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  1. @Viirin: thank you~ I plan to add more to it once my creature transforms itself significantly again. Tch'ah Slime had no idea that it was possible for its senses to be removed! It was frightened that it couldn't see, but was still relieved that at least it could feel the object beneath it. Yet... slime considered this a serious liability. Maybe it ought to consider creating alternative ways to sense danger coming from afar, in case its sight went away again (or even, unthinkably, never returned! don'tthinkaboutitdon'tthink-) Slime shuffled cautiously towards where it had seen the shine, nosing around with its beak.
  2. ((I'm recovering alright from the surgery. I'll be in pain from time-to-time this year, but I expected pain pre-surgery also, so I prefer this healing pain! ...Also, I don't know for sure how frog-eyes work.)) Tch'ah Experimentally, slime tasted the mysterious 'slime'-goop. It seemed organic... right? Slime squatted on the inorganic and tried its best to absorb whatever it could, which shouldn't take too long with the organic in such a soft state. Slime wouldn't even need beak to pry it away from tricky places or tricky minds! It studied the something-else the round-bump inorganic was attached to with one eye's vision, graciously sacrificing some of its caution-radar for the task, and dutifully watched for predators and miscellaneous moving curiosities with the other. ...If it could.
  3. ((@Viirin: Tch'ah does have the acid rain gland. It hasn't realized, however, that acid rain and its new gland may be cause-effect more than correlation. I myself am unsure whether it grants it immunity to the stinging of acid rain; although, if it does, I wonder how it affects Tch'ah's reaction to bases now compared to before. @all: My reply took longer than usual because I recently underwent surgery.)) Tch'ah Well if the slime did not recognize it, it really ought to find out what it was! The slime kicked and swam closer towards the disturbance of the wet-environment, the black orb. Would the thing notice the slime coming closer, would it react if it did? Are there details to the orb that slime hasn't noticed yet? ...Can the slime get close enough to touch it?
  4. Tch'ah Make that much movement? Maybe something fast, or something big -the image of the big Predator with Evil Jaws flashed through the slime's imagination- caused it, but, whatever it was, it was probably something dangerous enough to make slime shudder. Maybe finding the fluffy thing would be more fun, even if it was invisible. Maybe the slime could... no, no, the slime couldn't impress it with any feats from here... or maybe... no, no, trial and error would only bore or scare the fluffy away. Also, the slime's eyesight really was terrible for this, and not likely to improve greatly in the near future to spot such a well-camouflaged fluff. Maybe... Maybe the big or fast thing making the wet move wasn't dangerous. Or, or maybe-! -this is a novel idea, that something not organic somehow was causing the water-environment to shift- -maybe the cause of the phenomenon was innocuously inorganic and thus not-predator! The slime knew that inorganic did not necessarily mean safe (it does shudder at the memory of stinging droplets), it usually meant passively lethal at worst rather than actively aggressive. Curiosity egging it onward, the slime swam against the current.
  5. Tch'ah The fluffy non-moving/now-moving organic was obviously the most attractive phenomenon to investigate with slime's NUMEROUS senses. First, slime projected itself from the bottom to the surface with a powerful kick from its fabulously strong hind legs. Careful not to breach the wet (out of fear of any more falling hurty-things), slime did its best to assess the sight of the fluffy. Next it poked the fluffy to determine its consistency against its beak. Finally, it tried to bite the fluffy and thus anchor itself (to prevent sinking), so that it can squish into the organic and consume.
  6. Tch'ah What could be more fabulous than slimeself? Sorely jealous about this misdirection, slime swam over to one such of the wiggly-pockets (possibly disturbing the smalldumbthing inside). It poked its beak inside to test the capacity, and if nothing interesting happened, slime would feel it out with one of its legs. How could pockets be more fabulous at wiggling than it? Were they even organic, or able to appreciate the honor bestowed upon them? Even so, if that were the case, slime may have to try to eat it out of spite.
  7. Tch'ah Heh heh heh.... feeling mischievous, the slime decided to act upon its hunch and gently wriggled the green strands. Stopped. And watched behind itself carefully. Any movement? Hm... maybe, since moving made it appear, lots of wiggling would make lots of creatures appear faster! I am brilliant, it compliments itself, and puffed up with ego and anticipation, the slime let go, backed up a little bit, and then barreled into the bunches of green strands, thrashing about as it cavorted among the greens. Thrill swept through it; Surely it was gaining plenty of attention, correct? The slime kept a sharp eye out for any admiration coming its way!
  8. Tch'ah Hungry! and groggy... Where was the best place to find lots of organic? The slime blearily focused its eyes through the water, carefully twirling in place. Murky brown, murky blue, murky green... Green. Green seemed to typically be organic. So the slime pushed its way to where there seemed to be an invasion of green, skinny strands so numerous that if they were tough then slime would not be able to swim through them. It bumped into the masses, and they bent somewhat, but not so that movement would be easy. That's alright, though; slime just had to eat, not to move. It thought that practicing its grabber-mouth would be beneficial, so it opened and snapped the jaw shut around a few stalks. Yup, hoooold it. A gagging sensation surprised the slime, but it soon became normal, as did the hotness at its throat that the food was pressed against.
