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  1. Ah Arceus, you guys are making me tear up... Pi, I looked at your RP and it looks like it's going to be amazing! (I noticed the nod to Diancie, by the way. ^w^) and ahhh I hng "Good luck" sounds too clinical and everything else sounds too flowery, so "Go be the friggin' amazing people I know you guys are" is what I'll go with. I forgot two little details that I think are kind of important. They're about buttface. Reed actually really respects "Sheriff" Leo. He wanted to be that guy when he was younger - the one who charges into battle for all of the innocents at once, tactful but bold, the superhero. That's actually the reason why he learned all of his ridiculous moves; he basically wanted to be Captain (Wood) Hammer (without the huge Corsola-Twig-iness that Captain Hammer has). Reed did paint his paw-print himself - to cover the scars on his back. Some of the scars are from the side effects of practicing his over-powered moves, but most of them are scars he gave himself. A lot are from when he was younger; others are from when his friend moved away from Relicanth Town. He never really liked himself. So not only is it a pride thing with his paw-print - because Leo was right about that being part of it - it's also actual physical pain. Alright then, I'm done. Seeya around. *hugs and waves*
  2. Alright. So I spoke a little too soon; senior year has been complete homework hell for me, and I can't anticipate having a whole bunch of time to come back to this in the near future. So this, I suppose, is goodbye. ^w^; It was a good run, even if we didn't finish, and I've been honored to roleplay with you guys. Hope you guys have fun with ORAS, and don't forget to get Diancie by this Sunday! As promised, I'm putting what I had planned for the story here. In very tiny letters, so if you don't want to be spoiled or something, you don't have to be. First things first, Landorus is hella dead. He might've been a pain, but he probably didn't deserve death. In any case, he got it when he stayed behind with Tyndall. Tyndall is Darkrai, but so is Reed to a certain extent. Darkrai possesed a Ditto (he acts like a ghost okay I don't need no typing squabbles) and took the name Tyndall – the scattering of light (in a colloid). So in the strictest sense, Tyndall is Darkrai. Reed, however, is a special case. He formed a pact with Darkrai to act as though he were Darkrai; Reed did this partly out of empathy with Darkrai, who was turned away by all of the other legendaries and shunned as a traitor when a certain... incident occurred. The other part of it was just disliking the legendaries after being brought up in a town that still followed the old Kyogric religion, and being shunned after he learned to put people to sleep and thoroughly abuse it. Darkrai and Reed share a telepathic communication, and over time the two sort of bleed into each other, like in Reed's dreams. In terms of the teams, Leo's team would get to Foggy Forest, attempting to find Allen. After some searching, they find the floating, hidden tower and scale it, finding a young Uxie at the top. Legendaries are reborn after a period of time – they never really die, just disappear for a bit – and this Uxie hasn't awoken since it reappeared. It takes some time for it to come back into its full power, but in the meantime it disguises as a blind Cyndaquil and travels with the group. The group presumably continues their quest to find Allen, as well as sets off to find the other Legendaries and some place to keep Uxie safe in. On their way out of Foggy Forest, however, Allen finds them. He's got the same strange aura around him, and makes the same demands that the group stay away from the Legendaries. He seems to be pleading at this point – then he notices the new Cyndaquil among them and grows suspicious. He attacks, trying to get rid of Uxie, and Tiramisu rushes in brashly to block the attack... Then what happens next, I expect, would depend solely on if Leo jumps in to handle the situation. If not, Tiramisu's hella dead; the flames “Allen” uses are heated to kill, and a direct blast like that would give any uninitiated Pokemon lethal burns. If so, they both avoid a flaming death, but one of them is burned fairly badly. In either case, the dark aura hesitantly leaves Allen, and Allen is finally freed from Darkrai's influence. Turned out Tyndall was telling the truth; Allen was captured defending Palkia (I think – naturally I'd have okayed this with Sailing, who planned the whole Allen-possession thing with me). Reed has managed to work his way to Foggy Forest by this point, and is on the sidelines when this happens. He doesn't like what he sees. The phrase “I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry” runs through his head quite a bit. He may or may not get caught there, and Arceus knows what everyone would think. From that point we'd get to the other Legendaries who haven't been caught or killed, and work our way to Darkrai's... palace. It's not quite a crater anymore. It's filled with purple crystal. Those in Diancie's domain wouldn't have found the tiny emotion lord they were after. Instead they'd find the answer to the riddle: “Deep within these halls are treasures you may find, if determination sees you through. If you are who you no doubt will say you are – those who gather the clouds of heaven and protect them with a mighty sword – then you will have no qualms about cutting the grass beneath the lotus flower.” Beneath Diancie's crystal lotus is an underground oasis, which you would have found while digging with the miners. Here there are many nooks to be explored, but if you think in true Zelda fashion to cut the blades of grass that appear to be hiding something – the ones just below the lotus flower, which is casting a pink light on the grass – then you would find Azelf. One can only hope you'd find Azelf without Tyndall's helpful company – or maybe that you'd only find the gems needed for trading, and never run into Azelf at all – only image if Tyndall and his pack of illusion masters got wind of the legendary, and how would you protect Azelf? Perhaps you'd even gain Tyndall's trust on the trip, which may not be as horrible a thing as you'd think. You see, Mesprit really was at the Eaves of Hiraeth, but after the original Uxie's death the two other spirits developed a system of protection for each other. Azelf stops inquisitive visitors from coming in one way, Mesprit discourages them the other. Tyndall himself may never have made it in, had it not been for Pellinore's wonky Teleport sending the three of them into the middle of a wall. (Diancie, as a side note for my own canon for this, was born in Azelf's crystal cave. That's why she protects him with her Carbink army.) Perhaps the two would be safe if you left them alone, but that would be determined only in the course of time. Whether you continued searching for Mesprit or not would be up to you. You'd meet up with Leo's group some time before arriving at Darkrai's palace. Reed's been shadowing the group the whole way, or rather leading them to it if you still trust him. A Shuppet joined the group along the way. She seems familiar. The palace is strange, not at all what you'd expect of Darkrai. There are carvings of the night sky, and a comet – well, okay, maybe the prince of nightmares might have nighttime scenes in his palace, the egotistical little... But you'de never expect there to be so much light. Surprisingly enough, Latios is here. And by here, I don't mean hella dead or possessed – just here, roaming the halls. He's been looking for his sister, hiding in plain sight like his kind can, and he's very glad to see you. He accompanies you to Darkrai's throne room. Darkrai is waiting with Pellinore (now a Gallade) and Fenris (now a Manectric). His two helpers move to attack, but he holds them back, kneeling before the group. He tells Reed (who is dutifully slipping into the shadows) that there's no need to pretend anymore; it's time for him to take the blame for himself. Darkrai offers himself to the team. The team can take him in or kill him or banish him – whatever. But if they take him in, they learn something they'd have learned very unpleasantly otherwise: he was never the real villain. Sure, he was a murderer – he was the hand. But he was never the puppeteer. He realizes that allowing himself to be killed would be selfish in itself, much in the same way that accepting his fate as the hand of the villain was – and in any case would only forward the villain's plan. This crisis goes back quite a while. Back to a young Meloetta and a wish. Jirachi can only be awoken by those with a pure voice, so Meloetta was always bound to be his dearest friend. The two go everywhere together, sing new songs, and go to a gathering of the legendaries – the most important celebration of the year, when all of the ancients gathered together, whether Kyogran or Grou...dan? Eh. They all get together and have a swell