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  1. "You're right, Sheriff, an ordinary Smeargle wouldn't have this power. A Smeargle wouldn't have this power at all. Have you considered that perhaps you have the name right and the species wrong?"


    The shadowed figure spoke quietly now that Leo was at the same level as himself. Up close, his posture didn't seem as imposing. Perhaps it had been the light? (Of which there was little, in between the tangible tendrils of shade.) His shoulders slumped so slightly forward, though not enough to impede his proud image - only enough to remove the illusion of cockiness. The silhouette might seem like that of a more elderly Pokemon to some - one resigned and growing comfortable with the unsettling feeling of helplessness. Ice and snow are made of the same water, and both can, cold and relentless, freeze one to death. Snow at times, though, can be a welcome comfort with the moon shining high above. The figure's eyes from this even footing, then, felt more like snow (though their color had not changed). He felt a detached pain as the foul wind struck through Allen harshly. He shrugged it off, and turned towards where he expected Leo would be now that he'd disappeared with the wind, a level gaze turning with him.


    "My actions have been an attempt to keep ordinary Pokemon out of this conflict. I don't want a single life of collateral damage where it isn't necessary, Leo."


    He leaned his head back slightly, glancing at the sky a bit contemplatively.


    "My mistake with Palkia interfered with that. Because I failed to take the proper precautions, you and your colleagues were dragged into this conflict. And my failure with Latios has likely brought the entire world into it as well."


    Offhandedly he added,


    "I won't fight you, Leo. Any moves you make will only hurt Allen."




    Cas blinked and twisted around to face Agatha.


    "That's absolute nonsense! I couldn't have - "


    He looked from Agatha, to Tiramisu, over to the clearing, back to Tiramisu. Tiramisu was staring blankly ahead, head tilted. That was a bit worrying, but at the very least she didn't seem to be incriminating him. Frustrated, he stammered,


    "I would never have done that - I don't even know this area!"


    Fenris glared through Agatha towards the Dusknoir,


    "Don't kid yourself, girlie, 'at stumbling excuse f'r a ghost ain't with us."


    Pell craned his neck around to try to find Cas, but that was hard to do while keeping one eye on the boss, another on Fenris, and another on that Meowth right near the boss. Suddenly he only needed to keep one eye on anything because he found himself aching on the ground. Arceus, he hated Ghost-type moves... His one open eye saw Fenris gritting his teeth against the Ominous Wind, still dead-set on maiming (or, well, killing) that Mismagius.


    This... was no time for hesitation. The Kirlia called out, "Cas, I'll explain later!", rushed forward to grab his seething and sparking partner, and let out the strongest Psychic Lens Combo he could. To any observer, they and two feet around them would be a riotous mess of colors and lines. A strong telepathic order cut through to the silhouette on the tree - Boss, we need to leave, now! - as the entire ball of confusion began to flicker.


    This was also a horrible mess.



    "Giratina... what?"


    Stage One: Denial.


    Fenris was a nice Pokemon. He'd helped Tiramisu back at the Square, and just because he had an accent and spoke kind of bluntly, it didn't mean that he was some sort of villain. So what if he looked like he was going to kill Agatha? She deserved it.


    Stage Two: Anger.


    Who was Agatha to say that those two Pokemon were the cause of everything? She was doing the same thing: standing around back here, not helping, while a Giratina suddenly appeared! She had a motive! She wanted Leo not to find Allen first, so she must have planned it all, and here she was blaming two completely innocent Pokemon -


    Stage Three: bull****.


    You're just trying to incriminate her however you can.


    Take a moment, then work it out.








    Tiramisu leveled her gaze towards Agatha, looking her over carefully and cautiously.


    "You sure want us out of here quickly, Agatha. Giving us a Mobile Scarf to get out of here is pretty selfless for you."


    Padding a few steps closer, the Meowth peered at the Mismagius, slit-eyed.


    "You're right, they're probably guilty. But - correct me if I'm wrong - you're hiding out of sight, not helping, as well. And you sure seem to be pointing a lot of fingers."


    Somewhere deep inside, Tiramisu was grinning madly, holding a five-block block party for her sudden bout of righteous confidence. Outwardly she felt a bit malicious.


    "If you're working with Reed, and Reed's the one who organized this whole ambush, then I'm afraid you're guilty too, Agatha."


    She felt the urge to spit a Shadow Ball growing in her throat.


    "Get out of here before I make you."


    ...That wasn't exactly how I meant to work it out, but that works.




    Back on the road, things had finally fallen quiet. The Spiritomb and Gourgeist had fallen victim to the onslaught of attacks; all of the attackers laid unconscious on the ground, breathing shallowly (minus the Gastlies, who'd fallen through the ground and were approximately twenty-five feet into the earth at this point in time).


    Congratulations, you've won.


    [boss Battle success!


    You get all of the praise. All of it.


    +π experience points!]

  2. nnnnnnnnng why do the weeks leading up to thanksgiving have to be so busyyyyyyyy


    Thanks for the damage calculator, PureDark! ^w^


    Whenever I get a chance I'll add you guys! My Friend Code's in my sig~ And then I'd be willing to trade just about whenever we're on at the same time. Haha, honestly as long as these Shuppets go to a good home I'll be happy~


    @Pi: You can keep Quick Feet if you'd like, or change it if you want. ^w^; I've noticed that quite a few combinations of attacks or things like that are now impossible... Like a Shuppet with Phantom Force and Pain Split. ;;A;; But for this RP, if an ability or move was ever legitimately obtainable for a Pokemon, then they can have it. (*grumblegrumbleimmahavemyshuppet*)


    (muahaha Scolipede has Speed Boost? time to go bug hunting yes)

  3. As a shadowy fist knocked against his side, Fenris growled,


    "Knew we couldn't trust a face like yours, girlie. Think that'll be enough - "


    "Fenris, we gotta get out of here. I f***ed up."


    Pellinore winced as he struggled to shrug off the Shadow Sneak's effect on him. Curse his girlish frame, curse his terrible concentration... But there was no time for that now. Fenris was glaring at him as the emulated shadows behind them fell, flickering, apart like dark sparks. The Electrike looked almost murderous. Pell could read his face's curses: Everything was perfect, Pell and 'ou went 'n' busted it up after ONE HIT -


    "Fenris. Chill. We have bigger problems now."


    The beast who almost certainly would devour the earth whole for ruining a single performance let the rage pass from his partner... to the one who really deserved his wrath. That Agatha Pokemon, witch that she was, who had dared to disturb his partner and himself - that wretched wisp of a shadow she was... He would break her, if he could. A wicked crocodilian grin cracked his face as he stalked toward the ghost.


    "Nah, Pell, we got one thin, raggedy probl'm. One right here."


    This particular Kirlia knew when trouble was coming. One, said raggedy problem didn't seem all the way together to begin with (though that was just his first impression); two, his own bristling, murderous problem was getting too close to cold-blooded murder for his liking. (A third nagging voice also mentioned that, as a gentleman, allowing a lady to be mauled to death was a huge no-no.) The boss was up in the trees, masquerading as that Lampent again and putting on quite the show for whoever that Meowth was. (The leader of Team Shadow Tag, right?) The time for a Teleport had to be soon, considering the loss of the illusion...



