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  1. My brother-in-law is trying to hit me with a ball!
  2. is insanity equivalent to madness? Next: Chicks cannot hold the hot sauce!
  3. Swipes one of your Royal Blues
  4. Awesome! Those look SPECTACULAR! I believe I'm going to use the one with a smaller font. Anyway, would you like credit somewhere on the website I'm putting it in?
  5. If possible! And no patterns please. Thanks!
  6. Little Red Corvette (That's my second car choice! )
  7. cgyiewe Captain Gage Yogurt is excellently watching Edgar. ejhray
  8. TYPE (banner, icon, etc.)- Banner (For a Website) BACKGROUND- Could the banner be the color black from this website? http://omniaregion.freeforums.org/ FOREGROUND- TEXT- Omnia Region MOOD- Dark, like the website OTHER- The text needs to be the same color blue of the blue title that says 'Black Box' Thanks!
  9. [1.] I hate being so hormonal. Every time I see a cute boy, I fall for him. Each time I feel even the slightest bit of sadness, I have the urge to cry. It's stupid and it makes me seem girly, which I kinda am, but I'm not girly enough to cry over rainbows. [2.] I wish I weren't so clumsy. Ha. I once sprained my ankle by falling. I wasn't even walking! I was just standing there. That escapade earned me the permanent nickname of 'Grace'. [3.] I wish I were just a MITE taller. Even though I'm a teen, people think I'm NINE. It irks me to no end. And whenever I'm in a big crowd, I can barely see over taller people. [4.] I wish I were able to commit myself to things. Almost every time I try to do something, I end up quitting. I've quit many websites out of laziness or something within the same era. When I was a child, I quit Girl Scouts, though I had a good reason to. The girls in my troop were so girly that they wouldn't camp outside. We had to camp INDOORS. They cried when we spent the night on a Battleship and so forth... And just recently, I tried to fast off of sugars and sweets. I wanted to try to win FOUR people to God and to the church. But I failed on Valentine's Day because I got a bag of chocolates from my mother. /Sigh That's all I can think of as of now.
  10. BlahBlahBlahDrunkOnChocolate A minute late. Darn. Kestra, do you have a scroll link in your siggy?
  11. I crashed our golfcart into a tree (I swear it wasn't there before) and tumbled out of it. No serious injuries, but it really hurt.
  12. Nope. But every night I dream that a Holly will magically appear on my scroll. Although I've been hunting for two years now, I'm still in high hopes.
  13. RP Advertisement Name of RP: Continuum Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=128968 # of active RPers: 1 as of now. Plot Summary: Continuum is a forever changing roleplay. Each week there is a new plot to roleplay. Week 1 is about the consequences when imagination comes to life. Other: