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  1. Aspartame. It's in most sugar-free gums. I have a gum addiction so I put up with it... If I have more than 3 pieces I throw up. Trees. Their pollen, sap, etc. gives me cold-like symptoms. (stuffy/runny nose, red itchy eyes, etc.)
  2. I have a list. Arachnids (Spiders and Scorpions), Becoming insane, Horses...I just don't trust them, Darkness, Going blind (I would actually rather die than go blind) Tapeworms. -shudders-, anddd surgical operations. Preforming or receiving. Oh, expanding on the insanity one, ever since preschool age I have been terrified of solitary knives. Knives just sitting on the table or kitchen counter. Not because I could accidentally cut myself but because I was scared that I would be possessed by a demon or something and stab myself through the chest.... I was a weird kid.
  3. Does not joining earlier count? >.< I've heard about it from friends but never really joined. :\
  4. My first four were a canopy, a deepsea, a neotropical and a balloon.
  5. ...I haven't been keeping up with this >.<
  6. Shrek 4. My GOD that was horrible! D: It was the same as 2 and 3, really boring with spurts of funny.
  7. He's AMAZING at bug catching! I was just fumbling over one of those really fast red and blue butterflies (their name is slipping my mind right now, they're in AC:CF) and Jacob comes over and is like "Arida, let me do that, you FAILLL" And he snatches the wii remote and nunchuck and catches it on the first try. I was basically beaten in a game I have been playing for years by a five year old who can't pronounce "Erika". "'OTL
  8. ( I totally love this idea. I did something similar on another site and now I can do it here 8D )
  9. Today I taught my little brother how to catch bugs and fish...now he has more bells than me
  10. Zinc58

    Warrior Cats Books!

    Like the books. Hate the insane rabid fanbase.
  11. Why do you read? Enjoyment, escape, ideas, improving something in yourself, nothing better to do? Basically all of the above Do the non-content things matter to you? Cover, title, blurbs, summary, outside information, formatting, author's outside affiliations/statements (ex, the author is a homophobe or a rabid [insert political group] or likes trashing other people.. do you care)? I don't judge a book by it's cover/title. If the summary isn't good, then I'm not going to waste my time. I look at the summary for what the book is about as well as a sample of the writing style. If I don't like it, I won't read it. I don't think the authors opinions will influence the writing quality. I might only read one or two books from an author who I'd probably physically attack in real life Do you judge books as a whole, or can one very great aspect (ex, characterization, style, plot, ending, idea) outweigh s[...] in all the other areas? As a whole. Good writing style wont make me read a book with a horrid plot. Do you like/hate certain kinds of characters, personalities, plots, adventures, writing styles, or settings? (Elaborate, please? @_@) Not really. I can't really describe the writing styles I hate... How quickly within a book do you make a decision? Can you dislike a novel that you have never read, but have seen synopses/reviews of? A couple chapters in. Though, with really good books I loved, like The Outsiders or Interview with The Vampire, I can decide a few pages in. I can't dislike a book I never read. Which is why I read Twilight and Warriors. Is there anything in a review/synopsis that automatically makes you want to try/never want to try a novel? Not that I can think of... Do you have a favorite fiction genre? If so, why is it your favorite? Do you read widely outside it? Fantasy and uh... do Vampires and Werewolves have their own genre? Do you recommend any book you love to anyone, or do you try to recommend books you think the other person is more suited to? Both. Me and my friend Megan have similar tastes in books
  12. Username: Zinc58 Why you like AC: I love the game-playing-style thinger... Well, it's FUN and I love to play it with my little brother