time with their followers. It's a heck of a bad time for Darkrai. There's a reason he stays well away in craters or abandoned islands most of the year, surrounded only by insomniacs. In that time, many of the legendaries were still young and at the height of their power, and so was he, much to the misfortune of anyone around Darkrai. Suffice to say that only the Insomniac Pokemon and the occasional Munna dropped by. Skulking around the outskirts of the party, he ran into the duo. Jirachi only sleeps when the comet passes or his wishes are used up, and one wish yet remains; Meloetta, however falls into a nightmare. Jirachi is furious and hysteric with the hatred only young children can feel, and Cresselia is nowhere to be found. He tries and tries to wake Meloetta up, and fears she's never going to. The noise attracts a crowd (a few of which fall asleep themselves), and with Darkrai and Cresselia being so reclusive, no one knows what to do. Jirachi feels helpless, and angry that no one can save his best – and almost only – friend. He rushes back to his cave, and Darkrai shadows him, trying to explain. Children lash out. Children will blame anything and everything they feel has hurt them – and so Jirachi wished for all of the Legendaries to go away. The legendary Doom Desire, and only Darkrai was there to see it. He tried to stop Jirachi, attacking him with Dark Void (which in fact made the curse worse, making Jirachi lucid) and any other attacks he could find, only to be caught by Victini, who in the course of justice tries to defend Jirachi from what he sees as an unwarranted attack. Darkrai is labelled the attacker, and the curse finds a vehicle in the Victory Pokemon. Victini is corrupted, which Darkrai sees as a sure sign of the Legendaries' imminent destruction. He agrees to be the agent of destruction with Victini (curiously similar to Reed's agreement), taking the blame for what he sees as the result of his lack of control over his powers. And so he begins hunting down the legends. Not completely, at first. He goes to the other Legendaries asking for protection; he tries Palkia, Uxie, Kyogre... But everyone believes that Darkrai killed Victini. So Darkrai tries to preserve his own life for a while, doing as he was bid to bring about the Doom Desire. Once all of the Legendaries are killed or rounded up around Jirachi, they'd be annihilated for good. With this revelation comes the final act. Jirachi and Victini work against you at every turn now that they no longer have Darkrai to hide behind. Jirachi is as nightmarish as the children who saw him “in dreams” (not really dreams, but real life) imagined. His third eye is always open, and bloodshot; his body has darkened into a shade of its former self. He seems like a husk. So does Victini. Victini will do anything to carry out the Doom Desire, even kill. He's incredibly dangerous. The team, meanwhile, needs to find Meloetta. Naturally, one thousand years is long enough for Cresselia to catch wind of her nightmares and cure her, but Meloetta now wanders the world waiting for her friend to reawaken. She is the only one who can open the door to Jirachi. You need to stun Jirachi into submission before he'll listen to Meloetta's song. Only then will he cancel off the Doom Desire. She uses the final wish: I want my friend back. It was never Jirachi's to use anyway. Or you go full on horrible and kill Jirachi. Which would be a very bad end, and all of the Legendaries die forever. I don't think you guys are that terrible. For my characters' ends... Reed goes back to Move Tutoring in Relicanth Town. The children missed him a lot, because he's not a huge Corsola Twig around them. He's actually a fairly good teacher, and perhaps in time he hooks up with a nice Nidoran he met by Foggy Forest. Tiramisu continues being a sheet ghost, and hangs around with Cas, who is actually probably Pellinore's father. He never remembers that, but Pellinore comes to visit from time to time. Cas may or may not form a team with Tiramisu and Bree, depending on Bree's decision. Pell and Fenris escape being war criminals thanks to Darkrai's cover, but Darkrai (who releases the Ditto but keeps the name Tyndall – he made it up himself anyway)... Darkrai's either locked up or treated much the same as in the games (good ol' amnesia really cleans up them criminals boss). Or maybe kept under the new Cresselia's care (he killed the old Cresselia). He occasionally chats with Reed. Annarise hopefully sees Requiem again. The end. Latias and Latios reunite. I'll miss you guys. See you around, and if you ever want to chat, just pop me a PM. It might take me a while to respond, but... I'm bound to check in here sometimes. *hugs*
  3. Bumping. If you guys are too busy or just not interested in this RP, I understand. I'll stick by it as long as there's another person to pursue it with me, even if that means a week or so between posts. I do love the story I planned out for this (even if it's more than a bit convoluted) and I love how you all have changed it in some seriously major ways and I love roleplaying with you - but I also understand that two years for an RP to get to the beginning parts of a rising action is far too slow for most people. If you want to leave, I won't be hurt; if you want (and promise not to tell, obviously) I'll even tell how I intended the story to go.
  4. Late late late but how'd you do? I'm sure you did well but uh small talk? Haha, in any case, hope you're having fun at Disney!
  5. The pirate Krabby, though he logically should have been intimidated by the crew surrounding him, maintained a stubborn scowl. "Oi, mate," He grumbled, holding his tiny claws up (supposedly to intimidate the Pokemon who were around ten times his size), "I don't tell ye how to live yer life. Jimmy's there" - he nodded at one fainted Krabby - "'n Kellogg's there, the no good sleepin' dog" - the next nod pointed out a Krabby who wasn't fainted, but rather sleeping - "'n the rest've the varmints all got smashed up against the walls thanks to yer spook." The crab hissed, backing up to where he believed the Sea Stone still stood, "High 'n mighty as ye are, trundling in here like ye own the place, the Sea Stone is ours-" and was comically surprised as his back legs hit thin air. He stood, dumbfounded, for just a moment, then scuttled into a hole too tiny for even Tiramisu to fit into, calling out, "Ye'll pay for this, the lot of you!" Crab cackles filled the air, "We've held these caves for years - ah, ye'll know soon." Tiramisu groaned, turning to Leo, "Thanks, but why'd we bring her along again? I keep forgetting." She waved her paw around, "Y'know, except for the part where she attacked us, and how she's a wanted criminal, and - oh! - stole the treasure I found." She licked her chest indignantly, glaring towards the notably not-shiny-and-not-azure-as-the-sea-at-midnight spot on the ground. She'd thank him more thoroughly for the compliment later; for the moment, the sting of a treasure denied rankled her mood. As did the mild annoyance of a quiet rumbling sound, very loud and rather far off, like a slow trickle times ten. She flicked her ear. "What's that noise?" In a chamber that was for the moment unknown to the travelers, one Krabby was uncorking certain holes in the walls, laughing malevolently to himself. Sure, the guys would be unhappy to find their homes flooded whenever they found their way back, but that would be undone by all of the treasure they were about to get from some drowned thieves. [bOSS: Cap'n Krabs Ability: Sheer Force (Removes added effects to increase move damage.) Usual Moves: Mud Shot Crabhammer Rock Slide Surf Species Statuses / Traits: - Arrrrrr! (No effect) Additional Notes: - TIMED BATTLE: Cap'n is rather pissed that you took his Sea Stone, Agatha. You ruined everything. ...Well, not quite. Cap'n is letting water into the caves; if the caves are flooded, not only will travel be difficult, but all rare items will be lost (unless Dive is used). T-minus five posts until the caves are flooded (unless he is distracted, i.e. attacking a Pokemon attacking him, crushed by rocks, flipped upside down). Posts unrelated to this group do not count towards this timer.] (( Holding out on Haldor's group until I get a post from one more person - I don't want to just move on without them because the next part may or may not be important once we get a little bit into it. ))
  6. Hi guys! ...I didn't realize how much I'd missed you until I started writing a post. >///< It's easy to forget that the thing that makes you happy might be the thing you're avoiding. So, I have this week to spend with you all and *next* week is actually when I'm going to camp. I got a little mixed up with the days, haha. *hugs*
