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  1. The army challenges are tons of fun and the community is really friendly and helpful. Gotta love DBC! ^^
  2. Oh boy, do I love me some VGM. I'll spare you all the mile long list of awesome songs, but have a few links to some of my favorites. Runescape A very fitting song for an epic, icy dungeon boss. Ready for some Runescape nostalgia? Harmony was always one of my favorite songs in the game, and the musician's rendition is so soothing I'd sit and listen to the musicion play this over and over. Homestuck I know, Homestuck is a dangerous thing to mention. However, this song is so good, I can't pass it up. It starts off slow, but quickly launches you into a full on jazzy
  3. Naming my dragons has always been one of my favorite parts of raising them. ^^ I, ~Articuno~, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.