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c12.png BMIPggr.gifScroll || MS || FG || ♡ Married to my best friend on 05.05.2018! ♡ || Please don't PM me about prize offspring, I'm not keeping a list or taking IOUs. || Interested in 2G prize swaps!OCBY.png57203.png68629.png64764.png

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    **Really sorry if you PM me and I take a long time to get back to you/don't reply at all! :(
    I'M VERY INACTIVE ON HERE CURRENTLY because I'm busy with uni/real life. I usually just scroll lock myself and that's about it lately.**

    I'm a 2014 3rd place holiday raffle (Tinsel) winner! I'm planning on giving offspring to a couple of my good DC friends, and then will be trading eggs as they're bred or keeping ones that I'd like to make lineages with. :) I really don't feel like being stuck with a list, so please don't PM me requesting to be on one.

    I am open to PMs relating to 2G prize swaps, though!

    Most likely not going to be naming my prize, I like the code I chose and want to show it off~

    Starting to come up with ideas for things I'm interested in trading offspring for. Mostly just adding them as they come to mind:

    ∙ CB metals (of course)
    ∙ ND
    ∙ 2G prize swaps
    ∙ 2G Holly (preferably with mate of my choice)
    ∙ Anything with an even/pretty lineage (checker, etc.) - would prefer lower gen, but higher gens also look nice
    ∙ Anything low gen with spriter alts
    ∙ Possibly several CB commons/uncommons (breeds that I like, of course)

    If you refuse to trade with me just because of naming reasons (nameless dragons, name "too long" for you, etc.), that's your loss, not mine. c:
    I'm working on it, but I'm also fairly busy and my scroll is a mess and I'm not very creative with names, so...

    ⋯⋯⋯ ☾ ⋯⋯⋯

    ⚑ ⚑ ⚑ PLEASE REPLY if I send you a PM about trading, even if it's a simple "No thanks"… don't just ignore it, and please don't be rude! I am getting tired of messaging people about trades or requests and just being ignored or getting indirect replies that don't even answer my question. I will most likely blacklist/block people who ignore me or that I feel are rude. I track my PMs (relating to trades/requests) now! ⚑ ⚑ ⚑