    "Allen" remained silent. His gaze traced Bree's Shadow Ball as it spiraled towards the Giratina's menacing figure. He watched coolly as the Giratina's eyes flickered out of existence; the shadows on its wings, its sharp edges fell away as it became a blur of deadened color. Then, the Giratina shattered into bright purple sparks and sheets, like the rest of the artificial shadows shrouding the surrendering portion of the road. Then he turned his forever frozen gaze to Leo again.


    "A more cruel Pokemon would ask you how you still maintain that you know what is real - how you know that this is in fact your Allen, or if it is a trick of the light."


    The shadow-wrapped figure's voice seemed somehow changed now. Where previously it held a confident - even cocky - fullness, it now sounded like a hollow wind, a rasping ancient whisper, and even... lost. The creature held up a cimmerian claw and stared at it.


    "I will tell you that this is in fact your Allen. I will also tell you that you know who I am, and in fact have spoken to me."


    Have I fallen so far as to resort to that sort of cowardice? Equivocating like a Mankey's fool?


    A small, malicious smile formed on his shaded face. It didn't fit how he felt.


    If I must ask, then I certainly have. And I will go further. Allen, find some solace in knowing that it is not only you I have slighted.


    With a small flick of his wisp-like claw, the trees' shadows, the Pokemon's shadows, the earth's shadow, perhaps, lengthened and blackened to appear as pits would. He (hesitated, just for a moment)... grinned.


    "It's fantastic to look down on you, my dear Sheriff. I can only imagine this is how the lamppost was for you - only, perhaps it is more like in the caverns beneath Groudon's cave? I hope you don't think I've forgotten."


    A murderous flame grew in those glacial eyes as a superior smirk grew on that face. It still didn't fit how he felt.


    "Oh, don't mistake what I mean. I don't want an apology from you - " His raspy voice now sounded smooth, like the blade of a killer's knife, "I've already forgiven you. I just needed to see your face when you saw I had someone you loved. That's not why I took your Allen, of course - that would be petty. He has a bigger part in my plan... But you'll find that out later. Then you'll have your Allen back, and won't that be a joyous day?"


    A malicious glee rang in the air from that nightmarish voice,


    "A joyous day, when your partner finds out that he himself is responsible for the elimination of the last of the Legendaries, and that you could have kept his name from the pits of infamy by just turning back and saying that it all was a myth? A joyous day, yes indeed."


    How much of what he'd just said was a lie was a mystery even to him. He felt cold.


    I truly hope you understand, Allen. I am just as bound as you.




    Tiramisu stared blankly at Agatha, then her targets... Was that the Electrike from earlier? She ducked under the Mobile Scarf and stumbled to stand between Agatha and the Electrike as the latter stalked up menacingly (my, what large teeth you have). The Meowth trembled slightly as she strained,


    "Escaping? Stupid? Who said anything about stupiding - escaping?"


    The nervous shuffle was back, and her front paws did it. She felt slightly angry. After all, what reason did Agatha have to attack that friendly Electrike? She'd gotten her into that horrible mess back in Laos, and he'd put her back together in a way (less so than Leo and co had, but still). He'd told her she could do whatever she wanted. Whatever she wanted. Tiramisu growled,


    "I don't want your crap, and I want you to keep your nasty shadow-hands away from my Electrike friend."


    Only two minutes ago, I was freaking happy. And you ruined it. You dare to play the good guy, but after what you pulled at the Square? Never again.

    I can't believe I felt bad for you.


    Cas stood awkwardly to the side until he noticed a concerned-looking Pellinore mentally planning ways to drag Fenris away from the fight. He blinked, confused. Did this have something to do with that mission Pell had vaguely mentioned? The Dusknoir gave a completely unnecessary wave to the Kirlia, as he coughed,


    "Ah, hello Pellinore! Fancy meeting you here."




    Meanwhile, the minions seemed completely unfazed that their supposed leader had just shattered into a million pieces. Though the second Gourgeist had fallen, fainted, to the soggy ground, the other two Gourgeist remained. It was time for a Will-o-Wisp Wind; the Spiritomb agreed that this time there would be no waiting. That Zigzagoon had knocked out one of the sisters, so something wicked would that way come... and that Hydreigon had been a pain all along. The Spiritomb, with an unholy cackle, charged up his sinful wind... and the poor Houndoom among their ranks laid himself down carefully and submitted in preparation for his consequent fainting. The Ominous Wind blew, with two Will-o-Wisps dancing along it, and the Houndoom fell.


    [[battle Status:

    Gourgeist 1: 3/4 health remaining

    Gourgeist 3: 2/3 health remaining

    Spiritomb 1: 2/5 health remaining


    Gourgeist 1 used Will-o-Wisp on Red!

    Gourgeist 3 used Will-o-Wisp on Requiem!

    Spiritomb used Ominous Wind! (Combo with Gourgeist 1 and 3)

    Houndoom fainted because of the damage from Ominous Wind! ]]

  4. *checks heartbeat* Alive! Alive, see! ^^;


    ah shame on me i even had a four-day weekend - aaah bad me, bad


    Anyway, I've been thinking of how to improve the battle system a bit... None of these changes would be effective until next battle, but this is what I'm suggesting:

    - I should use some sort of damage calculator because DANG those Gastlies should have been gone long ago. (Having tested this with a Hydreigon and a Gastly, both at level 50, I've learned this lesson haha.) Puredark, could you maybe send whatever you're using my way?

    - Would it be a pain for you guys to specify which Pokemon you're attacking in [brackets] at the end of your posts? It's kind of hard for me to keep track of who hit who without a map of the battle.


    ...Okay, I'mma admit right now that Shiny hunting is totally what kept me away so long. >w<; Anyone want a Shuppet with Phantom Force? Please? Please! Please...


    Shupps, shupps everywhere. Shupps as far as the eye can see...

  5. The tsunami-like wave slammed against Tiramisu like a theoretical "car". Her small frame slid down into the forest alongside Cas', both Pokemon flailing, grasping for any small paw-or-hand-hold they could find (which made Cas look rather pathetic, considering his size). She slammed against a tree - claws flailing and drenched in the spontaneously-generated seawater - and slowly slid down with the tide. All she could think was, Wow, this grass is fantastic. Let me never ever leave solid ground again, yes, that sounds fantastic - let me just lay here for approximately ever.


    Then she rolled over and spat out some water. Cas groaned from high up in the tree - How, exactly, did he...? -


    "...I can't say... I saw that coming..."


    Tiramisu began to laugh, then spluttered,


    "That's why I always hold my nose - ha - ack - ah, man."


    The path seemed far too far away to walk to. Tiramisu sighed and rolled over again, "ugh"-ing and "nnng"-ing as she stared at the continuing battle and the still-bright forest around them. She could just lay there forever, Cas hanging by his arms in the tree, fresh sunlight warming her damp fur as she sprawled out on the grass... Last she checked, the sky had been darkened, and shadows had been setting in around them. She straightened suddenly, cursing her lazy Meowth instincts as she urgently licked droplets off of her tail. It had been dark before, so that meant...


    The weird darkness is only confined there. Something must be causing it...


