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  1. Rants: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone- I liked its effects but It was a bit amateur. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets- Awesome! Just Plain Awesome! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban- I really found interest in it! Professor Trelawney looked exactly as they describerd her in the book. Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire- Here is where the HP movies got better than High-Def! I fell in love the first time I saw it. Though Robert Pattinson shouldn't have been Cedric Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- There were a numerous amount of mistakes in that movie! I almost killed my TV first time I watched it! Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- I loved it! But Harry didn't show interest in any muggle girls seriously!
  2. Eragon Rules! *Gets on a dragon and blow torches a vampire*
  3. The Hunger Games Goose Girl Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix (REMADE) Septimus Heap Eragon (Remade~ First one was HORRIBLE) Eldest Brisingr
  4. Skypool

    Warrior Cats Books!

    I like Warriors Cats. But they went way off the scale about the whole Power of Three. I mean they killed off of characters I was fond of! Also Thunderclan IS just not turning into a collection of kittypets and loners...Not including Firestar!
  5. Skypool

    Septimus Heap

    I loved Septimus Heap! I haven't read Syren yet though and of course Darke because it hasn't came out yet! Rant and Rave about Septimus Heap all you want!^^ No vampire talk here this is all Magyk
  6. These are my only rants about the Guardians of Gahoole: Book 10 and 11 were kind of boring because it was in the past and there was barely anything about the main characters Book 9~ I wish it were Soren's point of view though Coryn's was really nice I guess Ezylryb died so did Barran and Boron! Soren was PERFECT for Gylfie why Pelli! We weren't even introduced to Pelli!
  7. I promise to not to breed my blacks as long as they don't stomp on me!^^ I also promise to pick up the cave blacks in hopes of unclogging the cave.
  8. Skypool

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    yay!!I just caught one of the new releases!I wonder what they will be!?
  9. I would like to request a Perfect Dorkface! Thank you! 3rd to 4th gen if available!^^Will accept 7th and below!
  10. Still weak legged Sil crawled her way over to a cave that was filled with warmth and light.Hatchlings like her were laughing and smiling.Where was she?She wondered
  11. Name:Sil Gender:female Type:Alt Black Power:The able to cast darkness or lightness over places,can also slink into the shadows and travel Job:Shadow Spy Personality:clever and unfathomable Appearance:an alt black female hatchling Age:20 min. just hatched really
  12. I really dont think the third spot doesnt work!A RARE egg (dino) popped on the first spot
  13. I try but since there is like 40 dragons I procrastinate then forget some descriptions
  14. yeah it is good to have a mouse!BTW I caught a paper by just clicking f5 with my cursor over the first thingy
  15. But sometimes my rare catch technique isnt exactly fullproof!I have found 2 inbred alt blacks 2 inbred stripes
  16. That is what I do but I put mine over the first or second.
  17. Well as you know commons ALWAYS are blocking rare eggs.So I want to know how do you catch them? This thread goes for uncommons too
  18. Skypool


    Ill join I can make some wicked splices
  19. Great New releases!These had been the first new releases ever since I have been here!I am going looking for them right now!