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  1. These new sprites are indeed vastly better, excellent work! (Also, I got an upside down minnnnt! I was half-expecting to fail and be eaten tbh.)
  2. Nice! I can finally fiddle with the fence on my house and add the last couple decorations I forgot. I love what I did with it originally entirely too much to fiddle with it beyond that. Gothmas gingerbread house
  3. @ComatosedRoses There are no more doors to open at the moment-it's only day two of the advent calendar, and there is one door per day. The first door opened yesterday and the Dr Who door opened today ("today" being by the east coast US timezone). The next door will be openable tomorrow.
  4. @Diamondinmyeye Not really. You can create several just by knowing what to combine and whether to use oven or prep. Some of the recipes discovered (via people combining things and seeing what worked): water+oven=boiling water boiling water+vegetables+oven=vegetable soup flour+eggs+prep=plain dough plain dough+nuts=pecan pie milk+prep=cheese meat+boiling water+oven=stock fruit+prep=apple slices
  5. @MessengerDragon That took care of it, thanks!
  6. Me. All I'm seeing is the platter with the question marks. When I click on multiple ingredients, that image moves around, but the other item images aren't displaying.
  7. I have just discovered that plain dough + nuts in the oven makes pecan pie and netted 10 candies!
  8. Still going strong with only two dragons defeated! I don't know how much longer this will last, but I'm happy it's held up this long.
  9. Round 355 and I've only just lost my first green dragon. We'll see how much longer my defences hold up.
  10. Made it 91 rounds, not bad. I'm excited to see how far I get on this next go.
  11. Woo, currently holding on into round 80! Gonna be over soon as I've only a couple of green dragons remaining to protect my tower, but I should be in a decent position exp-wise for the next go.
  12. Crap, I forgot to check in on my fort to try to spawn that last mana spire I needed before it ended. Oh well.
  13. YES! Don't think I'll be doing too much redecorating but it's nice to have more time. I still just want to be able to use the mana crystal resources to decorate with. I've left them pretty much no place to spawn except where I want them to but only one has so far.
  14. Oh, cool! I keep looking at those and lamenting how much work they look like they are. Very cool, though! The most recent things I have been working on are RL versions of in game items from Flight Rising. They're not perfect replicas because something that's meant to be a sewn sackdoll is not going to translate perfectly into crochet, but I'm pretty happy with them so far. I've got 3 out of 11 done so far because I've become a bit sidetracked from this personal project by commissioned work.
  15. I'm definitely liking them. They do some very nice things with certain colours. I haven't decided for sure whether I'll be using either of them on any of my current dragons, but there is at least one I'm considering giraffe for. This girl was gifted to me, and while I'm very happy with her colours, the crystal isn't really what I want for a primary. I'm also looking at clown and cherub, but it's so hard to decide. T.T