  7. Reed woke up. It wasn't pleasant. He felt like he'd had the life sucked out of him. Oh, wait. Agatha. He groaned loudly. That Mismagius was frustrating, psychotic, and so, so beautiful. He could've said from the beginning that she'd leave the moment that it was convenient for her to, but the time they'd spent was worth it. It wasn't like he'd lied about getting Allen back to her. He was perhaps the only Pokemon who could in the circumstances. In any case, the dull pain bothering him wasn't her fault. He could remember darkness – he paused to stare at his clawless, tan paw – and the lake. He remembered getting stabbed, and his sloppy pawprint burned just a little bit. Reed had the feeling that he'd forgotten something, but gained something slightly more useful. [Reed forgot Earthquake! Reed learned Nightmare. Crap. The Snow Wish was used.] He couldn't really imagine what useful thing he would have gained from being stabbed in a dream, but whatever. A few hours had passed, the meddlesome tagalong band of Shadow Tag had run off, and he was alone in the forest. He could smell rain on the breeze, which, if he remembered correctly, meant that he definitely wanted to stay out of that cavern. Thanks Kyogre. The gods loved to smile on that little Smeargle, didn't they? He pondered a change of religion, then thought better of it. They would all soon be gone. ...When had he visited this area? He mentally shrugged. He wouldn't have been quite so angry if that cavern weren't the only way through to Fogbound Lake. Shadow Tag would be there by morning. Or they'd drown in the caverns, but he reminded himself that protagonists don't just die like that. If he had to play the villain to save them from themselves, at least he'd play to the genre. He had to be crafty, yes, he would keep to the shadows and Maybe he'd use Fissure on the cavern? That worked pretty well before. “Sir?” The Nidoran had a bemused look plastered across her face, though she secretly worried for the Pokemon's health. Perhaps he'd been a little too caught up in his plans to split rocks in half, or perhaps the small spiny rabbit was frightened by the fact that (as she so aptly put it) he “looked like he'd been run over by a Scolipede.” Tyndall had nearly been run over by both a Scolipede and a Riolu. A flustered Carbink rushed past, pausing to bow to the Ditto (currently fitting in with a striking coal body and sapphire eyes). “My deepest apologies, sir, our other guests are...” Tamberlain grimaced, and glanced with no hidden malice towards where the duo had run, “More than a bit rowdy. I was just on my way to discuss this with them.” Tyndall smiled. “It is no problem at all, friend,” he reassured the chamberlain, though the Carbink had already set off at a threateningly brisk float. He began to wonder where his own young acquaintances had gone off to. Perhaps I'll join the troublemakers? He hadn't made innocent mischief in years. The prospect tempted him viciously. Just a few moments, he allowed himself. Flatten your fur, Tiramisu, we're going in! A quick breath and one forward push and Tiramisu had stuck her face entirely into the small hole. Her whiskers stuck to her face, bent flat by the rocky walls. Scuttles echoed around her and several – SEVERAL – pairs of eyes glittered in the light from behind her. “Leo?” She whimpered in a moment of fear, “Y-you're coming in after me, right?” A tiny Krabby pinched her cheek. It was kind of cute. Then approximately five hundred tiny Krabbies pinched her cheek and it wasn't really that cute anymore. She yelled and lashed out at five or twenty crabs with a hastily-freed claw; they fell where they stood and disappeared. ”Tiramisu?” Cas' muffled voice carried worriedly into the cavern, ”Are you alright?” With a bright flash, she scrabbled to her paws. Secret Power came in handy sometimes. She lashed her tail at a mob of Krabbies, who then bit into it like some sort of candy. She hissed, but they didn't really care. ”Pardon me, Leo, but I'm going in after her.” A glowing red eye popped through the wall, glancing around nervously. A few Krabbies prodded it curiously. “Ah there you – ow!” A grey hand nudged the Krabbies, but they bit in there. Unfortunately for them, the hand drew back very quickly, dashing them against the wall. They vanished immediately. Cas frowned, “That really was an accident, I-” Tiramisu slammed her tail against the ground and fired off her Hidden Power. A bright flash cleared the room – for now. She glared indignantly at Cas, “You could've just phased through the wall?” He seemed confused, “Why, yes, all ghost types can. To my knowledge, they can.” “And you let me squeeze in here?” “I-I simply assumed that you had it under control -” Tiramisu sighed. “Just stand in front of me and do this - “ She balance precariously on two legs and flailed her front legs as if she were in a sissy fight. “It'll get rid of some of the Krabbies for me.” “Yes, I may as well help - “ Cas coughed and was silent for a moment. “Tiramisu, I am very afraid of caves.” She paused. “Oh.” “Never mind it, I won't – I won't hold us up. Let's go.” With the Dusknoir's huge hands slapping babies like it was Christmas Day, the two of them slunk down a short path to a very wet, very blue stone. “Avast ye!” A tiny, tiny voice cried, “Begone! The Sea Stone be ours!” Tiramisu's eyes lit up. The “Sea Stone” shone brightly and quite frankly she liked that a lot. Her bag itched for another pretty stone. “Cas,” She whispered, awed, “That's a Water Stone.” “Take ye not another step lest we chop yer paws off!” “Yes, and you heard it was their Water Stone, Tiramisu. We should leave it be.” She grumbled incoherently. There had to be some good reason for her to take it. It was right there, after all, and the Krabbies had attacked them first. “LEO!” She called out, blowing the tiny pirate Krabby – in fact the last Krabby standing, though others were hatching as they spoke – off of his feet, “WE FOUND A WATER STONE! SHOULD WE TAKE IT?” Despite his leisurely pace, Tyndall appeared to have arrived at the site of the youngsters' mischief even before Tamberlain. (In truth, Tamberlain had knocked into another Carbink, knocking the poor thing out. The two were currently at the hospital, Tamberlain pacing impatiently.) The Ditto peeked his derpy Carbink eyes around the area, listening in. Apparently the two were just helping out with construction. “Excuse me,” He murmured politely, “May I also assist with the construction? A Ditto would doubtless prove helpful as well.” He also took the time to address the Riolu and Scolipede in turn. “You must be the other visitors; I don't believe we've met. My name is Tyndall - “ He stopped to bow as well as derpy faux-Carbink could, “At your service.” (( Good afternoon, friends, it's been a while. Far too long. ^w^ ))
  8. ^w^ Thank you so much, Sailing. Given that you've been active and organized this whole time, I think I can trust you with this. I'll write up an outline for the next few planned parts and PM you it. Be good for Sailing, guys! And like I said, I will be back, so please don't give up on me yet.
  9. I can't really bring myself to write a post, guys. It's not because of a lack of time or creativity (I've come up with about three fic ideas and an idea for my own original thing in the past week alone), I just... can't. I have no excuse. I mean, I don't want to end this RP just because I'm too lazy to do something I don't feel 100% hyped for, since this isn't just for me, it's for you guys too. Heck, I'm having a hard time finishing a (criminally late) birthday present for one of my best friends. I might extend the hiatus (on my part) until around mid-June, when my summer vacation begins. I understand if you guys don't trust that I'll actually deliver, so if you'd rather jump ship I don't blame you. If you all would rather end it, I'll be glad to tell you the storyline I'd planned out way ahead of time; it probably will change if we RP it (and I would prefer to have that happen), but I think it's pretty decent overall as is. In either case, this RP is one of the most fun RPs I've ever had. You guys are a fantastic group of people and fantastic individuals, and you should be proud of that. (And also your patience is impeccable.) So yeah, I guess. Maybe I'm not reliable, but you guys deserve the honest truth rather than me just promising and promising to post or disappearing. It's only a matter of time before I get back; I love this RP, I love all of its characters, and I love you guys (even if I've only really lurked in this OOC thread). Seeya later, guys. ^w^
  10. Hiya guys! ^w^ Thanks for all the good wishes - I got a 98.6% on my Psychology final, and I'm feeling pretty good about my AP score. Other finales are in a few weeks, so I have that to look forward to but hey who cares Hoenn confirmed hypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPEhypeHYPE So, next post is slowly being worked on. Haha, I'm glad I didn't miss much, but I thought you guys would go a lot farther when you didn't have to wait on me. ^w^ So yup, working on it, I believe I'll have something up by the end of the week... even if I kinda said I'd only be gone two weeks and that implies the next post should be up right now ahaha?