  9. Tch'ah what what what wh-wh-wh wh-wha-wha-at-wh-ha-at-hwtahwthah waht what what what no no -n-n-n-n No coherence. Pain. Fear. Tremble, tense, flee! Back to the water, th-th-the water! Shaking, shake, shiver-in-fear, trust fragile and shattered. Maybe not... maybe slime's self was stupid, was not-smart, got self into trouble, but also out-of-trouble... ...slime was wrong. Complicated-reasoning failed where instinct had preserved. ...Slime let itself sink through the wet, eyes big and sore.
  10. Tch'ah Well, the falling-things didn't seem to be hurting anything they touched. They made the wet-world quiver and stir, and bounced off of greenstuff, and fell apart themselves by the force of their impact. In fact, slime noted as it crawled a little out of the wet, they made hard-gray-blocks shiny and, as slime tested with a nudge of its front, slick. But still -- the slime was not sure whether its own membrane would be tougher than the drops. Which would prevail? The slime was nervous until it remembered that the blackspecks had dropped themselves on slime's self, but did not manage to pierce. So, probably, falling-wet-stuff (was it similar to water-world? confusing), which seemed quite fragile, would be safe enough. Emboldened by its logic, slime moved upward and onto a grey-hard-ground, and shivered.
  11. Tch'ah If slime didn't know where to go, what was a safe place? 'Wet!' - screamed the many parts of slime's being - 'Wet! Wet! Water definitely safe place!' Wet? Well, the Wet-World was full of wet, and so to that watery-domain slime would spring to escape from the pelting whatevers! (After getting pelted even a bit, slime's surface-membrane was already feeling... what? Feeling what?) Slime slipped into the place where, ironically, its plump-organic had emerged from, and submerged itself into the water to evade the falling-something. If it was safe, slime would feel more confident about sating curiosity.
  12. ((Ghost Pepper candy-- I'd love to have some Naga Jolokia power, make my slime taste ridiculously spicy.)) Tch'ah The slime was unafraid. These little specks were acting like they were... attacking? Play-acting? But obviously slime was so much bigger than these things, it was silly-funny-amusing that they were hitting it with all of their feeble might. Maybe the slime would just observe them for a while- ouch! Hey, that pinched! The little things were pinching the slime, biting it with their stupid whatevers, and that was not okay. Slime rolled to trap and absorb some of them as punishment; more landed on top of or pelted themselves at the slime again. The slime was, nevertheless, grumpy and wary, even though they each waited before trying their impetuous nibbles. Yes, slime was earning (tiny) amounts of organic, but to slime's thinking, the reward was not proportionate to the irritation.
  13. Tch'ah How funny! The organic was bouncing itself on the slime! Slime was amused at this likening between the organic and itself, which clearly were not the same, and so was a silly joke. Or perhaps the joke was not that good. Clearly jokes were not meant for dwelling on, else they became un-funny and distracting. The slime shook itself when the move-through-air-tinyspeck landed again, then decided to try to play its game. If the flying-thingy boinked itself close again, then the slime would simply try to interrupt its path with a chomp! Its new appendage twitched at the anticipation.
  14. Tch'ah Whiz, zoom, hram, shwip! Black beads beat through the above-the-ground, and the slime carefully traced their paths with its eyes. A pinch of uncertainty trickled cold; those things were fast, and the slime was not sure if it could catch even one. Well... the slime had no reason to fear failure as an unknown, so it steeled itself to make a brave leap at the group. Snap! went its mouth, but then plush dirt was what it tasted instead as it landed headfirst on the ground. The slime was not very good at precise movements, not like those erratic specks were. If only there were a way to make them move into its mouth instead of having to launch itself at them! Or, the slime considered as an afterthought, improve the slime's own balance. ...The slime pondered on this more seriously. The many specks did not seem much disturbed by the slime's pitiful leap, and indeed seemed to remain in the general area for quite a while, so perhaps the slime had some time for self-improvement. Indeed, it thought more assuredly, the slime would become the most adept of bouncers! So it purposefully needed, and used both the information and energy retrieved from its most recent acquisition to begin growing a lump at its butt. (Forming a mouse tail.)
  15. Tch'ah << ((I drew and uploaded a picture of my slime!)) The slime... learned a new technique! Lucky it! The slime was satisfied with its meal, but wondered if it could get more like it. It turned to face an eye at the Wet. The Wet seemed to be full of untricky meals, but the slime could easily become a meal of the Humongous Predator that lurked in there. It decided it should have to sit still, and wait to see if something else comes out of the Wet (or if something interesting might be opposite the Wet).
  16. Tch'ah There was nothing for the slime to do except to wait. It didn't know how to make something stop moving, after all, and if the slime stopped to figure out how, the thing beneath it might have gotten away. So the long waiting game was the part it would play. It had the time, after all. Squish squish.
