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  1. The next dragon for Episode II has grown up and been named, but I need to grab another female cb nebula before I can continue the lineage. If anybody else catches one first, please help me!
  2. The Force is strong with this one Episode: Episode V Lineage link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/X9yww Method of delivery: Teleport Link
  3. blishful

    Z Project

    Tysm for z'e little gold! It shall be loved and named and vigilantly mate-hunted for lol
  4. Got it I'm going to hope that it turns Green ^.^ BTW do you mind if I wait for it to gender/color before giving it the next name from the opening text? I think the one to continue the lineage should be one that continues the pattern (be a green male, mate with purple female)
  5. The Force is strong with this one Episode: 1 Lineage link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/1O824 Method of delivery: PM Me for Teleport link
  6. Is there anybody on the waiting list for my pair yet? Episode I - I'll breed after Vday breeding if there's nobody waiting now
  7. Hi there! Seems like since I posted, Episodes III and IV have been claimed. SO I PRESENT TO YOU - My Episode I Pairing (I named them just now!) ~~~ Star Wars Episode 1 x The Phantom Menace
  8. Do you have all of your starting pairs yet @Lizzyluna ? I have an unnamed Nebula pair that I could assign to your lineage project if you don't mind that they already have other babies - (all with each other) Observe: https://dragcave.net/lineage/JznPl
  9. That last one has a really big active area! Most of my graphic designer friends say that a 4x6 active area is sufficient for producing all of their work. Any bigger and it just gets in the way & ruins the overall comfort I like the wacom that comes with the touch because it has more programmable buttons That seems like a good feature to have IMO
  10. DC egg or custom?: Custom >>If custom--> please describe: (refs would be nice ) The lineart of the Daydream egg you drew but with a color scheme inspired by the picture below (the teal with either that yellow or that red) http://www.smashingapps.com/wp-content/upl...l-pattern-3.jpg secretly sneaks some cookies into her request ^Would that be better? You changed the colors on that alternate skywing egg in the first post so I think this'd be an okay request?
  11. I forgot to offer you cookies, I apologize :'( As for the additional lineart rule...I'm a bit of an amateur when it comes to design so...if the pattern/custom I want is inside the dragon egg and no additional outside stuff is needed - like in that flaming egg or the stained glass ones that you've made...I thought it was still eligible for a custom? Or am I totally wrong?
  12. DC egg or custom?: Custom >>If DC--> what type?: >>If custom--> please describe: (refs would be nice ) Something that uses this kind of pattern - http://www.smashingapps.com/wp-content/upl...l-pattern-3.jpg It doesn't need to be as complicated as that of course, but I like the colors there and the simple little yellow birds and flowers in the design Text?: (Yes or No) Nope >>If Yes-->: Please state
  13. I Have a New Breeding Pair! Female's Name: Azure Aquus Female's Generation: CB Male's Name Cerulean Aquus Male's Generation: CB Example of Offspring: http://dragcave.net/lineage/jYJ3 Offspring Registration! Mother's Name: Azure Aquus Father's Name: Cerulean Aquus Offspring's Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/jYJ3 Are you Keeping or Gifting: Keeping I Want a Breeding List! Your Name: Blishful Number of Spots on Your List: 3 Other Conditions or Notes: No long names in the eggs you receive or their mates
  14. I'm not an official member of the list because I don't have a proper pair yet buuuut I've named two of my waterhorses with the Aquus name Bubbly Aquus - http://dragcave.net/lineage/n/Bubbly%20Aquus Cerulean Aquus - http://dragcave.net/lineage/n/Cerulean%20Aquus Once I have some female waterhorses or dragonhorses to mate with them, I'd like to join and become a breeder :3