  11. (( See the OOC thread, please. ^w^ ))
  12. Hey guys, this RP isn't dead and neither am I. ^^; I needed to disappear from the world for a bit... and I'm afraid I'll most likely need to keep away for a bit longer. I've got a final exam this week and the AP exam for Psychology next week (a test to see if I get college credit for the class I took), so I believe it's appropriate to call this a hiatus. I want to be able to give you guys my all when I post, and I don't think I can do that as things are right now. I'll be back in around two weeks if everything goes well, and less than that if everything goes more than well. ^w^ In the meantime, if you guys would like to continue on without me (to be honest, my characters have very little to add at this point in time, barring help out with the fighting a bit in Shadow Tag's case), go ahead. All of the Shadow Tag has permission to bunny Cas and Tiramisu within reason, along with the note that Cas is horrible at battling and Tiramisu has some power, but not skill. The super-rare items in the dungeon will have to either wait until I get back or have a challenge posed to me via PM. I trust you guys with just about everything else; the location guide has info about everything, and think Water-type and coastal Pokemon if you're coming up with enemies. You can also continue on to Foggy Forest at your leisure. The Eevees and co. don't need my permission for anything, haha Haldor and co., I leave you Diancie's riddle and Zagan's quest. If I see you guys get to a certain point before I'm back, I'll PM instructions for a cake to one of you. ^w^ I'll see you guys in just a little bit.
  13. Cas smiled a little half-smile - the obvious after-effect of an intensely awkward conversation - and nodded. "I, ah - That would be rather nice. If we could stick together for a bit." The Dusknoir shifted around a bit, casting one last yellowed glance at the pleasant forest trail. He supposed "pleasant" wasn't really the word, given that a shadowy doppelganger of the Cursed One had risen out of the gravel and some even more odd doppelganger had come from the trees, but the air out here was very... Breathable? The fact that it was daytime was quite visible, even with the passing clouds casting a grey twilight over the world. The forest trail was an unimaginably average place, quite unlike a cave. He'd never been in a cave, not to his knowledge, yet he felt some uncontrollable aversion to their cavernous, pitch black, choking interiors. The idea of willingly going into one was about as palatable as wrapping a cape around his neck and swallowing it. Cas had always just shrugged those terribly dank holes in the ground off as having something to do with his imminent death, but that simply wouldn't cut it this time. No, he had to meet Uxie, and that would mean standing tall with a potential several hundred meters of rock over his head. "L-let's." He closed his eye, took as deep a breath as would hardly be noticeable to Bree (he didn't want her to be frightened; it was a silly, unfounded fear, his fear of caves and their unknown inhabitants and unimaginable traps), and ducked into the cave alongside Bree. His first thought was that the cave was surprisingly bright. It was cave lighting, but rather bright cave lighting, most likely from some holes that opened out to the seaside. His second thought was that the architecture of the cave was like that of some curious bubble, all rounded and whimsical. His third was that Bree had indeed heard gurgling sounds; their mutual acquaintances were being attacked by three Gastrodon. And as he turned to motion Bree onward into the fray (see: suggest they should help), his fourth thought was that he felt like he had a cape tied around his neck, and that he may or may not have been choking on it. Are you trying to kill me? His surprise and mild fear was only apparent in his eyes; he'd honestly become so resigned to constant, overhanging death as a way of life that the sudden threat hardly phased him. Rather that than see another Pokemon's death. Still the Generally All Too Talkative Spirits of the Dead remained silent. And then the imagined noose was gone, like a phantom memory. Cas coughed. Red's figure, streaking haphazardly through the battle, and Requiem's distant image grew clear again. The stars faded from his vision. "I... I can see them. I believe we have company." And company they did have, in the form of a small hoard of Krabby. [More battle! KRABBY x 4 Ability: Sheer Force Moves: - Flail - Crabhammer - Metal Claw Notes: These Krabby seem smaller than usual... They should be easier to take down than normal Krabby. ...?] -------------------- Tiramisu briefly wondered how exactly a ghost could lean against her shoulder before annoyedly shrugging it (both Agatha and the ponderance) away. Did Agatha seriously believe that the two of them could be buddy-buddy just like that? Regardless of any stupid gems, she refused to befriend a criminal like her. "Agatha, would you just stick your nosy little face -" Temper. Temper. No need to displace frustration onto her. The Meowth grumbled, face like a patch of lemons, "Just leave me alone, Agatha." That was about the time Red rushed in, Seed Bombs blazing in a furious display of adventuring aptitude. Her Gastrodon fell at the first hit. WHAM! Leo's Feint Attack slammed another as Agatha's Shadow Sneak traumatized some poor soul. It was an action scene at its finest, perhaps, with two outsiders: Requiem and Tiramisu. The Meowth reared up, Pay Day at the ready... And the coins clanged to the ground with a lonely sound. The Gastrodon were gone. Tiramisu looked left, right, and down the corridor, slightly disappointed that she hadn't gotten the chance to blow off some steam but more concerned with the fact that the Pokemon had simply disappeared. Was that a thing that happened in Mystery Dungeons? Was that a thing that could happen to her if she fainted in a Mystery Dungeon? The scuttling sound coming from above frightened her quite a bit more than before. Scuttling? She looked down at her feet, only to see a metallic tile had appeared beneath her. It had a nice little Clefairy smilie face on it, which she hated. [ The GASTRODON were defeated! (Don't worry, things will get harder as we go deeper into the dungeon~) TIRAMISU stepped on a TRAP. A good deal of scuttling can be heard above. ...This may be a problem.] (( For the sake of posting this today, Reed is next post / whenever I get to him. I know you're all very disappointed. Although, ah, this post is rather short for me... Also, SHADOW TAG, I've rethought a few points and I believe that I can work out the timing issues regardless of how long you take in this dungeon. ^w^ It can last as long as you want; more plot awaits if you want a quick run, but a few goodies (including a small bit of lore I need to prepare related to some of the special items here) and experience for your charries' moves lie within. AMAZINGTRAIN CAVESPLORATION TRAVELMASTERS, I'll see if I can't get a certain stuffy jewel-bun over there to ruin your fun soon. ))
  14. Thank you times infinity! Sometimes I am smart; sometimes I am potato. Posting as we speak; I *should* finish it tonight. ^w^ Last time was an especially long post. I'll get to redoing the supporting characters, the minor characters list, and the ongoing Legendary Action Tracker (with new and improved name) as soon as possible / possibly over Spring Break. Aaah, sometimes writing Tiramisu feels like having a cape wrapped around my neck and eating it...
