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  1. If it's a unanimous time skip on both sides, I can work with it! Shadow Tag is just headed to the dungeon between where they are and Foggy Forest (aha, I'm sorry... I'd have us go ahead to Foggy Forest as soon as possible so it isn't terribly boring (which I do have something planned so it isn't dreadfully boring, obviously) but there's a small problem with timing a thing that relies on Zagan's group's side) and Haldor, Atto, Zagan, and Ruphus' Excavation Exploration Congregation will presumably skip to digging towards the Eaves of Hiraeth? Edit to say that winter is like a whole ton of i
  2. Hey guys, I know everyone's busy (or on vacation you lucky duck), but could I maybe get some sort of idea of around when you think you'll be able to get back to around a post a week? ^w^; I hate to bug you (I've just been assigned a major research paper myself), but I'm a little afraid of the RP dying, especially since everyone's put so much effort into it. (And also, this is to say that I'm still alive too~) ^^; Sorry Sailing, I don't think I'd be much help with quick, witty banter.
  3. I apologize for the double post; just didn't want people to think that this is dead. I hope everyone's doing well with finals and all that! ^w^
  4. Hi Sparrow! Sorry, the roleplay's closed at the moment; it'll most likely be reopening next time we get to a town. (And depending on which town it is there may be a few restrictions (considering the secluded nature of Foggy Forest that I've gathered from Leo's (Sailing's character's) dialogue) but I'll cross that bridge when we get to it, no?) This is the OOC (out of character) thread. ^w^ The actual roleplay is here. ^^; I'm sorry to disappoint you! Feel free to come back when the RP opens again (which, considering the speed we tend to go at, might be in a few weeks or might be in a
  5. Diamonds and pearls? I mean maybe, somehow, there's something in between, but then... Her eyes on the thinning grass beneath her hesitant paws, Tiramisu found herself still deep in the thought that she'd been trying to run from. It seemed that physically separating herself from the problem didn't always work - although perhaps if she could get a bit farther, or a bit farther than that? No, not this time; she had to stay with Leo's group now, even if she could smell smoke, and she could feel the warmth of bubbling, melted iron like hot swords against her (bristling) fur, and what sort of i
  6. ^^; Sorry for the lack of advance notice; this week is my finals week, so there'll be drop in post activity from me. I'll try to get a post in between today and tomorrow so you guys aren't stuck in one place for a week, but expect me to be completely absent from Tuesday to Thursday. Silver, Reddan, and Puredark, I've got your PMs and I'll respond to them according to that schedule - ^w^; like I said, I'd rather not hold everyone up for a week, so I'll probably respond after posting. Also, it looks like the Mesprit group is going straight for adventure then! ^w^ Tell me when you're ready t
  7. If it satisfies you any, you guys'll have plenty of adventure once you hit the mountains. ^w^ And Bree, I could have Cas derp around a bit and find something to do if you'd like? And Tiramisu's going to come over next post as well. I'm getting around to the character forms! ^w^ NO GO AWAY DON'T PLEASE UNDERSTAND 不明白 !!!!!!!!
  8. Aah, sometimes it depresses me how small 1800 words looks... So guys, I'd like to ask your permission to have Reed learn Nightmare via that dream. It would use up the Snow Gift (not because he directly used it, but just on principle that it's an abnormal way for a Pokemon to learn a move) and replace one of his unreliable moves. I only ask because: 1. it's an abnormal way for a Pokemon to learn a (non-Dream World) move, and 2. that would mean allowing me to remove a move and add one in the same go. (I'd also like to remind everyone that in PMD, Nightmare puts the Pokemon afflicted to sle
  9. Somewhere far away, the morning sun cast a tangerine net upon the lake that Kyogre's fins had graced. Two young Smeargle, their ears clumsily flopping around as they hopped about, ran out to tap the lake and watch as the ripples turned bits of bright orange liquid to the cerulean blue they'd always known. One gasped - the youngest one, a Smeargle with a bright blue smudge on his face and legs just a bit too short for his tail. A third, older Smeargle beckoned to them, his paw nearly grey. His fur didn't shine in the sunlight like the younger Smeagle's fur did, but bits of orange dully reflecte
  10. Reed's vision blanked for a moment as he vaguely felt a strong kick and the flashing explosion of Seed Bombs right by his face. To add insult to injury, a thick coin thunked against his shoulder as he stumbled, disoriented. (Somewhere to the side he could distantly hear that other Meowth cursing, "Crud, I missed his face.") He could have been seeing red then, if he could see anything but white. It took a few more stumbling steps backward before the forest became clear to him again. He winced as his paw grazed a rough stick, then winced again for wincing in front of these... What would he
  11. Gah, my bad guys. This year you have my permission to bug me after three days, okay? No more excuses this year. ^w^; Eevee dudes, are these bios the final ones? I'd prefer it if you guys would PM them to me (for the formatting on them is all). Haldor etc.'s group, I've got one vote for a town before you head out to find Mesprit. Any more input? (Again, either works for me - it's just a matter of if you guys want to stock up on something or other; I will tell you that the next area is going to be cave-like and therefore limited on berries (shouldn't be a problem given the current fore
  12. By the way, Zagan's group, would you guys like a town before you head into your adventure of doom? I've got a town in mind (and a Shupp I'd like to introduce), but the timing would work on either end of the super duper Mespritraveling.
