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  1. This is one of those bands that I can never get enough of. They have pretty much everything-awesome songs, great lyrics, those cute little stories about the naming of the band and that kind of stuff. (In case you don't know, this is the story of the naming of the band. Ben Burnley, before joining up with Aaron and Mark and that other dude, was playing a solo set at a club, sinply under the name "Benjamin." Since Nirvana inspired him to start playing and he taught himself guitar off of Nevermind, he was playing a Nirvana encore. At the end, he knocked over the mic stand with his guitar. The mic stand then proceeded to fall to the floor and break in half. At the end of the night, the host, who also owned the club, got up and said, "Great show, everybody! Oh, and I'd like to thank Benjamin for breaking my fvcking microphone.") And then there's Ben Burnley's well-documented fear of flying and love of video games. For some reason, all of that makes me love'em more.
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    jaylynn, Evanescence did not break up. True, Ben Moody left the group, but they are still a band. The onl original member is Amy Lee, but I'm fairly certain the band only had two official members at the beginning, Amy Lee and Ben Moody. Mostly, they are not played anymore because it's been a while since they released a CD. I want to say The Open door was released in 2006, but I might be wrong. Also, they are not played as often because, while Fallen was very radio ready and playable, while also not being too mainstream, The Open Door was completely different. It was softer, more focused on her voice and having softer accompainiment to bring out the angelic quality of her voice. The first CD was more raw, focusing on a great contrast between the jagged, roguh-edged guitar, and her smooth, pure, lyrical, almost operatic voice. Ben Moody was a member for the first CD, and he was the main song writer. Amy Lee's song writing style is so vastly different, so the second CD was drastically different. Last I heard, Amy is working on a second CD. Anyway, now that that's out fo the way. I noticed that pretty much every song mentioned on this thread was off of Fallen, their first CD. It was deffinitely the best. My favorite songs are Whispers, Tourniquet, Bring Me To Life, and, my all-time-favorite, Haunted.
  3. Any of the songs from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog or Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling. Also, most songs by fun.
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    I seem to go through LP phases. I've gone through about three MAJOR LP phases. I found their first two CDs in my bro's room, so he let me have them. IMO, the first two CDs are really good. They had this great balance between Mike and Chazz. Then, on MTM, they cut out Mike almost completely, so that they could have "more of a pure rock sound." they lost the balance. Chester's other band, Dead By Sunrise, wasn't all that great because they lacked the vocla balance, the same with Mike's other band, Fort Minor. Of course, I was thrilled that Mike was able to sing on their most recent album. He has an awesome voice.
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    I absolutely love these guys. I have been fortunate enough to see them twice in concert. My parents drove all the way across Iowa so that my friend and I could see them when they were opening for No Doubt, and they had a concert in my home town when they were on tour with fun. and...what was that other "pop punk" band? Oh, yeah, Reliant K. I just remember that he literally flipped his hair in slow motion, like something out of a movie, and we made fun of his, "Long, luxurious mane," My favorites by this band are My Heart, Only Exception, Hallelujah, Turn It Off, Playing God, and Looking Up. I taught myself to play Only Exception on guitar, but it's pretty simple. The toughest part was the strum rhythm. My favorite member of the band is Taylor York. He used to have the afro, and it was his thing. Then, he chopped it off. In pics I saw, it looked like . Then, I saw them live right after he got his hair chopped and he actually looked okay. Then, I saw them a second time, and his hair was so awesome. It like...multiplied his hotness. And he's an awesome guitarist. So, yeah. And that's all I got to say about that. *cringes at horrendous misuse of the English language*
  6. has anyone here heard Give Me A Sign Accoustic? it's not on a CD but it was posted on Shallowbay.com. it was amazing. i've always wanted to hear Breath Accoustic. that would be amazing
  7. A.D.I.D.A.S. by Korn. if you don't know what it dtands for, it stands for "All day I dream about sex!" imagine a girl singing that during school. at a catholic school. yeah, it wasn't good
  8. oh, yeah, the Killers are so d@mn catchy. a song that gets stuck in my head all the time is Gehenna by Slipknot. fr some reason! i have no clue why. also, Riptide by Sick Puppies
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    wow, it's been forever since i've seen this movie. i used to watch it all the time because my best friend was obsessed with it and insisted on watching this and The Dark Crystal every time she came over. needless to say, i used to have this entire movie memorized. now, i abrely remember anything about it besides the baby and the brick wall at the beginning and the puppets and the clock with 13 hours on it
  10. anthem of the angels is totally amazing! i saw the name and thought, "There is no way Ben Burnley and, I believe, Jasen Rauch can write a song called Anthem of the Angels and it not to be amazing!"
