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  1. If it's a unanimous time skip on both sides, I can work with it! Shadow Tag is just headed to the dungeon between where they are and Foggy Forest (aha, I'm sorry... I'd have us go ahead to Foggy Forest as soon as possible so it isn't terribly boring (which I do have something planned so it isn't dreadfully boring, obviously) but there's a small problem with timing a thing that relies on Zagan's group's side) and Haldor, Atto, Zagan, and Ruphus' Excavation Exploration Congregation will presumably skip to digging towards the Eaves of Hiraeth? Edit to say that winter is like a whole ton of icy bricks and people ought to be able to hibernate~ http://sparklyandslimming.files.wordpress..../polar-bear.jpg Also, is there a character limit (as in letters and numbers) for each post? The minor character bios seem to be disappearing.
  2. Hey guys, I know everyone's busy (or on vacation you lucky duck), but could I maybe get some sort of idea of around when you think you'll be able to get back to around a post a week? ^w^; I hate to bug you (I've just been assigned a major research paper myself), but I'm a little afraid of the RP dying, especially since everyone's put so much effort into it. (And also, this is to say that I'm still alive too~) ^^; Sorry Sailing, I don't think I'd be much help with quick, witty banter.
  3. I apologize for the double post; just didn't want people to think that this is dead. I hope everyone's doing well with finals and all that! ^w^
  4. Hi Sparrow! Sorry, the roleplay's closed at the moment; it'll most likely be reopening next time we get to a town. (And depending on which town it is there may be a few restrictions (considering the secluded nature of Foggy Forest that I've gathered from Leo's (Sailing's character's) dialogue) but I'll cross that bridge when we get to it, no?) This is the OOC (out of character) thread. ^w^ The actual roleplay is here. ^^; I'm sorry to disappoint you! Feel free to come back when the RP opens again (which, considering the speed we tend to go at, might be in a few weeks or might be in a few months).
  5. Diamonds and pearls? I mean maybe, somehow, there's something in between, but then... Her eyes on the thinning grass beneath her hesitant paws, Tiramisu found herself still deep in the thought that she'd been trying to run from. It seemed that physically separating herself from the problem didn't always work - although perhaps if she could get a bit farther, or a bit farther than that? No, not this time; she had to stay with Leo's group now, even if she could smell smoke, and she could feel the warmth of bubbling, melted iron like hot swords against her (bristling) fur, and what sort of idiots -! And how could I change my mind so quickly, then? First Leo's a bumbling idiot who flips out and thinks we're going to die the moment he sees lava, then he's a brave, fearless leader! Agatha was a victim to me when she kidnapped someone, and when I attacked her she was the villain. And now she's...? The globs of dirt that had gotten in between the Meowth's pads had begun to bother her. After all, what Pokemon can feel comfortable when their paws make odd squelching noises every time they put their foot down? (Nevermind the fact that she was avoiding the problem, oh no. That surely wasn't why she was feeling uncomfortable.) She held her paw up to her face, squinted at the dark red, clay-like sediment stuck to the bottom of her paw, shook the larger pieces off, and gently ran her tongue over the last clinging remains. Tiramisu rather preferred her forepaws clean, at least. Now maybe she wasn't one of those classy Meowth who were able to balance on two legs like a graceful Mienshao, waving their paws about gracefully like hands, but - What was that taste? A flavor like rust filled her mouth, and she coughed. Blood? Blinking fitfully, she squinted at her paw again to see a thin but thoroughly bleeding scratch, about the size that could be made by crashing straight into the rough bark of an Oran tree. She inhaled quickly and deeply, glancing around nervously. Nothing - no one saw - so she shouldn't bother anyone. She winced slightly, gave the scratch another quick flick of her tongue, and rubbed her paw in the thin layer of dusty dirt on the side of the road. That, at least, would cover up the blood. No one would have to know. Crisis averted, she looked up again to just see a green, blob-y figure hurrying away, leaving Requiem and Cas to the explanatory "Oh," she'd given them. Tiramisu glanced at the retreating Bree, then at the two, and finally rushed over to follow her first friend on this expedition. (The only good thing to come of that stupid, stupid, hot place, she thought.) "Bree!" The Meowth called out, putting on a bit of extra speed to try to make up for the time her little paw incident had lost her. "Bree, what's wrong?" This extra speed ended up being quite the mistake, given that her little paw incident had made her much more away of the scratch on her paw, and therefore more careful with the paw in question. Running while unbalanced, especially at high speeds, is highly discouraged. The little Meowth stumbled and rolled over in the least graceful way possible, turning bright red in the face in the same way her left front knee would turn dark purple in the morning for her efforts. ------------------------------- Cas nodded; the negotiations - or whatever they were - between Leo, Agatha, Tiramisu and whoever else had decided to jump in had indeed lasted longer than the battle itself. "Yes, I believe we should be going soon -" And as he voiced his agreement, a short "Oh," warned him of Bree's swift departure. "Bree? Ah, Bree - wait!" It was one of those rare moments that having only one eye didn't hinder Cas' ability to show emotion; his face was the very image of puzzlement. He lowered his outstretched arm slowly and turned to Requiem, embarrassed. "I, ah - I didn't accidentally mention death, did I?" He had a tendency to do that, he reflected. Like that one time he suddenly realized that a nice chat with a young Croconaw had devolved into a half-hour long description of various unsavory ways to die, such as being stuck in marshy water until your fur molded, or bleeding out from a small scratch, or getting gangrene on your tongue and having it spread - and there he went again, mentally. It was quite the embarrassing habit, and such a deadly one too, relationship-wise. Like smoking a wooden branch pipe, he thought: cathartic for the one smoking it, but as stinky and unattractive as a Skuntank's rear end to those forced to endure it. Still, he figured he hadn't gone on about death, given that his throat wasn't particularly dry. The Dusknoir, still staring in the Reuniclus' direction, decided that the more likely explanation was that he would never understand women. As far as he could remember, he never really had. ------------------ Reed felt something like a rip and a push - heard something like a thick thud - fell onto the stone as an electrical pain surged through him. A sharpened wooden stick had pierced his shoulder. The sky and the lake darkened around him, a tyrian aura; his vision swam as he turned to see a furious, peach-tailed young Smeargle shaking in front of the priest. "Father - " He could just barely make out her trembling words above the roaring in his ears, "Father, I will protect the clan. Go." Then the forest turned black. The leaves turned black, the gentle undulating waves turn black, the clouds turned black, the thistle-thatched huts turned black and everything receded into darkness as silence fell and Reed could see nothing but black and hear nothing but his uneven breathing, the silence that followed the soft sound of a Lily falling to the ground, and the nervous, accusing laughter that followed that silence.
