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  1. Yey! New eggs! But mine don't get any clicks when I do click on them
  2. I think that one is hilarious!
  3. Ow, I thought the egg just had a strange pattern but I didn't recognise it. Stupid me :-P
  4. How many time is there between the eggs? I thought 12 minutes but even more minutes later there doesn't appear one...
  5. I like it how people breed their stripes to get a black one. I got two white stripes from the AP which make it more livable for me that I can't get the new eggs (except the one I got due to pure luck) and I am already trying it for hours now. Finally I can breed stripes my own (The Dorkface I already had is inbred so I didn't want her to breed :-/) Thank you 'Stripebreeders'!
  6. I got already 63/92 But I was wondering what should be...
  7. Fenixus

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Those eggs are beautiful! But of course I had to scroll lock myself yesterday and I refuse to abandon an egg. I fear I have to wait a week before I will get the chance to grab one... Hopefully I will be able to grab one of each then.
  8. Finally I have my badge! I splashed for months and I expected that it would take a lot of months more. I just had to scream it out somewhere because I am really surprised but of course also really happy. When we are talking about more splashing after you get the badge. Maybe your magikarp badge evolves into a gyarados. It seems logical to me that you would need more splashes for that. Wouldn't that be really cool ?
  9. 1. That my books would be published. 2. That every one would have a happy live. 3. That all my dreams would come true. But that would be the same as asking a billion wishes, isn't it? Then I would have to think a while to have a third wish... Maybe that people would treat each other as their... I can't come with the word... 'égalité', you know... (every one understands that ^^) so people also wouldn't bully anymore.
  10. Keep on splashing people . I am still trying but I was wondering... Is just splashing enough or do you have to get the recoil message? ' I almost told how to get it. But I don't want to spoil it for those who don't know it yet. (May I ask another question? It's to little to open a new topic in the help section... What means: ? I saw this a lot through the forum and I just can't come after the meaning of it. Thanks ^^.)
  11. When you breed two dragons you can have a new egg intstantly. In only one second they breed and the female mate produces an egg. Isn't that very quick?
  12. Male/Female Ratio = 0.84782608695652 Adult Males: 38 Adult Females: 43 That's pretty good. In the beginning all my dragons keeped gendering male so I decided to hunt pink eggs. When the third finally gendered female (I was shocked!) I influenced another pink egg to be female and now, with four pinks who are able to influence, I pretty control it, influencing some eggs when I already have two of the same gender and the same breed.
  13. I only picked two at once so I don't remember which I got after that two. My first was a CB daydream and the second a dorsal from the AP. Maybe the last christmas dragons were the third and fourth... I just checked and a CB pink was also one of the first. So when I guess...: CB daydream dorsal from AP CB pink CB holiday 2009
  14. My vampire finally grew up so I can go to hunt the new eggs but I fear there are to many people viewing that page so I can't get any of them. I hope it will be like this tomorrow but with less people because it will be difficult if there will be more older eggs between the new ones...
  15. Oow, this is really driving me crazy. I am scroll locked and still waiting for one of my hatchies to grow up. I just don't want to drop any of them but I also want those eggs so hard! I hope I will be on time...
  16. I'm going to bed to dream of the new dragons. Hopefully I will catch some eggs tomorrow or the day after that... Good luck for those who didn't manage to grab any of the new eggs yet.
  17. Correct. If it puts you at ease: I have that new badge without having one of the eggs... I think you just have to be there when they are released. There isn't another solution.
  18. Not the first time... There is also a badge of the release before this one. It appears when you use Splash a lot. I'll see if I'll find a screenshot of it... Edit:
  19. I am scroll locked so I can't get any of the new eggs yet but suddenly the badge appeared. Is that normal, a badge without any of the eggs? Not that I am complaining . I just can't wait till one of my hatchies grows up so I can hunt those beautiful eggs. Thanks TJ, and of course the spriters...
  20. Just can't get any of the two. I think that I shall wait a few days and then try again..