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    Any Musicians?

    I used to play the piano, but quit in 5th grade because that was the year band started at school. In school band, I play the flute and the picollo, which is so fun. We are the craziest section, and we have our own Manflute . Along with that, I am also teaching myself to play guitar. My cousin, who has played for nine years and apparently plays better than his father, who has been playing for 50, gives me some pointers and stuff like that, but for the most part, I use the internet to teach myself. The songs that I am able to play at the moment are All The Same by Sick Puppies, Thsi Is A Call by Thousand Foot Krutch, Blurry by Puddle of Mudd, Throguh Glass by Stone Sour (see siggy!), and Only Exception by Paramore. Uh, jaylynn, I don't mean to be a grammar Nazi or anything, but is there any way you can use some ammount of puctuation? It took me several reads through to even unserstand your post, and I'm usually good at that. Punctuation saves us from eating eachother, you know. "Let's eat Grandpa!" vs. "Let's eat, Grandpa!" Atleast seperate your sentece instead of having one long run-on sentence or whatever. Punctuation is your friend! That is all from this Grammar Nazi
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hunger_Games read up
  13. pretty much all of their stuff is awesome. probably my least favorites by them are Medicate or Natural Life. Natural Life just has too much of a back-and-forth beat to it. the beauty of BB is that their songs are good, heavy enough, slightly catchy, atleast enough that you can sing along to them and carry the tune easily, but not so much that it gets stuck in your head forever, like half of the pop songs in existence or Rock Star by Nickelback (in my head for four friggin' months!) this was different with natural life, though. it was heavy enough, as usual, but it was way too catchy. it just gets stuck in your head forever! my favorite off of their first CD would probably be Home (i grew up with Wizard of Oz, okay? i have seen in about 3 times since i was seven and i can still sing all of the songs from memory) or Polyamorous. So Cold is also amazing, as is Until the End and Breath. You Fight Me is an amazing blend of piano and guitar. usually, in that style of music, piano is used for the balads, the quieter stuff, the softer moments (see half of the songs by RED) but Ben somehow managed to blend guitar and piano in such an unexpected way that is pure breaking benjamin. benheads, unite!
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    Unkown Bands

    i love fun.!!! they are awesome. also, someone mentions Cartel. love them. Does anyone listen to Emphatic? the are from my homeotwn and are really popular there, but outside of Nebraska, no one knows who they are. they got signed last december and only have a 2 song ep released, but their cd shall come out sometime! check them out, dudes
  15. yeah, catching fire wasn't as good. it seemed like the author just realized, "oh, the series is called 'the hunger games,' better send'em back." gale got some actual character developement, though, which was totally awesome. love'im!
  16. hey, i'm not the only one! i fall asleep to that all the time. my favorites by them are What Lies Beneath and Give Me A Sign. both are excellent. has anyone seen the Give Me A Sign music vid? deffinately one of their best
  17. oh, I love Diary Of Jane Accoustic! the first time i heard it, my jaw literally dropped. his vocal range is amazing.
  18. wait...your ex was in Breaking Benjamin??? i was able to see these guys in concert while they were on tour w/ Nickelback and they were totally BEAST!!! ben burnley waved at me