  6. ^^; Sorry for the lack of advance notice; this week is my finals week, so there'll be drop in post activity from me. I'll try to get a post in between today and tomorrow so you guys aren't stuck in one place for a week, but expect me to be completely absent from Tuesday to Thursday. Silver, Reddan, and Puredark, I've got your PMs and I'll respond to them according to that schedule - ^w^; like I said, I'd rather not hold everyone up for a week, so I'll probably respond after posting. Also, it looks like the Mesprit group is going straight for adventure then! ^w^ Tell me when you're ready to go and I'll get it rolling~ pfft you guys think the suspense is killing you well dang I've been planning surprises for months and even have some for near the end hahhaahahgrosssobbing in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight (Also, Bree, do you speak Chinese then? ^w^ I took two years of it and I'd really like to go back to it someday~ (although I just googled that phrase and I thought it would sound weird if I put 请 in the middle of it but eh I suppose "don't please understand" sounds weird too??))
  7. If it satisfies you any, you guys'll have plenty of adventure once you hit the mountains. ^w^ And Bree, I could have Cas derp around a bit and find something to do if you'd like? And Tiramisu's going to come over next post as well. I'm getting around to the character forms! ^w^ NO GO AWAY DON'T PLEASE UNDERSTAND 不明白 !!!!!!!!
  8. Aah, sometimes it depresses me how small 1800 words looks... So guys, I'd like to ask your permission to have Reed learn Nightmare via that dream. It would use up the Snow Gift (not because he directly used it, but just on principle that it's an abnormal way for a Pokemon to learn a move) and replace one of his unreliable moves. I only ask because: 1. it's an abnormal way for a Pokemon to learn a (non-Dream World) move, and 2. that would mean allowing me to remove a move and add one in the same go. (I'd also like to remind everyone that in PMD, Nightmare puts the Pokemon afflicted to sleep as well. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nightmare_%28move%29 ) :3 I don't know how to end posts!
  9. Somewhere far away, the morning sun cast a tangerine net upon the lake that Kyogre's fins had graced. Two young Smeargle, their ears clumsily flopping around as they hopped about, ran out to tap the lake and watch as the ripples turned bits of bright orange liquid to the cerulean blue they'd always known. One gasped - the youngest one, a Smeargle with a bright blue smudge on his face and legs just a bit too short for his tail. A third, older Smeargle beckoned to them, his paw nearly grey. His fur didn't shine in the sunlight like the younger Smeagle's fur did, but bits of orange dully reflected as they would off of frosted glass. The rocks Reed stood on were familiar to him, though algae had swarmed over them in his absence. The high tides could be a pain; it would take Kyogre to make a lake that had tides just like the ocean's. He supposed that's why the little Smeargle settlement by the beach was one of the last remaining strongholds of Kyogran worship. Kicking a pebble lightly into the water, the Smeargle sighed. He hadn't meant to come here, he vaguely felt. In fact, he had no idea why he'd come back. Reed knelt down to wipe away some of the invading greenery and brush aside a few broken stones. Was the bloodstain still there? He knew it was silly - the waves had surely washed it the way of the seas by now - but for all his bravado it was the only mark he'd ever leave on that town. For all the years he spent there. He squinted, then moved over a few pawsteps, knocking over a few heavier stones he didn't recognize with long, black claws. He squinted, wondering if he was only imagining the weak, reddish-brown smudge on the boulder's dappled grey surface. So it is still there. Imagine that. Reed settled onto the rock, brushing dark wisps off of his little mark, and stared out at the town. I'd think that they'd do anything to forget me. At this point the idea held very little regret - it was simply a statement of fact. He thought it was funny how the town would leave no trace of his solitary little shack, yet leave whole the reminder of what was probably his worst offense (or at the very least an offense worth temporary exile). They'd wiped away that little purple reed symbol though, so perhaps the point was moot. She'd stood right there, he remembered, balancing so stupidly on that rock. What kind of flopear couldn't test the rocks before they stepped? She'd fallen and been lucky he was there to catch her before she broke a leg and drowned in the lake, or worse. And he'd helped, despite the fact that she'd joined on the fantastic hype train of "Let's all Avoid Reed Because He's a Nuisance!" Naturally, it was his fault that nearly the whole town had had nightmares the same night. It was his fault because he was always stealing those weird books from the elders about the dreams, and the legends, and - Oh! - the Magmaworld of all things! Reed scoffed and threw one of the useless little pebbles into the lake. The sun had risen a bit now, and the water had turned to gold. A bright, shining gold that hurt his eyes. The Smeargle with the light blue smudge was still ignoring his elder and poking his tail at a curious young Wooper. His sister looked all