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    My favorite things:
    1) sleeping
    2) the boyfriend
    3) dragcave :]

    Here id like to thank all the lovely, amazing people who have given me eggs off my wishlist

    My thank you list:

    Leidarendi - thanks so much for the water egg! :]

    Alicit - you are AMAZING! You gave me my first vampire when I didn't even ask :]

    dragoness22 - my first trio! thank you for the ice hatchie! ;D

    lilyice - my very first gold~ i have no words

    aeriaa - a beautiful daydream with a touching story behind it<3 it will be happy with me

    _Z_ - thank you very very much for my first silver and white stripe!

    ShaydraSilversky - selflessly giving me a vine egg out of nowhere, now that was a nice surprise ;D

    Tiuvelin - my first thunder! *squeals* you made my night!

    JaneMcAsh - a pretty lineaged magma for nothing, I'm speechless<3

    Nadat - my first shallow water, and with a cute code at that! Thank you :]!