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  1. Vuvuzela I didn't even know it existed, gotta get out more
  2. Alicia Nixon


    Loved the book (I'll probably get flamed b/c of this) hated the movie
  3. My dad doesn't like cats we have six dogs in total but someday i would like to own a black cat or cat with one green eye and one yellow eye, yeah I'm picky
  4. No I wish I had superpowers but no such luck
  5. Notification Area An error occurred when servicing your request: An HTTP error occured... please try again later. This is the 3rd time this has happend
  6. Yeah I would like to be in the movie . . . Did you here that for Max they are going to cast Kristen Stewart and for Fang Robert Pattinson? It's twilight all over again 9no offense twilight fans)
  7. I love the series read them once but I still remember the plot, *sigh* still waiting for the 7th book to show up here, can't wait