    The tree's branches creaked loudly as Cas pried himself carefully from their hold. Tiramisu peered around in the darkness - nothing. She raised her ears, pivoting them around as she paced around the tree - nothing.


    "Hey Cas, can you smell anything?"


    The now-very-noticably-noseless cyclops stared at her. She flinched, a sheepish grin covering her embarrassment. The Meowth sniffed the air carefully... Still nothing. She'd had a stuffed up nose essentially since she was born, so that was usual. Tiramisu grumbled,


    "There has to be something out here... I mean..."


    She absentmindedly walked parallel to the path, further along into the forest. Cas followed, listening as he anxiously eyed the forest.


    "Giratina can't teleport Pokemon. Palkia does - Palkia does, right?"


    "I'm not entirely familiar with the myths, but I believe so."


    Tiramisu nodded, the chat taking precedence over her nagging feeling that maybe they should go back to the battle to help the others. (Although she knew for a fact that her and Cas' battle prowess left them in now way inclined to throw themselves back into that ridiculous rumble.)


    "So where did all of those Pokemon come from? Houndoom don't live around here, I think... They must have been hiding in here."


    She sighed, squinting further into the forest. Was that a bit of purple up there? And a few little flecks of pink... Tiramisu walked faster, low to the ground. Cas hunched over next to her, trying to find what she saw.


    "Did you find something?"


    Tiramisu nodded slowly, sliding forward even more quickly. Yes, that was indeed the purple outline of something... Someone... Was that...?






    The onslaught of attacks from the defending Pokemon proved devastating. Each and every one of the Gastlies fell to (and through) the floor, well past spent. One of the Houndoom's yowled as fainted, its spade tail and head flopping heavily onto the ground and being washed down the path a ways.Its brother winced against the pain of the crashing wave, hardly managing to hold its ground. The three foul Gourgeists hung on, one humming wildly, another hanging on to dear life, another expressing incoherent rage at its concentration being lost. The Spiritomb next the lattermost one showed the same consternation. It screeched, and with its screeching summoned foul tentacles to wrap around Requiem - its Spite. Let him only try to take them all down like that again.


    The Giratina sunk low to the ground, its wings high as it seemed to either be bowing or charging some sort of attack.




    "Allen" shook his head slowly, seeming disappointed. His cold eyes stared icily back.


    "Don't you get it, Sheriff? Allen was captured. He's mine."


    The shadows tightened around him, forming a certain undeniable silhouette. He looked like a nightmare. Long, claw-like fingers hung down at his side - the darkness of the trees whipped like ripped robes behind him. He closed his eyes, allowing their freezing glow to hide for just a moment.


    I told you you don't need to do any more.

    And I told you that Tyndall is a fantastic name. Look, just high-five me when I get back and we'll call it a deal.


    "I'll spare you a trip to Uxie and tell you that the only way you'll find your partner is through me. Actually..."


    A thoughtful look came across the bundle of shadows as it held a hand out towards Leo,


    "I'm feeling rather remorseful today. Leave my quarrel with the other Legendaries to me, and I may allow you your partner back and your life. Your friends here... They may feel free to beg as well."


    Alright old man, I'm out. It's about time for the meteor shower.

    You're more insufferable than I am.

    Eh, whatever.


    [[ Battle status:

    Giratina: Full Health

    Houndoom 1: Just barely enduring

    Gourgeist 1: 3/4 health remaining

    Gourgeist 2: Just barely enduring

    Gourgeist 3: 2/3 health remaining

    Spiritomb 1: 3/4 health remaining


    Giratina appears to be charging up an attack!

    Houndoom 1 is winded!

    Gourgeist 1, 2, and 3 are winded!

    Spiritomb used Spite on Requiem. ]]

  6. @Sailing: I just noticed your post about Fury Swipes - that sounds good! ^w^ If you're lucky then that's just your luck, haha~


    Also, you guys, I'm not even suggesting a time skip at the moment, no need to feel pressured! ^^; I was just a little worried that I didn't give you guys enough to go on and I didn't want you to feel left out, so, yeah, you guys can time skip whenever you want.

  7. ^^ Considering the difficulty of the battle and for the purposes of the RP, (with you guys' permission) I'd like to nerf Curse - in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, Curse wears off after a couple steps, so I'll limit the number of times it affects a Pokemon to three times.


    Embargo will be slightly nerfed to affecting a Pokemon for three posts.


    The Gourgeist Red attacked is at 1/3 health. ^w^ I think from now on I'll do a full battle log in the mechanics brackets to make it easier~


    I'm still working out exactly how much damage everything should do (since this is the inaugural boss battle, after all), but I promise this battle is not at all impossible! The Pokemon you guys are facing are weaker than your characters, though at a decent level.


    Don't forget that attacks can miss, too! Considering that this isn't the games, I know there are multiple ways to dodge an attack, so. ^w^ (Although, of course, don't abuse it - though you guys know that.)


    The Gastlies are short-lived beasts, haha~


    aaaaah Haldor and Zagan and Ruphus' group, you have my full permission to do a time skip whenever you'd like, all the way up to the foot of the mountains near the Eaves of Hiraeth. ^w^ When you get to that point, I have a nice little bit of fun for you guys too~

  8. Was Leo... Had Leo been panicking? The appearance of Giratina had rattled Tiramisu, turned her feet to ice and chilled her heart, but the idea of the great leader of Team Shadow Tag - the Sheriff, Reed called him? - panicking seemed completely alien to her. Or did it? Down in the - a nasty chill went down the Meowth's steadily straightening back - down in the magma-heated caverns, Leo had panicked about the poisonous vapors from the magma. There'd been something she'd missed all this time: Leo was a Pokemon just like the rest of them. This was a team effort.


    For everyone, then.


    Tiramisu glanced quickly around the clearing: Gastlies, Houndoom, Gourgeist... Requiem? Even the excitable (to say the least) Hydreigon was facing Giratina. All these shadows, and yet here he was. Tiramisu smiled as she watched the dark energy pulsing out of him nail a Gastly firmly in the face.


    No slacking off now, no fear! Do what you do best!


    Zigzagoon, two Meowth, a Hydreigon, an Altaria... Giratina would be the only one who really could pose a threat to any of them, if she remembered her types correctly. The ghosts would slip right through the Zigzagoon - Red? - and the likes of herself and Leo... Other than that, there could be the threat of a ghost's curse. (Ack, the image of a nail going through a Banette - focus, she told herself.) In any case, Shadow Ball would be her best bet. The target?


    Tiramisu dashed to the edge of the clearing to find her target. In the middle of the battle she'd be useless, but here, with a clear shot at that Spiritomb? It was easy... pickings.


    The Houndoom who absorbed the shot looked incredibly unamused at her sloppy sniper tactics. In fact, he looked like he had never been nor could he be amused at anything in his entire life. Actually, he kind of looked like a zombie, eyes half-lidded and growling... Tiramisu felt flames lick her arm as she tried and failed to leap over the Houndoom. They burned like hell-fire.


    The two grappled, (rather small) cat and (large, hellhound-ish) dog. Tiramisu felt a sharp scale cut through her bag and nearly slice her foot - one of her Gabite Scales. The Houndoom grunted and ate it whole, just as a large, grey fist knocked it into the forest.


