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  1. Ugh, school decided to hit me in the face with a Hyper-animation-homework-and-tests Beam... I've got a good bit of homework to do today, but with luck I'll have a post up by tonight. EDIT: Gotta postpone that until tomorrow... >_< This week's a veritable monster of a week homework-wise... EDIT (Monday): ;;;;;;A;;;;;; I'm sooooorrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy great leaping kyogre i spent around 11 hours doing homework and didn't even have time for chores i just aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa This week's looking like a busy one, too, guys... ^^; So take this as a
  2. *A half-zombified arm reaches out from the ground.* graaaaaaaaaaaaa *gasps* I'M ALIVE I SWEAR. So much Reed. Currently a bit toned down on swag. Tiramisu's just chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool and completely hiding her face from the town because she still doesn't particularly want to face anyone who might recognize her~ (Again, I'll post as her when we get to the going.) >///< Aaah Pi you flatter meee HAVE SOME UM MUSIC HERE THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE EVERYONE, AND IF I DIDN'T HAVE YOUR PATIENCE THANK YOU FOR NOT GOING INSANE / TRACKING
  3. Halitosis smiled slyly at the Scolipedes. "Any Pokemon that actually wants to find Mesprit - if it exists - would probably head in the direction of the Eaves of Hiraeth. The carvings of Mesprit here are under eaves, not to mention that the river that ran through there would have had a particular effect on the natural clay there - as seen in the tablet's composition." The Porygon-Z smirked bitterly at Bec, then waved lazily at the Scolipedes, "Good luck on your quest and all that. I'll buy you a pint or something if you find that cute little imp." Bec growled as the town dru
  4. Argh, I'm sorry guys. I'm starting to think at least two to three days between post will become regular; I really want to work on my writing and drawing, and since I just moved to a new school I'd like to try and keep in touch with my friends as well... It really splits my time since I'm not really used to balancing things like this. ^^; Please be patient with me. Next post is Hal and Bec's advice, Reed, the time skip, and Tiramisu deciding where she wants to go on the fly. Depending on if you guys want a time skip to the journey or a time skip to just setting off, it may also include a s
  5. It was hardly four minutes after the Scolipede had returned from the post office that the Ursaring librarian and a rather wobbly-looking Porygon-Z re-entered the Square, crumbling stone tablets, withered parchment, and two odd-looking flowers in tow. The Ursaring paused for a moment to take from the Porygon-Z a tablet that was about to fall off his stack, then rushed over to the group. The Porygon-Z blinked sleepily, and slurred after her, "Heyyyy, I wash watchin-holding that, Bec..." "Hali, I know that beneath your current drunken stupor you understand that you're currently holding
  6. Oh my gosh Leo really is a shinigami run run run And I trust you, Sailing. Leo's the sheriff; if he's got Magnezone around his paw, then surely he's shown some pretty amazing skills. Aaaah, school. @LegendofKorraFan: I'm sorry to hear that... ;A; We'll miss you! And you can come back anytime if you like, too! @Reddan: Hmm... I think she can get an official Rescue Federation bag, if Sailing wouldn't mind. Maybe they have a few at the Post Office for newly registered team members? (Also, you can't have two held items, so when I update the bios I'll just add whichever item y
  7. The Shuckle waved away Requiem's worry. "Nothing at all, Requiem, nothing at all. Tutoring's free among friends." Anareise smiled; she could see how he'd brightened up at her praise, and then how nervous he'd been about the money. If it had been obvious to her how kind-hearted the Hydreigon was, it was now painfully so. "Before you argue, I won't take any money you try to give me. You've given me some good company, and I haven't had that for a long time, Requiem. All I could ask from you is that you keep yourself safe and maybe drop in whenever you escape those things or Pokem
  8. *gasps for air* ALIVE. SOMEHOW. @Puredark: With the IVs and all that... If you want to fix it, you can, but I'll by no means require you to, haha. Since we don't have a set HP sort of thing, Sitrus Berries would probably work best as just HP-restorers, but if you guys want they could help with building HP; I'd just have to make them extremely rare. @Reddan: Welcome back! :3 ...first day of school today! Aaah, I'm excited but terrified at the same time....
