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  1. Maybe white dragons are taking care of them
  2. Thanks, Syphoneira, that makes sense. Though I thought not breeding when AP is full pretty much addresses the same problem. I also only seen AP block the cave three or four times, however, that might be due to my timezone. When I'm awake, America sleeps. But I'll probably breed in the suggested window, whenever it make no difference for me personally. Well, I do some of these things, like only breed with unwanted common if I'm going to keep the eggs. But the mood might just hit me one day to massbreed one of these unwanted commons, of course, keeping every egg for myself I think it will be even good for DC ecology, don't you? If they are breeding and not becoming vampire fodder, that will make them less common and in turn, more wanted. Like, if I didn't miss the frills, I'd probably have an army now
  3. I just named gtdQ as Getting Things Done QUICKLY (thanks to David Allen for the book). And getting it done really did take me just a couple of seconds
  4. My favorite flaw is the trading. Imagine this: Alice wants to give her egg to Bob. To do it, they must perform an elaborate ritual. First, they both come to the cave, and get close to a huge pile of eggs, surrounded by 150 strangers. Then, Alice counts from ten to zero and puts an egg onto the top of the pile. As Bob nears the egg to take it, a dozen strangers ominously do the same. Then, out of nowhere, Eve appears, snatches the egg and runs away.
  5. I only heard of them couple of days ago, when someone posted the video about dragons on youtube. The video had BB as a soundtrack. So, hail to The Pirate Islands, now I have them all. And what can I say? These guys rock!
  6. Septagram

    Justin Bieber

    OMG By the way, I never heard the guy. Only seen him on Failblog
  7. Males: 8 Females: 13 But just a while ago I had 2 males for half a dozen females. I think I'll use influence to disbalance this further, when I come across it.
  8. I think it's much better this way. Okay, I take the oath I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend. Um.. the only thing is, when I took the part about frowning upon others, I had my fingers crossed.
  9. I'm taking this as a good general guideline, but not as an oath - it's way too restraining. Can someone explain this to me, please?
  10. Heh-heh, the first four... In december 2008 I grabbed Green, Magi, White and Bright Pink, grown them all up perfectly. Then I grabbed some more, but alas, Daily Dragon Fix went down, they all died, and goodbye Dragon Cave One and a half year went by, and now in june 2010 I returned. I had to rename all the dragons, of course, but now I have just one of the Bright Pinks But, I have totally missed frills, and that's frustrating Here are the dragons: (am I violating the rules here? if so, please edit 'em out and give me a stern warning)