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  1. No problem! Erica, you've been added to the list and will be paired up with the new batch.
  2. No, I think I accidentally cancelled it earlier today. I'll resend it real quick.
  3. Okay. I'll switch up the both of you.
  4. Everyone as of right now has been paired up! Please let me know if the Pen Pal idea is working so far!
  5. @Evangeline- Good idea. I think I may consider incorporating it later on. PAIRS ARE NOW BEING SHUFFLED. Everyone who has posted has now been paired up except for FlowerOwl. I'm sorry, but we had an uneven number... Don't worry though, we'll have you a Pen Pal with the next batch! Pen Pals have been posted in the first post.
  6. Welcome to Chicken Smoothie! I'm InfinitelySilver on there. I'll look you up and gift you!
  7. I was thinking about that MysticTiger, but I figured it would be cooler to pair people with random people so they can start their friendship from scratch and be able to talk and communicate more to learn more about one another. The inner workings of my mind are crazy. BUT, if you would like to list your interests, go ahead. It doesn't matter to me.
  8. The DCF Pen Pal Thread: What is a Pen Pal? A Pen Pal is a person with whom one becomes friendly with by letter, or in this case, by Private Messaging (PM). What is the purpose of having a Pen Pal? The purpose of having a pen pal is to be able to get to know individual members of this forum better. How do I get one? Easy! Just post in this thread that you’re interested and we’ll have you paired up with someone as quick as we can. What if I want a new Pen Pal? Well, I don't see why that would be, but if you would like, PM me and I'll see what I can do. What do we talk about? Anything you'd like! But if you're having trouble, kick off the conversation with a question. It works like a charm! How do I know who my Pen Pal is? Once I've paired you up, I will post in THIS thread the match. Make sure to check back once and a while to see if you've been paired up yet or not. If I don't get to you within a certain amount of days, PM me and I'll rectify that as soon as I can. I have another question. PM it to me. -- To Be Paired Up: penguin_adu6oo StarSea Point of Origin tigerra79 Pen-Pals: angelkay Konayuki of the Spirits -- TheDarkCynder evangeline5432 -- xdlugia Quoth -- Rascal1414 MysticTiger -- FlowerOwl sparkle10184 -- renton Mousia -- DragonHatchling wonton55912 -- Chanilove Dauntingale -- Erica8798 Ultra -- stromzone little lost dragon -- Snowytoshi -platinum-draco- -- TSparkle123 Lore_Master -- Laurarockstar Astralite -- Raistlin24 hydrargyrum -- LadyLuck777 Ashes The Second -- thesatan666 piggygirl859 Banners: ~ Made by Chanilove [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=139073][img=http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/4576/dcfpp1.png][/url] ~ Made by Chanilove [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=139073][img=http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/8093/dcfpp2.png][/url]
  9. Skypool


    I love writing fanfictions and I love reading them too. If anyone's interested, there's a link to my FF.net account in my sig. As far as shipping goes, I can only find myself shipping in Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra.
  10. Thank-you for letting us know! I can't wait!
  11. A long time ago GoNs got in a heated war with purples. The purples withdrew their magic from ever affecting GoNs. This hopefully explains your question! My Storm/gray dragon is placed to one of my more rarer dragons on my scroll... Will this affect whether my dragon wants to breed or not? ((Oops! 'd))
  12. This lady at our church wrote this to me in a Prayer Journal she gave me and my best friend. It really made my day! I was so touched!
  13. Awesome! Two votes! Thank-you to whoever voted for me!
  14. This >>> http://i.animecrazy.net/groupourjourney.jpg
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    Dragon Stories

    The Last Dragon Chronicles The Inheritance Cycle Dragon Slippers
  16. I have a Dragon Cave Forum account.
  17. I love the Avatar art! *Squee* And you're right, LoK needs to give us some background on Lin. I love reading fanfics about her because of this!
  18. The person above me knows that animals aren't people.