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  1. fulled up & happy as a lark!! now i'll have to go incubate& influence!! thank you DC!!! the halloween haunted house event was thrilling & awesome, & i KNOW these eggs will NOT let us down!! you always deliver!! thank you thank you!! <3 misfit
  2. well, after doing the same thing for the 50th time, i finally got the stinking disco chicken!! TO THOSE HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE CHICKEN: i think the problem with those who can't get it is that you have to go through the end story line in a very precise manner *like, you have to click everything & go to the certain places in the right order* SO if you're having the same problem as me: my only solution for yall is to keep going through the end as many times as it takes to get the crazy dancin disco chicken! and i know i've done mucho complaining, and even though i've already said it
  3. WTF?!?! i went through the ENTIRE haunted house at 8AM this morning *and that was BEFORE going to bed!* and after i got all 39, minus the disco chicken, i took me like 10 minutes to find the chicken, i just couldn't get the dang thing!! but about half way through i realized i was on my KID'S scroll! wah! oh well, they are so young, 4 & 7 i knew i would have to do the haunted scavenger hunt twice anyways, they are WAY too young to read the story, get the hints & follow clues. so i get up this afternoon, well rested, knowing i have to do the whole thing one more time, feeling a lit
  4. ok, i finished the whole story, did the thing at the end with the spell book & items *don't want to spoil it for those who haven't finished* but i can't get that darn chicken!! i do back to the basement, use spell to open door, go down stairs & it says there's nothing here anymore, so you go back to the hallway. i never got to the meadow, it just took me to my scroll!! how do you get to the meadow & get that darned chicken?!?!? <3 misfit
  5. i have clicked EVERY link, they keep sending me to the wrong place, like the woods when i click to go through the archway. i finally got to the ballroom, & now i'm stuck again, this time at the hallway, everything click takes me to the master bedroom, even though i've already done everything in there. even "investigate the box" takes me to master bedroom!!! i really love this event, but i don't understand why i am getting stuck EVERYWHERE!!! seriously, someone please help? mods? has anyone else had this problem?? <3 misfit
  6. ok, went through the cemetery, made it through the cave where it says the spirits will harm you no more. then it tells you that you have no choice to go back, find myself back at the court yard, clicking the links to get back into the sitting room but it takes me back to the court yard!!! WTF?!?!?! am i the ONLY PERSON this keeps happening to?!?! <3 misfit
  7. derp, wait, i was FINALLY able to get back into the ballroom!! i dunno what was going wrong there.... still AWESOME, glad i came here this morning to search for old halloween eggs, got such a GOOD surprise!! this is WAY better than just plain ol trick or treating!! i hope this is continued in a different way each year. i mean, easter egg hunting is one thing, but it gets kinda hard to wait 10 minutes all the time to get treats. this is better IMO, because you can go at your own pace & get done as fast or slow as you like! <3 misfit
  8. holy crap this adventure is amazing!!! LOVE the haunted house! &*misfitknits decides to leave her crappy town, take the husband & kids, & move into the haunted DC mansion!* where are the helpful tips someone mentioned? because i am now stuck in the courtyard & can't get back in! me & the family already brought all our luggage here & now i can't get back in!! they are starting to think i'm crazy!! if you go back to something can you not get back in?!?! please help this old bat!! <3 misfit
  9. @ blackdragon71: lmao!!! that's freaking hilarious!! but let's all admit, it's not anywhere near as bad as DC holiday HELL... i mean fun!! anyways, i've got 2 of each, but my son was JUST going to bed when i found this out, and saw me on & asked, so now i have to stay up & catch for him as well! oh well, i'm always up late anyways, and if the 2am drop is gonna be maintenance, i'm goin 2 bed!! <3 misfit
  10. i got one out of the :50 drop, and i consider that LUCKY!!! <3 misfit
  11. i could only *WISH* these were some variation of frills, because i just missed them, and i really actually LIKE them, not just want them because they're gone. but i came on DC only months after they were discontinued!! D: waaah!! <3 misfit
  12. just missed em all at the :35 drop!!
  13. damn!! i just got back on after being off for a few hours, and LOOK what happened!!! but when i came on there were no eggs ANYWHERE, so i knew something was up, check the fourms, sure enough!! haha oh well, hope to get some SOON!!!
  14. WOAH!! I just saw a leetle in the cave!! i was SHOCKED!! i've been cave hunting pretty rabidly the last week or so & that's the first one ive see! but like the poster above, i HAVE been seeing CB blacks & stripes!!! i even caught one CB black, mah first!! but i already have a leetle tree on my scroll- i actually clicked the one i saw because i couldn't believe my eyes- but sure enough, i got the "you already have one" message. i'm LOVIN the cave lately!!!
  15. so i don't know if anyone's dragons have grown up besides tj's, but if anyone's have: are they able to breed RIGHT NOW? and if not, does anyone know if they WILL be breedable in the future? also, amazing job with the dragons, artists!! i have always loved the pygmies & mints & i'm SO excited to have some new teeny-tinies!!! misfit
  16. again, can someone please answer my question?
  17. can someone please inform me, i'm sure it's been asked a bazillion times, but are these going to be permanent or special release??? i'm assuming tj would NOT make them special release only, since there are SOOO MANY to catch!!! no one would be able to catch all the ones they wanted *two dragons of each species even* if they were only special release. BUT, i want to make sure, i wanna hear the official word!!! misfit
  18. OH MY GOD!!! TINIES!!!! i have been wanting more pygmy drago's on DC, and NOW, at the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY.... THERE HERE!!!!! i caught two, but WOW, these are harder than last releases!!! good luck everyone, you're going to need it!!! i hope i get a million of theeeeeeese!!!! thanks teej!!! misfit
  19. WAHOO!!! i had a sneaking suspicion there would be something soon!! but i didn't realize it was DC's 5th BDAY!!!! yay! can't wait to see what it'll be!!! happy bday DC!!! misfit
  20. YEAHYA!!!!! 53 eggs!!!! woot woot!!!! great event! thanks to the artists, yall did such an amazing job! the uniqueness, creativity, beauty & awesomeness is truly amazing!!! i want to look at them all the time! luckily, we get to keep them.... so i CAN look at them whenever i want!!! haha! and to tj & anyone & everyone who had a hand in putting together & organizing this event, and all the fun events here at DC: THANK YOU!!! thank you for the time & effort that you put in, away from your real life, so that we can play digital easter egg hunting and egg catching
  21. no, not unless you've caught all the eggs!
  22. i haven't read through this whole thread, but do some of the eggs have a habit of dissappearing & reappearing? and i swear i've caught some of these eggs twice????
  23. man that sucks, cuz i thought FOR SURE it would be fixed when i woke up in the afternoon *now* but still nothing. i guess that throws out my idea that TJ might have been doing a little bit more than just updating, perhaps coding in something new for us! well, it was fun to imagine!!!!
  24. aaawww, what a pity!!!! que llastima!!! i was just coming on to nab a few more easter eggs before i FINALLY went to bed for the night *hell, it's ONLY 6:12 am!!!!* and then i find that everything is broken!!!! boohoohooo!!!! read back a few pages, so i know what's going on, but it still sucks!!! haha!! hope stuff is getting fixed! although, what i didn't read in the last few pages was that MAYBE tj is fixing up a super special easter weekend surprise for us!!!! (ssshhhhh!!!!) *fingers crossed* too bad i won't wake up until 3 in the pm!! i'd LOVE to find out sooner!