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  1. 32,371 (we haven't seemed to have gotten very far...)
  2. December 31st, a lot of people don't believe me when I tell them.
  3. Being abandoned by the very few people I let myself care about.
  4. Sorry for digging up this old thread but My obsessions currently: school board for my district education systems in general local news stations this one newscaster i... i have no life
  6. It's for you, you should answer it. Waiter, there is a table in my soup.
  7. Okay so here's a compilation of stories about the vice principal of my school. A little about him: He's normally really quiet and just stands there... Unless you talk to him, you can hold a conversation with him if you know how to talk to him. Nobody really likes him that much thought, so... yeah. So there's these severe weather drills, and he is the admin for this hallway to make sure we're doing everything right... So on the first one he says "In a real emergency we'd be using the kids as shields" On another he says "Lightning strikes the loudest thing around, so you kids had best shut your mouths" And after that I was getting up from my duck and cover, and this was early in the morning so I was half asleep and also dizzy from getting up too fast, so I immediately lean against the wall, and my algebra teacher is all "YOU AWAKE?" and I said "I feel like a zombie rmskjdkfmkm" And the vice principal just kinda came outta nowhere and started laughing. I was blushing so hard there... Then on the last day of school a kid dared me to hug the VP (my friends are messed up and ship me and him... as messed up as that is I just go along with the joke sometiems) And so I have anxiety issues, right. And I get really nervous around people of authority and just thinking about hugging him almost triggered an anxiety attack so I run up to my friend and I'm just all "I FORGOT HOW TO HUG HELP ME" so I ended up hugging two of my friends like 200 times... and when it came time to hug the VP I muttered something that made no sense and just... hugged him no problem. I think he got what I was trying to say after the hug... I don't even remember what it was that I said... Then after that I hugged the guy I like and didn't even get nervous... I have more but those can wait.
  8. My dream is to someday go back in time and tell myself not to do something stupid
  9. I got attacked by this scorpion looking thing in Spore
  10. Reserved and requests are now open
  11. I'm sorry, but since windows 8 microsoft has just gone downhill. Also with the game sharing thing... ugh.
  12. I can't say anything about age gaps because half the people I like are what... 30 years older? yeahdaddyissues... Not like I'd act on them... I'm sane enough to know that it just isn't /right/ But I mean, as long as the two people are legal, I don't give a crap, they can do what they want.
  13. I had a dream that this guy who works at my school was licking my arm and for some reason I liked it. I woke up like Edit by kiffren: Censor evasion removed.
  14. I bite my hand if I'm having an anxiety attack
  15. I'm half greek, quarter german, the other quarter is scottish with some other stuff mixed in there.
  16. Yes, but they will usffer extreme frostbite Who's TJ?
  17. I had a dream that william shatner was stalking me
  18. I'd like to live forever, I'd just... observe humanity until it's end...
  19. David. Tennant. I love him to death. Also John Barrowman. And I always forget about this one, I've liked Nathan Kress since I was young.... Edit: HOW DID I FORGET ROBERT DOWNEY JR