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  1. Please remove me from the Silver request list.
  2. This looks like a lot of fun! Now to just get my hands on one of those pesky GoNs...
  3. Looks like they're dropping in the Alpine now, too. Well, I got two of each, so I'm set. Good luck to everyone else, and thanks to TJ and spriters for the new eggies! <3
  4. Anyone else notice the Problem Sleuth reference in the snow fort item toolbox? That made me giggle.
  5. Somehow got mine without much trouble. How positively rare. Luck to other egg hunters! Happy Halloween, DC!
  6. ...Yeah, I'm dumb. Happy new release, everybody.
  7. Managed to grab one. Phew. Going to bed now. Good luck, everyone!
  8. Yep, Hellfire x Horse. I just got one. So pretty~ :3
  9. Woo! Happy Easter, everyone! Loving the fandomhappy egg designs.
  10. I think your gingerbread house is lovely! I'm just having fun looking at everyone else's around the forum. So festive~
  11. Woo! Many thanks to TJ and spriters. I already grabbed my two, so good luck, everybody!
  12. Waah, I have a choir thing so I'm going to be missing the midnight startup... :c Oh well. This recipe thing sounds very intriguing! Super excited for DC Christmas, as always.
  13. Even though I was late for the release, I managed to snag a couple. Good luck to everyone still hunting! Also, is it just me, or do those eggs/hatchies look familiar...? c: honk
  14. Such lovely eggs! I have a feeling this will be well worth the wait. Thanks to TJ and everyone involved. Happy Halloween, DC!
  15. Oh, you're right! Heheh. And thanks!
  16. Just when I had given up and posted a request on the new release gifting forum... I got a Brine. LOL. Of course that would happen. There's still hope for those who haven't caught any yet! I'm backing off for now so others have a chance. Keep trying, and if all else fails, use irony, apparently.
  17. I'm not seeing anything in any of the biomes now. .__.
  18. D: Hang in there! I myself have managed to get only one musty and one rancid. Slim pickings, friends. :/
  19. Whoops, missed a new release because I was reading Homestuck. Derp. Time to start refreshing, I guess. Also, I think I recognize that third draggie there... ',:]
  20. Wow, you really went all-out this time. So many fancy new features to partake in -- TJ, you spoil us. :3 Hooray for being (slightly) more likely to summon that confounded GoN!
  21. Argh. The one time I put school work ahead of DC, and I'm late for a release... I won't be making that mistake again. :3 たんじょうび おめでっとう! O(≧▽≦)O