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  1. An angel has entered the world. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Angel
  2. I tried several times and even tried different browsers. Same thing.
  3. I was selected as a winner, but when i went to the link and clicked save preferences, I just got redirected to a different part of the site. tried a few times. Help.
  4. Add me to the caught a cb metal and have seen no coppers list. So very disappointed since this dragon was not intended to be so rare. I'm guessing the artist must be disappointed as well.
  5. The fact that TJ said to take our time, that they're permanent, is kinda ironic....
  6. I look frequently. I've seen CB metals, but no coppers. I kind of wish Tj would make a statement on this, something to the effect of either "working as intended." or "needs checking into." I'm very disappointed. I'd like to collect a few more new release cb's, but all I see are the same old things.
  7. Just wanted to say its nice to see people helping each other out. nice work all! maybe next year we could decorate a birthday cake (kinda like we did with gingerbread houses for Christmas). I like the decorating stuff.
  8. You do realize there's another new release for the next 6 days right, lol.
  9. Dewclaw

    Forum Usage Survey

    Done. Hope the input you get helps.
  10. I'd say it's also unbalanced. Those that work/school/are in different timezones are at serious disadvantages.
  11. To those asking why people want one, I want one because I think they are beautiful. I'm not concerned with any particular one, I just want something that pretty to have a good home among the other dragons on my scroll.
  12. I don't have one. Is there any way to get them other than look on AP? I've never even seen one there.
  13. My tree. Edit:thanks for the imago info. it shows now.
  14. I feel the same way. They should at least drop a lot at the top of the hour. This is Christmas. There are plenty of other rare things to be special. Please. :`(
  15. I spent six hours refreshing and saw 0. At what point is it considered effort? At any rate, its out of my hands, eh.
  16. I just popped in to add my two cents. I think the Holly Dragons are a bit too rare, as others here do. Christmas is about giving and sharing, and them being so rare doesn't quite fit in with the holiday spirit of things. The Holly is my favorite of the three, and, from what I'm seeing, I may as well give up any hope of getting one. I looked at the Holly gifting thread, and I have not been here 1 full year so I don't qualify. I originally planned to get two yellow eggs, 1 red christmas stripe, and a holly, but I went ahead and picked up another red striped one since after several hours of refre
  17. Deep sea, red, pink, and dorsal I think.
  18. They were already gone when I started my cave. It's too bad, I'd like to have adopted both.