    That had to be the second surprise Tiramisu had today.




    Cas felt a pain like a ripped sponge tear through his arm. The Houndoom was hardly as tough as a rock - and that was certainly fortuitous, because with his strength any rock most likely would have smashed his arm - yet so many years out of practice had made that one use of Rock Smash almost unbearable.


    He'd seen flames, though. There had been only one choice: a Blizzard would do nothing against an inferno, Future Sight would work no wonders in time to save a future, and Will-o-Wisp certainly wouldn't put out a fire. The Dusknoir sighed in relief and held his arm close to his body, panting.


    "Are you alright, Tiramisu?"


    The Meowth stared at him, confused. She silently glanced at his injured arm, then looked back at him. He could read her expression: Why? And he couldn't tell her. As much as he tried, what he'd said at the Square was all he could say. She took one last glance at him, then, startled, hurled a Shadow Ball at...


    The Gourgeist weaving bright Infernos at the two of them, growling a low tune.




    Reed sighed dully,


    "It isn't my illusion, it's theirs. And those two can't handle a moving, talking Pokemon."


    Running a paw over his "hat", the Smeargle belatedly added,


    "No offense, guys."


    He fiddled his paws a bit, pacing. Finally he rolled his eyes and grumbled,


    "Fine. Fine, I'll see what I can do about that. Don't follow me. A Chandelure with orange flames..."


    Reed felt a dizzy spell coming over him. He hadn't really slept in days, but this, he knew, was different. The same sort of thing that came over him in the Magmaworld. Time for another nap (he scoffed internally)... Or was it?


    No, no, no, no, no. This time, he could handle it himself. Personally. He pivoted on one foot.


    "Ac-tual-lyyyyy... I think we can handle this another way. Still don't follow me."


    This was, after all, his problem. He grinned widely, going off to hide in the forest. He happily noted that seeing Mr. Boston again would be somewhat enjoyable. What? He liked Mr. Boston. That Wobuffet was quite the agreeable gentleman. In no time at all, Reed would be quite gone, quite quickly, almost as if he'd gone through a portal.




    The battle thickened. After all, the minions weren't only there to look pretty - the Gastlies especially. The five noxious wisps spread out across the path, looking dull and almost lifeless (fitting for a ghost, though it was a bit unnerving). Eyes like pins, one staggered up to Requiem, a bright ball whipping wildly around its body - Confuse Ray. Two dashed to face Alteria and Red, eyes shining red as they began to cast Curses. The remaining Gastlies glanced over towards the not-so-threatening Cas and his charge, and decidedly sauntered over to face Leo, eyes a-glow with Confuse Rays ready.


    The Houndoom not preoccupied with the distant Dusknoir galloped, growling, to Red's side. It barked loudly in the Zigzagoon's ear as the glowing ribbons of Embargo began to pour out of its horns.


    The two Gourgeist and Spiritomb seemed to be numbly readying some sort of attack... A flaming wind of sorts, though it would take a while yet to ready.


    Giratina seemed to be watching the fighting intently, a pleased grin lighting up its face. It had yet to attack, though it now loosed a threatening - yet rather quiet - Roar upon the crowd.


    Up in the trees, a bright purple light glowed. Ice blue eyes surveyed the battle disdainfully. The Lampent sighed.


    This certainly is a mess.


    The shadows of the leaves wrapped around him thickly, choking the purplish light as its supposed owner stared far off into the distance - back in time, even.


    Victini's judgement of me - and indeed yours, Allen - may have been right. You may not believe that I am doing this for a just cause...


    The shadows wrapped more tightly around the Pokemon, covering his spindly body in a robe-like cover of darkness and draping his arms in midnight tendrils.


    And you would be correct. I am doing this selfishly, for my own survival. Without or without my intervention, the Legendaries would fall; I am doing this for myself.


    Only piercing, ice blue eyes shined through the thick fog of artificial night. The trees' shadows lengthened on their own.


    The voice that rung out was cold and confident. It cut through the air like a a chime in the midnight hours, though it was not spoken loudly.


    "Giratina's guardians were disposed of long ago. I'm afraid your luck has run out."


    Actually, the voice was somewhat familiar as well. It sounded similar to the chilling, vengeful voice some had heard in the caverns in a moment of tension... Though its words were edged with a certain scratchiness that betrayed a long time of silence. The blue eyes blinked slowly.


    "I will be merciful, this once. Give up your search for Mesprit, and for the other Legendaries, and I will spare you their fate."


    You have done more than enough.

    Tyndall's a great name, isn't it? The scattering of light through a colloid.


    "So what'll it be.... Sheriff?"


    [ TIRAMISU: Gabite Scale x1 lost.


    Battle status:

    Giratina: Full Health

    Gastly 1: ½ Health

    Gastly 2: ½ Health

    Gastly 3: Full Health

    Gastly 4: Full Health

    Gastly 5: 1/4 Health Remaining

    Houndoom 1: Slightly Damaged

    Houndoom 2: 3/4 Health Remaining

    Gourgeist 1: Full Health

    Gourgeist 2: 1/3 Health Remaining

    Gourgeist 3: Slightly Damaged

    Spiritomb 1: Slightly Damaged


    Gastly 1 attacked Alteria with Curse.

    Gastly 2 attacked Red with Curse.

    Houndoom 2 attacked Red with Embargo.

    Gastly 3 and 4 attacked Leo with Confuse Ray.

    Gastly 5 attacked Requiem with Confuse Ray.

    Houndoom 1 attacked Tiramisu with Thief, and stole 1 Gabite Scale.

    Gourgeist 2 attacked Tiramisu with Incinerate; the attack was a near miss, and therefore only caused damage.

    Gourgeist 1, Gourgeist 3, and Spiritomb are charging up a combo attack: Will-o-Wisp and Ominous Wind! ]

  9. One more day, guys! ^^; I've got half the post done, I just need to write up the parts for Reed and the attacking Pokemon. I can give you the current HP of the attacking Pokemon right now (as of next post), though:


    Giratina: Full Health

    Gastly 1: ½ Health

    Gastly 2: ½ Health

    Gastly 3: Full Health

    Gastly 4: Full Health

    Gastly 5: 1/4 Health Remaining

    Houndoom 1: Slightly Damaged

    Houndoom 2: 3/4 Health Remaining

    Gourgeist 1: Full Health

    Gourgeist 2: 1/3 Health Remaining

    Gourgeist 3: Slightly Damaged

    Spiritomb 1: Slightly Damaged


    EDIT: I forgot to apply the damage to the Gastlies for Curse at first! ^^;

  10. I'll have a post up tomorrow night, if homework permits (which Monday homework usually does). ^w^ Talon is a silly kitty because she puts off essays until the night before.


    Ahhhh I'm sorry Puredark, I didn't mean to spoil you... This Gourgeist and the Carbink will be the only Gen 6 Pokemon for now until after Christmas then, does that sound fair to everyone?

