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    I love this series.I actually started watching this before i started watching Doctor Who.
  3. Ok hurry contest is almost done excepting entries . they all look really good by the way
  4. Almost forgot this one, it happened on the day my sister was born. I used to love to spin in circles and get myself dissy. that day my parents left the basement door open and I was stumbling down the stairs when i fell through the side (I was small the side was open and big) My basement floor is only concrete so if i had hit my head i would have died. luckily I landed on an old rocking chair and I lived (with a baseball sized bump on my head.) Ever since my mom has said our house has ghosts and that we have to keep all of our old furniture to keep them happy.
  5. I was biking with my dad and my sister and they where behind me. right before a sharp turn the told me to hurry up. I did but I couldn't turn sharp enough so I smashed head first into a fence then my bike fell on me... hard. the rest of that day is kinda a blur
  6. Actually rabbit, Halktalon PMed me with her idea but i told her to post it. my bad
  7. I wasn't saying you where I was just saying if some people might start early on there splices
  8. Now people can try to make Gold dragon lineages
  9. Rabbit is right. I would be unfair if people alredy had been working on spices for weeks and other people only got a few days. (yeah, why no more entries?)
  10. Finished the book (in only 2 days) and I loved it. I can't wait for Son of Neptune to come out.
  11. YEAH TELEPORT IS HAPPENING!!! the other fetures look cool to (not to sure about diffrent locations thing)
  12. I want that game sooo bad but my old dinosaur of a computer cant handle the program. I was waiting for weeks and my parents finally bought it for me only to find out I can't play it
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    I play this game. I had a dragon before but my account was deleted when they were making the site.
  14. heres a link with lyrics Link with Lyrics
  15. Sorry I miss heard the song got some words wrong.
  16. What ? can you give a link to the song so we can hear it in context. nevermind I found it.
  17. No, I don't mind here voice (it's a pretty high pitched ) but I thought what she was saying (the dialogue) sounded whiny
  18. I think all of them are ok. What Amy was saying sound really whiny (curse you censorkip) though
  19. I hate it. It sounds like he's cocky and inexperienced.
  20. what gen is the base from? all gens are aloud I'm just curious Also does anyone want to suggest a theme for our next contest. We can think of one on our own but we want your ideas. also please just post them here for everyone to see, don't just PM them to Rabbit or I
  21. Dovercat99 is because I use it for everything I had it since I was 9 (that's why 99 is there) Dovercat was the mascot of a community center I used to go to. I made an account on Runescape (I don't play anymore) there and since I needed a name I chose Dovercat + my age doubled = Dovercat99. I guess the name just stuck with me.
  22. Why? It's a fun way to train splicing and even if you think it's not very good other people might love it. You can't win if you don't try. (by poke-animal I meant a pokemon that has been edited look like an animal)
  23. You could try making an poke-animal splice if you want AruGard.