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  1. ((Ari's a worry wart. She takes everything too seriously and blows things out of proportion. So even though no one has actually talked a lot about Erin - she blew that little bit into something worth panicking over))
  2. ”okay!” Ari said. ”I still remember the way,back. ”I,know they were making food, so they may have started eating without us.” She got on the bike and held on to Dingo as Erin started,pedaling. ”you can turn right here,” she said when they got to the end of tthe street. ”the pub is right there!” She smiled triumphantly at having found her way home, but that smile turned into a frown. If they talked about Erin when she wasn't there, what would stop them from saying stuff about her as well? Ari jumped off the bike, gave Dingo a pat on the head for luck, handed him to Erin and turned to step inside. ((Sorry for the weird capitalization, my phone is clearly not as smart as I've been told. I'll edit when I get to a computer))
  3. Ari released a breath she didn't even know she had been holding when she heard Erin's voice. "Hey," she said when the girl appeared. "I was just wondering where you went. You were gone quite a while and I was worried you got lost." She patted Dingo affectionately when he looked up at her. She then noticed the bike. "Nice bike," she said. "Where'd you get it?"
  4. Ari shifted back and forth as the conversations went on around her. Yes they had all just met, but why couldn't they all get along? She flinched when Erin left and walked off. While everyone else seemed bothered by Erin's temper, Ari was rather comforted by it. After everyone finished talking and getting stuff sorted out, she noticed that Erin was still missing. She was starting to get worried. What if she had gotten lost? Ari may have just met the girl, but she didn't think anyone deserved to be out there alone. "Um," she said. "Guys? Erin's been gone for a while. What if she's lost?" She thought for a while before making a decision. "I'm gonna go look for her," she said finally. With that she turned and shivered lightly at the town around her. She walked forward and looked around. "If I was upset and needed to get away, where would I go?" she said. She tapped her chin with a dainty finger as she pondered each way she could go. Deciding to turn left, she made a mental note of it as she continued down the street. She passed a bunch of really creepy dark houses that were obviously empty and the ominous feeling grew in her chest. She felt as though she was in danger, but she continued to push on. "Erin!" she shouted. "Erin! Where are you?!"Hopefully she could find the girl soon, because she couldn't take being alone much longer.
  5. ((I might've left this out on my character form. Ari is wearing two red ribbons in her hair that match her skirt.)) "Huh," Ari thought aloud, musing over Erin's ideas. "That's an interesting idea. I mean I don't think I'm substantially better than anyone else I've met in my life, but I don't remember doing anything awful that would warrent eternal suffering either." She took one of the red ribbons out of her hair and tied it loosely around Dingo's neck. "It's a little girly," she said. "But every kitty should have a collar." She smiled as the kitten mewed in delight at having the ribbon. She pulled another ribbon out of her pink dance bag and retied her hair where the other had been. She turned her attention back to Erin. "I have been immune to most sicknesses," she said jokingly. "So maybe you're right."
  6. "'Dingo' sounds cute," Ari said with a smile. "Makes him sound tough." She reached over and patted the little guy on the head. She then looked around, realizing the others had been gone for a while. "When do you think everyone's gonna get back?" She asked Erin, hoping the girl knew. Throughout this entire experience, Ari has had this nagging feeling of dread in the back of her mind. This feeling intensified after all the talk of the Rapture and everything. She shuddered. She hadn't done anything wrong, or at least she didn't think so. Her mom and dad took her to church as a child. Granted she stopped going when she moved out, but she was still a generally good person. She decided to ask Erin about it. "One more question," she said. "Do you believe what the religious guy says about the Rapture? Do you believe we were left here to suffer or something?"
  7. Ari nodded at Erin's response to her question. "I know how you feel," she said. "I'm not the best at making friends either." She never liked talking about her past but maybe it would help Erin feel like she had someone who understood. "Everyone always said I was too quiet and too weird, since I didn't talk much and always preferred my own thoughts and musings to the company of others. Most people when I was younger couldn't stand to hang out with me for more than a little while. Maybe that's why I'm so shy," she said. She had never even admitted most of that stuff to herself, let alone someone else. Maybe being on her own was a good idea. Maybe mom was smart to make me move out, Ari thought. "And as for not being able to get home, I know that must suck, but you can maybe try and make the best of it. And if you ever feel like you need a friend, just know I'm here," she said. She smiled, really wanting to show the other girl that she meant what she said. Most of the others in the group were really off put by Erin's aggressiveness, but Ari just wanted to know why. She was a fan of the "don't judge a book by its cover" mentality.She knew that there was always a reason behind people's actions and she wanted to get to the bottom of it. Everyone needs a friend, especially now with this constant talk of the Rapture and how they truly might be the last people around. "You also have your new little kitten," she said giggling at the cute little guy as he went to sleep on Erin's stomach.