  11. The bright sky and crisp wind wasn't doing much for Cas. What was it? A cold, ominous wind, like from inside a crypt; searing light from an eerie furnace. He couldn't stand it. That Meowth - he had to save her. He came on this mission to save her or himself - he couldn't be sure which anymore, now that it felt like he had claws piercing through him on all sides. White hot pain? Burning cold? Cas knew it was just his nerves - they were in a forest similar to what he'd seen in his vision - but as always the knowledge of disaster helped absolutely nothing. The voices of the dead had been trying to comfort him all morning with their, 'Dearest blade, know you not this is simply a glade?' and their 'Dare not ignore us Cassandra - do you wish your own doom?'.


    Cas was having a bad day.


    Tiramisu's paranoia most certainly didn't help. The Dusknoir had managed to contain his annoyance (bitter, bitter resentment towards absolutely everything in the world that wouldn't let him sleep restfully, wouldn't let him wake restfully, wouldn't let him remember what it was that made him happy before he could see, wouldn't shut up about the forest because he knew, he knew and there was no way - had to be a way - to stop it-!)... He'd managed to contain his annoyance to a sour look and a slightly noticeable aloofness all morning, but there was only so much a ghost could take. Glancing crossly at Tiramisu, Cas muttered to Leo,


    "Excuse my bluntness, but she's being delusional. There's absolutely nothing in the forest."


    And, in fact, as the moments drew on the only response to Leo's summons was the gentle rustling of trees in the wind. Neither Sentret nor Pachirisu stirred. Cas felt two slitted pupils burning into his back.




    Tiramisu forced a smile onto her face. Nothing had answered Leo's call, and in all honesty there was probably nothing dangerous in the forest. The path was worn down, with no stray weeds or overgrowth; Pokemon must have used this path often. Pokemon wouldn't travel a path that was dangerous enough for some mortal terror to rip them limb from limb - and if they would, there would be blood and guts everywhere.




    It wasn't like she was deaf. She could hear that wretched little wisp of a Dusknoir just as well as she could hear the nothingness in the trees. Delusional!


    She strained her voice to say,


    "I-I guess there isn't anything out there, then."


    She cursed her stuttering and mumbled,


    "Thanks Leo."


    With a hasty stumble and a few bounding steps, Tiramisu began walking again. Him, of all people, calling her delusional?


    "Oh Tiramisu, Tiramisu, the end is nigh - stop being so angry or someone's going to die!" Well d***, you're really giving me a reason not to claw someone. Gee whiz, I'm just going to grin and pick Leppa berries off of trees singing, "Hooray for crazy, he made me all better!" Delusional!

    Paranoid, yes. Imaginative, yes. But honestly? Deriding me in my face but not to it?


    Something hard kept bumping against her paws. Actually, quite a few hard somethings; they bent her paw back a bit, and almost clicked against the rockier parts of the road.


    Oh. How'd her claws get out? The Meowth grinned and slid them back in. All the venting almost made her feel better. Maybe imaginary murderous rage was bad for your health, but man did it invigorate the soul!


    Maybe I'll glare daggers at him whenever he has his back turned? Ah, no, he isn't worth it.


    She paused and fell into step next to Bree again, adding,


    "I don't think we need to do a psychic search, I was just feeling a little... A little..."


    Tiramisu wasn't imagining that.




    In the shadows of the overgrown riverbed, Reed pondered something. He poked his head over the bank and surveyed the dark forest. Silence had fallen over it; not a branch moved or a leaf sighed. He had to wonder at it; that pair worked far faster than he would have ever imagined. The stage was set, and if those specks in the distance were who he thought they were (and they definitely were - running quite early, too), then the show was about to begin. He grinned,


    "Actually Agatha, I think you're right. Besides, you might want to see this."


    The Smeargle scrambled messily over the bank, looking like a giddy, wet dog. Mud dotted his fur from his hasty descent into the damp ditch. He wiped off a few specks as he began to trot briskly towards the Electrike and Kirlia.


    "Those two are called Fenris and Pellinore. They're associates of mine."


    Reed laughed maliciously,


    "Sheriff's about to have an unexpected delay. I figured you might want to avoid the craziness that's about to bust out around here and the off chance that Sheriff might catch us conveniently hanging around here," He glanced sideways at Agatha, "But I forgot what a dangerous lady you are, lady."


    The Smeargle nearly took off towards the odd duo up ahead, but turned and added awkwardly,


    "I - I wouldn't object to a Chesto Berry if you got any."


    He shook his head,


    "Later. Come on, these two'll give you a show. Fenris!"




    Fenris had never been fond of rehearsals. Where was the uniqueness in an act if you'd done it five million times before? Sparks rolled down his pelt as he prepared to roll unceremoniously into a ditch. Pellinore stared blankly at him, unamused.


    "Look, Fenris, we've only got one chance at this. We mess this up and that Leo guy'll have us hooked up to Magnezone so quickly we won't even be able to say - "


    "Won't be able t' say 'zap'? 'ou talk too much Pell. I ain't going t' mess up, and I taught you so we'll be fine."




    "'n there's the boss. Even got back-up, nothin' to worry about."


    Pellinore frowned,


    "If you say so."


    The Kirlia turned and bowed to the oncoming Smeargle.




    Fenris grumbled something about Pellinore's danged manners and gruffly asked,


    "What is't?"


    Reed glanced around at the forest, then back at the Electrike,


    "Is everything ready?"


    "If y' came to ask that y' should've stayed at home. Our end's fine, now quit bugging us."


    Pellinore chimed in,


    "He means you don't need to check on our progress; everything is prepared for the ambush, sir."


    "Shut up Pell, he knows what I meant."


    Reed grinned, blue eyes shining in the steadily growing darkness of the forest.


    "That's good to hear. I brought a friend to watch the chaos."


    Fenris eyed Agatha suspiciously, then turned back towards the path and Pellinore. Were those Pokemon down the road?


    "Yes; they got hear earlier than usual, Fenris."


    The Electrike frowned,


    "S'metimes I forget you're psychic. Showtime then?"




    A piercing roar and a blinding flash of light filled the area, and it was showtime.




    That was most certainly not her imagination.


    Oh no nononononononoononooo. No. Nononononono.


    Just ahead of them loomed a creature of nightmares. Shrouded in darkness, the one who devoured souls and waited just beyond the mirrors at night. Red eyes cut sharply through the steadily spreading, misty darkness. As the gargantuan tower of a dragon peered down at the group with a scrutinizing gaze, two great wings, dripping black like a fallen angel's, shot up into the air.


    Arceus had forsaken him, and if he were here, then Arceus had forsaken them.




    Phantasms gathered around; hounds of hell, ghastly balls of spite, trapped unholy spirits, and vengeful gripping banshees.


    This was most certainly not her imagination.


    [ Let the games begin.

    BOSS: Giratina

    Ability: Levitate

    Usual Moves:


    Species Statuses / Traits:

    - Wrapped in shadows (evasiveness increased greatly)

    Additional Notes:

    - Something seems slightly off about this whole situation...

    - There are several minions hanging around:

    Gastly x 5 - Levitate

    - Curse

    - Confuse Ray

    Houndoom x 2 - Flash Fire

    - Embargo

    - Thief

    Gourgeist x 3 - Frisk

    - Will-o-Wisp

    - Incinerate

    Spiritomb x 1 - Pressure

    - Spite

    - Ominous Wind


    This looks like it might be a hard fight... Never underestimate the helpfulness of the resources around you. Don't forget that Berries are common around here, and that many a careless traveler has unfortunately dropped their Orbs...


