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  1. Absolutely gorgeous dragons, hatchling to adult. Not that I'm surprised - LadyLyzar always does such a good job, and makes such good dragony-looking dragons. ^^
  2. Cinnamin, numbers, in regards to this game, are details. If a game (not saying DC specifically, but just "a game" in general) is based entirely on ratios - numbers - requesting numbers is requesting something that is basically a core mechanic to the game. olympe, I chose her post to respond to because I wanted to respond to it. You're both asking for details/numbers/statistics, so it doesn't exactly matter who I chose to respond to. Technically I could respond to anything in this thread with whatever I wanted, but that'd get in the realm of off-topic/spam. ~!~, yes, open-source games exist, but when a game is not open-sourced it's rather silly to continually demand it be open-source. But I tend to forget that we focus on the silly here. I love that the conspiracy theories still abound here even after a multi-month absence.
  3. A BSA page, like we have an Account page, Dragons page, etc. perhaps. It could be like the Action page, where it lists all actions available, but fades out the BSAs you don't have access to yet, and explains why (no dragons capable of that BSA, all dragons capable of that BSA are on cooldown, etc.) and from there you click the link for the BSA you want, and are given a list of all the appropriate dragons.
  4. Cinnamin Draconna, have you actually ever played a game where how the game functions was divulged to all the players? Because if you have, I'll find that rather amazing. It's one thing to ask for confirmation regarding whether something is working properly or not. It's another thing entirely to ask for specific information regarding how the game functions, determines things, etc. I get that you're frustrated, irritated, at the end of your rope, whatever - but that doesn't entitle you to that information. When you play any game, you just have to accept that you don't get to know everything, and that sometimes you're just going to have to live with responses like "Everything is working as it should."
  5. So uh, I think my trees got into some MiracleGro Then when they despawned/died, instead of just fading away or getting chopped down like usual, they flew away. I love glitches, sometimes.
  6. Happy Muffin is happy. I discovered the Meta for that about two weeks AFTER Children's Week last year. Which was the first event I was aware of (despite starting before Noblegarden). So of course I hadn't done any of the achievements for it. >> Ah well. I finally have my purple derpy-armed drake. I also officially love the group of Alliance players in Alterac Valley that allowed me to (finally) cap a tower from them. I don't recall who they were or what server they were from, but I love them all the same.
  7. I'm going to cry blueberry tears if I don't get your egg. :<
  8. There's nothing wrong with the egg - that's why it's okay. There's nothing about it saying "YOU MUST BE THIS RELIGION!" All it is, is a representation of what a particular person thought was lovely and meaningful. Some artists chose to be silly, some chose to be meaningful. Some would have liked to be meaningful, if they were capable of creating more than bacteria-esque paisleys. (*ahem* ) Not to mention, regardless of what we call this event, it's very much based on activities done on Easter, so why get disgruntled over one egg, when the entire event is technically what you should be upset over, if you're going to get upset at all? Although it might also be worth pointing out that Easter has ties not only in a certain religion, but in fertility beliefs and ceremonies. The holiday itself is a hodgepodge of various things, so it only makes sense for the DC version to be a hodgepodge as well. Stop trying to be offended and enjoy it for what it is - a very lovely, very well-done piece of art by a wonderful person.
  9. When you have your posts-per-page amount set to a different number than the person who posted that link, it wonks up the URL and you just get sent to the page. Also when posts get deleted, moved, etc it messes it up. So we do have this, it's just lacking a bit of finesse in regards to some things.
  10. Poor camel. :< But then, I saw BABIES! And I had to run after them and awwr at their adorableness. Tiny turtles!
  11. I feel lucky tonight. x3 Twenty minutes into farming for Mr. Grubbs, I found him. And I decided to finish the grub meat quest I was on, and 8 kills later...I found Mr. Grubbs again. o_o wtb this luck elsewhere, as well! lol
  12. What do you mean by "anymore" ? lawl. I really hope they put the mounts back in somewhere. >> Heck, I'd like moar chance at that rep, too. Though that's my own fault for being stupid/lazy, I suppose.
  13. GJ on the double posting, ridiculously large text, eggspam, and completely off-topic posts. In case you hadn't noticed, this was for discussion of WoW, not "Whatever Game You Think Is The Best Ever" - but thanks for playing. ~~~ In other news, I got mah pickachur :<
  14. You just made me laugh. Thank you. I really needed one. Cereus, I was always running into Cloth stuff during dungeons, and being a Moonkin...I need leather. Granted, I can wear cloth, but if there was a mage or priest in the party...I was screwed since I couldn't need on it, and they would, nine times out of ten. :|
  15. Bypassing the catching on the AP way that trading is done now won't work anymore. So even having the code from the departure board, etc, won't really help much since using that URL won't work.
  16. As the event is over, I'll be closing this. However, the other thread will remain open, of course, until a little while after the dragons grow up.
  17. We wiped because of the bosses, there weren't even any players there yet. It was AFTER like, half of us had died, that we started noticing the other bosses. "Wtf, Tyrande is here!" "THERE'S VELEN. WHAT'S GOING ON." lol
  18. So, I was in a For The Horde run. We get through Darnassus and the Exodar okay. Then wipe in Stormwind. Why, do you ask? Well, because every single Alliance boss was there. lol. And then the raid leader wanted us to rez at our bodies...inside SW...with all the bosses...and a bunch of 80s just sitting over our corpses. Yeah, no. I left. Photobucket mucked up my SS, so I edited it with a cropped version. >>
  19. Hairy gorilla men in skimpy armor? Lawl. That'd just be...horrific.
  20. Yes, those are my dragons and yes, I do take requests (though I don't do lists, so you just have to catch me when I'm breeding, which (for now) is Mondays). ^^ Glad to see some of my Silly Named dragons give people giggles.
  21. Didn't take quite as long as I'd thought it might, but certainly longer that I'd like.
  22. Note to self: If those Clefthooves seem a bit abnormally larger than usual, it's probably because you forgot you drank that Noggenfogger less than a minute ago. If anyone happens to loot my brain, please mail it to Cowmuffin?
  23. *ahem* New releases, TJ's avatar/signature, dragon requests: none of these relate to new moderators. Any further posts after this post regarding those subjects will receive a warn for spam/off-topic. -------------- Congratulations, new mods! <33
  24. That was the deadline for the applications to be sent it. It did not mean that he would choose immediately who the new mods are at 12:01. As I have said before, do not expect anything until probably at least a week until now. TJ has to sort through the applicants, and then the rest of the staff needs to discuss them as well, so that we can all come to a group consensus over who the new mods will be. Please be patient.