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    Moderator Applications

    Forum errors are not moderator applications, guys. Remember the topic at hand.
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    Moderator Applications

    Just because the posts asking you to not spam have been removed, does not mean you may spam now. Please remember: This is about moderator applications. Nothing else. Questions regarding anything OTHER then your application should go in the HELP section - not this thread. Not even if part of your post does apply to this thread. Edit: Yes, that also includes posts telling me I've missed a word in a sentence, which is accomplished just as easily with a PM.
  3. iarsma

    Moderator Applications

    We will help you. We're all at your disposal for asking questions. There's also a guide that TJ has written up for when to use specific things, etc. We actually all still help each other. I poke _Z_ about things, and Kila when _Z_ isn't on frequently, even now.
  4. iarsma

    Moderator Applications

    You will most likely not hear anything back at all. I never did. I was simply a mod one day. And since the deadline is not until Aug 23rd, do not expect anything to happen before then. Even then, it will likely be at least a week after that, while we discuss the applicants.
  5. iarsma

    Moderator Applications

    The first PM I sent was really longwinded all about how I thought I'd be good for the job. >> The 2nd I sent, I think was basically "I'm applying for SD because I've been around awhile, know the section well, and have some experience modding." As TJ hasn't specified any requirements regarding format/style of your application (other than the PM title, and that it BE PMed, I believe) then...I think whatever you do should be fine.
  6. Neither of mine got sick as an egg or a hatchling, and both grew in the allotted times without having to go ER. Also, if I recall correctly, I didn't have to post mine in any extra places, just used Yarold's like I do for all my dragons. I can't give numbers of when they hatched, but both are grown and these are their stats: 2,008 1,218 136 1,962 1,010 370 This is pretty on par with most of my other dragons as well.
  7. Users are asked to remember to be respectful. Also, if you have already come in here and expressed your opinion on this, there is no need for you to further return and continue to try to beat it down. Just as there is nothing stopping you from killing something you want to kill, there is nothing stopping these users from taking this pledge (or the Responsible Breeder pledge, or the Single Scroll Oath, etc).
  8. =o! Lyth plans on playing Worgen tooo? Zomg. Alsoyouneedtotakemeonarideonyourrocket.
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    Egg Drop Soup

    blueflyer, that is offtopic to this thread. Please either PM someone, or use the MagiStream forums for that.
  10. WTB Hot Pink Drake plz. lololol.
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    AHAHAHAHA. I'm excited. I'm not sure why. But I aaaaam. :DDD
  12. I love that hat. Sadly I have sold it now. :B I has a better one! lol
  13. Awesome hat is awesome. </dork> lol
  14. Your basket will appear once you have collected an egg.
  15. I really hope I don't need to come in here with the Anti-Drama Hose and spray everyone down. -frowns meaningfully at everyone- Let's keep the bickering to a minimum, or in PM please. Remember, everyone's entitled to their opinion.
  16. Good luck, everyone! <3 Thank you to everyone involved in this event.
  17. iarsma

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    =D Yay for Mayhem!
  18. That's the forum number. Scroll number is the number you put in that will lead to your scroll. Mine is 61538, for example.
  19. I s'pose I'll post in this one too. Member No.: 6,246 Joined: 23-June 08
  20. It would be handy to have it specify a date up to the last day, then count down in hours on the last day, but I'm not sure how easy/hard that would be to program. Edited the first post, though.
  21. I can see that being a good reason to not do it as well. I thought I recalled it being suggested before, but couldn't remember for sure so I included it anyway. The main thing I'd like to see is all of the timers at least being the same, even if they don't become more exact. Although perhaps one like Breed should not get a more exact time, but maybe Abandon could get a more exact one? Similar to what you're suggesting of half-hours, instead of hours. That way ones that need to be vague stay vague, ones that don't necessarily need to be vague aren't, and they all count down (or up) the same way.
  22. Ooh yes! That'd definitely be a better alternative since timezones can be confusing.
  23. I've noticed lately, with all the new actions we've been getting, that the timers aren't all the same on them. For example: We have one action that is counting UP until the time you can use it again (must go up to 7): We have two that are counting DOWN until you can use it again (must go down to 0): And then we have some that indicate a specific date: Basically, the main suggestion here is to standardize all the action timers into to same type of count-down. Or count-up. Or whatever. I have a personal preference towards the ones that indicate a specific date, just because it tells you right there what day you have to wait for. A secondary suggestion along with this, and one I've seen voiced by a few people, is to include what time you can use the action again as well, since action timers are to the minute. (So, for example, "This dragon cannot cause another earthquake until Dec 20, 2009 10:13pm EST.) Though if the timezone thing is a reason why a specific time is not said, I can understand that. Couple of other versions of the secondary suggestion brought up in the thread (if possible), are maybe having a specific date listed up to the last down, then count down in hours on the last day. Or possibly only have more precise timers on the BSAs, and not the Breed action.
  24. Except that on most pet sites (actually, every other site I've played but this one) those hunger indicators don't mean anything. Your pets never die on other sites, even if they're left "starving" for months on end. I think this could prove useful in other ways too, and not just for new players, but maybe for the experienced player that's trying experiments. I like it whether it has an on/off function or not.
  25. How to Use the Search Function The search function on this forum can be quite helpful, if you know how to use it to its utmost. This guide will hopefully allow your searches to be more successful in the future. Big images are linked for size, do click on them to get the full effect. You can find the search function by clicking the "Search" bar found in the upper right (zoom on top, full on bottom): --> http://i.imgur.com/o9YOLuo.jpg When you click in the bar, you have a dropdown bar on the left with more search options: By clicking "Topics", you will search all topics within DC forums. By clicking, events, you will be searching the forum calendar which is not a feature of DC forums. By clicking Members, you will search for a member's username. * This is the Advanced Search with a lot more options available to you. https://i.imgur.com/xh6QY33.png - This option searches the entire forums by default. - Under Content Type, both searching All Content will give you results from all areas of the forums. If you click "Topics", you may choose a subforum. If you know what you're searching for is in a specific section, and which section it is, you are much better off selecting that section in the out of the list. This will greatly reduce the number of results you get, and make sifting through them much easier. You will get a dropdown bar that looks like this: - You may also "Search by the Author" by typing a user whose topics/posts you'd like to see containing a certain word or phrase. - If you are searching for a specific topic about something (for instance, you wanted to post a topic and wasn't sure there was already a topic for it) you can click "content titles only" to only receive Topic titles with the phrase you're looking for. - If you're looking for posts within certain dates, you can alter the Date Created and Last Updated sections. - You can also Find results that... contain all of the words you are searching for or any of the words that you're searching for. - You can also search for Members with the member search tab. The other way to get to know how to use this search function better is to just use it - a lot! The more you use it, the more able you will become with it. Some searches will not be as successful as others (for example, in this forum, searching for "dragon" is liable to bring up the majority of posts in the forum, regardless of what section you are searching, except maybe some of the General Discussion sections). But it's a good rule of thumb to try searching several different keywords when trying to find something, especially if you are trying to find out whether a topic you want to start has already been started somewhere or not.