    Surprise! :3]

  12. Welcome back Tron! ^w^ And thank you Puredark for helping update him! (And it's Cas that's with Leo's group.)


    Alright, all updates are on my previous post, so you guys can check that out if you'd like~ (And I would highly suggest that you do, but 's your life y'know? Lots of cool stuff over there~) Assuming I have time tonight (which I believe I will) I'll go ahead and post tonight and that'll be that.


    I believe that a map is in order since I at least know I'm getting confused direction-wise (but nothing new there haha), so I'll see if I can scrape something together soon. ^w^


    Oh oh, and also, if anyone would like to propose place names I would be completely open to it! With everything so far I just kind of named it the first thing that came to mind ... Like the name of a country near Thailand! X'D Character names I can come up with just fine, place names? Not so much. "The Straits of Hrigathar" isn't a very Pokemon-y name, haha~ So yeah, any help would be appreciated!


    ...So. How you doin'? xd.png I haven't chatted in a bit.

  13. Alright, I've got a list of stuff I need to do that you guys may kick me in the butt if I don't do, okay? X'D


    1. Post as

    Tiramisu ___

    Reed ___

    Cas ___

    2. Make a full character bio for Cas - Done, completely filled out Fenris and Pellinore's as well


    3. Clean out the characters section / PM inactive people - Done (severely inactive peoples' bios cleaned out, inactive people PMed and their characters' bios highlighted in purple - will appear once I'm done editing the post)


    4. Work out exactly how battle mechanics will work for moves like Pain Split (i.e., should we put in brackets when Pokemon are low on health, paralyzed, etc.?) - I figure that (unless you guys have a better idea for this), we'll just play it by ear. If the Pokemon's weak or paralyzed or the like I think it might be easy to tell by the post... We could have it so we make a note of a Pokemon being weak in action brackets, but I feel like that might be a pain for all of us. ^^; The first major battle will really be a test drive for how we'll handle major battles.


    5. Prepare location data for the upcoming two or three places - Done! Shadow Tag, if you'd like a heads-up for the upcoming dungeon you may take a look at the locations post (is it safe to assume Leo knows the area around Foggy Forest fairly well?). Team Atto, Haldor, and Zagan, check out the locations post anyway because I love you. I'm afraid you only have hints to the next dungeon, also because I love you. >:D




    (7. Maybe make a map and guide to which Legendaries are captured, where they are, etc??? - Map is still a work in progress, a list of Legendaries and Background Characters has been put in the Characters post)


    I'll try to get 1-6 done this weekend guys! ^w^ As usual, if I've forgotten to update some part of your bios or anything, just pop me a PM~


    Well it seems like you guys like the idea of specialty types, so I'd be glad to implement it! It'll be optional, and for every type your Pokemon is better at fighting they have to also be worse at fighting another type. Is that okay? (Just PM me the types and why they're specialties and I'll add them to the bios!)


    @Pi: (about the character with the Odd Keystone) oh my gosh I'd love to see a character like that, haha! That sounds amazing~

    (about the advancing while another group is stuck) You guys can go ahead as far as you'd like; Leo's group will shortly be held up just a bit more by a particularly late surprise, heheh~

    @Sailing: Ah. O_o Dragging him to hell.... That must've been an interesting day in town....


    *yawns* ahh I had two midterms today... This does not make for a restful Talon, so please excuse me if I don't sound as enthusiastic as usual...


    EDIT: I updated the rule post with Specialty Types! If there are any objections, feel free to voice them!

  14. Well, since everyone wanted to skip I didn't want to get in their way, so I'm assuming they went through a different path. It would have taken some time for Requiem to man up and ask for directions (maybe an entire day), and some more to catch up even using Fly. I was planning on waiting a bit (3-4 posts from Leo's group) before having him find them


    Requiem's my baby, I wouldn't forget about him~ *hugs dragon*

    >_<;;;;;; sorry sorry sorry sorry I forgot Requiem was waiting around aargh

  15. The sun had danced with the earth and the moon three times already, and was caught up in the middle of another waltz with the good green giant when Reed and Agatha found themselves trotting (or floating, respectively) briskly through a dappled forest. Foggy Forest waited several days away yet, through every now and then as Reed boredly scrambled up a tree he thought he could spy stray wisps of cloud. Fog, hiding the place and all of its treasures from him... And why wouldn't they want to hide? He'd grinned and clattered his way back down to the leaf-littered floor, not wanting to be left behind.


    The leaves above the Smeargle almost seemed to be made out of paint themselves. Brilliant lime greens shone through dark, glittering emerald leaves as the Groudon's great son smiled through them like he did through stained glass. Though the canopy was thick, the sun was strong and high. It hurt Reed's eyes still. He'd begun to regret that portion of the deal. Despite his former nocturnal/insomniac lifestyle in Relicanth Town, he'd always found time to appreciate the daytime. Days like these - he stared up at the clear blue sky, so unlike cold blue eyes - days like these were hard to come by and now harder to live with. However, his aching eyes were his only regret; if it were only for a while, only to appreciate what something driven to the night could never see... He could take it. Heck, by Kyogre's left fin he could take anything!


    In any case, the cool forest air and the blue sky, like a river wrapping around him, had made him far too poetic for his liking. The long trip had made him rather hungry.


    "Hey Ghostie!"


    Reed grinned and hurried up beside Agatha, staring up at her with a pitiful and yet somehow smug expression,


    "Don't suppose you've got any munchies on you? That little scavenger's breakfast I found was fine, but this Revivor Seed's not going to feed me much."


    The Smeargle flicked his tail. A bargain might be ideal.


    "I'll give you a hate-felt vent about someone if you could scrounge something up - lunch for a lunch? Oh, hang on."


    Reed tilted his head. Were those footsteps? Leaves crunching, just ahead - who else was in the forest, so far off the main roads? That was odd, he could have sworn -


    It is Fenris and Pellinore's group. We have been moving faster than anticipated.


    I forgot about that group. Augh, what a pain...


    "We've got to move farther from the road, something's about to go down. Follow me if you want to make it to your boyfriend alive!"


    Reed carefully trotted down a nearby slope into a small, shadowy ditch of a passage. It might have been an old riverbed, but he could really care less.




    Tiramisu figured she could really get used to this: the long walks, the refreshing air, the good company. And she had: she'd managed to say more than a few words over the course of the past few days, and she hadn't once felt a twinge of anxiety. Leo's confidence was contagious. She found herself holding herself straighter, felt her shoulders grow looser... It was fantastic. Of course, everything was fantastic when the weather was fantastic, wasn't it?


    I'm surprised how smooth the journey's been so far. I mean...


    The Meowth stared up at the sky, in the far back of the group of Pokemon.


    It's beautiful. The walking hasn't been too hard... We've still got the coast to go through, according the the maps - (She'd studied the maps intensively before bed the previous night.) - But honestly, with a breeze like this it'll be smooth sailing...


    Oh shut up, will you?


    A small ball of dread welled up in her stomach. It would be just like her to jinx it for everyone... She shook her head. All she'd heard was a small murmur in the trees - was that a crack she'd heard this time? A shadow in the forest...