  15. Aaah shoot, did I forget to put them up? They're up now. I think we may or may not have to start a new thread for the RP soon. ^^; I didn't reserve enough space for all of the characters and now the minor characters are getting erased... (*grumblegrumbleionlyspentanhourorsoonthemgrumblegrumble*)
  16. (( Hey guys! Just putting this here to warn you that (1) this post, at 2,836 words, is the length of a one-shot fic, and (2) the Reed portion (I couldn't put it off any longer) is kind of really trippy, and you have my full permission to skip it if you want. For those that delve into it, you'll find some potentially useful information and explanation. Oh, and more questions. Always more questions. EDIT: My apologies about the unfortunate spacing on this; I had to keep it in Word after the first time that half of the Reed part got erased in here.)) The nervous laughter wouldn't stop. It wouldn't stop, no matter how hard he tried to stop it, because his hands were dark claws and he couldn't hear the Smeargle's breathing. "Not again," He whispered to himself, "No - No, not again." Now he could only hear his own breathing - was it his? - in the endless void that had choked the lake and every struggling photon that dared to look upon him. He could see nothing. He had the feeling that he was something, and that something wasn't as entirely good as he'd liked to convince himself. "Kyogre - " "Arceus, no - I didn't -" "Not again-" His voice broke off; he fell to the cold, wet stone, shaking. Someone struck a match. Reed lifted a hand to protect himself, then recoiled at the previously-numbed pain of the stick that Lily - Lily, there on the ground, but why couldn't he see her any more? - Lily had stabbed through his shoulder. From behind needle-like claws, he saw Reed. Time seemed to replay itself. "Not again-" His voice broke off; he fell to the cold, wet stone, shaking. Reed struck a match. Reed lifted a hand to protect himself, then recoiled at the previously-numbed pain of the stick that Lily - Lily, there on the ground - No, Reed, there on the ground, staring at him patiently. He was sitting criss-crossed, waiting patiently for something. Reed didn't know what. "Are you going to say something, or are you just going to stare at me like an idiot?" Reed mostly wanted to get rid of the stick in his shoulder. Reed laughed in a good-natured sort of way, the way you'd laugh at a child who's gotten themselves into a silly - yet difficult - situation. "You're not going to get the stick out by rubbing it in a wet rock." Reed was beginning to get the feeling that this Smeargle was only here to mock him again- that here was another Smeargle ready to stab him, ready to disregard every futile 'sorry' he could pass their way. He didn't trust him. Reed frowned; it was obvious Reed had some reason to be afraid, but it wasn't as if he wasn't going to help. He stood up and walked over to Reed, calmly, slowly, so that he wouldn't get frightened. Nonetheless, Reed flinched as the Smeargle stood up and came near him. "I suppose you want a third arm then? A nice, splintery, third wooden arm?" Reed was quickly growing impatient. He couldn't help Reed if he didn't help him. Reed finally relented and relaxed as best he could. Reed planted his feet firmly on the stone - a boon of years of living by this Kyogre-forsaken lake with its fake zealots and its slippery rocks - and gripped the stake. "Alright then. Wait a sec. This will hurt a lot." Reed readied his other arm with Wood Hammer and smashed off a medium-sized splinted from the stake, trying to keep the rest of it steady by leaning against Reed. Reed couldn't help but let a tiny, pitiful sob escape him, but nothing more. Reed handed Reed the splinter and nodded, “Bite on that. This will hurt a lot more.” Reed tore the stake from him and burned it. Reed cried; Reed tried to ignore the cries for the hour they went on, painting purple cattails on the wet rock and watching them melt into the lake with the dark purple and maroon blood, spiraling down into smoke-like wisps. He heard the agonized, tearful cries turn to just agonized cries, then to sobs and yells, then to whimpering, then to sniffles, and finally to a labored breathing that stuck in his throat like knives. Reed fished in the lake with his tail, watching the moonlit silhouettes of Basculin snub their noses at his poor excuse for bait. “I cannot stay.” “Do you honestly think that exile is a punishment for me?” Reed glanced up from his fishing. “Yes you can. You can do anything you want.” “Stop it. Stop telling me what I want to hear.” “Do you think, Giratina, that such a monster will not strike again?” Reed turned seriously towards Reed, a firm determination in his eyes that shone like the moon on the lake. “I’m not telling you what you want to hear. I’m telling you the truth. You can do anything you want; whatever you want to do is yours.” “Do you think that I’d be here if I could do everything I wanted?” “Why will you not just let me die, Cr-“ Reed held his tail up against Reed’s words. He smiled sadly, “I’m not her. You killed her years ago.” He looked up at the crescent moon; he hadn’t done that for a long, long time. “Do you remember your nightmare?” Reed began to feel lightheaded. The stars flickered and spun; three eyes – carved into the sky – bored into him. A fourth – a fourth scratched in – and the world was all dead, dark, decaying, lost like he was and farther broken than a torn and bloodied leg. The stars went out. Everything was dark again and three – four – his? – eyes tore through him and turned his flesh to fire and his eyes to holes. Reed struck a match. “You don’t remember, do you?” Reed’s voice failed him. He slid to cold, wet stone and wished to join Lily, Cresselia, that Smeargle from so, so long ago – her leg broken and bleeding - oh he wished – The darkness closed in on him again, and he was left alone. Reed struck a match and struck him with it. “You’re making me lose my patience.” Reed stood over him with a childish anger. Reed decided that he would listen. Reed sat down next to him and roughly pushed him into a sitting position on the rock, even at the cost of a little blood on his paws. The two watched the stars; Reed almost feared them. “Do you remember your nightmare?” “…Yes.” “I’m sorry.” “Do you remember her face?” “Yes.” “I am so, so sorry.” “You don’t have to be.” Reed stood up to leave, “You can always try again tomorrow. Anyway, this sappy party’s over.” He hesitated at the top of the pile of rocks, holding his tail in his paws thoughtfully. “I just thought that you’d forgotten about me for too long. Good night, Reed.” Reed grinned and disappeared, leaving Reed with the company of the moon and the less commanding darkness of night. There was a reason that Reed tried not to sleep, and it wasn’t entirely because of the nightmares. Reed woke up. ----------------------------------------- Tyndall woke up. More specifically, he woke up in a warm, sunken bed, in a cavernous room lit by the soft light of citrine and quartz lamps, to Fenris’ low growling. “’Ever slept ‘n a pile’v rocks before ‘n I don’t plan ‘n doing ‘t again. Danged lights’re too bright ‘n I got dirt between my pads-“ “Honestly, Fenris, could you please shut the everliving f- “ The Kirlia cringed visibly. “F-Furret…” He gathered himself together as a true gentleman would after a flub, and began again, politely inquiring, “Would you get the Furret out of your and show some appreciation? This room is fit for a f-fanciful king, and here you are complaining about it.” One word at a time, Pellinore, the Kirlia sighed to himself. It certainly was a room fit for a king, at least to Tyndall’s standards; he hadn’t had the privilege of staying in another Pokemon’s home for years, much less the luxury of decorative lights. He particularly liked the moonstone stars on the ceiling – a dark basalt, it seemed to be. It was a place that was far too good for him, and floating about in it made him uncomfortable. He would rather the stars go out and leave him in the dark, alone. At the very least then he could feel somewhat justified in existing – but at the moment he had the pleasant company of his two associates and the rather quiet company of his unwilling and most likely unreciprocated friend Allen. And perhaps some Carbink, soon. “- ask t’ be teleported to some dang cave with some dang’d rubble-rabbits.” “Some ‘danged rubble-rabbits’ who were perfectly willing to