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  1. You can keep your post as it is, Purple; stumbling across occasional berries is fine, but they're not a luxury in excess. - @Switch - No rush, but I'm waiting for Frey's reply before I post again. c:
  2. Lugialookalike Nice Pokémon ref. ^-^
  3. "Roxanne and Gardevoir," she offered at Cathy's prompting. She let the corner of her mouth lift in a petite grin before continuing on, her greeting laced with the inflection of her upbringing. It sounded vaguely accented as Slateport dialect was generally light, but cultivated. (Outsiders called it snooty.) "For some forsaken reason or another, Azelf has chosen me as its champion, but it hasn't given much in terms of information. I have one of the more sarcastic legendaries, so it functions primarily in insulting my finer tastes." She waited for the legendary's inevitable retort. It didn't come. Azelf was listening though, and it wasn't waiting for a joke. It was waiting for an acceptance. It needed to know it had a hero, a champion. Roxanne didn't want to do it, but she would try anyways because that's what she did. She lived up to the expectations imposed on her; she'd been doing it all of her life, so why stop now? Why not help save the world or die trying at a grand seventeen-years old? "What I do know, however, is that, the legendaries are struggling. They've resisted Hoopa's tortures until now, but some are beginning to strain under the pressure." She recalled with vivid clarity the fear in Azelf's voice as it had related the legendaries' current state. "I—we need to help them, and I believe that's our purpose as, well, champions, I suppose." Azelf was ready this time, its response locked, loaded, and for the first time in awhile, serious and breathtakingly warm. "It is, little one. We chose each of you for a reason. It was calculated, yes, but at the same time, hopeful. We, the most powerful beings on this world, have championed you puny humans because we believe, we are hopeful, that you can right the balance." Something wet pricked at the corners of her eyes. Roxanne looked away from the other champions. "That was rather sappy, Azelf." "I'm well aware." Another boy was talking, and unfortunately, she hadn't caught his name before; he was a nervous-looking fellow with a stutter to match though, had a way of speaking that suggested he was rather unsure of himself, despite the fact that he was one of the older ones here. She caught the tail end of his sentence; he was doubting his role as a champion, and his eyes mirrored Roxanne's—cloudy and wet—although for entirely different reasons. "None of us really know what we're doing either," she admitted in reply. Her voice softened. "Your legendary chose you for a reason though, so whether you're a fighter or not is immaterial to that. You have something special about you that millions of others don't, including all of us here. Chin up, alright?"
  4. I was hoping likewise as well; Roxanne would love to travel with Cathy and Branwen. If you're up for it, Narvix, I could easily see Rox and Cathy forming a sisterly-type bond as time progresses. - As far as romance and Rox goes, whatever happens, happens. She isn't actively seeking a relationship, but if someone manages to worm their way into her cold, narcissistic heart, well, then they've managed to worm their way into her cold, narcissistic heart.
  5. Oh, crap. She is sixteen, isn't she? I swore I had her down for seventeen. I actually might change that. If you wanted to, you could say that Roxanne and Frey's families had been close growing up, thus they were friends despite the age difference or something like that. It doesn't matter to me either way—just know that Rox is open for that position if you need her to be.
  6. I don't think I can give an answer in concrete terms at the moment, but conceptually: • Keep the limits of your character in mind. Testing out their powers is easily exhausting, and for some of the more powerful champions, potentially life-threatening. • We'll be limited to Hoenn for now, so interregional travel is a no go. I can add more as we progress. Succinctly put though, if you're questioning its viability, run it past me!
  7. No, nothing wrong. c: You were fine. _ Once our group begins to split up, we'll spend a bulk of time developing characters and their various relationships; side-plots can be convened as well (gym battles, helping out with the apocalyptic world, etc.). After that, I suppose heading to the island is next, and honestly, I've been playing with a little plot twist in my head, so be flexible about portraying the island until then. I'll reveal it once we get closer to time.
  8. Roxanne can be Frey's friend if you'd like, Switch. :3
  9. Yeah, when I was coming up with the character sheet, I sort of forgot to include it in. I'm sort of all over the place if you guys haven't figured that out already, hehe. Mhm. Age/Experience seniority should definitely be factored into this. I believe Branwen and Nikola are the oldest characters, correct? They can be leaders. Does anyone else qualify? Once we have leaders established, characters can choose where they would like to go. I'm fine with individual duos/trios as well if some don't want to necessarily be guided by a leader.
