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  1. LOL @ lord rhyolith in firelands. you have to "drive" the boss. i thought this topped bot/bwd already. but i could be wrong.....progression through this new raid for me isnt very far yet. but i am excited to see what's changed with ragnaros
  2. hehe roon, better than what i did. I stabbed my hand with a butcher knife the other day I really hurt...like a lot... my hand went numb...
  3. grimace....that banana in your sig creeps me out D: but I don't think were alone out there. If the universe is as big as people say it is, how can we be? And who knows, maybe aliens are humanish. I've had this thought that maybe the rules of life are the same everywhere. Maybe somewhere in a different galaxy, theres another earth with a different type of humans and dogs and cats. who knows? Of course, I also think life can take any form as well. I mean cmon, look at the freakin' platypus!
  4. HA! That is amazing, Kandy this is getting crammed in my sig somehow when I get the laptop lol Thanks for another wonderful work of art<3
  5. My request biggrin.gif Animal or dragon: derpy drooling giraffe? Color(s): uhm...giraffeish colors? LOL Emotion: happy and somewhat "off" Pose: sitting or standing. or just whatevers easiest Speech (optional): Picture (optional, of said animal or dragon): I hope this is okay ahah
  6. Hunters have focus instead of mana ;__; and no more volleys...or exotics til 69... please...put me out of my misery... AND MAKE THIS STUPID PATCH FINISH DOWNLOADING That is all
  7. I used to shun the idea of online dating. It just didn't seem right to me, I thought two people should meet face to face to be in a relationship. I had never met up with anyone online and didnt plan to. BUT-- I ended up meeting my current boyfriend online. How this happened is amazing to me. I was on the social networking site Myyearbook(it's quite similar to myspace) and a guy messaged me saying I was cute, etc. His profile said he lived in the next town over so we ended up making conversation about where we lived. Eventually, it reached the point where we mentioned who we were friends with. He had said the names of a few people I went to school with and after the whole "WOAH I'M FRIENDS WITH THEM!" situation, we decided to meet up. Lo and behold, many months later, here we are :] The point of my story: Sites online can bring a face-to-face relationship together. I wouldn't recommend it, but this just...happened...for me. I didn't mean for it to, but I suppose if 2 people are meant to be together, it finds a way lol
  8. WOW. Shay, I never knew. This is amazing lol you've definitely earned my respect as an artist! Rhea, no! I gets slot D:< you can haz no slot!
  9. I misseded yew guys<3 lol I've been out for a while! It feels like forever. Roon, I came back and saw some new additions to your already amazing art collection. The zombie is aderpable I love it<3 Anyways, just wanted to drop in and say hello :] *...and to stalk this thread once more*
  10. awe rooney-butt<3 we all luff you and you know you did the right thing. Stealing art isn't right on any level. that like...plagiarism...ahaha but dang, i think i have dragon concept sketching abilities...anyone know a good spriter? my spriting skills aren't very honed as of yet. shading is....eeep! /shot but guess whose ATM card works now? >:] red cross tomorrow, lets go mommy!
  11. Thank you so much<3 Its gorgeous! I can't wait to get my project up and running now lol
  12. muahaha >:] If only you were real, my little honchicuno... Thankies!
  13. Username: purple_amethyst Size: how ever big your wind runners and lost dorkface banners are Subject: Iridescent Lineage Images: purple ridge wing and a male sunsong dragon Text: Iridescent Lineage Color Scheme: purples and violets, possibly blues. kind of like the colors of the 2 dragons :] Animation?: nah lol Anything else?: may it also have the eggs of the two dragons as well please? both dragons can be found on my scroll lol thanks much in advance!
  14. ahhpfftt *falls on face* too amazing for words<3 Thank you so much! ;D
  15. ooh! May I request? :] Username: purple_amethyst Pokemons to use: honchkrow, articuno Base pokemon:(If you want a splice) honchkrow What do you want me to do with them?:(Recolors, splices, whatever you want) splice Versions of sprites:(Emerald, Platinum, etc) uhh, hg, ss? Other could i have the base colors be of a honkrow? like any body parts from articuno be colored like those of honkrow? Thanks much in advance!
  16. amore<3 your drawings a so adorable lol am I allowed to request a second dragon?
  17. I got held back lol so I want to make it up. I'm an advanced student, but got sick A LOT and lost credits. here it doesn't matter how smart you are or how high your test scores are...
  18. lol no worries ;D trust me, so am I. I'm working my butt off earning lots and lots of credits to skip a grade next year...yikes. That plus work and regular life...*falls asleep*
  19. leany D: Please tell me I was included in the open slots lol If not, take your time! I understand what it's like being busy...*coughschoolcoughworkcough* :]
  20. my mom/grandma thinks it's a hoax cause she didn't hear about it on the news. I was like mom, really? its all over the internet. sorry you don't know what that is. Ha! oh well. I donate myself :3 no need for that selfish womans help. I'm in california on vacation at the moment though, I wonder if there's a way i can donate from here, in person?
  21. about time! I was sick of the comparisons being to a 4'8" 80 pound girl...
  22. Im excited to see the trainers in black and white, maybe they'll be a little more stylish lol.
  23. Eh, I will. I'm going to get my account figured out toda....wait, are banks even open on sundays? o.O
  24. aeriaa I bet if you looked hard enough, you'd find one. (or you could sell your Ukki babies for cold, hard, donate-able cash )