    She'd jinxed it again, hadn't she?


    No, she had to calm down. it was just nerves; it was nothing real. It was all in her head... but if someone else had heard it? She tentatively poked Bree,


    "Hey Bree, did you... Did you hear something in the forest? I thought I might've heard something - but I was probably just imagining it..."


    (( Tiramisu actually is just hearing things; Reed and Agatha are ahead of Leo's group by a bit. ^w^


    Since this is only a minor location, I don't think I'll do a full location write-up. The items that can be found here aaaarrrreeee:

    - All Berries

    - Reviver Seed (rare)

    - Big Apple (rare)

    With no set quantities. ))

  16. X'D This entire weekend has been sucked up by Pokemon Y (which I've probably spent about four hours on Pokemon Amie by itself ahhhh i'm such a sucker for my darling Talonflame and my sassy gay Delphox aaaaaaahhhhh and that Lucario too)


    And we're totally going to include Gen 6 Pokemon, as soon as there are decent references for their movesets and all that. ^w^ Of course I'll be doing my best to get some info on that for my favorites and any Pokemon in particular you guys might want to know about in advance~ One problem will be how to work in the Legendaries, and I'll get on that as soon as I get far enough in the story to know their lores (I don't want to risk looking it up for fear of ruining the story).


    Could I perhaps have permission to do a time skip to at least Leo's group being on the road? Ahahaha I promised you guys a surprise and it's been around a month, hasn't it? The ball'll be rolling again soon enough (slowly, in all likelihood)!


    ...Also, I'd love to hear you guys' teams whenever you get the games! ^w^


    (and now if you'll excuse me i'm off to catch some itty-bitty ghosty munchkins to see if I can make them the harbringers of marlon's doom muahahahahaha)

  17. Tiramisu looked up sheepishly. She... hadn't expected them to react this way. The most she'd expected was a sort of flat acceptance of her apology, an insincere forgiveness of sorts. This was...




    "Th-thank you..."


    The Meowth shifted her paws slowly and looked around at the Pokemon who'd encouraged her. Bree - she was beginning to think that just maybe she'd make a good friend on this trip. She smiled just a tiny bit at the thought of yelling at the Legendaries together with her,


    "Yeah, we could both yell at them... That'd be a lot of fun!"


    Her tail rose from around her. Still, she had to wonder: why was she even going along for this adventure? On one paw, it was what she'd always dreamed. The thrill of being with an exploration team, of finding the Legendaries and actually getting to meet them... But hadn't she already seen where that would take her? Fairy tales were always better than reality; none of the Legendaries could meet her expectations, it was simply impossible. But maybe that was a good thing? Maybe the others would be different? Looking at the Pokemon gathered around the Square - that kind little Zigzagoon, that rather amazing speaker of a Scolipede, that one Steelix that at least seemed to know what he was doing - she couldn't help but hope that that would be true. She could do whatever she wanted; that Electrike had said that. There was no question about it; she was going.


    And then there was Leo. She had... completely misjudged him. Tiramisu was fairly sure that there was no way of hiding the gratitude and relief in her eyes. He was a good leader - she realized only now - and an understanding one at that. Just as a leader should be. At least for this mission, she decided, he would be her leader, and she would place her faith in him. At least, that's what she felt for the moment.


    No telling how long that might take to change.


    Still, he'd helped her, and she would repay him. He'd get his partner back. She could do whatever she wanted, and she wanted to help him find the real Allen before Reed and Agatha could. The Meowth straightened up tall, and for the first time in almost two days spoke confidently, if not a bit slowly.


    "I... Thank you, Leo. I'll make sure to visit him when we get to the village."


    Her tail swished once as she tried her best to recall more clearly the previous night. That odd haze had left her thoughts at least for the moment.


    "Last night... Last night, like I said, I saw Reed talking with Agatha. Reed said that Allen was somewhere near... Foggy Forest, I think? There was something about ending it where it began, and..."


    She blinked suddenly ans began to speak rather quickly,


    "Oh! When I said Reed's eyes looked weird - they looked like a ghost's, like... They were glowing! It could have been the moonlight, but I don't think so. He said he has, ah, um, contacts or something! Like not the eye ones but the Pokemon ones? Yeah."


    Tiramisu nodded to herself,


    "That's how he knew about Allen. Because he has contacts. Why do you think he was being all secretive? I mean, he seemed pretty outspoken in the... cave."


    (( Feel free to go ahead and start heading out of town! ))

  18. ^^;;;;;; I might have to wait another few days to post, guys. I know I usually post on Sundays (and I should post at least once a week), but I had a psychology project to do today, and... augh, sorry guys. I never imagined junior year would be this busy.


    @Sailing: We'll stop at Leo's hometown first. Foggy forest could be a dungeon, or just an area right before Leo's hometown.

  19. Ah, I should've skipped the Tiramisu part so you guys at least wouldn't have to be held up by my schedule. ^^; I'm sorry.


    As you guys might have noticed, it's starting to look more and more like I'll only be able to post one or two times a week. It takes me at least half an hour to write a post, and I tend to get about half an hour to an hour of free time every day. I have no excuse, I just don't feel like writing a post with all/half of my free time during the week usually. I'm not planning on abandoning this RP, though, so I'll try my absolute best to at least post once a week, and I apologize for only doing the minimum.


    Also, Pi thank you for reminding me about Cas. X'D I almost forgot about him...


    @PureDark: How did exams go?

  20. A Dusknoir trotted carefully and hastily out of a side road into the brick square, carrying absolutely nothing but a slightly embarrassed face.


    "Ah! My apologies for being late, Leo, sir. I'm afraid that the beds in this town's inn are far too comfortable for my health - oh."


    Cas halted awkwardly, turning away quickly as he caught sight of the other Meowth trembling by Leo. A chill cut through him; he felt numb, and a bit like he was falling. No, he hadn't seen her - it was a different Meowth, he hadn't seen her or that vision again and hadn't heard a quiet whisper. He was groggy - none of this was real. None of this - he stopped himself, and was soon incredibly grateful that he'd turned away from the whole scene as he noticed he'd been staring very, very fervently at the at the ground again. After thanking several higher powers for the control to stop whatever oncoming panic he'd felt, he took a deep breath and looked around.


    Now that he'd had a moment, he recognized that Leo seemed to be a bit busy with that other Meowth. It would be rude to interrupt; he hoped he hadn't already. A Scolipede stood over to the side. That nice Bree lady sat over to the side of Leo, glancing around anxiously at the other Pokemon gathered in the Square. Cas figured that she would be his best bet for a bit of conversation while the two Meowths were talking.


    "Ah, hello there Bree. May I ask what....?"


    He slowly held out his hand towards the two Meowths.


    With that half-hearted attempt at conversation thrown out into the world, Cas found himself a bit preoccupied. In actuality, it was a good thing the Meowth was there. She had to be; he should have known that. If he were truly going to change what he'd seen, he'd need to take her with him - take her to see Uxie. There was no other way he could think of... And surely this was the right thing to do? In any case, if things went awry he'd have an alternative - no, that would be cowardly.


    Cassandra, Cassandra, do you not know our rhyme?