  8. ((Thanks Fangirl!!!)) Ari frowned at the continuous commotion that seemed to befall the group as they stayed in the pub. No one noticed the slight girl as she quietly slipped away. Once outside and away from the group, she took a deep breath. She sat down in the little alley she had found and put her head in her hands. "All I want is to go home and pretend like none of this ever happened," she said sadly. She wanted to cry, all the talk about the rapture and everything finally hitting her. More than crying though, she wanted to call her mom. She took out her cell phone and dialed the number. No answer. She sighed and stood up, deciding it was probably best not to stray too far. When she got back she heard a mewing and noticed that Erin was holding a small kitten. She looked so sweet with it. 'Who knew someone so vicious could be so gentle?' Ari thought. She then picked up on the argument going on. James was saying that he didn't want to take care of Jaune, or at least that's how it sounded, and Erin was saying that he was the only one Jaune listened to. She sighed as James walked off and looked to Erin. She sat down near the girl and started to speak. "Why do you always seem to start fights with everyone?" she asked. She wasn't trying to be mean, instead she was trying to get an insight into Erin's mind. She then looked down at the little furball in the girl's arms. "That's a really cute kitten by the way," she adds.
  9. ((omg I'm soooo behind!!! Sooooooooooooo sorry guys Anyone want to give me a synopsis of what's going on so I can catch up, or should I just read? I lost my password and couldn't access this))
  10. ((Glad to be back!!! This is turning out great by the way. I love the Erin/Jaune interactions )) Ari's teeth had been chattering since she entered the ambulance. She didn't want to leave town, but she knew Hawkingsthorne was done for. Squished in the back with Emily and Erin, she was thinking deeply. Well, she thought. Time for a new adventure I guess. She was about to continue her musings when she heard Erin speak. The girl had asked what the others were doing before everything happened. Ari smiled dreamily as she thought of her old job: Her students, the studio, the feeling of her body as she spun and moved gracefully. She decided to speak up. "Well, um," she said in that shy, soft voice of hers, "I was a dancer. I did competitions throughout England. I loved the thrill of the competition, but more than anything, I loved the feeling of walking on air I get when I dance." She paused to take a breath. "I also taught at the studio here in Hawkingsthorne. I taught ballet, lyrical, and Jazz. The children were wonderful, all so sweet. I loved watching them grow in their dance. It was amazing." She knew she was rambling a bit, but dance was the one thing in her life that gave her true joy. She sighed happily, her earlier worries deserting her for a while as she turned to Emily. "What about you Em? I remember you saying something about a nanny job or something like that?"
  11. ((Soooooooo sorry guys!!!! I've been without internet for a long time now and am writing this on my phone which is about to die. I should be getting better access soon and will write a post then. I feel awful about being gone. Please don't be mad ))
  12. Ari flinched as Erin yelled at the crazy man. She still wasn't sure how she felt about this girl but she knew for sure that she was frightened. She saw the man hide behind the biker guy and start eating some crisps. She hated to see people hurting, so she really wanted to help. Wisperlee told the men that they were going to find Lydia so that she could help the scared man. She then introduced herself. The biker guy said his name was James and that the crazy guy's name was Jaune. She thought about how she could make him feel better. 'I know,' she thought, 'I remember doing this with the kids in my class!' She walked up and knelt down next to Wisperlee. "Hi Jaune," she said, "I'm Ari. I just wanted to say I like your art." She smiled at him as she gestured towards the colorful spray paint on the side of the hospital. "I always thought this place needed more color." She hoped that her gentle approach would be enough to calm him down. It worked on children, maybe it worked on people who were 'special' too.
  13. Ari grabbed her bag as she heard the others talk about fire. She hugged the pink fabric closer to her as she watched everyone else prepare to leave. She was panicking, she hated fire of any kind, especially the kind that engulfed buildings. She went towards Emily who had just come out of the kitchen. Ari always felt safer near Nougat. She then saw Erin run off and leave the group. She immediately worried for the girl. What if she didn't know where she was going? What if she gets lost and the fire gets here? She was biting her nails quickly in worry. She followed Emily and Wisperlee to the entrance and heard a rumbling sound outside. Is that a car? Ari thought, No, no it can't be a car. It must be a motorcycle. That thought alone worried her even more. There were other people, but what if these were the dangerous people who started the fire? She watched what indeed was a motorcycle came and stopped in front of the hospital the man on the back jumped of, said a bunch of really strange things that Ari couldn't entirely catch, and then ran off. The only things that stuck in her mind about him besides the fact that he was obviously crazy were the preying mantis on his shoulder, and his love of colors. Ari had always loved animals and felt herself drawn to the small creature. Its presence eased her nerves a bit as she smiled a bit at the strange man. She then noticed that the other man had asked a question and shook off her thoughts turning to the conversation. She heard Erin answer, When did she get back? and nodded to show that she seconded the answer about what was going on. "Yeah, I'm starting to believe that everyone else really is gone," she said.