  10. ((Accepted, DarkOFSorts12.)) As the number of trainers and their Pokémon began to multiply—and by multiply, it was as though the field had been taken over by a hoard of Double Teaming Pikachus—Roxanne began to question the legendaries' motives for this meeting. For the most part, the champions were clashing over the most minute of particulars instead of looking for answers, and then there were those few stronger personalities (those high-handed control freaks, she thought a little bitterly, a little hypocritically) who felt the need to assert themselves as leaders already. It was masterfully chaotic, and yet, a field day for Roxanne's finer-tuned neuroses. She found herself longing for a cup of tea in the same moment that her mark began to throb. (Good, Arceus. It hurt.) "I don't suppose that this is what you legendaries had in mind when you were looking to save the world," she quipped to Azelf. At the same time, she continued to watch the fray from afar, her hands resting perhaps almost haughtily above her hips. Growing up in near-Hoenn aristocracy had imbued her with a bit of a superiority complex. "You try proposing a better solution." "I think I shall." She turned to the boy with the horn-like appendage protruding from his body; he had an air of self-importance about him that dissuaded Roxanne's trust immediately, but his words had struck a chord with her. He was right; the champions did need to learn to control their powers, but why? And what for? There needed to be an even distribution of information amongst everyone in the fields. "You're right, Sweetie," she purred cloyingly; she rather hoped it would bring the guy down a notch. "We do need to master our powers, but first, let's figure out the logistics of our situation first. Not everyone can be as intuitive as you." "As a fun tidbit, I also chose you because we're both disproportionately arrogant." "I'm Roxanne Myrick. It's a pleasure to meet you all." "I try my best."
  11. Mesprit is now reserved for you. c: Travel is limited to Hoenn for the time being.
  12. As soon as everyone establishes who they would like to travel with and things like that, the group is free to fragment!
  13. Thanks, Narvix. Appreciate it. c: (1) Unfortunately, Mirage Spots do not in the canon of this roleplay. (2) Space and time do exist on the island; Hoopa has the power to warp these dimensions though to prevent escape. (3) Hoopa does not have a champion at this point in time. Purple, while I understand that your character might be privy to more experience given his status, his information as champion is as limited as everyone else's. For the most part, no human knows the full story of the legendaries' disappearance, and at this point of the roleplay, everyone is trying to figure it out by combining their respective tidbits of information. It's like a jigsaw puzzle of sorts. (1) We don't really know anything about Hoopa's personality or physical form yet. (2) Again, Hoopa does not have a champion.
  14. Oh, dear. Things moved fast. I'm at my friend's house at the moment, but I should be able to find time to catch up later this afternoon. Can anyone give me a recap?
  15. "Can you sense them?" "Sense what?" "The auras of the other champions. A few have already reached the fields." The thick pools of mud aside, Roxanne and Gardevoir found Fortree City to be easily navigable. It had a simple anatomy to it; a straight path was cut in front of the long row of treehouses for the benefit of travelers. She was approaching the edge of the city quickly, could see the wide expanse of a field beginning to shape before her. Under a gnarled tree dead ahead, two boys were relaxing, basking in the shelter the leaves provided them from the rain. One of them caught her eye and waved. She went to lift a cordial hand in return, but was stopped short. Her breath hitched. A person materialized out of thin air and then slumped to the ground unconscious. Well then. Roxanne broke into a run, her long strides punctuated by Gardevoir's thin legs scissoring the ground as she kept up with her. They reached the three boys just as the new arrival was waking up. He groggily asked a question she wasn't able to catch. She knelt beside him anyways, her fingers resting on his arm. It was veined with pale lines; they were seemingly engraved into his skin just as the opal on her forehead was. A charge rippled through her body at the contact. "I see what you mean," she told Azelf. This guy, whoever he was, had power. "You okay?"
  16. Frey Cole has been accepted. Welcome to the party, Switch! EDIT: The OOC now has a "Timeline" and "Worldbuilding" section.