feed us and house us.” “Things didn’t even know what ‘n Electrike was!” “They even gave you hugs when they found out you were static-y. Come on now.” Fenris glared at his partner, grumbling, “Saying that like ‘t’s a good thing. Don’t want anymore t’ do with this place than we’ve already got.” Pell ran a hand through his green hair and looked somewhat expectantly at Tyndall. When the Kirlia got nothing from his boss, he hesitantly mentioned, “What about that Queen?” “What about your being a drag queen?” Fenris chuckled. Pellinore was decidedly not amused. “That room the chamberlain wouldn’t let us into, the empty one. He said only the Queen can invite Pokemon in.” “Th’t Tamberlain guy?” “Chamberlain. The chamberlain – that’s his position.” “’is name was Tam – aah, nevermind. You’re thinking th’t the Queen might be someone we’re after?” “Yeah.” Pellinore again looked to Tyndall for confirmation, to no avail. The ghost of a ghost was distant as always, off staring at the lights in the wall as if he could eat them. The room was beautiful, there was no doubt about that. They brought a respectful silence to the Kirlia, the smooth grey walls and the way the peach light traced the little flaws in the stone like vanes on feathers. “This is a… A nice place.” He said simply. Fenris huffed, “Be any more’ve a pansy and you’ll be a Bellossom. What’s your game plan, then?” ------------------------------------ Diancie smiled serenely, stepping out fully from her watery veil. She inclined her head, and thereby earned her title of ‘Queen.’ Her voice, undisturbed by the flow of the crystal-clear water, chimed like the clean, shimmering sound of coins sliding across each other, and flowed like mercury. “I apologize if I’ve caused any confusion; I just very much like the water, you see?” She stroked the thin waterfall lightly with her palm. “It is like liquid crystal, only cool to the touch.” She drew back her hand to herself and her attention to her guests, particularly Haldor. She smiled widely, looking far up to meet the metallic snake’s eyes. She clasped her hands together and exclaimed, “Oh, I can’t contain it any longer! We haven’t seen a Steelix in years; certainly, not another Steelix alive can tunnel as you do, to make it through our protections.” Girlish delight and nostalgia overcame her as she reminisced, “Two Steelix guarded this room, centuries ago… I doubt I’ll ever see tunnels as perfect as those they built – Tamberlain!” The chamberlain’s ears perked up, “Yes, my lady?” “Do the halls of Chalcedony and Seline still stand?” Tamberlain glanced at each of the guests in turn and pointedly replied, “The hall of Seline is in need of repair, my lady.” “Ah, ‘tis a shame. Oh, curse the metal, there I go with yesteryear’s slang. Would you see to it that it is repaired as true to the original form as possible? None of these- ” She waved her arm about in an un-queenly manner, motioning towards the beautiful carvings and inset stones, “None of these elaborate vagaries. Seline would have none of it.” “At once, my lady.” Thankfully, the oppressing presence of Tamberlain left the room just as swiftly as the words left his mouth. Diancie relaxed noticeably, letting out a huge yawn as her stuffy friend and ambassador floated off. “Ah, I’d been holding that one in for about half a decade. Honestly, he’s a fantastic guard and all, but he’s terribly uptight at times. And I can’t break my Carbink’s illusion that I’m some sort of flawless little crystal –“ She bowed to her guests, low and graceful, and stood up entirely straight again. The Carbon Carbuncle (the age of geology was a rather dry one for epithets) took on the full focus of the room yet again. “I’ve deliberated enough; your time means much to you, so I will not waste it. Again, I am Diancie – the fortunate Queen of this underground palace.” She paced around the edge of the lotus as she spoke. “You’re searching for Mesprit, you say? At the request of Latios? You must understand, there are only two options as to who you are, then.” She paused, squinting as if picking the wrong words would kill one of her esteemed guests. No Pokemon would want to feel the silent, solid tension in that sacred room. It echoed off the walls and spit static into the quiet air around them. Diancie, Caementum Sacro Sanctus, fixed the group with a leveled attention. “You could be our protectors –“ She held out a slim, slate hand. “Or you could be our deceivers.” She raised her other arm from her side and smiled serenely. She was Justice, guardian of her people, and she had already made her decision. “You will not find Mesprit here. Latios I have not seen for several thousand years.” She paused here and looked away, still smiling as if she had something to hide – and to one who’d known her, such as the one she’d sent out of the room, the smile would have reminded them that she riddled like a dragon. “Deep within these halls are treasures you may find, if determination sees you through. If you are who you no doubt will say you are – those who gather the clouds of heaven and protect them with a mighty sword – then you will have no qualms about cutting the grass beneath the lotus flower.” Diancie gathered her sleeves around herself and nodded. “Yes, I believe that will do well for you.” The tension dissipated as Diancie let loose another smaller yawn. “I think it’s about time for a nice, warm bath. I’m sorry our business took so long; I would have shared more stories with you.” She craned her neck to look over at the door. “Your rooms should be ready by now – I hope it’s okay that I took the liberty of arranging them beforehand? You may arrange yourselves however you’d like in them. They’re a bit last-minute, I’ll admit.” The pink queen turned to retreat into her veil of water again, then quickly added, “Oh! I almost forgot – dinner is at the time when the crystals in the halls turn orange. We generally only eat once a day, so if you are hungry at any time besides then feel free to grab something from the market. There are also some fine stone and jewel works in the market, but my Carbink may want something in exchange for them.” She smiled one last time as she waved goodbye, “Good luck, and good afternoon, my friends!” ----------------------- Oh Arceus what foul flesh-eating creatures were next to her they popped out of thin air – they were just Leo and Agatha. So only one carnivorous creature was beside her, and that one generally only ate emotions. She supposed that was the best she could get after falling down a cavern in a cave. Tiramisu licked her paw furiously, trying to explain that, “I was, uh –“ Lick. “Trying to, uh –“ Lick. “Scout out the –“ Lick. “Terrain, I guess?” So much for the traditional Meowth way of preserving dignity. She huffed, “I didn’t look where I was going and I fell down a hole. I’m stupid. Sorry Leo.” Tiramisu padded a few paces away from Agatha nervously, and peered around the twisting and turning curves of the cavern. Were those shadows moving around back there? Pokemon here could be as twisted as the path they’d need to navigate through here alive, she’d heard. The Meowth shivered. She could smell the dank, salty smell of seawater and hear the eerie echoes of sloshing waves and slithering Gastrodons. Oh. “Gassssssssssstr-ri-ri!” [battle! Gastrodon x5: Ability: Storm Drain Moves: Sludge Wave Earthquake Muddy Water Frustration Notes: They don't look like they want to discuss morality at the moment... ] ------------------------------------ Cas nodded slowly as Bree went on, trying to keep eye contact – but not too much eye contact because she might get intimidated, he told himself. “Yes, I suppose that’s true. Everyone is important.” But I honestly can’t see how you would believe that was a mistake. But he didn’t want to draw out a conversation neither of them particularly wanted to keep having, so he held his tongue. “I don’t believe I’ve ever been into a Mystery Dungeon,” Cas said, but something felt oddly wrong about saying that. Perhaps, before…? The nagging feeling made him add, “Not that I can remember, at least.” He sat around in silence for a few moments, looking around at his temporary teammates and at the trees for with no particular intention. It was quiet for a few minutes. He squirmed in the most reserved manner possible that could still convey discomfort. “Ah, I- I believe the others are going into the Mystery Dungeon. Perhaps we should…?” He motioned towards the cavern’s entrance.