  14. ((Sorry I've been gone so long-exams suck. And thanks for the tip DragonSpirit, I'll remember that lol)) Ari frowned lightly at Erin's food offerings. "Sorry, I'm a vegetarian," she said. Not wanting to be mean she added, "But thanks for offering." As she went to grab another salad she watched Nougat happily eat whatever meat Erin was giving her. As she started to eat she noticed Emily walk away from Erin and Erin's angry reaction. 'uh oh,' she thought, 'That's not good.' She continued to watch Nougat until she heard voices. Mak and Wisperlee must be back! She stood up and walked over to where they had stopped wrinkling her nose a little at the smell of the meat. The two had started talking to Erin and then turned to them. "I don't mind waiting for Lydia and Nay," Ari said. Then she heard Erin say she was from America. 'Well that explains why she carries so much meat' Ari jokes lightly in her head. When she heard the question about Nougat, she spoke up. "This big girl's name is Nougat," she said with a smile. When Erin then asked how many of them there were, Ari was at a loss. She tried counting but was always worried she was forgetting someone. She looked to Mak and Wisperlee. "I think there are six of us," she guessed, "Is that right?" ((EDIT: Thanks Mistress of Whispers, I'm dumb ))
  15. Ari frowned as she saw the girl's, Erin's, reaction to her last question. Stupid, stupid stupid! she thought. You had to upset her. She had to act fast to remedy the situation before it got worse. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound so rude. I was just wondering if there were more people around." Think, she thought to herself. How did I comfort the kids in class when something was worng? She stood pondering for a minute. This should work! The compulsion to comfort this new girl overrode Ari's fear of the girl being dangerous, so she put down Nougat, who ran straight over to Emily, and took a step towards Erin, putting a hand on her back to try and make her feel better. "It'll be okay. Don't worry. We're all pretty alone here. But we can be friends and keep each other company, cuz when you have friends, you're never truly alone right?" She smiled lightly at Erin, hoping she would agree with her. However, in the process, Ari reminded herself of how alone she felt. Mom and Dad aren't gone, they're not. They just in London. They want you to be independent. Ari thought, starting her inner monologue. And you are independent. Look! You've dealt with today really well so far. Only a few minor freakouts, no panic attacks, yet, and now you're helping someone else. It's going to be okay. Or, hopefully it is. Ari's teeth chattered a little bit but she kept up her smile to the other girl who she hoped would stop looking so sad. "Like I said, it'll be okay?" She said again, but who was she really talking to...Erin, or herself?
  16. "I'm Ari," Ari said. Then she heard Emily ask if she was okay. "I'm fine Em," she said, "Wait what others?"She paused. "Do you mean the rest of our group? We just met and decided we were the only ones left this morning. Well I guess we weren't the only ones, seeing as you're here too." She shifted lightly back and forth As her mind wandered a little. She was probably telling this new girl too much, she didn't even know if the girl was friendly or dangerous yet. With that in mind, she straightened up her posture to her full height, which wasn't much, and tried to look as threatening as possible. "Are you alone?" she said. Maybe there were others, and they might be dangerous. As threatening as Ari was trying to look she could feel her teeth chattering slightly with nervousness and she picked Nougat up to try and calm herself down.
  17. "Yeah I can hold Nougat," Ari said taking the dog from Emily. She had always felt a special connection to animals anyway. As she watched Emily go and look in the fridge she turned back to her salad, she picked up her fork and was just about to take a bite when she heard a loud whistle. The whistle startled her so much that she fell out of her chair, thus letting go of Nougat and spilling her salad. She quickly stood up and grabbed the dog, who was barking towards the entrance to the cafeteria. Ari was terrified. "Hey Em," she said, "Are you sure we're safe here?" She was panicking when all of a sudden she heard another sound, this one much brighter. It was... A cell phone chime... "I heard a phone," she said, "Maybe it's one of the others, or maybe there's more people besides us," she walked out of the cafeteria and saw a girl who looked a bit older that her. "Um, hi," Ari said softly, "Were you the one who whistled?" ((Sorry I've been gone. I'm taking spring term for school and exams suck ))
  18. ((I would like too, but if no one else is around...))
  19. ((That's horrible. I'm so sorry to hear that. We'll all be here for you and let us know what we can do. You're in my prayers.))
