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Really Wishing For: 2nd Gen Soulpeaces. Vampires: 123 and counting *~*My Dragons*~* || *~*My DeviantArt*~*hi.gif2e49svm.jpg steven-colbert-dance-animated-gif.gifYes_zpsb4522831.jpgpansexual_flag_by_ladyamentia-d4smvat.pn

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    Wishlist/Looking For/Will Almost Always Accept:
    ( *'s are Priorities)

    *** CB Vampires (Collecting)
    *** CB Blusang's
    *** 2nd gen Soulpeaces
    *** Two-Headed Lindwurms
    ** CB/Low-Gen Silvers
    ** CB/Low-Gen Golds
    ** Low-Gen Thuweds (5th gen or lower, stair-step ONLY)
    ** Low-Gen Dorkfaces (ditto ditto ditto ^)
    ** Gilded Bloodscales
    ** Hellhorses (2nd Gen)
    * CB/Low-Gen Trios
    * CB Gold Wyvern's

    Will breed anything on my scroll to trade for these breeds. Or if you just feel like gifting, that's cool too. :3

    IOU's (will erase once paid):

    raindear ---> One 2nd Gen Soulpeace
    naturalcyber ---> One 2nd Gen Soulpeace