  17. Oh arceus I'm finally done with that research paper. It is finally, finally done. I'm not even sure if I feel relieved or not - kind of a weird feeling of resignation, relief, and a headache. Not a particularly bad feeling, except for the dull headache. X'D I have midterms up until Wednesday, I believe, so I'm afraid I might have to keep you all waiting until then. ^^; Leo's group can feel free to enter the dungeon; you all have free reign as to who/what attacks or doesn't attack you (short of Legendaries, of course) until I get back. You also have permission to pick up items from these random enemies - I'll trust you to know which items you will or won't find (I *think* I put some example items under the location guide). Have fun! Zagan's group, I'm really, really sorry for the hold up! ^^;
  18. Haha, Marcus, all of the groups are a bit slow at the moment. The groups will meet up at some point after their individual arcs finish up (after Team Shadow Tag finds Uxie and Zagan's group ḑ̶̣̩̦̙̼͓̜͉̪̦̩̰͎̐̆̊͒ͮ͌ͨ̈̈ͯ̂̍ͤ̐̚͟͞o̧̽͊̓ͭ͂̇̂͌̈͢͠͏͓̦̟̳͉͙̖̖͖̤͢ę̮̝̩̮͕͇̠̫̪̭͔̦̝͚̜͓͖ͩ̆ͥͯͯ͝ͅs̛̠̭̣͎̒̉̆͑ͯͦ̆̏̄ͪ́̍͜͞͞ ͒͆͐̏͒̇ͦ̐̇ͫͣͩ́̈̃̋̀̐҉̨̖̰͙̞̝̲̼̀t̶̻̩̝̙͈͈͙̳̦͕̗͉̱͙͉͊͌ͫ̅̓̈̅̇̐̍̔̊̒͋͌͌͌̊͑̕̕ͅh̨̭̞͇͎̗͍͒̂̋͑̚͘͜͝e̡̳͎̱̩̩͙͎̫̥̳͈̫̝͍̼̭͈̊̌͛̄͋̂ͮ̆͊̂͌͟͢͜ ̷̢͉̞̝̩̰̤̼͓̻̰̦̩͙̣͙̞͚͆̊̑̅̈́ͩ͆́́̉̀ͅț͈̼̟͍̜ͣ͗̃́ͨ̒̏ͭ̓ͭ͘͜h̿̿ͩ̏̿ͥ̅̆ͨͣ͠͞͏̨͚̤̮͍̤̣̜ͅiͯ̓̆̚҉̡̙̳̲̱̙̱̫͓͕̹̕n̸̨͋ͩ͐͆͋̒ͨ̐̄͋͆͆̉̌͋͊̀͢͏̱̯͈̼̱̱̗̜̖͉͉̦g̸̨̩͖̳̐̀̓̾͋ͬͤ́͗͊̐̑͊̀͝ͅͅ ). So basically, it'll be a while. ^w In other news, I have to say that I'll probably disappear for another week or so. The research paper continues, and midterms are beginning, and my, my desk looks like an inviting place to continue my spree of slamming my face against a keyboard.
  19. "Yes. Yes, I suppose a bit of rest would do us all good." Cas glanced at a few of their travel-mates. Red appeared to be near-dead on her feet, Tiramisu was moping about like a cat in water, and Bree was - despite his feeble efforts - still visibly not alright. Agatha seemed to be in quite high spirits, however. He could only guess why that was... The gloominess was positively (negatively?) infectious. He figured that if the group didn't want to worry about some sort of Mega Mismagius threat in the near future, his efforts might need to become notably less feeble. Those empowered positive-energy-providing endeavors would of course start with Bree, because she was a fantastic Pokemon. A fantastic Pokemon, to Cas' experience so far, who had self-esteem problems that wrecked her more thoroughly than amnesia and the voices of the dead. Yes, he would most certainly break the awkward silence and tell her she was a wonderful little Reuniclus who may or may not be the most level-headed Pokemon in their current company. Convoluted wretch, your futile suspense bores us. And perhaps that gentle nudge from the spirits of the damned and disinterested was exactly what Cas needed in that moment. Perhaps their intercession made his voice and his resolve stronger. In any case, he sounded about as confident as a child maintaining that a tree was blue. "Bree, you, ah - you can talk to me. If you'd like. I wouldn't want to force you. It just seems as if no one particularly cares about you-" In the depths of Cas' soul, a resounding thunk - not dissimilar to the sound of a person banging his head against a tree trunk - issued and permeated through his being. He quickly corrected himself, "Ah, I mean - I mean about what happened to you back at the clearing - after Giratina, and-" Perhaps he could also just close his mouth and let the silence say better words than he could think of. He could follow Bree's example. She was quiet a bit more often than he thought she really should be, but then again Cas felt confident in the fact that he needed to shut up a great deal more often than he'd previously suspected. He crossed his arms and stared decidedly at the ground. In gratitude, the silence offered him the correct words. "Bree, what I mean to say is..." He sighed, feeling at once both sure of his words and completely uncomfortable saying them. "What you said was anything but stupid. All you said was that we should get going, and you were one hundred percent correct. In fact, I believe you said exactly what was on everyone's minds. There were - what? - three or four Pokemon simply waiting for Leo and the lot to finish their prattle- going on and on while you were hurt - " Was he going a bit far now? "Like nothing else mattered, and when you mentioned that we ought to stop standing around hardly anyone - including myself - bothered themselves with going to help you. If anyone owes anyone an apology, it's all of us to you." The silence hadn't given him the last part, but he figured it was honest and heartfelt and should be said, just as what he said next was. "You are a fantastic Pokemon, Bree, and I believe that if you would just realize that - if someone would make an effort to let you know you are important - you will not die forgotten." And Cas really meant it. Nonetheless, in a few moments time he realized that he'd managed to say all that he'd thought about the charming Reuniclus aloud, and he quickly turned away in embarrassment. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't meant to go on a diatribe. Ah, and I mentioned death as well... Still. I- You should place more confidence in yourself, Bree. I'll just -" Back that rear extremity up, Cassandra. The Dusknoir remained firmly in his place next to Bree, rather than floating eagerly over to Requiem or Tiramisu. (( If you guys are ready to head into the dungeon, the conversation between Bree and Cas can be in the past. That is, if Pi wants to continue it at all. ^w^ )) ------------------- Tiramisu blinked herself awake and stretched out in the more-than-slightly damp corner she'd laid down in. Nap time was over. The rain had passed; the sky remained a threatening grey, but she could hardly care about that. The far more exciting grey of the Seaside Bluffs called to her in subtle crashing tones. The others had begun to wake. Surely she could sneak in first and play the scout? The absence of misery can prove to be as enthralling as excitement itself, and it made the small Meowth bold. She slipped in the rocky entrance and promptly slipped down a shallow gulley in the smooth rock that awaited Team Shadow Tag in the cave. Her enthusiasm, needless to say, was sharply curbed by this fantastic falling experience, but on the plus side it revealed to her that the cave consisted of several - several - floors of winding caverns, pits, and hallways, all naturally carved by the ferocity of the sea and never quite the same whenever she looked at them. The echoed cries of monsters she'd never met, despite her travels, played eerily against the twisting walls. It had begun. The first mystery dungeon. ----------------------- The lead Carbink huffed, "Yes, well the other 'passers-through' had the decency to ruin our roof in a less-used cavern." He seemed to be the most grumpy of the group (which would in human terms resemble a crowd of excited tourists brandishing cameras and one very unamused dwarf). The other fae crowded around the newcomers, helping them to their feet and gently nudging (see: acting as a living wave to force) them towards the other end of the cavernous hallway. Everywhere one looked, there was more evidence of the comforts of Carbink society: the walls were carved into fanciful portraits in some places, and acted as flowerbeds for saline or otherwise inclined crystals to grow and bloom; every magnificent, winding hall was adorned by crystal lanterns of countless colours and shapes, and some intersections were marked with shimmering chandeliers that appeared to be made of diamonds and some of the Carbinks' own crystals; though there were no rugs covering the dirt floors, worn-down gems and rainbow-stained gravel coloured the ground and formed organic patterns, images of flowers and vines left inaccessible by not only several hundred feet of rock and dirt but by the chains of time; and, most surprising of all, a comfortable breeze seemed to flow through what would have otherwise been a quite miserable, quite damp hole in the ground, forsaken and forgotten by all of the world. Ah, yes, of course it was damp - small trickles of water formed tiny pools by the budding crystals. The rains of hundreds of years ago had finally found their way through the solid rock to touch air once more, and to refresh the visitors of the Crystal Hoard. The lead Carbink stopped in front of a hole that would be humungous for a Carbink, but would have appeared rather anti-climactic to our fair adventurers. It was hardly wide enough for Haldor to fit the third-smallest ball of his tail through. The mass of Carbinks stopped several feet from the door, backing away solemnly from the opening; beyond that door was a sacred