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  1. Meep, I added everyone! ^w^ Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it! With luck, I'll be able to post every day until Monday. Aaah... Nothing very interesting to report at the moment, so... *teleports away*
  2. "You're right, Sheriff, an ordinary Smeargle wouldn't have this power. A Smeargle wouldn't have this power at all. Have you considered that perhaps you have the name right and the species wrong?" The shadowed figure spoke quietly now that Leo was at the same level as himself. Up close, his posture didn't seem as imposing. Perhaps it had been the light? (Of which there was little, in between the tangible tendrils of shade.) His shoulders slumped so slightly forward, though not enough to impede his proud image - only enough to remove the illusion of cockiness. The silhouette might seem like
  3. ^^; I should have a post up by sometime Wednesday. That's the beginning of my Thanksgiving break, so maybe I can do stuff!
  4. nnnnnnnnng why do the weeks leading up to thanksgiving have to be so busyyyyyyyy Thanks for the damage calculator, PureDark! ^w^ Whenever I get a chance I'll add you guys! My Friend Code's in my sig~ And then I'd be willing to trade just about whenever we're on at the same time. Haha, honestly as long as these Shuppets go to a good home I'll be happy~ @Pi: You can keep Quick Feet if you'd like, or change it if you want. ^w^; I've noticed that quite a few combinations of attacks or things like that are now impossible... Like a Shuppet with Phantom Force and Pain Split. ;;A;; But
  5. As a shadowy fist knocked against his side, Fenris growled, "Knew we couldn't trust a face like yours, girlie. Think that'll be enough - " "Fenris, we gotta get out of here. I f***ed up." Pellinore winced as he struggled to shrug off the Shadow Sneak's effect on him. Curse his girlish frame, curse his terrible concentration... But there was no time for that now. Fenris was glaring at him as the emulated shadows behind them fell, flickering, apart like dark sparks. The Electrike looked almost murderous. Pell could read his face's curses: Everything was perfect, Pell and 'ou went
  6. *checks heartbeat* Alive! Alive, see! ^^; ah shame on me i even had a four-day weekend - aaah bad me, bad Anyway, I've been thinking of how to improve the battle system a bit... None of these changes would be effective until next battle, but this is what I'm suggesting: - I should use some sort of damage calculator because DANG those Gastlies should have been gone long ago. (Having tested this with a Hydreigon and a Gastly, both at level 50, I've learned this lesson haha.) Puredark, could you maybe send whatever you're using my way? - Would it be a pain for you guys to specify w
  7. The tsunami-like wave slammed against Tiramisu like a theoretical "car". Her small frame slid down into the forest alongside Cas', both Pokemon flailing, grasping for any small paw-or-hand-hold they could find (which made Cas look rather pathetic, considering his size). She slammed against a tree - claws flailing and drenched in the spontaneously-generated seawater - and slowly slid down with the tide. All she could think was, Wow, this grass is fantastic. Let me never ever leave solid ground again, yes, that sounds fantastic - let me just lay here for approximately ever. Then she rolled
  8. @Sailing: I just noticed your post about Fury Swipes - that sounds good! ^w^ If you're lucky then that's just your luck, haha~ Also, you guys, I'm not even suggesting a time skip at the moment, no need to feel pressured! ^^; I was just a little worried that I didn't give you guys enough to go on and I didn't want you to feel left out, so, yeah, you guys can time skip whenever you want.
  9. ^^ Considering the difficulty of the battle and for the purposes of the RP, (with you guys' permission) I'd like to nerf Curse - in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, Curse wears off after a couple steps, so I'll limit the number of times it affects a Pokemon to three times. Embargo will be slightly nerfed to affecting a Pokemon for three posts. The Gourgeist Red attacked is at 1/3 health. ^w^ I think from now on I'll do a full battle log in the mechanics brackets to make it easier~ I'm still working out exactly how much damage everything should do (since this is the inaugural b
  10. Was Leo... Had Leo been panicking? The appearance of Giratina had rattled Tiramisu, turned her feet to ice and chilled her heart, but the idea of the great leader of Team Shadow Tag - the Sheriff, Reed called him? - panicking seemed completely alien to her. Or did it? Down in the - a nasty chill went down the Meowth's steadily straightening back - down in the magma-heated caverns, Leo had panicked about the poisonous vapors from the magma. There'd been something she'd missed all this time: Leo was a Pokemon just like the rest of them. This was a team effort. For everyone, then. Tiram
  11. One more day, guys! ^^; I've got half the post done, I just need to write up the parts for Reed and the attacking Pokemon. I can give you the current HP of the attacking Pokemon right now (as of next post), though: Giratina: Full Health Gastly 1: ½ Health Gastly 2: ½ Health Gastly 3: Full Health Gastly 4: Full Health Gastly 5: 1/4 Health Remaining Houndoom 1: Slightly Damaged Houndoom 2: 3/4 Health Remaining Gourgeist 1: Full Health Gourgeist 2: 1/3 Health Remaining Gourgeist 3: Slightly Damaged Spiritomb 1: Slightly Damaged EDIT: I forgot to apply the damage t
  12. I'll have a post up tomorrow night, if homework permits (which Monday homework usually does). ^w^ Talon is a silly kitty because she puts off essays until the night before. Ahhhh I'm sorry Puredark, I didn't mean to spoil you... This Gourgeist and the Carbink will be the only Gen 6 Pokemon for now until after Christmas then, does that sound fair to everyone?