  17. Mauville was only a hop, skip, and a jump over that one mini-fissure away from Fortree City. Gardevoir, Roxanne's ever faithful partner, strove alongside her with graceful steps and intuitive eyes, always on the alert for some threat or another, always glancing sideways at her trainer for affirmation that she was unharmed. As of recently, bandits had taken to positioning themselves along the routes so as to catch the hapless traveler off guard. Times were getting tough, and Pokédollars were hard to come by. Hoenn's economy had not been built to weather, well, the inexplicable absence of all legendary Pokémon. No economy had in fact. Regardless, the probability of her getting robbed today was growing increasingly slim; people were too preoccupied with her appearance, with her blue hair and imprinted forehead and golden eyes, to think to jump her. Many a child turned its head to stare at her shamelessly. It wasn't as though traits such as these were oddities in the world though. People were born with blue hair all the time, the opal mark set in the middle of her forehead closely resembled an intricate tattoo, and even though her eye color was uncommon, it could be explained by the inherent magic of the land if people really needed a justification for it. Roxanne just looked so dang uncomfortable in her own skin that it was harder to not notice any deviations she had as opposed to cheerfully ignoring them. She glanced at the tail of her braid every few seconds just to confirm that it was still Azelf blue. Her fingers, when they weren't rubbing at the back of her neck, were examining the gem-like symbol that had engraved itself into her skin. It was a process for the champion—accepting the reality of her situation, this was, and to make matters worse, she could feel Azelf trying to stifle laughter on the telepathic bond between them. (As a side note, Roxanne found it interesting that she could immediately discern it as a bond. She supposed this new intuitiveness was included in the legendary's influence.) "If you're going to laugh at me," she snapped, "the least you can do is laugh to my face." "Ah, but that wouldn't be any fun." Smart aleck. Fortree City was straight ahead; she could see the outline of its rather desolate-looking Pokémon Center from where she stood on the end stretch of Route 119. It was one of the few buildings that had not been built high in the treetops around these parts; part of its roof looked caved in where something had fallen on it. A light drizzle sprang down from the canopies above, moisture from a heavier rain rolling off leaves and branches and onto her arms. She shivered and trekked forward, Gardevoir still ghosting her every step.
  18. The reservations on Latios and Celebi have been relinquished. - I've sort of envisioned Roxanne hanging near Mauville; it seems like the type of place that could keep electricity running due to Wattson's affinity for it, and it isn't that far from Fortree.
  19. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling. It wasn't a wanted one either though. It was invisible rain trickling down her body, immersing it in the most electric of blue radiation. It was a prickly sensation on her forehead that was almost oval-shaped. It was her hair turning a deep azure in the places it fell messily over her shoulders. And then it was over. The light faded from her body, and Roxanne fell to her knees, clutching at the column of her throat. She couldn't breathe for the panic, felt her insides turning and turning and turning; her lungs were constricted; a headache jabbed at her temples. She was powerless against it all, and Arceus, that scared her. Exhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. "We share a similar strength, you and I." Even in the mire of her muddled thoughts, Azelf's voice was still clear and assured. It was something to focus on as she recollected composure. Roxanne dragged herself into a sitting position, using the bed behind her as a support. Her fingers trembled where they sat on her knees. "And what would that be?" she gritted out. "Willpower." Funny. "If I had any of that, I would have willed you away already." Azelf ignored her. "I am the Guardian of Willpower. I have the power to give and take that away should I so desire. This ability is now at your fingertips as well. Use it wisely." "For what though?" The legend had pleaded for a champion. Roxanne was pleading for a rationalization. Perhaps they weren't so dissimilar after all. "The answer to that can be found in the fields beyond Fortree City. I suggest you start there." A pause. She felt something unmistakably somber drip into the link between them. It had an air of regret, and it tasted like pain. "Are you okay?" Roxanne volleyed the emotion back and then some. She was scared. She felt alone. "Are you?" "No."
  20. Yeah, they have, and for the most part, said incidents are related. Tsunamis have wrecked coastal towns. Earthquakes have collapsed infrastructures. A lack of thriving greenery has lowered crop/herb production and thus made healthy eating a rarity and plant-based medicines a luxury. In summation, the absence of legendaries in their respective jurisdictions have caused many, if not all of the world's natural environments to suffer in some way, which have in turn affected human life.
