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  1. I'm actually gonna use this as soon as I get one
  2. My thoughts exactly. I dont care about reasons, about breeding or money. I entered the raffle hoping to win, but knowing that it is a statistical improbability. The fact that the raffle comes along once a year antes up the hope. I didnt win last year or the year before, and truth be told, I wanna win. Yes I do. Now think of this. With a 1% win rate, that means everyone would win the raffle once every 100 years. With a 0.075% win rate that is.... Well way over a thousand. So think of that. It is fair statistically, but is it really fair when the chances of winning is so low it most likely wont happen to you in anyone who is here's lifetime? Edit: To the.poster below me, trust me, my two infants bicker waaaaay more maturely than me. Edit 2: I am selfish so what?
  3. I just want to win to be awesome (sticking it to all those who think wanting something is a terrible thing) In all fairness, I can see the point of this suggestion, however I don't agree. Upping the prize amount would make more sense imo (I like solid percents, not decimals) but then again I do not know how the population runs its course. Would be cool if they had a calendar chart to track these things but nyeh. Pro change, just not denying potential new members an awesome chance at super game fame
  4. I am on my mobile this year, only hope for a holly would be someones awesome generosity.
  5. I am looking for a Holly this year, any gen would be fine, I just wish to help in continuing these beautiful dragons.
  6. For this Christmas I would like a Holly of any lineage. I would love to continue these dragons lineage year after year. Thank you.
  7. Coding a randomized breeding habit wouldn't be hard at all, simply time consuming. I'm really looking forward to seeing the possibilities this could run with
  8. Just had a thought. To all the people who say your not fooled. What IF this is legit? Then you actually would be fooled, making it a very successful prank
  9. Unless, of course, people have lives and are spending their Sundays offline. If and when I get an invite code, i already have ten people I know to send it to. I wont share the codes with anyone really but them ten, until they refuse. That could take a few days knowing their online time. What your suggesting is that everyone's in the same timezone and do nothing but use the internet while awake, or just give out their codes to anyone who asks. Even then the few hundred peeps online in DinoCave would make sense, due to timezone/online activity. Considering this is the first day, I'd say let it sit. A few days and we'll see more peeps on DinoCave
  10. It's easy enough to set a code so that unless your logged in it is something else. To us without the login session it would = register, to the users who are logged in with the session it would be something else. It's the same with user scrolls. If your not logged in to a session it would show up that the scroll or dragon doesn't exist, if your logged in it will show. Such things are the basics of the basics and inspecting the element wouldn't show this.
  11. I use this, and hopefully I'll get an invite, unless someone would be kind enough to share an invitation with me before hand Whoever would share a invite would get the instant gratitude of... well, everyone in my online community
  12. I got two, and they are so pretty!
  13. I like lineages, but I can understand why some people have a grievance with them. One, by definition, a game is 'structures playing'. Now, the structured part comes from a set of rules. These could include... Collecting all sprites. Collecting a certain number of a certain sprite. Collecting pretty/messy lineages. Collecting large/small lineages. Collect everything that happens to pass by. So in essence, the lineages in the game have evolved into a type of 'rules' for the game which some (if not most) people play by. Since there really isn't any set goals of the game, each player is allowed to choose how they play DC as long as they don't break the TOS. That's in one part what makes the game so great, yet in another way, gives people free reign to begin competing against other players by a player induced set of rules. Thus some people hate other player's use of lineages to determine value. They are effectively saying that they're dragons are better than yours. "Mine is shorter so I get the rare egg trades while yours isn't so you don't get a chance" to paraphrase. People view this as a game, where everyone has a fair chance, however based on preference, their chances are effectively lowered. This, imo, is what causes grief against lineages.
  14. I hope those who caught my bred eggs are happy with em I'm really looking forward to the new release
  15. As a horticulturalist I have to point out. Its not only animals that benefit from evolution. Now everyone agrees that apples, pears, strawberries, plums, cherries, peaches, apricots and almonds are all different plants right? Did you know, however, that apples and pears, despite being different, can cross pollinate to produce new fruit? That's because, while Apple and Pear plants whos genus is classified as Malus and Pyrus respectively, they are all under the genetic Rosaceae family. That means that, while they are different plants producing different fruit, genetically they are similar enough to cross breed. And guess what? Strawberries are classified as Fragaria, which is also a part of the Rosaceae family. So is Prunus, which also covers plums, cherries, peaches, apricots and almonds. And incase anyone missed, this family also includes the genus Rosa, which encompasses' the Roses you might buy for a loved one. All different plants who's genetic structures are not only similar, but many are similar enough to cross breed. Along the animal vein. Are wolves different species than dogs? Physically they are very different, genetically they are very different, and yet many breeds of dogs are able to be bred with wolves. Why? Because they have similar enough genetics and physical structures to support mating. Same with Lions and Tigers. Clearly different animals, yet they produce offspring. This leads me, personally, to believe that these animals and plants at, some point, were one and the same plant. They evolved different traits to suit their environment and needs at the time. Some arguements against this I've heard are 'scientists are simply over classifying things' as with species. A yellow apple is the same as a red apple right? Right and wrong. They are definately both be apples, Malus, however a 'yellow' apple is clearly not the same as a 'red' apple any more than red 'apple' is the same as red 'strawberries'. There is a difference, and though it may be small, it's still there. To the whole Belief issue... it's really bad choice of wording imo. Creationism involves Faith, the trust without proof that god existed before existence and made us all.
  16. A 'one stop shopping block' that shows eggs from all the biomes is possible, displaying information from the server is a simple task. However depending on how it's set up in the server it would be as simple as cake, or make for one laggy page. However adding new biome that has all types of eggs doesn't really appeal to me either. The way it is now makes much more sense game wise and shows a marked improvement in the game. If I want a fire type dragon I check out the volcano area, if I want a water type I head to the coastal regions. Finding an egg that came from a dragon living miles off to the jungle right next to an egg that came from a dragon that supposedly lives in the alpine mountains on the other side of the map doesn't seem possible, and in all likely improbable. Why would they be there? I vote no, though I'm not adverse to the idea of brand new biomes in the future for different types.
  17. I only have one, and 5 Royals :/ I've been gifting royals regularly to peeps in my online community but so far bad luck with the golds
  18. I'll take an order of a hundred each, plz n ty v I love them, simply love them...
  19. Totally was gonna suggest this... Bumped and supported. An option to list your trades on a 'marketplace' ingame would be super helpful, especially to those who can't or won't use the forums.
  20. I'd love to see the multiclutches back, I never got to experience them, but I would also like to see TJ's Fertility suggestion being the one that's implemented. The only way I could see multiclutches being a mainstream part of the cave again would be if it's rare to do, or if breeding was limited to a certain amount of times per week... which would suck epically :/
  21. Hm... if I had known I would never see them again I would have added more to my wreath...
  22. Two or three, unless I let them go a couple days, then I let them ride the last few hours in four or five. Normally like that I gain between 3k and 4k views