  17. Tch'ah Now that the slime was on top of it, and firmly attached, it could use its usual method of absorbing the organic into its slime body! Slowly... slowly... slowly... it's alright, the slime could wait. Slowly... slowly... slowly... Patience was little trouble at the present. Gurgle gurgle.
  18. Tch'ah No time like the present to rip its teeth into its present! The slime wiggled, then hopped at the large, moist, plump thing that jiggled when it was landed on. Open the beak tall, then chomp! ...Its mouth was stuck. It got stuck on the thing! The slime panicked a little, thinking that it was not supposed to get stuck on food, although a small part of it protested that this was right that it was supposed to clamp on its food so that it could tear and gulp. But the thing under it was moving still, and the slime was not that strong still, its main body mainly goop covered in fragile film, so where lump moved, slime was swung with it, and its pointies were loosened and shredded across the squishy surface. The slime was released, tumbled onto the mud, and the organic was getting away! The slime unthinkingly lunged for its escapee.
  19. Tch'ah Its mouthpiece was not very good at ripping flesh, which was necessary to consume big organics like this. The slime remembered a creature-that-was-scary (but it was part of itself since then, so it did not scare the slime anymore) that had pokey, sharp bits that would rip and tear prey, and some new senses were agreeing, yes, grab things-to-eat with pokey things. The slime wanted to make itself morph, frustrated by the long time it had taken to eat just part of the lump, and its will sparked a change in itself. Its mouthpiece started to make sharp spikes on the upper and bottom, making it still partly beaky but also partly toothy. This change would make the slime hungry again, but it still had substantial organic beneath it to eat if there was no time to search out interesting food.
  20. ((Not a problem, I'm just glad that you're okay and that you're back)) Tch'ah The slime relaxed; now it had a new stick-out part, and a new stick-in part, and although the slime was not sure about the function of its stick-in part, it thought maybe the stick-out part could help it with its food... although maybe not this food, the slime noted with disappointment. It could not seem to separate the dust, but although slime was unsure about consuming inorganic (so unnatural!), it decided that the cushion-y organic should probably be worth the effort. After all, it just formed its new pieces, and that took energy that... well, it wasn't that hungry right now, but even a little bit of hunger indicated a lack of food for growth. The slime shuffled its beak through the stiff fluff that covered some of the organic lump, it paused, then pinched a mouthful and tried to pull it off.
  21. Tch'ah The slime was frightened, unsure that changing from transparent to translucent to opaque was a good development, especially since it was making the slime not able to move. In fact, it would have been certain that this was a very bad thing, except for that immobility seemed to accompany any new, normal physical developments such as its limbs and its eyeballs. It decided that eating the organic should have to wait, all activity should have to cease.
  22. Tch'ah It was difficult to eat around the inorganic; after all, slime wasn't very useful for pushing those dusty clods away, but seemed more to suck it up and through along with the organic. If only, thought slime distantly, it had limbs on its front to help it eat more efficiently. And with the need arisen, changed sparked through its DNA, and the slime paused in its consumption as below its eye-organs congealed thick, viscous tissues, pushing itself out into a bump. This was uncomfortable, the slime decided as it rested itself on its haunches rather than its normally preferred leaning-forward posture. (Forming: duck bill mouth. Also, as a general rule, when transforming it is best to transform as little as possible per go, yeah? Like form a mouth, and later work on the rest of the organs in a digestive system bit by bit?) (Also, I'm really glad that you're in better health now, Viirin ^u^)
  23. Tch'ah The slime was fairly certain that inorganic things were not supposed to go inside of itself, but it was not certain how to absorb the organic while avoiding the inedibles poking in and out of the food. The slime bounced a bit on the cushiony thing to help it think. Thought processes were difficult, complex, too slippery to solve such a strange problem. The slime stilled, and gave up; thinking too hard hurt right now, it was hungry, and maybe there wouldn't be such a big problem while it tried to eat? (Heh, big, because it was bigger than itself! Funny joke.) The slime gooped and tried to consume.
  24. Tch'ah Excitement was left now that big-danger was gone, and in place of fear was daring. Mischief shot through its membranes, and with a sudden HOP (not at all graceful, but its two limbs were meant for power, not balance), the slime sailed over the short pokeys to land on the lump. What was the lump? Organic? Did it move? Or was it a funny piece of ground.
  25. Tch'ah It was a good thing that it did not see the slime, because that organic was predatory, the slime knew this in its goopy cells. It was somewhat unnerving, then, that something that was still moving and dangerous was nearby. The slime was not certain in its analyses of the environment, not certain that for sure it was safe, and not certain at all that it was safe to move. Or not move. Moving would garner attention, yeah? But not moving made it easier for the big thing to catch it. But if the big thing really did notice the slime, was it faster than the slime? Although some of its instincts indicated, 'no, we fast', the slime couldn't help but doubt that. After all, it only had two limbs sticking out of its cumbersome gloppy body, and the big-possible-predator had at least four or five limbs to hasten movement. Perhaps the best thing was to stay still. After all, its body was gelatinous and see-through (although very vulnerable, the slime realized for the first time).