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  1. My tree again http://dragcave.net/tree/hellhunt
  2. Named it Lil' Dudu of HellHunt By the way - I can't wait for next year Halloween - hoping new limits will be applied by then - and I can breed/keep and/or trade for most of my 7 pumpkins Is hoping to a least double they number
  3. Have more pairs to add: Male: Let's make up at HellHunt http://dragcave.net/lineage/eHqL 2gen Female:Twins of HellHunt http://dragcave.net/lineage/bZck 2gen Male: HellHunt's Twin Make Up http://dragcave.net/view/X55r 3gen Female: HellHunt's Toue http://dragcave.net/lineage/tOUe 3gen Since I'm working on even gen splits, I only breed when I need a offspring for myself - so if someone needs a egg from my pairs just PM me and I will breed on request
  4. well I'm still waiting on one and only IOU I took LOL but that's okay...
  5. My tree, with comments LOL Didn't win a thing comment # 3 is maid by velodaptor thingie
  6. Congrats to all winners Also hoping to see winning trees...and top 200 Will it be possible to know if my tree made it to top 200?
  7. After doing much of voting, I kind of hope that my tree will make it to final 200 (I myself would rate it 8). So question is - will we know who made it to 200? or will people be informed that they tree got voted to top 200?
  8. At this moment I have not found any trees to give a vote of 9 or 10
  9. Wow, I visited my tree today and didn't find any thing I would like to change or tweak LOL I guess I'm ready
  10. I can't find the one that looks like green pickle LOL
  11. I have submitted mine today - and I'm going back over and over again, just to move ornament few millimeters to see difference or replace one ornament to another and then swap back....Well I do hope it will lock soon, to end temptation. I don't thin I will win, dough I have a nice twist to my tree, I think many will have the same But it was fun to decorate!
  12. I would like to join Forum name: hellhunt Scroll name: hellhunt # of pairs: 2 at the moment I have only 2 males LOL Are you willing to be contacted by PM for breeding requests? Yes Female: Two Faced of HellHunt CB Male: Hell and Hunt CB Female: Lady's of HellHunt , 2gen http://dragcave.net/lineage/m2Qu Male: HellHunt's Face and Book , 2gen http://dragcave.net/lineage/CFbc
  13. You can grab so long as grabbing does not make you violate the limit. If you have no badge, your total limit is 12. If you're "egg-locked" with 4 eggs, adding a hatchling will give you 5 total, which doesn't violate the limit of 12. So you can grab it. It's a lot more lenient than people think. ^ this As I get it you can have 4 eggs, you won't be able to get more eggs, till those 4 hatch, but you can ad up to 8 hatchies. There is no limit on hatchies - with no trophy you can have up to 12 of them. There is limit on egg and total growing items (eggs + unfrozen hatchies) Edit: can quote correctly for some reason...
  14. Just got silver trophy can't wait for 6 eggs/18 total I will need to start hoarding magis and reds
  15. hellhunt

    10 on 10-10-10

    That's exactly what happened to me...only it was albino egg Good thing I did got 3 new eggs yesterday
  16. Apparently I have done that a lot Wonder if anyone will ready it all too uUxe - U'uxe of HellHunt So3p - Soap Girl gTqo - G'T Go of HellHunt Vfji - Fij of HellHunt H8KO - Lil' King Hako of HellHunt QiAH - Qi'ah of HellHunt nuFj - Lil' Nuf Mandalay of HellHunt ZApM - Paper Zap dqKE - D'qke of HellHunt TmYi - Timiy of HellHunt lLih - L'lih of HellHunt OoGA - O'oga p6hh - Sun E'Pohh of HellHunt rYAa - Rya'a of HellHunt 5Jeq - Jeq of HellHunt SPaL - S'pal of HellHunt CB2B - CB To Be XjnO - X'njo of HellHunt YeS2 - Yes 2 HellHunt 0vam - O'Vam of HellHunt SU9B - Sub Nine dvi9 - Divine Nine gWa8 - Wag Eight VUHJ - Vuh'J of HellHunt OrEL - O'rel of HellHunt 8S1A - Asia of HellHunt A3NG - An'gie of HellHunt OYWC - Lady O'y Welcome at HellHunt YoEl - Yoel Thuwed of HellHunt AYnl - Aynl of HellHunt hk6U - H'ku of HellHunt RU9Q - Ruq of HellHunt QeTd - Que Ted of HellHunt CAkL - Cak'l of HellHunt LkGV - Like G'V of HellHunt Ync3 - Ynce of HellHunt sdbA - Sad Bay of HellHunt PcMo - Paco Mo of HellHunt QaSY - Q'asy of HellHunt FmnD - F'm Ned of HellHunt rOct - R'oct of HellHunt Bumi - Bumi of HellHunt (first one named after a code ) 0Eha - O Eha of HellHunt blOY - B'loy of HellHunt DOtn - Dot 'N of HellHunt dR0A - D'Roa of HellHunt 1uqa - Luqa Pink Beastling of HellHunt apuf - HellHunt a Puf of Cupid rkad - R'Kad of HellHunt PiPs - Thuwed Pips of HellHunt GRQN - Gr'on Valentino of HellHunt YNZi - Ynzi The Lost Dorkface aiiF - Cali'if of HellHunt XlrN - Xolrn of HellHunt TutK - T'utk SJ8E - S'J of HellHunt XqXh - X'que X'hey of HellHunt MYYh - Myyh PrjN - Pirjo N of HellHunt VorK - Vork That is a loooong list
  17. Omg, even my real name is taken http://dragcave.net/view/n/Marika I'm a day glory with 3 offspring (in real life I have also 3 kids and I'm also female ) Forum/scroll name is also taken by male sunset
  18. Well, description of Bright Pink says - "Mating seasons occur once every 200 years and can last up to 2 years" Maybe it's between mating seasons lol so no bright pinks are born I really like idea of Memorial day (trading problem of next day could be solved like the one of summoned egg - you can't drop it on other days than Memorial day ). I don't have either of them, but I would like to They are so beautiful