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  1. I'm in Estonia - all the way in the other side of the globe...so I don't think it's location

    Had problem only on laptop, was fine on phone with chrome.

    I can also access now view pages from my laptop :) for now?


  2. As the title says, for few hours now I am unable to access any view pages on dragcave.

    Problem occurs on IE and firefox, cookies&cache have been cleared

    Getting RIP page on firefox and general The webpage cannot display the page on IE with following specification:

    Most likely causes:

    • The website is under maintenance.
    • The website has a programming error.





  3. On 3/21/2019 at 6:21 PM, Fuzzbucket said:

    I repeat - at 109, I have NEVER run out - even during holidays.

    And I have run out with 107 on more than one occasion.

    If you keep all the hatchies it should be enough.

    But if you trade hatchies for eggs or gift them, then this is a game changer and even 120 might not be enough.

    So the ideal number of reds will eventually depend on your game play habits.

  4. Yes, all eggs reported here were incubated and should have:

    a) gain a day after teleporting due to incubate erasing and thus should not be unable to die on new scroll

    b) died on initial scroll and stayed there, since we should not be able teleport dead things

    This is not only my problem, many people who are actively experimenting have had this issue (yeah, I know we are small and not visible community, but the bug is real and could cause potential problems for others too)

  5. There is a tiny teleport bug: teleportation of dead eggs seem to be a thing now.

    Previously teleport link broke when egg died. It was really-really-really rare if egg died during teleport.

    Now shells end up on scrolls where egg didn't die (examples: apEZD, lIFn3, Xby0a) and it becomes more of a rule than rare exception.



  6. 1 hour ago, TJ09 said:

    Slight event update:

    • Brought back a mechanic from the original Snow Wars that encourages defending a bit more: repairing damage on your fort (i.e. successfully defending an attack) grants XP.
    • Fixed a bug where damaged weapons could still attack.

    Pfff, now that damaged weapons can't attack, I will never have enough resources to build anything, nor to fix all my weapons <.<

  7. 13 hours ago, DragonLady86 said:

    you can't get zombie eggs.  you viewbomb the eggs to hatch them and then kill the new hatchling with sickness.  So it would work.

    Yeah, I know that.

    In my experience if you can't add 850+ views by time egg is incuhatchable you have really bad chance at killing the hatch with views. The younger the dragon is on it's natural timer the more chance you have on succeeding.

    By getting 4+ or 5+ egg with especially no views, you will at best end up with sick hatchie 

  8. 8 hours ago, Nine said:

    Does anyone know of a clicksite that keeps ER eggs in a constant refresher, even after they hatch? So you could hopefully make new hatchlings sick and die quickly?


    The low time AP has me curious if one could stock up on more zombie hatchling fodder before midnight.

    I did few hatchie viewkills - in my experience it wont work on eggs with so low time left

  9. On ‎10‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 9:29 PM, Tears in Rain said:

    From what I recall, refusals are turned off during holiday weeks, yes, but holiday breeding doesn't really count as the 'first breeding attempt' for a dragon couple. If their first breeding was during a holiday and then you breed them again during normal weeks, the site will treat the latter as the actual first try - so a refusal is possible, just like with any normal first breeding. 

    Hope the way I phrased that makes sense :lol: 


    Does this apply only to halloween pairings or to others too?