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  1. Oh trust me, I know. I'd just rather not kill any of them myself... Except fish, but my gut still churns when i have to clean them...
  2. o.o Yeaahh, I don't think I'll ever be a lobster cooker... I don't fancy it anyways...
  3. I love meat, but don't like the fact that they kill animals. The way I see it, if i go vegetarian, it won't make any difference at all. There will still be people who eat nothing but meat. Even if everyone stopped eating meat, people would still slaughter cows anyways for their hide. So I might as well get my protein. I refrain from eating veal, though. That's just cruel.
  4. Really...are you fudging serious... *calls red cross office* "Hello! And thank you for calling the red cross offices of the idaho branch! Our offices are currently...closed...to report a disaster, please press one now! If you know your party's extention, you may dial it --*hangs up* stupid red cross! D:< Monsoon season doesn't take Sunday off!!
  5. Omg...I only made it to page 3 of that before I had to close it... My mom and I got into a HUGE fight yesterday. I won't even bother with her. I'm making it my mission today to get my bank account figured out (stupid bank of america employees) then withdrawling 20 or 30 bucks. Onward, to Red Cross! >:3 Don't worry pakistanians! I is coming! D': But really, those pictures were heart breaking. So maybe a few people from there hate america, but it doesn't mean the whole country does. The innocent shouldn't suffer for dumb *feces* terrorists did
  6. That's a good idea Roon. I'll talk to her about it when shes home :3
  7. My mom is all over helping others, but she doesn't like the idea of donating online... idk. Considering she's 73, she thinks everything that involves money over the air waves is a scam o.o
  8. lightbird, how do you get art block? o.o from what ive seen, you draw whatever you feel like lol
  9. Just wanted to be sure :] And they're so cute<3 I wish that was the sprite of the female character in HG/SS >.> I don't dig the pig tails...
  10. My boyfriend wants his "thingy" pierced... then his mom laughed and said, "what happens when you and her get intimate and it comes off? then we have to take your girlfriend to the hospital and say, get his thingy ringy out" xP after that, i said no sir. and gauges arent bad. you work yourself up slowly and if you do it right, it doesn't really hurt lol
  11. o.o i wants to see when roon is done.... honestly, i like seeing anything you draw
  12. lol i found a pic and okay, totally fine :]
  13. random comment for roon: your terrae is my phone's background
  14. oooh! ive wanted one of these forever! Trainer: The lady with the bonnet. It had purple ribbons :3 Pokemon: honkrow please! Direction: right<3 also, I totally understand if you'd rather not do this, but may i see what it looks like with a shiny honkrow too? edit: may the girl have a music note above her head like yours?
  15. i want so many, though i live with my grammy so shes old school lol. I have size 6 gauges though, working up to size 4s or 2s
  16. yes its asian, which is why i call it boba :3 "bubble" tea is the white guys name for it lol
  17. bubble tea? you whitey! lol just kidding. Im wayyy white, but i grew up in a 90% asian population, so i know it as boba tea. Im addicted<3 they dont sell them in north Idaho though But i recently tried a new kind of tea, they're jasmine something or other pearls that this lady in the mall sells. You put about 6 pearls in a cup and when they unfold and sink to the bottom, you know it's done steeping. yummy I luff tea<3
  18. pfft so much HTML that i dont know. and i figured you knew how, i just felt like saving you the trouble lol and i need a more interesting siggy...and avatar... i really like sockpuppets avvy, i wanna find someone who makes fan art kinda like that. any references? :3
  19. here roon, just put this in your siggy :] [u.RL=http://dragcave.net/user/lil_dragon_blue]http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn66/lil_dragon_blue/siggy1.jpg[/iM.G][/url] remove the periods and it should be this:
  20. @sockpuppet Mwahahaha.... I just resent my application with MOAR info :3 Poor TJ will have more words to read than he knows what to do with lol But seriously, I read that the more you include the better, so I hope that improves my chances...
  21. Took me forever to reply to this I know But too purple = perfect for me haha<3 Personally I love it :]! Its got a lot of personality to me lol Thank you mucho grande!
  22. Those are so awesome Mine always bubbled up or curled though. My shrinkey oven didn't like me. Edit: forgot this, There's a book store by me that does custom book marks. Idk how it works, I never read the poster. But maybe there's a library or book store around you that does this too?
  23. Pfft Hahaha well since its so darn cute, okay! Id get it as a PJ shirt so I could go to bed with an adorable dwagon<3 Then id get my boyfriend a matching one >:]! Mwuahahaha!
  24. Id get a shirt with the terrae cause its so cute<3 But if someone went, "what is that?" Idk if I could live down saying, its fan art from the dragon cave That's instant social suicide where I am. Dragcave = guilty pleasure