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    I've wanted Spore since 2008 when it was released but my computer was too old to support it. I've finally gotten a new one and can now run Spore. Now I'm sorta on the fence about if I should buy it or not. I want to know if you think Spore was a good or bad game and what you liked/ disliked most about it. Is the DRM as bad as they online reviews say?
  2. I got Sims3 for Wii for Christmas. It's good but since this is for the computer versions I'm gonna poof. *poofs*
  3. I'm level 20 now. This is me.
  4. After awhile I just gave up on playing as a non-member and bought an amulet. Once you get it the game gets a lot better. You can buy a membership card at various stores in the reason you can't join is because of lack of credit card. More Info
  5. It gets more fun when you level up but I'm still really not that into PvP
  6. Yeah I'm serious. It's fun because you're completely evenly matched.
  7. http://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=19513263 is me Oh and if you go in PVP you can fight youself
  8. Yes and I already called killing him so... yeah.....
  9. There's gonna be a egg limit for Christmas eggs right? like only two per person?
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    I used to play but I stopped. You can't really do anything fun unless you're a member.
  11. nice entries guys keep up the good work.
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    Justin Bieber

    I hate that little, ugly, untalented girl and I hope he falls off the stage and dies... That pretty much it.
  13. I can't find any corn. where is it?
  14. would love to see your idea. I hope you have enough time
  15. Umm.. For now I'll say it counts but I'll have to talk to Rabbit. Also, WOW there are a lot of really good entries being submitted
  16. DEATH TO ALL BLUES!!! (Bedtime now. See you all tomorrow)