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    I have one male budgie currently and he's a cutie!! He's a yellow dark-eyed clear. I'm going to get him a little friend when I'm done training him. I'm a big horse lover! I currently take english riding lessons every other weekend and I can walk, trot, jump, and I've just started learning to canter!

    I love making art! Especially digital art. My avatar and signature banner are both made by me. I would be willing to make you banners too, and I really don't usually ASK for payment for banners/avatars, but I like getting tips! ;) Just drop me a PM.
    I also love to help out new dragon concepts. I really would love to work on a concept that gets into DC! And as a bonus; its fun! So if you need a sketcher, spriter, even someone to just help out with the design- you can PM me and I'll get back to you.