  13. The bright sky and crisp wind wasn't doing much for Cas. What was it? A cold, ominous wind, like from inside a crypt; searing light from an eerie furnace. He couldn't stand it. That Meowth - he had to save her. He came on this mission to save her or himself - he couldn't be sure which anymore, now that it felt like he had claws piercing through him on all sides. White hot pain? Burning cold? Cas knew it was just his nerves - they were in a forest similar to what he'd seen in his vision - but as always the knowledge of disaster helped absolutely nothing. The voices of the dead had been trying t
  14. ^^; I'll probably have a post up by tomorrow night! I've got it about 4/5ths done so far, so there should be no reason to have it up~
  15. Welcome back Tron! ^w^ And thank you Puredark for helping update him! (And it's Cas that's with Leo's group.) Alright, all updates are on my previous post, so you guys can check that out if you'd like~ (And I would highly suggest that you do, but 's your life y'know? Lots of cool stuff over there~) Assuming I have time tonight (which I believe I will) I'll go ahead and post tonight and that'll be that. I believe that a map is in order since I at least know I'm getting confused direction-wise (but nothing new there haha), so I'll see if I can scrape something together soon. ^w^ O
  16. Alright, I've got a list of stuff I need to do that you guys may kick me in the butt if I don't do, okay? X'D 1. Post as Tiramisu ___ Reed ___ Cas ___ 2. Make a full character bio for Cas - Done, completely filled out Fenris and Pellinore's as well 3. Clean out the characters section / PM inactive people - Done (severely inactive peoples' bios cleaned out, inactive people PMed and their characters' bios highlighted in purple - will appear once I'm done editing the post) 4. Work out exactly how battle mechanics will work for moves like Pain Split (i.e., s
  17. >_<;;;;;; sorry sorry sorry sorry I forgot Requiem was waiting around aargh
  18. The sun had danced with the earth and the moon three times already, and was caught up in the middle of another waltz with the good green giant when Reed and Agatha found themselves trotting (or floating, respectively) briskly through a dappled forest. Foggy Forest waited several days away yet, through every now and then as Reed boredly scrambled up a tree he thought he could spy stray wisps of cloud. Fog, hiding the place and all of its treasures from him... And why wouldn't they want to hide? He'd grinned and clattered his way back down to the leaf-littered floor, not wanting to be left behin
  19. X'D This entire weekend has been sucked up by Pokemon Y (which I've probably spent about four hours on Pokemon Amie by itself ahhhh i'm such a sucker for my darling Talonflame and my sassy gay Delphox aaaaaaahhhhh and that Lucario too) And we're totally going to include Gen 6 Pokemon, as soon as there are decent references for their movesets and all that. ^w^ Of course I'll be doing my best to get some info on that for my favorites and any Pokemon in particular you guys might want to know about in advance~ One problem will be how to work in the Legendaries, and I'll get on that as soon as
  20. Tiramisu looked up sheepishly. She... hadn't expected them to react this way. The most she'd expected was a sort of flat acceptance of her apology, an insincere forgiveness of sorts. This was... Nice. "Th-thank you..." The Meowth shifted her paws slowly and looked around at the Pokemon who'd encouraged her. Bree - she was beginning to think that just maybe she'd make a good friend on this trip. She smiled just a tiny bit at the thought of yelling at the Legendaries together with her, "Yeah, we could both yell at them... That'd be a lot of fun!" Her tail rose from aroun
  21. ^^;;;;;; I might have to wait another few days to post, guys. I know I usually post on Sundays (and I should post at least once a week), but I had a psychology project to do today, and... augh, sorry guys. I never imagined junior year would be this busy. @Sailing: We'll stop at Leo's hometown first. Foggy forest could be a dungeon, or just an area right before Leo's hometown.
  22. Ah, I should've skipped the Tiramisu part so you guys at least wouldn't have to be held up by my schedule. ^^; I'm sorry. As you guys might have noticed, it's starting to look more and more like I'll only be able to post one or two times a week. It takes me at least half an hour to write a post, and I tend to get about half an hour to an hour of free time every day. I have no excuse, I just don't feel like writing a post with all/half of my free time during the week usually. I'm not planning on abandoning this RP, though, so I'll try my absolute best to at least post once a week, and I ap
  23. A Dusknoir trotted carefully and hastily out of a side road into the brick square, carrying absolutely nothing but a slightly embarrassed face. "Ah! My apologies for being late, Leo, sir. I'm afraid that the beds in this town's inn are far too comfortable for my health - oh." Cas halted awkwardly, turning away quickly as he caught sight of the other Meowth trembling by Leo. A chill cut through him; he felt numb, and a bit like he was falling. No, he hadn't seen her - it was a different Meowth, he hadn't seen her or that vision again and hadn't heard a quiet whisper. He was groggy - n
  24. A shiver shook through Reed's body as the ice blue light flashed and faded away. His usual smug brown eyes returned. Reed smirked and bowed, "Whatever you say, lady. Lead the way." ------------------------------- The sun shone weakly through the canopy of leaves that just barely covered Tiramisu's fitful sleeping form. Dappled rays fell on her eyes, and nighttime visions of tendrils wrapping their way around her neck, that choking feeling - like poisonous smoke, like poisonous smoke in a cavern - choking rage and a face like her own with claws bathed in flames, and the earth was
  25. Reed glanced up at the midnight sky. Just blackness, blackness with piercing points of light jutting through it... He shook his head. The darkness of the forest must have gotten to him - that was a lie. He knew exactly what he'd gotten into, even if his eyes rather objected to it. In any case, he couldn't see the stars as anything particularly special. "Eh, I've seen them too many times. I've seen the stars in the sky, the stars in the lake, the stars in the glass; they're the same all around." The untouched pragmatist caught sight of a single tear (another eye-straining arrow of lig