,


    "I can see you're getting a little antsy. If you feel more comfortable being on your way, I won't keep you."


    She laughed a little,


    "I'm just glad to have had someone over for tea after all this time. Still, you're always welcome here, even if it's just stopping by for a few minutes."


    The Shuckle turned to look the Hydreigon in the eyes; her expression was a mixture of seriousness and, somehow, encouragement.


    "I'm not going to ask who's chasing you, but I want you to know this: it's a shame and a fool's mistake that they'd go after a boy like yourself. What you just said means you're a selfless Pokemon. That means that no matter how far they chase you - even to the edge of the world, the Reverse World even - no matter how far they chase you, they'll never take you. They might bruise you, they might break everything you have, they'll threaten to kill you and they just might but in the end they will never take you."


    There were a few cracks on the kettle. They'd been sealed up by now, and carefully hidden (one might even think they were part of the design), but they still were ever so slightly darker than the rest of the kettle. Anareise took a deep breath, then sighed.




    "Oh, that's perfectly alright! Thank you for your help."


    Cas tried his very best not to squirm uncomfortably. Had he made the Reuniclus nervous? Perhaps she was preoccupied with something else?


    "My... my acquaintances here were planning on doing some exploration themselves once the Pokemon from Laos begin to form serious teams. I myself wasn't planning on going. However..."


    The Dusknoir failed in his attempt not to squirm uncomfortably, and shifted his weight around a bit.


    "Given my remembered circumstances, it may be a good option to travel with a team."


    Pellinore broke off his conversation momentarily to add apologetically,


    "We can't take any more than ourselves, Cas. We just don't have the supplies, and it's hard enough for me to keep track of Wolfy. Sorry."


    "Oh, I wouldn't have burdened you with it. You told me you two were on a mission earlier; I would only hold you back."


    Cas coughed and continued,


    "Perhaps one of the teams here will take either of us as inexperienced, temporary members? If you'd like to become an explorer, this certainly would be an opportunity."

  19. Cas shook Bree's hand gently; he didn't need to be a Kirlia to tell that this Pokemon had been just as surprised by him as he'd been surprised by her.


    "It's very nice to meet you as well. I don't suppose you're from Laos?"


    Now that might sound rude. He quickly added,


    "Pardon me if you are. It just doesn't seem like there would be many Reuniclus around here... I myself am just passing through Laos..."


    Now the Dusknoir seemed troubled. He stared forward into the crowd, partly embarrassed and partly frightened.


    "I came here to..."


    I came here to... Ah, what was it? What...?


    The fire - the flames burn all and the blood boils with rage at the dead earth! You know what we require, and yet you deny US what is ou-rs!


    Consider the suffering it would prevent! A mercy! Souls in anguish never to be - bring them to me!


    Quiet - not now! I can't... Ugh... Memory!


    "Uxie! I came here because..."


    The Dusknoir trailed off as he realized that he'd been breathing heavily, and that (based on how strained his eye felt) he'd been staring wildly at the ground. The green duo beside him had stopped their conversation; Pell had placed his hand on the Dusknoir's arm and was looking up at him worriedly.




    "I-I... I'm okay now. Thank you, Pellinore."


    The Kirlia hesitantly turned back to his partner, who was staring bug-eyed at Cas. Pellinore prodded Fenris harshly, and went back to speaking quietly with him. (When the Electrike refused to stop making odd comments about the Dusknoir, the Kirlia promptly kicked him in the shin.) Cas hunched over slightly, apologizing to his new chat-mate,


    "I'm sorry, Bree - I have odd spells of amnesia and ah... Well Dusknoirs can hear some things other Pokemon can't. I..."


    He took a deep breath, straightened up again and asked,


    "Do you know anything about the Pokemon Uxie? I.. just remembered that I came here to see where that Pokemon could be found, because - as I told you earlier - I can see how Pokemon... come to their end and I believe that just maybe I could prevent that in one of the cases I've seen..."


    His gaze grew a bit shaded as he added,


    "And perhaps Uxie's powers would be helpful to me in other ways."


    Cas blinked suddenly, and looked at Bree,


    "I don't suppose you're one of the Pokemon looking for the Legendaries?"




    "Requiem. What a beautiful name... It's a pleasure to meet you, Requiem."


    Anareise leaned as far back into the couch as she could with her shell. The word took her to an old temple she'd visited once with her stepfather.


    "I can only hope that you still won't mind people talking after you sit with me a bit, Requiem. Do you know what that means in some places? Oh pechas, let me just take care of my tea before I get going..."


    The Shuckle begrudgingly got out of her comfortable position to wriggle the strainer out of her cup - the one with the Celebi on it - and drop it ungracefully onto the table. The hot water now took on a mellow, tangerine hue, with a small bit of brown settled at the bottom from where some of the stems had dropped through. Anareise took a long breath of the tea's aroma to calm her mild irritation, then settled back into the sofa again with her tea.


    "There. Now then...


    Long before the Legendaries had faded into only legends and the weather began to move on its own, I went to visit a temple with my stepfather."