around, at the sunlight turning the trees on the other bank a glowing lime, at the whistling spring grass, at the rocks by the bank... Reed kicked another pebble in with a thin black foot, passively watching the ripples trip and tumble towards them. And what had she done when he saved her life? She told him to get his stupid hands off of her, you freak - even when they'd played together only a few months past. Even when he'd had five friends (two good friends), only six months ago. So he told her to shove off and fall in the lake then, see if I care, and pushed her roughly so she'd fall against the rocks on the land side. The lake had been much lower back then, Reed realized, kicking another pebble and ignoring the sister Smeargle's gasps as she noticed him (or didn't - he didn't particularly care what she was gasping about). She'd fallen and broken her nose and arm (because Kyogre's left fin, did she not know how to fall), as well as fractured her right leg and gotten a few bad cuts from the sharper rocks. There were reasons that the rocks by the beach were avoided by all but Reed and those who wanted to get their nose and arm broken and their right leg fractured. The elders had blamed him and so he got to spend the next month or six out among the Wooper and Stunfisk, which in his mind wasn't much of a punishment given his swimming capability and lack of stupidity while climbing. Reed glanced up, ice blue eyes casting an anemic glow upon the dark-splotched rocks. He stood on two spindly legs to greet the village elder, who, being one of the only three Smeargle awake at this hour, had shakily begun to approach him. The small girl Smeargle crept along just trailing the elder's tail, clinging tightly to her own fine peach brush. The greying Smeargle held a thick branch unsteadily; it was clear that he'd ignored his physical capabilities in the rush to find some sort of protective implement, though he certainly was straining to hide it. "Why have you come here? Will you not respect Kyogre's territory?" The elder's hushed voice trembled as he addressed the tall, shadowy figure. Reed wrapped his long arms around himself, pulling his black cloak up to his red, toothed collar as if he were cold. Words didn't slip out of his mouth; the elder remained cautiously listening, knowing somehow that his village depended on him. This is a lucid dream, then. Reed hesitated, then announced, "I'm not here because I want to be." "I have come to ask for Kyogre's sanctuary." He could hear a voice - somewhat older than his own - sound out with his own. It wasn't entirely surprising, given the nature of some of his dreams. He mentally shrugged it off. The elder's grip on the branch tightened, and his tone grew mildly aggressive, "And by what unholy tide did you receive the idea that our lord Kyogre would house you?" Cold fire burned in the elder Smeargle's eyes; Reed now recognized the old Smeargle's deep blue and silver garments as those of an old priest. "Do you think your crimes against the Legends will go unpunished? Do you think that those who steal the stars from the sky may live where they bedded?" Reed sighed, and turned to watch the sun rise higher, the surface of the sky and the surface of the lake turning a pure azure together. He felt a quick rush of air as the priest jabbed his branch threateningly. "Do not turn away from me! Do you truly believe we will house your filth?" "Can't see why you would. You threw me out before." "Do you think I cannot see my crimes for myself, priest? I have come to put an end to them." The Kyogran priest scoffed, indignant rage making his hold on the stick surer. Reed kicked a pebble into the lake, scattering the icy blue eyes he saw reflected in its waters. "A likely story. We will house no monstrosities of your level within our holy boundaries." The elder's deep brown eyes felt like nails. He waved his tail in the peach-tailed Smeargle's direction, ordering, "Lily, gather the others." His voice filled with ice, he threatened, "With Kyogre's blessing, we will annihilate you here." Reed simply turned and walked away, leaving the old man to play with his sticks and anger. He threw a simple, "That's too bad." over his shoulder, and hummed the same song he'd hummed when he'd last seen that village on the lake. ------------ Tiramisu laughed as she poked the sleeping Smeargle, "Oh my arceus he actually - what?" Her good spirits were mostly frightened away, though, when a ghostly white light enveloped the sleeping Pokemon. The Meowth took a few wary steps back, then looked at Agatha, puzzled. "That's... That's kind of a wicked thing to do. I thought you were...?" Tiramisu tilted her head, still staring at Agatha, "You can't be one of the good guys because you're a wanted criminal. But then you helped us - even Leo - when Reed attacked us... That would mean you're on our side. That would either make us the bad guys or - but I was on your side before in the Square..." The Meowth groaned, "This is all pretty confusing. I mean just a minute ago I offered to help you again and - Who's side are you on? Who's side am I on? How do we even know if we're the enemies and Darkrai - or Reed - or that nice Lampent-Ditto Tyndall - are the heroes or-?" Tiramisu sighed and tried to grab her Slip Seed from her paws without dropping the Gabite Scale. How she'd grabbed those that way, she'd