  21. It's pretty much as bad as it's going to get for the time being; the only deviations take place in freak storms and natural disasters that are the consequences of the legendary imbalances. This is true. Purplepotatoes2, if you could revise your post, that would be great. Each character is given the instructions to go to the fields beyond Fortree on the same day, but the journey to Fortree itself is a separate plot entirely (one you can choose to write out or use a timeskip on). I think we should reserve making that choice though until most people get their intro posts up! Rayquaza has now been reserved for you. And seriously, no worries about post length. c: I only wrote so lengthily this time because it was the first time.
  22. I think it might be unique for every person. If your character merely changes hair color, then the most they might feel is a tickling sensation around their head. If they grow new appendages, however, that might be a whole different story altogether. The light bathes your character from head to toe and each part of the metamorphosis is done in a singular fashion, so there's a bit of a process to it, but probably not a long one. Honestly, I could just succinctly say that you can whatever creative license you would like because each legendary/champion is different.
  23. There were snatches of fading sunlight and blurs of dark forest; the ground raced beneath her feet as she tried to chase the… creature? Yes, creature. It was a creature—a Pokémon, perhaps, and it was blue. It wove in and out of her eyesight, fluidly twisting through the trees as though trying to outmaneuver a predator, as though trying to escape but desperately failing because it would have to stop eventually. It would need to catch its breath. Nothing can run forever. The shadows of them, the tall, forbidding trees, pursued the Pokémon laughing. "Snap out of it," Roxanne muttered to herself. She swiped a hand across the back of her neck. It was still damp with sweat. She had woken with a panicked jolt only moments before. "It was just a dream." A rather vivid one at that. She sat on the edge of the hotel bed, her bare toes skimming the carpet underneath, images from the restless night still seizing across her mind's eye. Chasing after the Pokémon. Watching as it was inevitably cornered. Seeing the fear in its eyes replaced by something steely and resolute. Then nothing. Then blackness. It was haunting her. She scrubbed the back of her neck again. "Just a dream," she repeated uneasily. At some point in the narrative, she had been sure that the creature had looked straight at her. Just a dream, Roxanne. You have more important things to concern yourself with today, like, not getting brutally murdered by a gang member, for instance. "Hello." What in the—? She jumped, legs instinctively splaying into a defensive stance. No one was there, she surmised doubtfully. Her room was as empty as ever. Her Poké Balls, which were laying on the nightstand, remained dormant as well. Even so, there had been a voice—she was sure of it, would bet every cent she had on it. It hadn't been her own either, had belonged to someone with a deep cadence and a warmth to match. "It appears that I've scared you." There it was again, vaguely amused now. Better prepared for it than before, Roxanne gathered that it was in her head; someone (or something) was communicating with her telepathically. Her muscles unclenched a little, but the stiffness of her posture remained; this was unfamiliar territory for her—not knowing the outcome of a situation, not being in charge of something in the near vicinity of her control. Her fingers pulled themselves to the back of her neck. "Who are you?" she asked warily. The reply came quickly and proudly. "You would know me as Azelf." And then it hit her. The blue Pokémon from last night. It had been Azelf, hadn't it? She recalled reading something on the legend only a little while ago—it was one of the ones that had mysteriously disappeared some six months ago. She had watched Azelf fly for its life last night. "Are you injured?" For the first time in their conversation, there was a pause. Azelf seemed to be thinking. "Your dream is unrelated to my current state. I am unharmed." "But are you okay?" Because being unharmed and okay are not the same things, and even if her dream was a coincidence, Roxanne was hardly inclined to believe that all of the world's most mythical Pokémon could vanish as they did without any foul play involved. Life had changed for all as a result, and not in a particularly good way. "I'll tell you if you agree to become my champion." It was a dual statement, both a dare and plea; there was a note of silent desperation tacked onto the end. It was the one thing that allowed her to ignore every nerve in her body screaming for her to refuse. "Yes," she said aloud. A blue light began to envelop her body. Perhaps she should have thought this through. ((Expositional posts are exhausting.))
  24. The wait was well worth it; both of your sheets are so comprehensive, holy cow. Branwen and Cathy Poniers have been accepted. (Oh, and the levels are fine, Doc. c:) I believe I'm going to kick things off now, and hopefully, Sammy can get her sheets in sometime later today or tomorrow. Let's do this thing.
  25. Not at all. It's one in the morning where I'm from, so I highly doubt I could crank out something coherent anyways.