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  1. My then boyfriend/now fiancé proposed to me back in March, so I've had weddings on my mind a lot lately. I went out earlier this past week with my mom and a good friend, and found my dream dress. c: I've already ordered it and everything, the only difference is that mine will be a blush pink color instead. I'm getting really excited!
  2. Kind of late with these, but... I made dean's list for the fall 2014 semester! Also, my (then) boyfriend of over a decade proposed to me at an anime con in March, and surprised me with my dream ring!
  3. Really liking the Gemshards. c: My first three were blue, and I got 5 more eggs. Can't wait to see what they are, hoping I'll get some green ones.
  4. Just bred G34SS and finally got a second egg! Really excited~
  5. My first breeding attempt was a success (with CB Arsani), my other two times were with a CB Gold and didn't give me anything. :/
  6. Just caught this pretty Moonstone. Also just caught these as well~ Moonstone Moonstone Royal Blue Swallowtail
  7. Really liking this Alt Sweetling x Terrae checker that I found. c:
  8. I only received a few PMs, and that was right after I announced that I won and didn't have any sort of "please don't PM me" message in my signature. Since I added one, I haven't had any others.
  9. G34SS has matured and successfully gave me this egg!
  10. G34SS gendered correctly and will mature in about a day! I'm so excited to try breeding him, but also worried that the first try will be unsuccessful.
  11. Aww, thanks I chose the code G34SS, which is supposed to say Geass using some numbers. c: Yaay! I feel special that my code showed up on someone's favorite list.
  12. I incubated mine and have been putting it into as many sites as I can. Still no cracks yet. Currently at 87 clicks, would like to get it up to 100 soon. c:
  13. I love when you use "fill party" and it gives you a shiny.
  14. I was thinking about that too, it makes it even more fun! Really happy with it~
  15. Yes! I'm wondering how many people think it's a random code, haha. I only put numbers in to be safe in case someone else also tried to use it.
  16. Since everyone is showing their eggs, here's mine: http://dragcave.net/lineage/G34SS I chose my code while waiting for the results of the 2013 raffle (really thinking I'd win), so it feels nice to actually have it now.
  17. Your code is awesome! c: As soon as I saw this post and then someone quote you and mention Fire Emblem, Marth was the first thing that came to mind.
  18. I always go AP hunting when I know I shouldn't. :c I love metal fails and found a few... I noticed that. Kind of neat, haha. It can't die though, so isn't it fine to leave it unfogged? Or am I missing something?
  19. Thanks! I just went ahead and fogged mine for now. Was hoping to have my scroll be empty for when we got prizes, but I found a few other things I wanted while waiting. c:
  20. Congrats everyone! This is exciting~ I also turned my signature badge into a link to the lineage page for mine. I want to show off my little pixel baby.
  21. I've started putting my Tinsel into sites to see how many clicks it'll get. I know it can't die, but seeing that it's sick still makes me worry. :/
  22. Thanks! I was randomly checking my scroll again to see if maybe anything was there, and noticed something fogged. So I opened it and saw my code and just sat there looking at the screen like YAAY!
  23. Got my egg and the code I wanted~ This is such an awesome feeling!
  24. I'm hoping to be able to do several prize swaps. I've only ever been able to get 1 2G prize... Ahhhh, I have a feeling we won't get our eggs until later today, but I still keep peeking at my scroll in hopes of a surprise.