  13. Because ribbons. RIBBONS EVERYWHERE. http://www.zerochan.net/1430241 https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q...4x9WGqqH71nVIDD http://th04.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2013...chi-d65lb87.png https://i.imgur.com/ElnJ81x.jpg http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/051...ler-d5vmw2l.png http://static.fjcdn.com/comments/4435245+_...0869fcf94c0.png http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/162...114-d68ofqt.png http://www.zerochan.net/1475356 And also PureDark I shall quietly pass these your way: http://www.zerochan.net/1521581 http://www.zerochan.net/1560184 I have t
  14. *squeeing silently at conversation* :3 I believe I recommended two characters, not made it a rule~ So I'mma just sit here by the PM box and quietly sq squ squaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *cough* Anyways!~ Aw, Pi, I actually kind of like Bree. ^w^ She's sweet (and Cas is the teensiest bit smitten with her, heehee). By the way, guys, I'm going to try and keep up the posting pace I had before Christmas Break started. I found out I could do a little more than I thought without overworking myself, and that was pretty fun. ^w^ And also, I haven't forgotten about Christmas. :3
  15. ^w^ Ah, the beach is nice... Okay guys, poll time! Should we allow Mega Evolutions or not? (Also, I'mma have a nice surprise for you guys on Christmas~ ^w^ And by surprise I don't mean ambush this time! You don't have to be on (obviously - that'd be ridiculous), but I'll post it up on or after Christmas. Don't get too excited, but I think it'll be a nice little thing~)
  16. Cas' entire body visibly relaxed; his shoulders slumped backwards, he leaned his head back and sighed in relief. What if she'd been badly hurt because he didn't want to get back to the battlefield - because he'd reasoned that his lack of abilities would just get in the way? At the very least, he would be able to get in the way. Better him than anyone else, and what was the point of a Pokemon who could see death if he couldn't do anything to prevent it, or at least prevent the Pokemon he cared about from getting hurt? Not that he could remember most of them, but still... He inwardly cringed.) W
  17. Hey guys, I'm going to be pretty inactive for the next week. ^w^; I've got a bit of stuff to work on so that I can actually have a restful winter break (which I will be posting during :3). So don't expect a post or any updates PM-wise until around this Thursday or next Monday, please! Thanks for your patience!
  18. I believe it's just about safe to begin using them. (If not, someone yell it out!) ^^ Nothing that relates to spoilers for the news games, though, okay?
  19. Sure, just pop me a PM with their bio! Remember though, you have to have them enter at a reasonable place. Leo's group wouldn't be at a reasonable place, and I'd have you ask one of Zagan's group if they're at a reasonable place because I, ah... *cough* Need to go back and catch up on that side of the RP. ^w^ By the way, Zagan's group, I've got everything plot-wise set up for you when you're ready! ^w^
  20. Reed winced and clamped his hands over his ears after the fact. The girl could yell. Maybe a few minutes ago - before the ambush - he would have felt bad for making the Mismagius so visibly upset. He'd probably have felt a pang in the depths of his stomach, even. Now, though? He almost enjoyed it; his laughter made that very apparent. "Aw, Agatha!" The Smeargle crooned, "I don't think you're stupid at all! A smug smirk filled his face, making him look like a Cheshire Cat. "I knew you'd get it soon enough, I just didn't count on you being so mean to me - after I said I'd take
  21. Sorry, the RP's closed at the moment. ^w^
  22. @Silverphoenixx: ^w^ I agree with Sailing, that sounds like a good idea. If you want to wait until she's fully rested, then she'd, well, be at full health again, but it's somewhat soon considering we haven't made a time skip and she wasn't using Rest. nnnng I just realized something. Reed is so much more annoying and downright malicious than I meant him to be initially. He is probably the most unlikable (in my mind) character I've made since this one evil character I made a long time ago (and I *kind of* killed her off by sealing her underneath some ruins)... I'm trying to think of some r
  23. Well now, he supposed it was time to play with the kitten. Perhaps it would be best to hold a further distance from the Sheriff after his recent antics... But he couldn't resist. Leo's pathetic face was just so tempting, and he'd never turned down a tasty morsel. With a flick to adjust his "beret", Reed sauntered out from deep in the forest. Deep in these woods, the darkness made the brambles and overgrown grasses threatening Ekans; he hadn't particularly noticed. The blue glow faded from his eyes as he stepped into view. "Hey, Agatha!" Reed smiled and waved, "I thought we were going
  24. Allen made no move to dodge the fist. The figure shuddered again, turning slowly, like someone half asleep, as the ghostly attack ran through him. He sighed, and took one last glance at Leo. "Consider whether or not you want to involve any more lives in the Legends' struggle. Their blood will be on both your hands and mine." The silhouette shifted slightly, as if hesitant to leave, and added, "Your partner was at the wrong place at the wrong time, Leo. He is in no way responsible for what I make him do; when I return him to you, let him know that. Farewell." Old man, you're too soft.
  25. This thread is about eighteenth century Russian politics as recorded by cats! :3