never know. After a few failed tries she reared up on her hind legs and stumbled backwards, cursing her terrible balance, and dropped both items on the ground. Huffing, she grabbed the Slip Seed in her teeth and nosed it into the embroidered bag. The cat-like Pokemon gently picked the Gabite Scale off of the ground in the same manner, and mumbled around it, "'ou could prob'ly geth a'ay now." She padded over to where Leo slept, and hesitated for a moment. Did he want to be waken up? She shrugged and laid it next to him, figuring he'd use it if he wanted to. Somehow. Eh. "I mean, does it really matter anymore?" She swiped a paw over her ear, still puzzled in some way by the events that had transpired. "You seem kind of wicked, but then you helped us too. I don't even know what you're a criminal for, aside from kidnapping. And if you've stayed this long, and Leo's let you stay this long, you can't be that bad of a Pokemon - but then is there maybe a scale?" Eh. Tiramisu nudged the Gabite Scale closer to Leo and waved goodbye with her tail. "This kind of thinking makes me tired. Red?" She added quickly to the helpful Zigzagoon nearby, "If you want to take her in or whatever, cover your ears. I've had enough for today." (( I haven't messed around with quiet Reed in a while. ^w^ It's fun when his theatrics get old, even for me. ))
  10. Reed's vision blanked for a moment as he vaguely felt a strong kick and the flashing explosion of Seed Bombs right by his face. To add insult to injury, a thick coin thunked against his shoulder as he stumbled, disoriented. (Somewhere to the side he could distantly hear that other Meowth cursing, "Crud, I missed his face.") He could have been seeing red then, if he could see anything but white. It took a few more stumbling steps backward before the forest became clear to him again. He winced as his paw grazed a rough stick, then winced again for wincing in front of these... What would he call them? Agatha wasn't an enemy, not in his mind - Tiramisu was a wild card that didn't do much at all. (His mildly aching shoulder contended otherwise quietly.) Leo was... He was the Sheriff. A great fuzzing roadblock, essentially, in what Reed intended to do. He hated to admit it, but the Sheriff played an incredibly effective roadblock; one more hit from any of his posse and this Smeargle would be out. He wouldn't be taken down - not truly, the burning on his back assured him. He could feel where some of the paint had peeled off in flakes, like it would off of thick plastic. More than a few scratches laid there, reminders of past fights... Yes, by Kyogre's tail he'd teach Leo exactly why he'd gotten those. Reed smiled inwardly as he mused, Even with that little speech before, maybe it'll surprise Sheriff. Reed gripped his shoulder tightly and stood up to his full size, slowly walking back up to the Meowth and his group. Tiramisu held a coin threateningly in her paw, though the Smeargle noticed her hesitation and wrote her off quickly. "Sheriff, Sheriff, Sheriff." Reed shook his head theatrically. "Haven't you figured out by now that even if you defeat me here, you can't change the path the Legendaries are set on?" He added curtly, "There's a reason that they're snoring away despite even their best efforts." What was that faint blue light? He found it odd that the cool glow was still settled around his eyes, even if... He ignored it. With a great Yawn, he settled down on the grass, faintly enjoying the naive, confused look he saw on Tiramisu out of the corner of his eye. "Go on Sheriff; take me to your Foggy Forest town. Or even through those caverns up there." Smeargle nodded, smiling as if he were amused at a small child's antics. "After all, if we keep fighting we'll only end up exhausting each other - so go on. Try Kyogre's goodwill down there on those nice, smooth, moist bluffs. Take me along - heck, take Agatha along - and help us get to exactly where we're going." He shrugged noncommittally. "Or stay here, stall your team, let both of your chances - " He glanced at Agatha momentarily, "Of seeing Allen potentially slip away, and wait for me to wake up first and escape. Your choice." Reed grinned, yawned (normally this time), and curled up for a little Rest. He didn't notice the naive little Meowth by Agatha helpfully brandishing both a Gabite's Scale and a Slip Seed, triumphantly thinking to herself, I knew there was a reason I grabbed these things! [ Reed used Yawn on Leo. Reed used Rest. ]
  11. Gah, my bad guys. This year you have my permission to bug me after three days, okay? No more excuses this year. ^w^; Eevee dudes, are these bios the final ones? I'd prefer it if you guys would PM them to me (for the formatting on them is all). Haldor etc.'s group, I've got one vote for a town before you head out to find Mesprit. Any more input? (Again, either works for me - it's just a matter of if you guys want to stock up on something or other; I will tell you that the next area is going to be cave-like and therefore limited on berries (shouldn't be a problem given the current forest-y place) and all that. ) I'mma go post now! ^w^
  12. By the way, Zagan's group, would you guys like a town before you head into your adventure of doom? I've got a town in mind (and a Shupp I'd like to introduce), but the timing would work on either end of the super duper Mespritraveling.