place, reserved only for their leaders, the gods, and the gods' visitors. What lyricist, what Meloettian poet could describe that room's radiant splendor? Only three in all of history could detail even the beginnings of its centerpiece's curves and edges, glinting in the rose-tinged light. Your storyteller, unfortunately, is none of those three; you will have to put up with her shortcomings. The cavern was shaped like a tear; in older days it held bubbling magma of the finest kind, the kind that melted citrine into into shimmers and rock into golden streams. Along the caverns as Atto, Ruphus, Haldor, and Zagan saw them, ancient remnants of these riches were strewn; veins of carnelian, like frozen magma, formed speckled images like stained glass with the dark sunset purples of amaranthine, and the cherry quartz, and the incandescent alexandrite, and - most of all - unique pink gems whose dancing reflections reached every corner of the cavern. The dancing rose spirits played among the thin, crystal streams of groundwater that drifted in graceful columns from the ceiling and fell into carved diamond bowl to form pure, ever so slightly blue pools. The largest column, in the shape of an "O", fell so that it would veil the effeminate shaped of the figure in the center of the room - but we will get to her. She floated just above the most grand display of crystal-work in the the entire underground city (though one may contend that the crystal "stained glass" is more interesting and unique for the scenes it depicts). Flowering in the center of the room was a lotus of living crystal. At times, it seemed to be fluid, twisting and gentling waving in some unseen breeze. At times it seemed to be as smooth as a real lotus' petals. At times it seemed to be still, and its edges were as clear as a box-cut diamond's. But at all times, it cast a thick magenta hue upon the walls, and - it seemed - upon the air itself. Diancie turned, a gentle smile on its face. "Good day, Tamberlain. Have more visitors come?" The pink crown upon its head ran down in long crystals to just below its arms. It gave off an air of innocence, yet its presence was undoubtedly firm enough to secure its position as that of royalty, or perhaps something greater. The Queen of the World Under the Ground, Groudon's Lady (she didn't particularly care either way for this epithet), The Good Witch of Riches, and the Miner of Spirits she had been called, yet never had she allowed these petty names to draw her above ground to seek her fame or meet her suitors. She was as radiant as the room she resided in, and her voice chimed and flowed like the fresh flow of the water among the lotus' ever-changing petals. Tamberlain - the larger, gruff Carbink from before - bowed stiffly. "Yes, my lady. More visitors." It didn't take a lifespan of a thousand years to notice the bitterness in his voice, but the patience learned in over a thousand years did help. Diancie's ruby eyes turned to investigate its visitors from behind the veil of water. "What brings you fair visitors into my mountains? These hills bring only visitors with purpose to me - and I fear they do so in too aggressive a way." The adorned head of Diancie poked out from behind the veil; it looked rather like a small girl playing hide and seek. "So what, then, is your purpose? What do you seek to find, passing through these mountains whose names have been lost to the sands?" (( Reed's going to have to wait. I promise it's nothing very important to the story. Thank you guys so much for your patience. ^^; ))
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  22. Four fair travelers - All rather tall - Set off through the ground to seek Mesprit's Hall. The Eaves of Hiraeth, Where Emotion sleeps (or so it's told): This was their ultimate goal. Though the four would never have known from their earthen transport system, the sun was casting a thick orange glow against the mountain fog. This thick tangerine spray obscured all view; though a passing traveler could imagine that the light had taken Pokemon form, one standing in the mountains would have wished for more than the eerie amber ribbons that sometimes visited between the hanging clouds. Atto, Haldor, Ruphus, and Zagan would feel nothing but the relative dampness in their surprisingly comfortable hole. The turning earth was nearly as pretty a scene as the sun-stained surface. Flashes of crystallized leaves - trapped in sap older than Haldor - and the blood red of Cornet Stones, and the clear crystal blues of Water Stones - a thin vein of them undulated like a wave in the passing dirt - all coloured the grey and auburn walls of the tunnel. The ground itself was a surprising mixture of silt, solid volcanic rock (though soft enough for Haldor's lifetime of experience to crush without much trouble), and clay. This was surprising because the general consensus about the mountain that the quartet was nearing was utterly impassable by air, land, under-land, or sea (the lattermost because there was no sea anywhere in the vicinity). In short, the going was curiously the opposite of rough. ...At least, until they fell into a hole. The ground rumbled beneath them; the tinkling sound of silt falling through a deep crack echoed all around them. The clay gave way as the stones supporting some sort of cavern tumbled and fell. The pit yawned below and around the small crew, and as a sort of unnatural fatigue (which fit the tales of the mountain more closely) came over them, they fell. Before they hit the ground, gentle magnetism lowered them slowly to the cold stone floor. Tens and twenties of living gems surrounded them, looking on in silence as the lavish torches that lined their walls shone straight through the azure crystals of their bodies. One winced. Another shuffled forward (as best as a legless creature can) to sniff at the odd bug-thing on the ground. Two or three rushed down the cavernous hallway to fetch a few friends and some medical attention if they remembered to do so. (It wasn't that high on their list of priorities, considering some of the rocks from the ceiling seemed to have formed a living serpent.) A larger Carbink sighed, rolling his eyes. "More visitors? We need to have that roof patched." ------------- It had started to rain and her fur was wet and she was tired and Tiramisu kind of hated it. The rain, she thought, was fantastic. It brought new green sprouts and was a pleasant sort of cool on her fuzz-covered skin. It lifted her up on bad days, and this should have been one of those bad days in retrospect. But her paw burned a little, and she knew from experience that the small, constant pains were the ones that filled her with the strongest rage. That meant that the steady, torture chamber rhythm of plip-plop-plip-plop-plip-plop-ploooop of the rain on her face and the water rolling down her forehead would almost certainly drive her to insanity within the hour. Luckily for her, the entrance to the Seaside Bluffs was just in sight. There would be just a bit of shelter, even if it was of the algae-covered, wet stone kind. Cas, on the other hand, had enjoyed the walk from the clearing. The rain had a fantastic effect on his disposition. A fire could never start in this wetness, and, grim premonitions aside, the feeling of the spray had calmed his nerves. The Dusknoir drifted contentedly beside Bree. He supposed that one thing was weighing on his mind still, though. He thought that perhaps the Reuniclus would take offense if he'd asked about her outburst immediately... But surely now he could inquire safely? It hadn't been a long thing, but nonetheless he hadn't heard the whole of it, and he was embarrassed to admit that he was highly curious about it. If she seems at all uncomfortable, he resolved, Then I'll leave it. There was still the matter of how to phrase the inquiry so it wouldn't bother her. Cas promptly threw that matter out of the metaphorical window. It was too opportune a moment to be worried about every detail. (This was mainly the rain's effect on him; if it weren't for the inclement weather, the question would have been asked exactly three days later.) "Ah, Bree..." Cas rubbed the back of his head uncomfortably. Perhaps he could just not say anything after that? Or better yet, never say anything again? yes, that would do nicely - no, of course it wouldn't. He just wanted to know how she was feeling; this reaction was ridiculous. "If you don't mind my asking, what happened back there? Are you alright?" [Team Shadow Tag has arrived at Seaside Bluffs!~ See the "YOU ARE HERE" portion of the Location Post for a little bit of info, and then proceed into the dungeon!] (( Nnnng, Reed's part will be with the next post. He was left behind, right? ))
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