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  1. *Shape-shift back into a human* Oh no! I lost all of my powers other then my flaming red sword. Oh well (Better?)
  2. Sorry... But in our defense nobody else was joining in... Digi started it with his shape-shifting powers
  3. (hey no fair! Give me one good reason you can turn invisible! Z-rex is a character in a book. He's a dinosaur that scientists created and gave super powers to make the ultimate weapon for the government. but then he goes rouge because the gamer who designed his brain make a mistake and now the dinosaur thinks that the gamers son is his brother and... well you get the point.) Ah ha! Did you know that Z-rex has inferred vision. I can see you Digi *Body checks Digi and moves away, still invisible.*
  4. Digi you fool. Didn't anyone every tell you T-rex can swim (not really but whatever.) AND FLY!!! *flys out of the water.* You see Digi I am not a mere T-rex I'm a Z-rex (That's a book) and Z-rex can turn invisible *Turns invisible* (A Z-rex can do all of that. read the book)
  5. (Shape-shifting? really? Fine we'll play that game) *Shape-shifts into a red T-Rex and dodges fire* Bring it on you blue loving coward
  6. The dreaded splicers block. DUN DUN DUN
  7. (But Aru is going to draw a picture of the battle later. hence forth original works) Yeah I have some last words. DIE YOU BLUE LOVING PANSY!!! *Escapes hold and starts blasting red fire at Digi using sword*
  8. *Uses his own blade to block Digi's blades* I will devour your soul and kill all who are foolish enough to follow you Digi. *Attacks Digi with his red flaming sword*
  9. *Pulls out red flaming sword* Oh but Digi, you'll be the one who shall perish. (THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!! *kicks*)
  10. I think you should still make a form and add a special feature so we can tell you to apart
  11. Username: Dovercat99 Side I chose: RED!!!! My special feature: I have a red, flaming sword Other: I want to fight Digidude
  12. Not to many people entering. Hope there are more soon. Oh and rabbit you forgot to add roobot's entry
  13. dovercat99

    Justin Bieber

    This Also he's a jerk who can get away with anything. He threw water balloons at countless peoples crotchs including a cop and he beat up a kid at laser-tag I can take 29 Biebers in a fight.
  14. I FREAKING LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!! (notice how the text is similar to the tardis) Doctor who is my FAVOURITE SERIES EVER. My favourite doctor is Matt Smith and my favourite companion is Rory (I think he should count as a companion)
  15. nither can I. I hope I win.... wait aren't I a judge *runs and hides before people can pelt me with tomatoes because of bad joke*
  16. I've been preparing for awhile now for teleport. I have ten adult magis ( and 7 of them have names like TELEPORT IS A GREAT IDEA or SAY YES TO TELEPORT)
  17. username: Dovercat99 why: because If you don't let me join, Kirby will eat you and take you powers. KIRBY IS AMAZING AND UNBEATABLE