    She paused and giggled,


    "I'm kidding, of course. I'm not that old. No, but I once visited a temple from that time period with my stepfather. Even when I visited, the 'temple' was little more than rubble overgrown with vines and weeds, but that dull old Rattata guide assured us that standing before us was the temple where the ancients would come to offer up their dead to their Lord, Giratina, in the hopes that he's find them worthy enough to take under his guardianship and whisk their souls to the Reverse World."


    Anareise took a long draught of her tea and continued.


    "It sounds rather dismal, doesn't it? The lower floor of the temple, however, told the story more colorfully than our guide could... It was filled with mirrors of all shapes and sizes, stained glass of all colors and shapes - broken, of course - and faded murals that of all things showed music! You see, that particular temple was once called 'The House of Requiem'."


    The Shuckle smiled,


    "And the ritual performed in it was known as 'Requiem' as well. To them the word meant 'a song of rest for the dead.'"


    She laughed and took some more tea.


    "I suppose that means you've added two homes to your list of homes today? Considering that you're always welcome here."






  20. Woah. Sailing. *hugs* Man, don't feel rushed at all... I just read what you wrote about the fire and... man.


    I had something similar happen to me, but not nearly as close (thank god, or else I probably would know how to fly by now). Back when I lived in NC, Raleigh got caught up in a tornado; it wrecked some streets, left some untouched, and literally jumped over my part of town. Everyone was kind of in a daze for days, just driving around and seeing the wreckage...


    And you have to go to work after that? I'm just glad you're okay. O_o Tell your neighbors a person from the internet wishes them good luck with fixing everything...

  21. "Oh?"


    Cas turned his head, and found himself face-to-face with a rather shy-looking Reuniclus. He'd felt like someone was watching them, though obviously this Pokemon didn't particularly mean them any harm. In fact, she seemed about as nervous as he was startled.


    "I'm sorry, you surprised me. I'd figured all the other Pokemon were busy with whatever they're up to about this whole 'Legendaries' business..."


    The Dusknoir's sentence trailed off, and he appeared lost for a moment. He shook his head, then continued,


    "It's a bit worrying. With all this witch-hunting, someone's bound to get hurt..."


    His companion had gotten into a vehement discussion with Fenris about how it wasn't really okay to stalk other Pokemon, and how he really shouldn't show off in public, especially when on special,under-the-radar business. (The determined showman retorted that for him to get better, it was necessary that he practice, and he ain't got the money or the time to hire an audience.) The conversation reminded Cas of a battle between siblings (which one should never, ever enter into), so he figured that he may as well chat with this new Pokemon, if she would answer him.


    "My name is Cas. I... Ah... see how Pokemon die?"


    Small talk wasn't his forte. The Dusknoir looked away quickly, embarrassed.


    "My apologies, that was, ah, distasteful. What... what's your name?"




    "Oh, where are my manners? I must really have wanted tea myself..."


    Anareise laughed breezily,


    "Although this really is some nice tea. Straight from the southern Hondew fields - my friend helps till the soil there in the summers... There I go again!"


    The Shuckle held out a hand/tentacle to shake,


    "I'm Anareise, Laos' resident Move Tutor. But the cubs call me 'the lady who cleans up the gym after we wreck it', haha."

  22. The Electrike shook his head,


    "Ain't no problem, m' pranks get a little out of hand sometimes."


    Fenris smiled slyly at the Meowth. If he couldn't take pride in his last performance, at least he could take pride in this.


    "Sorry - Leo, you said? That's a magician's secret. And so..."


    The Electrike's eyes flashed white and appeared to glow. Fenris smirked and seemed to melt into the background.


    "Is this one. Seeya 'round, cat - you too, girly."


    It was a short walk to where his partner was chilling with that Dusknoir. They chatted quietly, sometimes chuckling at a dark joke. Fenris slid stealthily along the ground to where Pell had made himself comfortable, then let out a low hiss.


    "I told the guy that I didn't want any dang Sitrus berries and he said - dammit Fenris, I could feel your cruel joy from a mile away."


    The Electrike reappeared, frowning.


    "Is Wolfy really that opaque?"


    "Don't kill yourself over it."


    The Kirlia giggled darkly, and a slight smile came across Cas' face. Pell waved off Fenris' slight concern,


    "Nah, you're cool. Try it with someone who can't taste your predatory glee and they'll sh- er, surely enjoy it..."


    The slightly younger Kirlia sighed,


    "Man, you have to help me with the language..."


    Fenris' ear twitched,


    "Ain't no problem with it to anyone but you here."


    "Yeah, but other company could find it distasteful, y'know?"


    "'re just words, calm down."


    The Electrike huffed, then added,


    "Oh, and if those're the guys 'e mentioned, there ain't going to be a problem."


    "Because I know just where you were -"


    Pell paused,


    "You mean the ones from the cave? Got it. Thanks. So like I was saying..."




    "Never had tea? Someone's done you a crime..."


    Anareise laughed softly,


    "Leave it in there a bit longer after I take mine out, then."


    She motioned towards the couch she was seated on,


    "You can sit if you'd like to."