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  1. This is my first banner/signature ever. I'm not kidding! I know it's really amateur, but I'm proud of it and that's what counts! My entry: Just for Fun Narration: Older Zuko: Yep, that's me. Younger Zuko: What are you guys staring at?! Pics Used: http://nitzotz.deviantart.com/art/Red-Fire-150571566 http://images.wikia.com/avatar/images/1/1e...gZukoSpeaks.png http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Zuko...agon_step_7-png
  2. Beep, Beep, Pool Next Person Fuse With: Just Wants to Have Fun
  3. Going Home With Jesus- The Crabb Family Can't get it out of my mind ever since camp!
  4. I hope that maintenance will end soon. I must see my babies! <3
  5. Take an Albino egg out of the cave. Place it in the scorching rays of the sun. Within a matter of hours you have an Ultraviolet. As for the CB part, you can either: - Grab a CB Albino egg to put in the sun - OR, Place any Albino egg out there. If it is kept out there for a week, the lineage will just simply melt away. Easy as pie! -- Can I get a Guardian of Nature using just a Magma Dragon?
  6. Whether we're aware of this or not, a lot of our favorite characters from TV shows, games, books, etc have something in common... Which type do you find yourself gravitating towards (favor-wise) the most? Vote and discuss! I honestly find myself a big fan of the motherly type people for some reason.
  7. Voted... It was a very difficult decision for me. All of the pics were just awesome!
  8. The desert! I here that place is popping with em'! How do I get a black stripe?
  9. SkyTheHedgehog The person below me must fuse their name with: The One That
  10. No, they're perfectly content without eating for a year... On a plus side, you won't have to clean up the remnaints of what they eat! ) Will my cheese dragon get moldy?
  11. I'm the One Drinkin' Coffee Pic I Drew of Myself Baby Me Church Function
  12. *Swipes beautiful 3rd gen gold*
  13. My ALL-TIME favorite show is Avatar: The Last Airbender, but additional favorites are: - The Legend of Korra - Adventure Time
  14. I don't blame her. If my dad tried to kill me, I would dislike him a lot too.
  15. Like the person above me said, I'd like to live in the Avatar:TLA world, but in the Fire Nation.