  9. Not so fast m'dear, I've got a few things in mind for the journey~ (Although yeah, once everyone is ready / going into town to buy supplies (which if you don't want to RP it, just do the little update thing) a small time skip will be in order~) Also, everyone: Would you like all of us to go as a group searching for one Legendary, or would you want to be able to split up? The way we're set up now, I can go either way with it~
  10. Noticing Leo's at least slight frustration, Cas said very quietly, "My apologies, I should have walked behind you. If it would help any, I could, ah... Perhaps I could hold you up? Ah, no, that would be awkward." The Dusknoir shuffled backwards uncomfortably, then decided to huddle in by Team... What was it? "FRIK. A. LOOOOOOOOOO! HECK YEAH, LET'S GO FOR THE KYUREM!" The Kangaskhan very quickly (and loudly) gave Cas his answer. He shuffled to stand next to the team's Conkeldurr. He couldn't help but notice that the Pokemon was scribbling furiously at the notebook, eyes narr
  11. Before I forget: - Character bio updates are done; I changed Red's ability to Pickup like you said, Reddan, and I added Earth Power to Requiem's moves! - Would you guys mind if we could post literary things onto the Deviantart too? (I haven't written anything yet, but I have an idea for a little side story~) - OP will soon deliver! :3 (As in, posting right now~) - OP also needs to get her danged summer homework done. >_< - I don't mind if you think I'm a boy, Silver, haha, I act more like a guy than a girl in comfortable company~
  12. Anareise nodded, filled with a focus that was slightly broken when she heard Requiem's initial hesitation. She grinned sheepishly, "Please don't be afraid, Requiem. I promise I've never had an injury in this dojo except for my own." The Shuckle wiggled her hurt leg, then looked back towards the door where they'd come in. The steeled determination and excitement of training had come back to her. "I'm going to perform Earth Power six times. You'll see part of my body light up red, and part of yours light up blue - those places are where you'll be able to feel the attack whenever y
  13. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah oh my arceus they're adorable what are you talking about aaaa I wish this place were a lunch table so I could just push my sketchbook into your hands and count the blank eyes hahahahah. Fun fact: I once cried for like half an hour when I couldn't get a Vulpix's eyes right. Pi, Pi, how do you even human anatomy? ;A; Because honestly I just... Kind of... Pears? I end up drawing everything with pear bodies. wait no friend don't crawl under the desk and with your other post what do you mean you're a great writer Piiiiiiiii don't turn into a fish ca
  14. Oh guys, why on earth would I ever think of traps when you're giving me such great ideas and we're going to be looking for Legendaries that have stayed hidden for over a thousand years? And why on Arceus' water-and-lava flowing earth would monster houses be confined to a dungeon in a role play? >:3 *ahem* Aaaaaa Pi I'd love to see the gijinkas aaa I like the gijinkas yes I do~ (Also, you guys made me draw a picture of Reed being a contortionist but he looks really depressed in it ;A;) In other news, enjoy my short fanfiction of a post. (It's longer than a fanficti
  15. Anareise shifted herself off of the couch hastily, grinning as she did so (half because she'd lifted herself onto her bad leg). The Shuckle hobbled carefully down the short set of stairs, then around the corner of the staircase. In front of her was a thick wooden door with an engraving of a Magcargo; the carving seemed to be of the eastern style, with the Magcargo calmly meditating in front of a more subtly engraved volcano. The dark wood didn't really fit the volcanic scene, although Anareise reasoned that neither the volcanic scene nor the meditative pose truly captured her stepfather's mann
  16. ^w^; I'll find some time to post tomorrow, guys! (I'll also PM those two to see what's up, and yes we'll be in a dungeon relatively soon (although we might do a bit of traveling beforehand).
  17. Anareise seemed to perk up again as she - for once - stumbled over her words. "Oh! Yes, yes - the little bear cubs - the buggers - ah!" She laughed, then coughed a bit, then finally said what she'd meant to say. "Haha, yes... Yes, I know Earth Power. My stepfather taught me it, actually. If you want me to teach you it, we'll have to go downstairs though; the training room is down there." The Shuckle added, "That move is why I got those impenetrable windows you fell into!~"
  18. Anareise smiled and sighed, then took a quick glance out of the window. Just on the edge of the Square she saw the Electrike sitting rather calmly next to a Kirlia, a Dusknoir, and a Reuniclus. She nodded, but added, "He's still out there, but I doubt you'll have any problems with him. If you go around the right side of the house heading out, you probably won't even see him." ------- Cas shuffled around some more, and stared off in the Meowth's direction. "I... I don't think it's a good idea for me to join an exploration team." It was only half a lie. He would have lov
  19. I'm with Pi on this one. ^w^ If it's my approval you're looking for to try it, go ahead! I might help out some, but don't expect me to be a regular contributor, haha.
  20. Anareise drained the remains of the tea in one great gulp, and set the cup gently down on the table. She was quiet for a while, then she smiled at Requiem again and reassured him, "I can see you're getting a little antsy. If you feel more comfortable being on your way, I won't keep you." She laughed a little, "I'm just glad to have had someone over for tea after all this time. Still, you're always welcome here, even if it's just stopping by for a few minutes." The Shuckle turned to look the Hydreigon in the eyes; her expression was a mixture of seriousness and, somehow, enc
  21. Cas shook Bree's hand gently; he didn't need to be a Kirlia to tell that this Pokemon had been just as surprised by him as he'd been surprised by her. "It's very nice to meet you as well. I don't suppose you're from Laos?" Now that might sound rude. He quickly added, "Pardon me if you are. It just doesn't seem like there would be many Reuniclus around here... I myself am just passing through Laos..." Now the Dusknoir seemed troubled. He stared forward into the crowd, partly embarrassed and partly frightened. "I came here to..." I came here to... Ah, what was it?
  22. Woah. Sailing. *hugs* Man, don't feel rushed at all... I just read what you wrote about the fire and... man. I had something similar happen to me, but not nearly as close (thank god, or else I probably would know how to fly by now). Back when I lived in NC, Raleigh got caught up in a tornado; it wrecked some streets, left some untouched, and literally jumped over my part of town. Everyone was kind of in a daze for days, just driving around and seeing the wreckage... And you have to go to work after that? I'm just glad you're okay. O_o Tell your neighbors a person from the internet
  23. "Oh?" Cas turned his head, and found himself face-to-face with a rather shy-looking Reuniclus. He'd felt like someone was watching them, though obviously this Pokemon didn't particularly mean them any harm. In fact, she seemed about as nervous as he was startled. "I'm sorry, you surprised me. I'd figured all the other Pokemon were busy with whatever they're up to about this whole 'Legendaries' business..." The Dusknoir's sentence trailed off, and he appeared lost for a moment. He shook his head, then continued, "It's a bit worrying. With all this witch-hunting, someone's bo
  24. The Electrike shook his head, "Ain't no problem, m' pranks get a little out of hand sometimes." Fenris smiled slyly at the Meowth. If he couldn't take pride in his last performance, at least he could take pride in this. "Sorry - Leo, you said? That's a magician's secret. And so..." The Electrike's eyes flashed white and appeared to glow. Fenris smirked and seemed to melt into the background. "Is this one. Seeya 'round, cat - you too, girly." It was a short walk to where his partner was chilling with that Dusknoir. They chatted quietly, sometimes chuckling at a da