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  1. I also cleaned my scroll a few months ago. I hadn't played for a while, and when I came back again I decided to start a "little" project to get perfect matching mates for every single one of my dragons. I released everything that was inbred, messy or wrongly gendered. I don't know how many dragons I released in total, but I'm pretty sure it was somewhere around 1000-1500..
  2. I was browsing through my external hard drive - and found some screenshots of DC from many years back.. Thought I would share a few of them. I got a new interesting badge and a very.. hmm, inanimate and tasty hatchie... Ahh, the old DC.. With some poor abandoned adults and other invisible eggs/hatchies.. This wasn't appropriate... I had a time traveling dead Ridgewing once.. It was dead when I got it from the cave.
  3. I'm also struggling with the excellent throws. I'm at 24/50. I'm slowly getting there, but I have also played non-stop for several hours.. Great throws are no problem for me, but those excellent ones..... Feel free to add me btw: 6549 7349 8279 I play and send gifts almost every day
  4. I also won this month.. So FINALLY I'm a CB Prize owner too.. I got a Silver Tinsel - the prettiest of them all I think, so I'm over the moon right now! I saw the notification on my phone earlier when I was at work, and I couldn't stop smiling. My colleague asked me what it was about.. Well, just an email I've waited years for, nothing else... Congrats to the other winners!
  5. The Flamingo is still available, if anyone would want it..
  6. Gifting time! 3rd even gen Sunsong x Sweetling checker 3rd even gen Winter from Autumn x Summer base 3rd even gen Flamingo x Valentine '09 checker 3rd even gen purple Dorsal x Whiptail checker
  7. Gifting a few 3rd even gen Thuweds Flamingo x Valentine 2009 checker You're welcome, Seahorse! Sunsong x Sweetling checker Winter with Autumn x Summer base
  8. Wow, there are some really amazing trees and wreaths posted in this thread! Can't believe it was so many years ago we did these and the trees.... Time flies. I made this the first time around. Still quite happy with it, so I won't make any changes
  9. Have 2nd gen Holly from Silver (Nicely named parents) Want Bloodswap from nicely named parents. Will consider other 2nd gen Hollies, but the above is prioritized. Traded, thanks a lot!
  10. I visited Florida last year and managed to catch myself a Corsola back then, but it was a really bad one.. So I'm really happy that they are spawning here in Europe now, hopefully I will be able to catch a better one this time! Feel free to add me btw, my code is 6549 7349 8279
  11. We had lots of snow about a month ago. Now nothing. I'm not a fan of snow, so I hope it will stay like this for the rest of the winter.
  12. Completed the shiny hunt already! Egg number 31.
  13. Has anyone seen one of these new Halloween dragons on the AP yet..? I've been refreshing for at least an hour now, and also for a while earlier today, but not a single one.. I don't remember it being so hard to catch earlier Halloween releases..
  14. The adults look really nice! Marrows are still my favorite Halloween dragon, though..
  15. This is gonna be so much fun! Last year I was very busy around Halloween so I didn't have time to fully enjoy the event.. But this year it's different!
  16. The Host by Stephenie Meyer is really good! Just finished it and I enjoyed every part of it!
  17. I always, ALWAYS played Pokemon Crater when I was a kid. I don't remember what year they shut it down, but I remember being very upset about it... Now they have remade it, but it's not as fun as I remember so I'm not going to play it again.
  18. Well, at least I completed the september 2012 site-wide shiny hunt.. Gastly! And finally(!!!) Budew too. 1062 eggs hatched.
  19. Hatched over 1000 Budew eggs and still no shiny. This is getting annoying...
  20. 836 eggs, no shiny yet. I'm seriously going to stay awake until I hatch a shiny or until the time is out. This is ridiculous
  21. Oh my lord, so prettyyy! I love them!