  13. Because ribbons. RIBBONS EVERYWHERE. http://www.zerochan.net/1430241 https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q...4x9WGqqH71nVIDD http://th04.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2013...chi-d65lb87.png https://i.imgur.com/ElnJ81x.jpg http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/051...ler-d5vmw2l.png http://static.fjcdn.com/comments/4435245+_...0869fcf94c0.png http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/162...114-d68ofqt.png http://www.zerochan.net/1475356 And also PureDark I shall quietly pass these your way: http://www.zerochan.net/1521581 http://www.zerochan.net/1560184 I have to admit, I didn't really like Sylveon at first (I thought it was some wack form change of Victini ) but it's grown on me. :3
  14. *squeeing silently at conversation* :3 I believe I recommended two characters, not made it a rule~ So I'mma just sit here by the PM box and quietly sq squ squaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *cough* Anyways!~ Aw, Pi, I actually kind of like Bree. ^w^ She's sweet (and Cas is the teensiest bit smitten with her, heehee). By the way, guys, I'm going to try and keep up the posting pace I had before Christmas Break started. I found out I could do a little more than I thought without overworking myself, and that was pretty fun. ^w^ And also, I haven't forgotten about Christmas. :3 SUPER DUPER CHRISTMASSY PRESENT Many, many years ago, before the disappearance of the Legendaries and before the rise and fall of the western kingdoms, there was a terrible blizzard. Pidgeot the Great and all of his sky birds had seen a grand, icy meteorite streak through the whitened skies to come crashing into the polar ice. Diglett, leader of the dwarf-like creatures of the subsurface caverns, had felt its impact miles upon miles away. Rayquaza, naturally, had not let the veiled, glacial insult pass his notice. He'd struck through the sky, rage fueling his flight, to destroy the insolent trespasser who'd trespassed upon his territory, who'd destroyed the precious snow Articuno had left him. It happened that the sleeping Kyurem had already been reached by Articuno, who in her fury had cast down a virulent Blizzard on the cursed husk. Kyurem's subzero energy sent the blizzard across the Pokemon world, from pole to equator and equator to pole. Pokemon hid in their homes, yet their home froze. Pokemon huddled in their blankets, but the blankets stiffened, thick with frost. And soon, the Pokemon began to freeze. Rayquaza could do little to break through the two Legendaries' icy stalemate. Yet... As he glanced down into the snow-laden gale below, he spotted the brilliant red cap of a lone Delibird. The brave Pokemon, shivering with cold and exhaustion, pushed through to the two warring snowbirds. Before them he placed two carefully wrapped presents, vivid in turquoise, the red of flames or the sun as it sets, and the spring sprouts' rich emerald. The Legendaries, their rage momentarily cooled by surprise, stooped to rip open the packages, finding within them two fine silver snowflakes. The trinkets shimmered like fresh snow itself. They looked at each other, then at the Delibird who'd reminded them of the love of Pokemon, and resolved to allow the destruction of one snowflake to pass, because of the creation of not one, but two, much more precious snowflakes. The blizzard was ended. Rayquaza, however, would not be calmed by such slush. With a mighty roar, he fired his Hyper Beam at the interloper. The flaming energy beam raced, and hit - a present. One wrapped in cerulean and strengthened with adamantium - the beam dissipated into dust. Curious, the great flying serpent bit through the tough covering, and within it found a moist, fluffy cake, as soft as his clouds and as sweet tasting as mountain air. (It was said that Rayquaza's heart grew three sizes that day, and that his stomach grew four.) And so Delibird the Deliverer saved the world that day, and every year since (though the Delibird dear to Rayquaza, Articuno, and Kyurem alike has long since passed), Pokemon have given wishes to the sky and received presents. So what was the point of all that? Each of the characters in the RP as of Christmas get a Snow Wish - which means they can use it to get 1) any item allowed in the roleplay or 2) a custom item. The rules with custom items: - No more than two effects for held items; no more than three effects for consumable/one-time-use items. - Don't get super-crazy, but have fun. - PM me it! ^w^ You can use this Snow Wish whenever you'd like. :3 (So in other words, I'm totally getting you guys gift cards! ) EDIT: I forgot to mention, you can pretty much do anything with the items you wish for! Including use them to learn a move that's impossible for your Pokemon to learn (my only limit on this is no legendary moves (no matter how much I want Shadow Force on someone ;;;;A;;; and I'd suggest finding some way for it to fit)) and even changing a Pokemon's species (albeit I'm not sure anyone would want that and it would be a rather drastic change so I'd expect you to play out their getting used to the form and have some reason for them wanting to change - also, no transformations into Legendaries unless you'd like to become Landorus because of a subplot I'd never really planned to happen but just imagined now). So yeah, go wild! ^w^