  20. I'm still here and waiting on an update too!!
  21. Ari agreed with Emily's statement about not letting the eerie feel of the hospital get to them. She walked with the other girl and watched for signs of life, while still trying to shake the cold feeling off. When they got to the cafeteria, she breathed a sigh of relief. The cafeteria in this hospital was smaller than the one she remembered. Ari chuckled lightly in response to Emily's question about paying. "Well, if no one's here to tell us too, I guess it's not necessary. I mean I would do it anyway, but if we're the only ones here, does money really matter?" she said. She was trying to make light of the situation they were all in, hoping to calm her uneasy mind. She took a deep breath, and feeling the eerie feeling from before leaving her, walked into the room and looked at the different spots where the food was set up. She selected a salad and picked up a fork. Before she sat down though, she took three dollars from her purse and left them at the cash register. "What can I say," she said as she sat down, "I'm a goody two shoes. I can't just not pay for my food." She gestured to the rest of the stuff set up. "What do you want to eat? I'm a vegetarian myself, but the food looks really good. And is Nougat hungry?" she said with a smile. She was finally beginning to feel safe now that she was in a place that didn't feel like the hospital, but there was still that nagging in the back of her mind that she couldn't place.
  22. Ari was becoming more and more fidgety and nervous as they entered the hospital. As the doors opened she heard Nougat's whines and completely agreed with him. "I don't want to go in either," she whispers, looking down at him. She walked inside and immediately shivered. The place felt eerily cold to her as she looked towards the empty halls. When Wisperlee said that she, Emily, and Nougat should check the cafeteria, she felt even worse. Not that Emily and Nougat weren't good company, but Ari just hated hospitals. She nodded anyway though, not wanting to cause trouble with the only people left in the city. She looked toward the hallway in front of her ((to the left of the group)) and thought about which way was the quickest to the cafeteria. Because at least if she was there, the place wouldn't feel so suffocating. "Um, I think the cafeteria is this way. Wanna go see?" she asked, looking at Emily. She hopped from foot to foot lightly as she waited for the girl's response, hugging herself to kind of shield herself from the cold. 'Maybe the others feel cold too?' she thought. "Just another question, do any of you guys feel really cold all of a sudden?" Ari asked. "Maybe it's just me," she says more thoughtfully. 'Or maybe you're just feeling things because of what happened before?' she thought again. Either way, she knew that there was no way she would be comfortable here, but she was going to grin and bear it for the sake of the group.
  23. ((Short post. Sorry I couldn't think of more)) As the new girl in the group, Nay, mentioned that her adoptive father felt exhausted the night before, she realized something. "I felt that too," Ari said, "I was in the studio working on my new dance solo when all of a sudden I felt like I could barely stand up. I chalked it up to me just overworking myself, but maybe there's something else going on." Her anxious feeling she had came back tenfold at this realization, maybe that was their warning that something was coming, their one chance to figure it out, and she didn't. Her happiness about the nature and wind now gone, Ari felt herself becoming fidgety once again. She decided to let her new theory out and see what the others thought. "I don't know about the rest of you, but maybe, if we all experienced the exhaustion or knew someone who experienced it, maybe it was a kind of warning? Like a sign that something was happening." She felt crazy once again for even thinking this sort of stuff, but at this point she was simply grasping at any note of potential explanation.
  24. ((I've decided to make Ari a little more whimsical here. I'm not sure how I feel about the result. What do you guys think?)) "I agree with Wisperlee," Ari said quickly, "We don't know why everyone disappeared, so we should stick together so that we don't lose anyone else." As she finished her sentence, she noticed everyone had started walking toward the hospital, so she quickly started moving to catch up, her overly long blonde hair blowing behind her. When she felt the wind she let her mind drift a bit. She thought of her students and how if they really were gone how she'd miss all of their smiling faces. Mainly she'd miss the pure joy they exuded once they finally learned how to do something right. "I hope they're all happy wherever they are," she thought, "And mom and dad too." She subconsciously started to move more gracefully as she walked, the feel of outside waking her body. The nervous feeling that she had slowly melted away as the dancer inside of her took in the feeling of moving. She still had that nagging doom feeling in the back of her mind, but she pushed it aside and focused on the wind. "The wind is so gentle today," she said softly, to no one in particular as a smile formed on her face, "I've always loved windy days like this. What do you guys think?"
  25. ((Sorry about not posting for a while guys, I was stuck in a place with no internet )) Ari shivered at the idea of walking to the hospital. Places like that gave her the creeps, all cold, and lonely feeling as they are. But she definitely agreed that it was the best route for them. As she was about to state that she was walking as well, she heard the new girl say her name and realized that she hadn't properly introduced herself. "I vote for walking as well. Oh, and I forgot to mention my name. It's Ariella, but I prefer Ari," she said, nodding resolutely at the end of her sentence. She then noticed the question Emily had asked. "If we find no one in the hospital," she mused to herself quietly, "then that means more evidence to support the end of the world hypothesis." She frowned at the thought. She looked at her nails and bit her bottom lip harshly as she felt another wave of impending doom wash over her.