    You look at a clock and cannot change the time!


    Cassandra, you misguided fool


    You are our knight but not our tool.


    The voices were so odd sometimes. Ah, wait, had Bree said anything? He hadn't been paying attention.




    Tiramisu seemed to momentarily become even more panicked. She stammered,




    and shrunk back fearfully, then slowly but surely began to calm her hitched breathing. One two three one two three one, two, three. One. Two. Three.








    "I-I saw Reed and Agatha last night. I- what do you mean about negative energy?"


    Her ears flattened as she shook her head apologetically,


    "I-I'm sorry, I - "


    One, two, three. One. Two. Three.


    "Reed said he could help her find Allen because he had some sort of information - like a mafia guy? - and his eyes were weird. They were like - "


    Tiramisu shuffled her paws uncomfortably, staring at the ground,


    "Uh, his eyes were all... weird. His eyes were weird. And then I had a nightmare. Or maybe all that stuff didn't happen and it was all a nightmare I don't really know sorry and i'msorryforallthatstuffyesterdayi-"


    Eins. Zwei. Drei - Where was that Hydreigon guy, actually? No, no, focus. The Meowth's tail twitched uncomfortably, but she managed to lift her head up so she could at least see Leo's face.


    "I, um. I'm sorry for yesterday. I mean, I thought you were being unfair to Agatha because she must have had some reason for the thing and so I did a stupid thing and I didn't really like you because of how we met - uh, sorry. I was wondering..."


    Shuffle shuffle. One. Two. Three. Go.


    "Could I come with you guys to find the Legendaries? Maybe - maybe they're different than - " Just a hint of venom entered her voice, the same way just a hint of a flame is in a conflagration, "Landorus. Maybe."




  21. A shiver shook through Reed's body as the ice blue light flashed and faded away. His usual smug brown eyes returned. Reed smirked and bowed,


    "Whatever you say, lady. Lead the way."




    The sun shone weakly through the canopy of leaves that just barely covered Tiramisu's fitful sleeping form. Dappled rays fell on her eyes, and nighttime visions of tendrils wrapping their way around her neck, that choking feeling - like poisonous smoke, like poisonous smoke in a cavern - choking rage and a face like her own with claws bathed in flames, and the earth was gone, had come to swallow her - that face she hated, and the same rage on her own... Dappled rays fell on her eyes and burned away her nighttime terrors.


    Still, she figured, if the light had burned them away, the burn marks would bother her throughout the day. It had been a terrible night. She couldn't stay in town, not after how she'd acted; Leo could have arrested her. They would all stare at her, and she'd feel uncomfortable - No, I can do whatever I want. I can do whatever I want - that's what he said - it doesn't - it doesn't matter what other people think. I should've just gone back to town, screw them all, should've gotten a nice comfortable room...


    Usually she got some respite when she finally fell asleep, but not that night. She had had a dream that that Mismagius Agatha (Arceus she did not want to think about that) and Reed had been talking about... something. Then Reed's eyes had gotten kind of blue, and then... She kind of blanked out. Blanked out into that nightmare.


    They'd been talking about... Foggy Forest? Some sort of Allen person - he'd been mentioned in that horrible place, hadn't he? And that Mismagius shouldn't have still been in town. She really shouldn't have. Should she tell Leo?


    No, no. He should just deal with it himself.




    They said something about that Allen guy. Maybe if I told him he'd forgive me for - I don't need his forgiveness, I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't do anything wrong. He should find his own da** partner himself.


    Reed's eyes were weird. It was a dream, wasn't it? I had a nightmare, I fell asleep - it was a dream, wasn't it? Nightmares...


    Tiramisu groggily scrambled down the tree, and found herself walking towards what she could just make out as Leo's figure.


    No, it wasn't a dream. I should tell him, she's a criminal - I'm a criminal and I'll be a criminal if I don't - augh, just shut up! I can do whatever I want. I'm going to tell him.


    She slunk, low to the ground and avoiding every gaze that turned her way (which coincidentally turned more gazes her way). She brought herself awkwardly up to the rescue team leader, and timidly choked out,


    "Uh, Leo, I - sorry about yesterday I - I saw Agatha talking with Reed - I mean it might have been a dream - sorry - I, UM, they were - Allen - I mean they were talking about Allen - AND I had a nightmare after and Reed - Reed had weird eyes, I aah don't arrest me please I'm sorry I didn't do anything bad-!"


    (( There's no specific thing I have planned for in town, so whenever you guys want your teams to head out is fine! :3 ))




    There is a small side road out of town that only the locals and Pokemon who frequently visit Laos know about. ]

  22. Reed glanced up at the midnight sky. Just blackness, blackness with piercing points of light jutting through it... He shook his head. The darkness of the forest must have gotten to him - that was a lie. He knew exactly what he'd gotten into, even if his eyes rather objected to it. In any case, he couldn't see the stars as anything particularly special.


    "Eh, I've seen them too many times. I've seen the stars in the sky, the stars in the lake, the stars in the glass; they're the same all around."


    The untouched pragmatist caught sight of a single tear (another eye-straining arrow of light, ugh) as Agatha went on. She could never cease to surprise him. Here she was, supposed criminal and and escapist galore, crying in front of a near-stranger? The runaway who never really needed to run, the remorseless criminal with regrets? Reed managed a mental shrug. Whatever. It didn't really matter at this point.


    He would have put on his usual grin and swagger if he couldn't see that in these circumstances it would probably push the mourning lover away. It wasn't like he was going to lie to her; he was going to tell the honest truth.


    "Actually, I can tell you exactly where he is."


    Despite his best efforts, a small grin still broke out on Reed's face. The wind rustled the tree branches nearby with a sound like small, scrabbling paws.


    "You just have to keep this whole conversation a very, v-e-e-e-r-y strict level of confidential for me, got it?"


    Ah, screw it, he couldn't hold it any longer. He smiled, grinned, smirked - anything that could portray a smug confidence. This was fantastic. He had all of the cards and could play them in any order, and he was going to play them the right way. And, actually, the kind way. The moonlight in his eyes intensified to a noticeable, icy blue. Pause for dramatic effect? Nah, that was for the amateurs - he continued like nothing had even happened.


    "You heard Sheriff's story about what that Tyndall guy told him, right? Yeah, well Tyndall told the truth; Allen was captured by Darkrai. Like you said, Allen's a pretty limitless battler. But against the odds he faced - Palkia, Darkrai, and countless Pokemon under Darkrai's control - there was no way in the Magmaworld, the Great Sea, or the sky he could've done anything but lose or die."


    The Smeargle's eyes narrowed in concentration as he stared at a brick on the ground. He stopped talking abruptly, and seemed to be searching for something. It took only a moment, and he soon looked up again, smiling a bit more benignly.


    "Lucky for you and me both, I know that he's stuck in a bit of that fog you were complaining about earlier. If you can get me to around Fogbound Lake, I can figure out exactly where."


    Well Kyogre's left fin, there went his swagger too. He held up a paw, a patronizing expression on his face,


    "Before you say anything, you can thank me profusely when we actually get to him."


    He had little doubt that the conversation would remain the highest form of confidential, and that Kitty was up in the highest branch of the tree nearby, watching every bit.


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