  15. ^w^ Ah, the beach is nice... Okay guys, poll time! Should we allow Mega Evolutions or not? (Also, I'mma have a nice surprise for you guys on Christmas~ ^w^ And by surprise I don't mean ambush this time! You don't have to be on (obviously - that'd be ridiculous), but I'll post it up on or after Christmas. Don't get too excited, but I think it'll be a nice little thing~)
  16. Cas' entire body visibly relaxed; his shoulders slumped backwards, he leaned his head back and sighed in relief. What if she'd been badly hurt because he didn't want to get back to the battlefield - because he'd reasoned that his lack of abilities would just get in the way? At the very least, he would be able to get in the way. Better him than anyone else, and what was the point of a Pokemon who could see death if he couldn't do anything to prevent it, or at least prevent the Pokemon he cared about from getting hurt? Not that he could remember most of them, but still... He inwardly cringed.) Was that not the reason he'd come on this trip? To outdo those broadcasted voices of the dead? Do you know as little as the newborn Slowpoke, Cassandra? Your quest has never been to untie the strings of death. You will only tangle them. I have done as you asked for countless years. I will act on my own will, thank you. We have never asked any more of you, since the Nepenthe flowed. The Dusknoir couldn't help the nagging sense of dread that clawed at his stomach with that. What on earth could they be speaking of - surely he wouldn't...? It wouldn't be his doing that would- No. He couldn't allow them to distract him. After all, Bree still had yet to convince him that she was completely fine. He coughed, and began relayed what had happened back in the forest. "From what I understood, the Giratina was an illusion generated by two Pokemon - a Kirlia and an Electrike." He added quickly, "That is, if Agatha is to be trusted. An odd, shadowed figure who Leo identified as Allen, although under some sort of control, appeared and disappeared with those two..." Ah, right, perhaps what the figure had said would be of importance to them... It was life or death, after all. Cas sighed heavily. Always the bearer of bad news, wasn't he? "The figure warned that if we were to continue our search for the Legendaries, it wouldn't hesitate to hunt us down, I believe. Leo seems set on finding his partner again - and oh yes, Agatha was there. I said it offhandedly before, but, ah..." He scratched his head. "That Smeargle came soon after the shadowed figure left. It would seem the two are connected somehow, though I can't imagine how a Smeargle would be able to possess a Lampent." The Dusknoir suddenly became acutely aware of his existence as a Ghost-type Pokemon with the word "possess." Could that have been what the dead had meant? He continued shakily, "A-ah, the Smeargle was the troublemaker in the Square, I believe. His name was... Red?" - The Zigzagoon caught his eye - "No - Reed, perhaps?" ------------------ And he certainly would never let anyone forget it. Least of all Sheriff. The Smeargle had hunched over, cringing from the sting of the Meowth's wounds. Especially on his back. Oh - he began to laugh darkly - especially on his back. That little cur would pay for that. Reed rose up slowly, laughing still. "Well Sheriff, it sure didn't take a lot to get you to stop your little justice charade. It is all about you and your precious Allen, isn't it? Even at the cost of of the world?" Reed growled, eyes slitting like in the cave. "It's surprising, seeing how much you want to die." You have no idea what you've done, do you Sheriff? The incensed Smeargle reeled back, smirking - and this time rightfully - as his arm glowed bright green and grew tough. He rushed forward, twisting to put all of his weight behind the strong punch - a rough, rage-filled Wood Hammer. Pain ran down his arm, but he didn't feel it against his numb anger (though he would most certainly feel it in the morning). --------- Tiramisu smiled a little at the compliment(?) and quietly shuffled the turquoise and yellow scale back into her brown bag. As she looked down, murderous-sounding laughter came from Reed's direction. What on Arceus' green earth...? That certainly wasn't what she'd known Reed to be like. Of course, she'd only really met with him a few times, and she had no idea exactly what happened with him in the cave. Wasn't he just kind of a pr**k? Certainly not the kind to... To do what that look in his eyes implied? This was getting far more serious than even she'd thought. What to do? Shadow Ball? - no, that wouldn't hit either - Thunder? - could hit Leo - Hidden Power? - eh - She impulsively and uncontrollably threw a gleaming yellow coin in their general direction. It fell rather short, thudding dully against the soil. ...Wow. That was pathetic. Tiramisu felt a stroke of instinctual brilliance coming on. Maybe her danged Meowth instincts had actually come in handy; Reed was taller than Leo, so regardless of if they got closer together, she could hit him above the fray. Assuming she could hit him, that was. The Meowth gathered a coin and nudged it towards Agatha, grinning slightly, "Aim for the head, then, if you can't sing." See if I can't make myself useful, or at least an annoyance. ...Still, that look Reed has worries me. If Leo gets in real danger... She glanced towards the path momentarily. I hope Cas gets back soon with the others. Then was the moment of truth. Golden coins sailed through the air. [Reed used Wood Hammer on Leo! Tiramisu used Pay Day on Reed!]
