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  1. I look frequently. I've seen CB metals, but no coppers. I kind of wish Tj would make a statement on this, something to the effect of either "working as intended." or "needs checking into." I'm very disappointed. I'd like to collect a few more new release cb's, but all I see are the same old things.

  2. This is ludicrous. When I went to bed last night these eggs were flooding, meaning that in the biomes where they were being released there was nothing but the new breed dropping. It's not even been twelve hours since they were released and there are common old breeds mixed in with them now?! That's just... cruel.

    I'd say it's also unbalanced. Those that work/school/are in different timezones are at serious disadvantages.

  3. And now I've spent a good SIX HOURS just refreshing the cave for a chance at a Leetle Tree. I have seen only one, but that was about five hours ago and someone else got it.


    The leetle trees need to drop more. I'm not spending the rest of of my waking hours in December to get one.


    I feel the same way. sad.gif


    They should at least drop a lot at the top of the hour. sad.gif


    This is Christmas. There are plenty of other rare things to be special. Please. :`(

  4. I just popped in to add my two cents. I think the Holly Dragons are a bit too rare, as others here do. Christmas is about giving and sharing, and them being so rare doesn't quite fit in with the holiday spirit of things. The Holly is my favorite of the three, and, from what I'm seeing, I may as well give up any hope of getting one. I looked at the Holly gifting thread, and I have not been here 1 full year so I don't qualify. I originally planned to get two yellow eggs, 1 red christmas stripe, and a holly, but I went ahead and picked up another red striped one since after several hours of refreshing, I didnt see one single holly. I cant sit here all day, hour after hour hitting refresh and hoping that Im fast enough to get one should one appear. I have gifts to buy and wrap for my family, for one thing, and holiday plans.


    Please, in the spirit of sharing, make them a little easier to get.


    Thank you for reading.