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  20. Reed winced and clamped his hands over his ears after the fact. The girl could yell. Maybe a few minutes ago - before the ambush - he would have felt bad for making the Mismagius so visibly upset. He'd probably have felt a pang in the depths of his stomach, even. Now, though? He almost enjoyed it; his laughter made that very apparent. "Aw, Agatha!" The Smeargle crooned, "I don't think you're stupid at all! A smug smirk filled his face, making him look like a Cheshire Cat. "I knew you'd get it soon enough, I just didn't count on you being so mean to me - after I said I'd take you to your precious Allen before Sheriff could get to him!" His emphatic sarcasm was rather painful to listen to; even he almost winced at it. Almost. His eyes slitted (he wasn't quite sure they could), he laughed darkly, "I won't need Darkrai to give me nightmares? Please, I've never needed anything but myself for that. Although..." Reed shrugged, walking away from Agatha to get a bit closer to Leo. "I suppose the deal's off, considering how you're treating me. Maybe I'll have Allen killed once he's served his purpose so he'll never see you again?" Maybe that would get some reaction out of the Sheriff. He felt absolutely positive that he didn't know when to stop, and was absolutely loving it. There was the world, there was a huge part of these two Pokemon's lives, and he could just twist it to his liking. He felt more alive than he'd felt in years. He took on a contemplative stance, tilting his head to the right while still keeping his eye on Leo. "Or maybe lock him up somewhere so he can steep in guilt? Come on, Sheriff, do I look like a tool to you? You know who's running the show, and you know I could be out of here faster than you could say 'Detective McMeow' if I wanted to be." Suddenly, the grin dropped and a deathly serious face replaced it. "Whenever you're going to see Allen again, it will be on my terms. Remember that if you want to try anything." ----------------- Well Reed was being pleasant. Each word he said meant a small step forward for Tiramisu, until she found herself by Agatha's side. She noticed the purple, cloth-like extensions only when she nearly knocked into them. (She reasoned that it was due to the light daze she was left in from that ear-splitting screech of a yell Agatha'd given Reed.) And Agatha... didn't look so good. Did she have an Oran Berry in her bag? A mental inventory said no. Agatha was on her team, there had to be something she could do... A Gabite Scale? Agatha could use Perish Song, couldn't she? They needed Reed taken down, and he was sure to keep blabbering on for a while yet if only one of them could keep him busy... She whispered urgently, "Agatha! I-If you use Perish Song we can take him down while he's talking - here." Tiramisu nosed her way through her bag and laid the Gabite Scale at Agatha's feet. "Give Leo and I some warning if you do; that Gabite Scale will erase the Perish Song from you so you don't faint if you use it." --------------------- Oh my, that loud yelling sounded serious. Cas mentally clubbed himself for taking so long getting back to the path. Some of these Berry trees were simply fascinating... And wasn't the dappled sunlight nice? No, no... He had to go up and tell the others what was happening. Curse his wretched distractibility! As he poked out of the forest, his eyes met with those of a Hydreigon's... He couldn't recall the Pokemon's name. More concerned was he with the Pokemon the Hydreigon was standing over - Bree. He hurried over, showing as much concern as a cyclops ghost can show for an appreciated acquaintance. "Bree! Bree, were you hurt?" Perhaps he shouldn't have spent so much time awkwardly floating among the quarreling Pokemon in the forest. It wasn't as if he'd done anything of use there; he could have been helping here (though has battling skills suggested otherwise). In some small way, this was his fault. He glanced up at the Hydreigon, worry and no small bit of regret in his eye, "Is she alright? I- ah, there's a problem down in the forest -" He waved vaguely in the direction of Leo and the others with his huge grey hands, "Maybe an ambush - but is Bree okay?"
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  23. Well now, he supposed it was time to play with the kitten. Perhaps it would be best to hold a further distance from the Sheriff after his recent antics... But he couldn't resist. Leo's pathetic face was just so tempting, and he'd never turned down a tasty morsel. With a flick to adjust his "beret", Reed sauntered out from deep in the forest. Deep in these woods, the darkness made the brambles and overgrown grasses threatening Ekans; he hadn't particularly noticed. The blue glow faded from his eyes as he stepped into view. "Hey, Agatha!" Reed smiled and waved, "I thought we were going to get ahead of those losers - oh." His voice had picked up some of those Ekans' venom, and it positively dripped as he turned his gaze to Leo. "Too bad, it looks like the losers are a bit early. Hi Sheriff - I thought you wouldn't get here" - he paused - "in time." He was enjoying every moment of this. Maybe, when Leo had been forced to see Allen stolen away from him, he would forgive the new scratches on his back. He could have the danged ghost when he was done toying with the two of them - or maybe he couldn't. It was entirely his decision, after all. "Reed?" Oh, and there was the other kitten, Kitty herself! He glanced condescendingly her way - Kyogre, he was on top of the world now, wasn't he? A legend to be told, and never forgotten, even if it would go down in infamy. Though she looked... different. He hadn't noticed her scooting closer to Agatha, some other odd ghost following in her shadow, but he could see some sort of slow-burning fury in her eyes - like she'd eaten the Magmaworld and come to life in its fires. But Groudon is taken care of~ He smiled inwardly, suppressing a small, nagging bit of himself at the back of his mind. He had no reason to fear the slumbering leviathan, not anymore. The sad thing was probably dreaming of rainstorms. "Say, Reed? Where were you when Tyndall appeared?" ----------- "Reed?" She would have some strong thinking to do when they got back to their usual scheduled travels, but for the moment, a few words had won her over to Agatha's side. At least to the point of neutrality. Tiramisu couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt at "Real exploration teams"; now, hadn't she said something similar? (She had to admit, even now she couldn't help but feel disappointment towards those she'd completely idolized.) It was why she'd taken Agatha's side so suddenly in the Square, wasn't it? (Though should she be empathizing with a criminal? And besides, most of that was just... murderous... rage? And here she was replaying Reed's words again. She had to stop, she had to stop... The Legendaries were kind, from the fairy tales - and yet Landorus - Shut up. Reed's the enemy right now. If he wasn't on her side, then he had to be, right? After all, he hadn't stayed with them in Groudon's caves; he'd run like a coward, and left them with that horrible Landorus. (But wait, hadn't she run off first? Who was she to talk?) If he hadn't created that crack in the earth, they never would have fallen down, never would have run into that stupid Mankey of a Legend, she never would have had to see her fantastical little illusions poisoned like stupid, poisonous lava fumes. (And hadn't she encouraged him? Trying to stand up for a rightly-cursed, cocky Smeargle who maintained that it was absolutely his power that had gotten them there...) ...But if what Agatha said was true, and that figure on the branch was Reed as well, and that Reed had disappeared in that odd chaos, maybe he'd been telling the truth? Maybe he'd teleported the group of complete strangers, against their will... into a random cave? Just to leave them there, trapped - with him - in the cave? That would be stupid - to leave them there for no reason, and just disappear! And how on earth would he be able to use Spacial Rend as a Smeargle (much less in Palkia's supposed specialty manner), unless he'd met Palkia? Unless he'd met Palkia? How did they get out - who had said they'd seen Allen fighting on Palkia's behalf? At a mile a minute, perhaps she'd uncovered something... It was a stretch, but it worked well enough for an establishment of some sort of guilty. Somehow. A mental shrug. "Say, Reed? Where were you when Tyndall appeared?" The burning, incriminating voice she'd used with Agatha now turned its fire-filled fangs towards Reed. Reed didn't seem to care. Offhand, smooth as a flayed bone, he returned, "Why don't you take a guess, Kitty? I don't have time to tell you a story tonight; once we adults are done talking, Aggie and I gotta fly." ---------- Having seen and felt for others what being in the wrong place at the wrong time felt like, Cas knew that he was in fact in the wrong place, at the wrong time. These were Pokemon he didn't know, speaking of events and people he hadn't heard of, and he was rather stuck on what to say or do. Surely the battle had died down by now? He heard no ominous sounds from the battlefield, so either the remaining warriors of their team had won or all of them had died a grisly, painful death due to curses. If the later were the case, an ambush was imminent. However, his luck said otherwise; if any one of the team's members were due for a slow, painful death any time soon, his luck would have him see it. So in all likelihood, they'd won. Would it be rude to leave his charge in Leo's competent hands/paws? There was hardly anything he could do here; his battling ability had already been pushed beyond its normal limit. Perhaps if there were any wounded, he could tend to them? Or maybe he could find a friend to chat with - maybe that kind Bree girl - to feel useful. Just a bit of time away couldn't hurt anyone, especially if it were spent providing the rest of the team with moral support... He could even call the team to attention to assist their fine Meowth leader. Yes, yes he could. He would just slip out of the forest, just for a bit, right back to the main path, quietly.
  24. Allen made no move to dodge the fist. The figure shuddered again, turning slowly, like someone half asleep, as the ghostly attack ran through him. He sighed, and took one last glance at Leo. "Consider whether or not you want to involve any more lives in the Legends' struggle. Their blood will be on both your hands and mine." The silhouette shifted slightly, as if hesitant to leave, and added, "Your partner was at the wrong place at the wrong time, Leo. He is in no way responsible for what I make him do; when I return him to you, let him know that. Farewell." Old man, you're too soft. With that, the dark image of Allen dropped swiftly into the chaos below, and disappeared. ----- Pellinore was absolutely terrified. One wrong move, and they were back where they were, and captured. A different wrong move, and they were on the moon. A right move, and they were safe in that rather drab and rather eerie cave, far from here. Teleportation was a tricky business, complicated by the seizure of light all around him and his sparking Fenris. A shadow dropped down through the bright, flashing lights, and suddenly he'd done it. Though he knew from experience the others couldn't feel the warping of spacetime it took to move from one place to the next, Pellinore could feel it far too clearly. Today it felt like confusing, warping spaghetti noodles of striated light. Focus, he thought, One strand, one in all... He stared all around him, feeling smaller and more insignificant by the moment. of... The "room" began to spiral. It looked like a kaleidoscope. them...! Pellinore crashed against the cave floor violently, hearing a few other "thumps" follow only a few feet away. The blue light filtering gently through the room, flashing against the beautiful crystals that littered the cave floor fell comfortingly against his eyes... This wasn't the right cave. Arceus****it. (( There's a possibility of Pokemon in the area jumping in with them, but if anyone goes in they'll have to wait until a certain point in the near-ish future to continue this bit. ^w^ Gotta wait for a certain point in one of the paths. )) --------------- Tiramisu watched the Mismagius charge at what was supposedly Allen, actually mildly amused in some twisted way. She mumbled to herself, still slightly smiling, "It's not Allen I was planning on fighting." Cas shook his head and floated to her side, his eye betraying a nervous concern. "Tiramisu? Are you alright?" The Meowth lashed her tail once or twice, stretching out her back with a sigh. She glanced coyly at the Dusknoir. "She pisses me off." Then she turned her attention back to where Agatha had gone. Firstly, the annoying ball of light had disappeared. Secondly, the odd, shadowy figure had also disappeared. Thirdly, perhaps she shouldn't have stopped watching to begin with. She eyed Leo and Agatha carefully. She wouldn't miss another thing - although a nap would be nice, this was serious, and she hadn't been taking it that way... Another mess up? Had she allowed something dangerous to get away in favor of venting at Agatha for something she herself had allowed to happen? Arceus, was she tired...
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